Erin's Heart Basket  

Fine Art Materials & Equipment 

Item Code: Drawing Package     ($75)   AVAILABLE BY STUDENT ORDER ONLY


Includes: Soft Pastels, Willow Charcoal, 2 erasers, @ Carbon pencils & Compressed Charcoal pencil.






                                     Item Code: Painting Set - Adults & Teens  ($140)   

                              AVAILABLE BY STUDENT ORDER ONLY


12 Set of Waterbased Oil Colours & Linseed Oil, includes 1 trifold carry pouch for travel storage.





Item Code: Chakra Awareness Art Set 2   

                 AVAILABLE BY ORDER ONLY


hakra Awareness Art Set 2 includes Artist-Quality Soft Pastels & Erasers, comes with 2 Holistic Discovery Activities, Meditation & Energy Education ($100)





Sienna Art Space Tote issued with all new students, including folio, sketchbook and learning folder, annually.    AVAILABLE BY STUDENT ORDER ONLY




Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences