Daytime & Evening 

Studio Drawing & Painting     Adults / 18+


Monday 9 - 11.30am

Monday 6.30 – 9pm


Class Overview & Values


This is an Adults - only class with a Structured Sequence of Focuses across Terms 1 – 4. 


New themes each term with continuum, technical learning & ‘character’ subjects. Interest spans : Wild Animals, pets, landscapes, still life, people & genre-responses. This is the ideal class for ‘fresh responses, inviting the exciting attributes of different styles, stocks and approaches.


Art Dialogues


Erin brings an attractive knowledge acquired through university – Fine Arts training, classical connections in draw and paint from Ashtons & metaphysical- energy knowledge & know-how in spiritual-art engagements. Her medium-knowledge & expectation is also diverse – known for her Colour & picture generation expertise, teaching Absolute beginners of diverse age, Intermediates and Advanced artists. She is favoured for her tremendous gift with people (no age-barriers) and talent across watercolour, soft pastel , oils, drawing and charcoal splendour.


Certificates awarded at the end of the year for Participation in Studio Program.


Class Costs


$420 for a 10 week term of 2.5 hrs /

Concession available with Senior Card  


Enrolment includes the following Student Benefits:


·With Initial Enrolment: A2 Display Folio + A4 Learning Folder + A3 Sketchbook

· Student Membership Card

  Complimentary Participation in & paid entry to:

-Art Journey Days twice a year ( Structured Museum Outing & 

     Art Experiences )

-Representation on Student Online Gallery.


Students are welcome to a complimentary Cuppa / Chai in class.


Studio Equipment includes: Painting Easels, Drawing Boards, Clips and other core equipment.   Students use their own Materials and brushes, with access to Suppliers information and Select


Materials available from the Sienna Art Space Shop.












   Structured Aims

  • Students embrace the qualities of a variety of media over time to include:  Pencil, Charcoal, Soft pastel, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting.

  • Students develop an informed understanding about technique, ideas and experience through creating art responses, focused dialogue and personal/ group reflection.

  • Students seek out and are guided through art appreciation looking at the Term Focus, aligning artworks and key practitioners across art and other creative media.

Term 1  2020

No Term 2-4 due to forced closure,

with COVID-19 Impact

Current Location: The SunHouse & Wave Studio, Casula 

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