BIO: Erin is an Psychic Empath, channelling medium with vocal consciousness, a Metaphysician-trained, with natural healing ability and Energy Practitioner experience.Proudly psychic, she imbues her responses with fragrant care, a sensible, sensibility - drawing on her diverse coordination and training as Expressive form Artist, Professional Teacher of Art and having disciplined-acumen in Drawing & Painting.

Erin's Writing for Holistic Supports & 'Hearing Erin's voice on Video for Casual Chats has made such a difference.

- Another Anonymous Heart


Erin's Animal Readings are psychic readings by Email correspondence, with shamanic consciousness, animal guardian responses and incredible conversation pride in energy reading, with Spirit Guides: Sanyarah and Paratoma. It is a giving essence from Spirit.

$120 for emailed, personalised Reading.

Includes 1-1.5 pages of typed writing as a channeled response.


* 1 or 2 Animal Guides and Erin's personally channeled interpretation.

* Psychic information from Spirit, be it angelic correspondences with Spirit Guides ( Paratoma & Sanyarah) or Soul-responsive Ancestral Guides.

* A shamanic blessing


Beluga & Albatross Blessings,



Email formally with your:

Full Name, DOB, Address Location,

Email & Phone Mobile Contact

Verification information is for Confirmation and Tracking. Request: Animal Reading in email header.



These are In-person Services, with Agreements incl Privacy

Statement & a Briefing before and Debriefing after all healing

sessions.  Client Privacy is maintained. Interested Individuals

may contact Erin directly for Sessions. 

Please read 2019-2020 Conditions of Services before Booking

via the Enrol Tab.

Current Services (as of January 2019)

Book via Enrol Tab - Tuesday & Sunday Bookingsngs

Complimentary Cardamom Latte or Healthy Sundae Dessert with

       each Sapphire's Light Healing service.


      Intuitive Energy Reading

6O minute readings now available. ($120)


Clairempathic Psychic Reading & intuitive messages from Spirit


USUI Reiki Traditional Healing Service

40 mins ($80) or 60 mins ($120)

Hands-On Technique includes (Head, Forehead & Shoulders, forearm,

lower calves, soles of feet (optional), all other areas of the body are

Hands-Off 30 cm distance from the body.

     USUI Reiki Traditional Healing & Energy Reading

90 mins ($180) includes 40 mins USUI Reiki Healing & 50 mins Intuitive

Reading includes channeled information, card reading, and direct energy


    Chakra Balancing & Crystal Light Healing Service - Blended Delivery

60 mins ($120)

This is an Energy Balancing using Hands-off healing and limited hands-on

techniques, crystal placement and other healing supports. Energy

assessment includes auric assessment, dispelling of unusual attachments,

and flaw repair.

    Chakra Balancing / Crystal Light Healing Service & Energy Reading

110 mins ($200) includes 60 mins Blended delivery Chakra Balancing /

Crystal Healing & 50mins Intuitive Reading


     Vibrational Healing Service & Energy Consultation

90 mins ($180)

All Clients must present an ID card before entering the premises, with

pre-bookings/payment ahead of time to secure their healing session.

     Paws in the Energy - Energy Healing Service

40 mins ($80)

Healing Service for Pets (Dogs & Cats) includes USUI Reiki, crystal healing, auric check, physical assessment based on clairempathic responses and removal of any debris from lower chakras and release of spirit body abnormalities.

Energy healing includes a Doggie Treat or Kitty Treat, and Crystal Keyring for Dog Owner & Pet interests.

Allow 1 hour for Pet – get-to-know you time and calm. All pets should come in a pet-cradle, with a leash and will be largely handled by their owner.


Description of Service:  These  Vibrational Healing sessions incorporate the principles of a range of modalities with an intuitive delivery. These Healing Sessions include: energy assessment, art creation, tailored vibrational healing, energy awareness development,  sage cleansing, use of crystals, oils, relaxing & up-tempo music. 


The focus of a Vibrational Healing Session is to work on the etheric body (aura), to cleanse the field, work with the client to balance chakras and in some instances, alleviate pain. Based on the understanding that all people are different energetically and in soul patterning, with different kinds of emotional wounds, mental blocks and forms of disease, it is not always possible to alleviate these challenges. Erin brings an Empathic awareness to all healing sessions and 1 on 1 support.


The session includes 15 minutes Briefing, 1 hr Receiving & 15 minutes Debriefing.

Erin is trained in Metaphysics, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Rainbow & USUI Reiki, Energy Protection which find space in these healings. She is also trained in other techniques such as Aroma touch, Art Therapy and Indian Head Massage which do not have a place in these healings.


                                                                                                                           SOUL BASED ART THERAPY                                                                   

                                                                                                                   $200 / 2.5 hrs Includes 1 hr Guided Studio Space time                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                         Service available in 2019.


Description of Service:  This is a one-on-one counselling service, informed by Holistic healing, Art Therapy & Counselling training and Expressive Therapy.


SOUL-BASED ART THERAPY is a Copyrighted form of Healing. (Erin Kathleen Muir, 2018)


Soul-based Exploration recognises the perimeters of the energetic framework of Soul to include energy health, related awareness for psychological principles, evidence-based healing intersections and contemporary thought aided by intuitive understanding of historical and ancient connections for well-being and spirit release.


The therapeutic lies in cross-disciplinary approaches, serving need for self development, motivation and clear-confidence. Art is a means for intermediary knowledge to present itself, for the client to access self-identifiable personal energy and awareness, as well as the Energy therapist to engage in conversation using principles drawn from Holistic domainship, Psychology and Art Therapy while maintaining awareness for where they do not alleviate lowered self-esteem, strengthen personal-well-being and contradict perimeters of healing.