Professional  Art  Classes & Courses by Distance

Benefits of a Holistic Arts & Healing Space


1. Varied Learner Appreciation

Recognitions for the experiential qualities of behaviour,

connectivity and energy response, are an important availability

for discussion and consultation in team orientation, and include

parental consent.

2. Introductions to Energy-centred Lifestyle Practice

Age Appropriate connections and confidence building are an

extended connection beyond Art School foundations, giving

focus need to the parameters of healing response and Energy

work, hygiene and protective procurement.

3. Teaching Supports and Formal PD Training & Lifestyle

Engagement Activities

Considered availability is given to support aid, with refreshments

for attending participants.. 'We are a bridge'.

4. Growth-concept based Art Recovery, post session Healing


Holistic Discovery and Energy-based soul awareness therapy is

seen as an integrated, direct, transparent and documented

consultation in 'aware' perameter growth-set for healing clients.

'We encourage the values inherent in esoteric acknowledgement, subtle body work, metaphysical 'subconscious-responsive soul development, and shamanic healing disciplines - with an appreciation for varied clientele values culturally and on a soul journey.  As a trusted team, we are working in collaboration to support also young people in transparent dialogue with their guardians-parents.'

5. Vibrational Source Conferencing – Child-centred support for Spiritual Children & Adult Sessional Healing Clients

Outsourcing and collective programming is relationship-driven, client-responsive and collective-care conscious. The nature of Child development and Family Unit consciousness is sound remediation in vibrational care, based on ongoing connections over the past 24 years for Consultants and Third-based party Intermediaries.'

6. Community Health Supports – Educational fliers, purchasable posters.

Vibrant energy and Happiness is a key component to building and exercising group and self-care amnesty.


 Classes exist for:

·         Studio - Adults Daytime & Evening Drawing & Painting

·         Expressive Soul Art & Meditation – Adults / 16+

·         Studio Teens 11 – 18 yrs

·         Teens Drawing Enrichment 11 - 18yrs

·         Studio Kids 7 – 12 yrs

·         Studio Juniors 4 – 6 yrs

.         'The Art Filament' - Diploma of Art by distance

              Australia Wide -  Courses 1, 2, 3


Erin runs all of Sienna Art Space Classes across the 5 day timetable. 

Please see Class Descriptions for an Overview..

Key Features of the Wave Studio:

. New Vinyl Floor (non-slip)

. New Downlights & Air-Conditioning/Heater

. Fully Furnished for all Studio Ages 

. Wooden Studio Standing Easels, Tripod easels, 

    wooden table easels & display practical supports

. Standing or Seated Options - Wooden Tables for Indoor

    settings & 'groovy butt & leg chairs' wooden table                      comfort.

. Outdoor trundles - various heights for needs.

. Child-friendly small tables and chairs.

. Individual Art Spaces in Studio for Adults & Teens/Kids/Juniors.

Benefits of an Art Class:


1. Personal Growth Concepts

            Participants exist in evolutionary concept

            'I am an Artist'

2. Expression Principles enhance Health Consciousness

           Participants experience Physiological Benefits. 

           With Built-in Pragmatism, the teacher leads

           with Health Conscious and Wellness Focused

           aligned remedial development in Healing


           Social Development is naturally enhanced by the

           earnest qualities of an embracing teacher.

           Birds of a feather, flock together.

3. Enrichment for all Creatives

           Acknowledgement for Enthusiasts and for Talents

           whom see opportunity for extension, always.


           Developing rapport in Studio work & Heart-centred

           process as well as cognitive development, intellectual               appreciation of 'creative modalities' and how they



A temporary closure at the End of a Vibrant 2020, brings new clearing and Developments to Sapphire's Lighting Healing, in consultation.