Colour Songs &

       Energy Sensations



 Colour Song © - The emotional & energetic connection to Colour, as permeated through our existence and as is inspiration for more creation across art-forms.


 Energy Sensations © - These are 'down-to-earth' energy encounters, the commonly 

experienced, with true-blue connections. 


 Sienna AM-FM Compilation Stream © - Drawing on Laughter therapy and lightly alluding to combined human streaming, both on an off the metaphysical radio, actual radio-broadcasting

and perceived, cross-referential interference. There's "funny-politics", time-line music responses, quoted dialogue with heart-warming connections.


Down to Earth Everyday Moments for EveryOne

[Not just] another COLOUR SONG...


Look up into the Indigo Sky as 7 turns the deepest Prussian with Ultra-Marine. To meditate on the expansive darkness, enables us to recognise the presence in our warm blood and cool breath flowing naturally throughout on a winter's night.

What is it that reveals itself the most to you?  Is it the hearing in the silence? 
The lightness in your heart? The nuance to escapism in thought as you ponder the sky's stars? 
Or is it that wholesome delight of rabbit on moon and the invisible fishermen from childhood stories? 
Do you see the romance of Blue in all its day and nighttime wonder?

"Drop a vertical from the sky, look out to the horizon see tinted cerulean, leans into cobalt, then directly above, there's a touch of French in this"


- Erin Kathleen Muir. Copyrighted, 2017.

[Not just] another COLOUR SONG...


Green is extremely abundant here in NSW. With the addition of Blue, these two colours vibrate quite strongly and often find their way into personal favourites. Green is also the colour of the Heart Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Lower Heart. In healing disciplines, the hands are often considered regulators and receivers, connected to or as a continuous extension of the heart, for some.



The heart has a powerful resonance with partners, family, friends and the collective whole. Heart Chakra Consciousness is a complex awareness and dynamic connections between all beings existing that connect to love in all its manifestations. Love is varied and textured. Green is thus thought of as a healing colour given the nature of Anahata.

[Not just]

another COLOUR SONG...


Fuschia is one of Woman's Empowerment Colours, both Sensually Strong and deserving with the zest of female tenderness. Self love and Spiritual purple connect. I am woman. Love a little white flower with a lavender leaning to Fuschia. Colourists beware you don't need permission to feel good.



[Not Just] another Colour Song...



Here's a 'Gooden'... awwhhrrr.... check out that Big Blue!


Native Australian Lechenautia bilboa 




The Creative Aspect of Self is saturated with all sorts of Colour Songs... together in creative process, we unite an Arrangement-Amazement of collective beauty, vivid zest, compliment, contrast and heightened awareness of 'drawing behaviours', 'connections' and 'filament starting points'.

resonance and a "dash" ( yes, "dance" of winged petals flourishing in numbers.

     I'm in my Indigo bach-atT-a... On Sienna FM..

"Scusi' lick of paint, make a Cuban connection happy. Are all these hanging baskets wearing metatronian hair wraps? "

"I frown at nothing, especially not the firey, thirsty peach rose and the Cyan streaked squid in mirror. Oh mai god! "

"This gitano red, it sings Carmeli-on...Dance with me. We romance every bit of the Spanish. Let there be a Red dress and bring a backward hat. There's trance castanets in the energy. "

"Happy. "


'The 20 cent coin & Showers of Steam'

Growing up Anticipation and the royal 20 was a Birrong Pools Hot Shower... Cool to Heat Coin-pass.

To make the cold water run you simply turned the tap after a swim, but it was the Letter Box coin connection and the short wait 'kick in' that brought the hot steam. Woohoo!  Was it a double for 40 cents, I don't quite remember, I just remember the 'story' and procession, waiting in your speedos for the 'doonk -ka-cha ' sound of metal letterbox registering... Hot water Incoming

                                                            We all love a Comforting Shower!

                                                            A reminder to Enjoy simple pleasures in 2020.


As in Warm Hot Chocolate tradition under the Moon, 1st week of Winter...


Never break a tradition, always have fun at Art School. The smell of yum corn aroma is at The SunHouse. Happy community on the patio.

[Not just] another Colour Song...


Yeh ye yeh, we love these. Tangerine, tangerine, Living reflection from a dream.

One of my biggest loves is organic fabric, both in concept, dance veil-a flutter, and drapes in linen, in chiffon, in organza...and other material consciousness.

There is a breathing and breath in the history of, continuum of, connections to cloth, fabric, form and space. It is worn proudly, it aids colour and texture and flowing lines. Drawing on and drawing through, leading aspects of humanity, culture, textiles and dance.

To grace upon natural garden, frolick along a melaleuca track, drive through pastures and seek fields for nuanced charisma... is to see the 'rich' in the gold, that is natures harmonic song.

A pigment highlight, register, then experiential awareness making both... quite simply,...relevance-irrelevant. At Sienna,... together: recipes, guided strategy, and flexibility in colour-mixing attainment are enhanced by an awareness overtime of how the process functions on an individual level.


The mighty Blue is Australian, but not just, it is liquid-light transformed, conscious in other forms and alludes to the powerful of all creative consciousness in spectrum. Symphony, Nature's Orchestra, harmonic resonance and a "dash" of winged petal flourishing in numbers.

 There is a girl called Lenore [the Princess] of Ironfest, known locally for her veil-toss, taking you into true-theatrical, understated "air vibration" and enchanting sequence... alluding to 'the feeling of' The Labrinth, 'the feeling of' Circuses missing, and what ATS never did. To me, it's 'the feeling of Lenore'. I associate the [whispered] Veil-toss as crimson-class to Lenore's elusive, gorgeous energy in dance. .. Music and Sequence tell a story through the dance, a proud connection through woman and also man, considered in soul's clothing and ambient through the music choice, colour and story-telling.

Above is a Tangerine throw. Tangerine, tangerine, Led Zepplin's "Living reflection from a dream..." 

Beautiful colour, is crimson, but also the nature of 'elusive' soft acoustic, that is his timely retrospection and imagination. How beautiful it is to extend 'with body', and 'through collective soul's journey". 

The Rose Madders, Colour Songs from Sienna Art Space

'The Hare Krishna with lone lemon yellow stem, to crimson-quality of fragrant alliance in light.... let there beem lemon-heightened lime greenery, and splendour, splendour, splendour!'


                                                                                      - Erin Kathleen Muir

[Not just] another Colour Song


Sienna's Colour Symphony


She's [He's] reaching for metaphorical pearls... acknowledging the warmest red as natural earth-centre sienna, under Ceruleans, white honesty & French-kissed skies, with an Indigo soul and a wink... there's peach wonderland and an oceanic awareness that sun sings in [not just yellow] but Divine's Colour-Symphony.


Oooo, how Colourful Sienna is.


My little leaf that is my pupil's acknowledgement, the deepest soul territory,... becomes a diamond-circle, caressing sienna at base, leans into padparadascha's peach with flecks of iridescent gold.



The nature of two, giving and mirroring counterparts... At times they support harmony in wholeness, at other times one overides the other in harmony or... discord. Even still, the nature of opposites give understanding to each other. There is a coexistence to the fusion of all.The wick is two? Two lights, how do they operate?


The persistent power of the inviting, renewing Sunset. Dancing barefoot on the grass with winter's slight chill.


True salutations of the soul. 

Have you noticed the Sienna in trees, the Yellow in the peach beam vibrantly on your way home? There's an earthy charm in the warmth of Sienna at that time of the day.



The culture of Winter brings us true blue doonas, a pom pom beanie, football and the scarves do flick. At this time of year there's nothing warmer than a fire. We regenerate, we oscillate and it turns turns turns. These are the seasons.  



The romance of the Windex.

It's borrowed and it's blue, and Greek.

The movie is a fond charm with recall. Often, we sweep away the jeopardy of unsolvable issues.. Perhaps Bad timing and problem overload with the pretend spray of dah Windex. Pshhht! And a little more because with a shamanic shake over the heart with a fond smirk... "she suffers, she suffers". Works a good belly laugh when all fails, and good for artwork hit and misses. Pssht! Pssht!!


Dojo-point people got nothin' on these Charming counterparts in Cartoon-ology & Gorgeousness. Use Emoticons on a daily level and note your energy change as you Scroll Scroll Scroll through the types of Emoticons, with all their personal charm. Witty 
artys make these little wonders. There is one for every type of mood and infusion of character. Graphics make us happy, a Smile [not a tick] and ya hearts a beaming. Better still offer a real smile with gratitude to strangers & a G-day mate. The Power of the Circle & a Smile.







Trees have a bounty in energy reserve, but they are also incredible as hosts, energy stations for many transactions not unlike us as humans. Going back to the Bear in the Art of Giving-Art, that interconnection, superimposition and collective relationships were discussed. With breath, energy cycles exist and aren't just localised.



Have a think about each person and how their interactions connect with interface. The breath in space and it's journey across living-energies continues, changing states and in essence sustaining others. It's a beautiful thought.


The role of 'Car-Dancing' is in everybody's field, though the language has diversity. 
Check out those Rolling Stones... John Travolta cross air slides, homey-et-homey wheel romance... Plenty of room for foot shuffling and a bit of Will Smithy head bounce at the lights, ... Smile at the next ride over to your left and give em a fair dinkum good smile, and don't forget to wink at the taxi drivers in Bardia. There's always an infinity and a swish on my car rides. Flurry on by and enjoy it, wherever the music takes you... Shimmy on up with the vibration, you're a smooth operator.


Anyone for Palm reading?  

Have you had a Tiny Tedda Biscotti with your Humble tea or Cuppa in class? 

A dial response from an Adult or Child, says it all. Smiles wide.

A part of the beautiful language is a Strong Presence to Knowing Change as we find it. Like the invigorating Energy hommus found in sunscreen, there are Sensibilities we can bring out at this Present time, together - Seeing Positivity where there may be urgent cleansing, strength building and up-and-at-em energy moving forward.

Seeing you all in Vitality and good health.

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