We acknowledge space that holds the energies of all combined.

We acknowledge the ancestors, spirit and the Indigenous custodians of the land. 

We seek to include and foster growth and love. 

G' Day & a warm Welcome


 Welcome to Sienna Art Space.



The Holistic Arts services and Expressive Soul Programs focus on therapeutic soul practices in the process of creating, intuitive understanding and energy awareness. There lies a focus on other passions for meditation, writing, dance and drum. 


Founder & Director

Erin Kathleen Muir


Sienna was established at Bardia in 2015, built from the roots, and multi-skilling in business quality and people-mindedness. With academic & classical training, informed by personal art practice and ongoing professional development across areas, Erin aims for quality programming and personal development for her students across ages. She draws upon a strong technical foundation and conceptual flair, as well as experience in programming for a range of contexts and groups of people. 




We offer a number of services:



   Studio Art Classes - Drawing & Painting

      ( Adults, Teenagers, Children )

   Expressive Soul Art & Meditation

   The Art Filament - Diploma of Art & Distance Courses

   Immersion Workshops & Personal Development - Regular Reiki Training 

   Sapphire's Light Healing - Art based healing & Vibrational Services

      ( Soul-based Art Therapy, Vibrational Healing, USUI Reiki,

        Crystal Healing, Energy Reading, Paws in the Energy - Pets,

        Animal Readings (Psychic Readings & Shamanic Blessing,

        Drum & Dance - Private Group)











  The Sun House & Wave Studio

            has now force closed at

 526 Hume Highway, Casula 2170

          due to COVID-19 Impact.

  Our Postal Contact details

                continue to be

PO Box 1129 Ingleburn NSW, 2565


To embrace art experiences and offer valuable time and space in learning and growth.


  • We aim to encourage personal fulfilment at the heart of learning.

  • We aim to increase confidence and independence in making art.

  • We embrace aspects of making that foster Technique, Ideas and Experiences. 

  • We appreciate the importance of respect for all within a diverse community.

  • We see social interaction as integral to the dynamic, artmaking experience.

  • We emphasise being down-to-earth and the encouraging of each other in our journey, whilst having fun.

  • We encourage therapeutic soul practices in the process of creation.

  • Evolution is seen as a necessary part of learning, programs and leadership.

























































































Integrity & Business Pride Frameworks


Annual Updates are made to all aspects of Practice from a Legislative Viewpoint, encouraging Safe Practice in Teaching & Energy Counselling.

Risk Assessments Overviews & Schedules, annual training and dialogue around evolution gives birth to New working practices, re-modelled to shape discourse in Education for the benefit of all. Active engagement and feedback gives rise to these developments. Responsibility, duty of care, and personal reflection are an investment, and valuable insight into shared- reform, where needed.



Copyright Statement & Honesty in Practice



All of the following aspects to Sienna Art Space practice are Copyrighted.


These include all of the following:

·         Curriculum Structure, Programs, Workshop & Class Outlines,

             Sienna Art Space Products, Packages & Service Agreements.

·         Photography on the website and Artworks.


Enrolment for all students, mandates written permission for use/non-use of photographs on website, print and social media. Privacy Statements are Sienna Art Space’s responsibility.


Our Conditions of Enrolment Information is updated annually and is mandatory information for new and continuing students.


The nature of committed practice in Education & Healing Services mandates a vested interest in People. In the event that the Facilitator may not be able to assist in service, another professional of quality will be recommended. All Energy Healing is Positive in Light Framework, with privacy & respect for all clients being a foundation. 



Mission Statement

Studio Location 

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

'It is a Joy to be part of a beautiful community of people. With 10 established classes across ages & new 2019 Courses, services & creative classes -

Sienna Art Space is the most popular and beloved Art school in Western Sydney.


Our Creativity classes focus on the discipline and appreciation of Fine Arts, with a specialisation in Drawing & Painting across media.  Erin also brings-it with other good vibrations: Drum & Dance, Expressive Soul Art & her Studio is home to Sapphire's Light bringing personal sessions for wellbeing with Vibrational Healing & Soul-based Art Therapy.


Aims & Values

Fresh changes have been made to the property throughout Summer till January 20 and more Mural, Ceramic & Pottery connections

throughout Term 1-2. Big changes are gradual, with a Interior Studio fully ready to go for more Term brilliance in Term 2. 


  Renovating the

      Sienna Sun House


The Sienna Sun House is a light streak of Cyan,

therapeutic white connections, a Beach front, zen

garden, 'Fishtank' enclosure of creativity, my Wave

Studio, Sapphire's Light Healing Space and an

Outdoor patio of Studio happiness. Umbrellas are

coming, outdoor recycled furniture is honey, and the

brocades and sculptural pots are a warm creation.


                                                                         I am the purity of a peaceful sea.

A Sample of 2015 - 2018 Images 

More Class images of

Community on the 

Studio Class Description


These images reflect some

of our mobile set up at

the old school (Bardia PS)

in which we hired space

as a completely Independent

Education business, pre June 2018.

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences