Sienna Art Space Key Words - Embedding Philosophy & Practice at the Heart



Appreciation for the Artistic realm & soul exploration 




Art Practice - A constant evolution of understanding in artistic creation and the maker [in existence], acknowledging the material, conceptual and energetic patterning revealed and as a reciprocal mirroring of each series of entities, across time and space.


More simply, how we make and understand what we make, in art.


Note: An Explanation of what constitutes Practice depends on the Perspective of Individuals and the Group of Learners, with an appraisal of mindset, values, personal experience and soul level consciousness.



Technique – The method of creation, not restricted to a formalized set of rules and regulations– but in acknowledgement there are different approaches and sequences of understanding that we perform in creating art.



Ideas – The processing of thought through image creation and dialogue.



Experience – This is emotional, mental, multidimensional, energetic and physically armoured – it is both a personal and collective agreement of passage and understanding, with intermediary responses. Time plays a role in the sequence of understanding, knowledge acquisition, and evolution of the soul – as – a creative.




Holistic Arts & Healing Awareness



Therapeutic Soul Practices  - With intuitive discovery and energetic awareness, concepts of 'self', 'other' and the 'universal' become part of artistic and expression practice. The nature of the soul practice is hybrid, individual and characterised by creative links 'in healing' but also by the increased wellbeing observed and given testimony to. Artistic terrain takes into account cross-discplinary attitudes to creative arts to include: artmaking, dance, movement, writing, musicality and percussion, spoken word discussion, as well as engagement with energy awareness as both informal and formal development looking at expressive release: breathwork, song, energy hygiene, connection through meditation and motivational experiences for greater confidence and greater good in group situations.



Soul-based Art Therapy © - Soul-based Exploration recognises the perimeters of the energetic framework of Soul to include energy health, related awareness for psychological principles, evidence-based healing intersections and contemporary thought aided by intuitive understanding of historical and ancient connections for wellbeing and spirit release. The therapeutic lies in cross-disciplinary approaches, serving need for self development, motivation and clear-confidence. Art is a means for intermediary knowledge to present itself, for the client to access self-identifiable personal energy and awareness, as well as the Energy therapist to engage in conversation using principles drawn from Holistic domainship, Psychology and Art Therapy while maintaining awareness for where they do not alleviate lowered self-esteem, strenghthenpersonal-well-being and contradict perimeters of healing.



Holistic – Looking at the connectivity of the landscape of a person’s self-discovery and well being, through the lens of mental and emotional balance, and seeing energy as not an aspect but a basis for existence. Soul Discovery acknowledges the quotient or series of understandings informing current experiences. Modalities exist as a range, with evolution into the future, to assist alleviation of types of challenges individuals experience and to enable personal growth and equilibrium where disease may be dissolved, or in more serious cases, self-managed with support.


Reiki Universal Healing -  Developed by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a well-accepted, widely-used method, originating from Japan. Reiki works on the etheric and causal body of the aura and working to also ease emotion for relaxation.  

'Rei' means spiritual and 'ki' means lifeforce energy. It is commonly known as 'hands-on healing' but is not restricted to the hands-on method. The Rainbow Reiki Method, developed by Kendall, The Heart Hive, also informs Erin's practice.


Crystal Healing -  Crystals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and complimentary tool with vibrational healing, energy protection and spiritual clearing. 


Chakras -  Chakras are the energy centres of the body, human and animal, and include earth chakras and other lifeforms including plants. Vibrational Healing Sessions acknowledges the 10 major chakras and minor chakras of the human body, that hold information about soul awareness and personal functioning.


Balancing the chakras involves ongoing personal development, working through personal life challenges and meditation.



An Earth Shaman is initiated through a series of guided awarenesses in Land Concepts, Relational Healing Aspects with Soul Script analysis embedded in the discovery learning enquiry through Soul Guide. The Lineage is a diverse connection affording responses to Native American, Southern tribe heartscape, Maori connection and Paja Indian familiarity. As such Spirit describes it as a willing of deserved rights, with soul script perpetuating service to the land and people heritage. New guide familiarity has giving-honesty, a willing for relationships in home connections as shared terrain and instilling importance for the Indigenous tribal ancestors. In Australia, our ancestors like New Guinea are the voice, I am a listener.  The notion of geomancy is not a focus, the conversation as a dialogue, looks at the relationship of Land healing responses, and impact on wildlife and people illness.



Metaphysics - The study of Spiritual Energy and the correlations between the Earth Plane, Physical Energies & the embodiment of energies as Beings of Light. It includes the study of the human form, the relationship between anatomy, mental situation, emotional causes and energetic centres, auric presences, spiritual planes, past lives, karma and soul level awareness. 






Down to Earth Everyday Moments for EveryOne




Colour Song © - The emotional & energetic connection to Colour, as permeated through our existence and as is inspiration for more creation across art-forms.

See also Colour Songs - Inspiration Deck by Erin Kathleen Muir of Sienna Art Space


Colour Resonance Painting © - Erin’s guidance technique for connecting to the personal self & spiritual energies, and in awareness of the Chakras  (Energy Centers of the body) and the Aura. The technique involves creation through art and a combination of modalities in use to explore the energetic self.


Energy Sensations © - Erin's musings with 'down-to-earth' energy encounters, the commonly experienced and true-blue connections. 


Sienna AM-FM Compilation Stream © - Drawing on Laughter therapy and lightly alluding to combined human streaming, both on and off the metaphysical radio, actual radio-broadcasting and perceived, cross-referential interference. There's "funny-politics", time-line music responses, quoted dialogue with heart-warming connections.


Art that moves the Soul © - Connections to Art creations that inspire awareness of self, connection and repeat growth. They are the soul-benefits of audience engagement, with respect for the Artist, always.



Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences