Immersion Workshops

            Reiki Level 1 & 2 -

               1  Day Reiki Workshop

       [ with Fundamentals, Sound Kindness in the Energy ]





* Attunements for both Level 1 & Level 2 USUI Reiki

* Method Awareness & Practical Guided Training

* Multiskilling in the energy for Self & Others


1 Day Workshop - $580, with Booklet written by Erin.

Location: Sienna Art Space Studio - 526 Hume Highway, Casula

Duration: 9 - 4pm

( 9 am arrival, 9.30am start - 6 hours with lunch interval )


See Enrol Tab to Fill in the Training Form & make Upfront Payment. 

All Participants must bring a Driver's License Id to the Workshop for

Credibility & Certificate Alignment. 

' Reiki is Life-force energy with universal connection, requiring Attunement

and an appreciation for Energy responsibility & Intuitive development with

guided teaching. Level 1 is for Self-Healing and Level 2 is for Practitioner Level

(In person and distant healing practice). Reiki can be delivered in a traditional

way or with teacher-variations based on intuitive delivery preference and

healing awareness. '


Reiki is one of many Energy techniques that look at facilitating Emotional &

Causal Body support, related to the physical stream (body) and as a natural

method. Often recipients of Reiki including those that use it for themselves,

find it a simple technique to relax and reclaim space ( I like to describe it as a

'softener' of the mood, releasing toxins and creating a connection with other

simplicities like music, mantra, meditation & emotional-supports like crystals).


In this workshop we desire & attain quality understanding in:


*Principles of USUI Reiki: History, Process & Energy

*Receiving & Giving Reiki - Method, Hygiene & Practice

*Practical Method - Self Healing ( Level 1 ) and Practitioner Delivery ( Level 2 )

*Creative Element - Finding personal practice for responding intuitively

*Ethical Responsibilty - Awareness of consent & distance complications



In this workshop Erin supplies:



2 Healing Tables for use throughout the workshop by participants. This ensures side-by-side practical confidence and support by the Facilitator. It also ensures observation and availability in the energy to experience as a Receiver throughout. 

Demonstrations are clear-connections with visible Images and gradual, understandable sequence. Repeat practice ensures as a natural build that you feel confident and also not anxious about remembering. 


Our visitor much loved, fur-ball 'Tiger' will be available along with one friendly human-participant during part of the day. Since many people enjoy giving Pets Reiki, Tiger our placid, friendly Jack Russell gives Participants the extra-opportunity to consider relationships to Reiki beyond immediate family and client service. Reiki can be utilised for other energies including plants, water, objects and surfaces. We discuss these relationships at the workshop. See also Paws in the Energy under Sapphire's Light for Vibrational Services.


A Booklet is issued to each participant as Copyrighted Teaching material, with benefits being: References, Recall and Delivery Awarenesses at option and giving suggestions for modifications, also a preference. 



At the end of this workshop you will receive a Completion certificate, based on satisfactory practical completion of exercises and confident, autonomous delivery of Reiki after guidance throughout the day.



Teaching Delivery is aided by extensive experience as a university-trained Educator, Cert IV qualified Trainer & Assessor, and active 

practitioner, with MasterTeacherLevel in USUI Reiki. Erin is also a full member with IICT. See also Erin's detailed qualifications and experiences on her Artist's Bio of the website.


Safe, Respectful Practice adheres to Fundamentals in Kindness in the Energy, an awareness of selective 'hands-on' connection (Head, Shoulders, Lower Leg and Feet, with remedial care and client-preference). 'Hands-off' delivery is Erin's personal practice with all clients. Participants must be 18 +. All Healing equipment, healing-devices, learning supports are available for use during the workshop with Energy Protection and suitability in mind for students. With respect for a WHS, clients, and students, Erin has the right to refuse Learning to any disrespectful applicants abusing the energy. Sound Kindness is a healing-attribute for any committed Holistic Practitioner. 

Drivers License must be presented as Identification at the Workshop

All Participants must bring a Driver's License Id to the Workshop for Credibility & Certificate Alignment. 



Logging of Reiki Qualified Practitioners through Sienna Art Space is a requirement and professional practice. All Reiki practitioners must comply with standards in Ethics & this includes Certificate Name allignment for insurance and Training Body awarenesses. If wishing to practice Reiki you may use another name as personal preference, though Erin encourages privacy with authenticity/pride if working in either Energy Healing Industry or in conjunction with Energy Reading (Psychic Support Industry)





Erin chats of an evening after Art School Studio Classes

about USUI Reiki method & Intuition.

Casual chat drawn from the Social Media Page.

                                       Future Training Workshops for 2020

Term 3 Wk 3 Workshop G:        Sunday 9th Aug, 2020   9 – 4pm                                                                                 Enrol before Aug 4.

Term 3 Wk 8 Workshop H:         Sunday 15th Sep, 2020   9 – 4pm                                                                                 Enrol before Sep 8.

Term 4 Wk 3 Workshop I:          Sunday 1st Nov, 2020   9 – 4pm                                                                                   Enrol before Oct 27.

Term 4 Wk 8 Workshop J:          Sunday 8th Dec, 2020   9 – 4pm                                                                                   Enrol before Dec 1.

Erin's Writing for Holistic Supports & 'Hearing Erin's voice on Video for Casual Chats has made such a difference.

- Another Anonymous Heart

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