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Expressive Soul Art 

   &  Meditation    

            Adults / 18 +


Wednesday Evening   7 - 9 pm  

Monday Daytime 12am - 2pm

Both Men and Women welcome.


Class Overview & Values


What to expect:

Working through modal responses

in thought, exercise, energy,

concept, poetic-spoken word

travelling steps, inspiration drawn

from Psychology, Energy Training

& Fine Arts principles.


You will focus on Artmaking, coming out of guided Studio group exploration. All of the above is an inspiration, breath with creative stimulus, starting with Erin as lead, for you then to build personal projects. Meditation is a studio focus, with 20minutes allotted time at the start of class, with various kinds of meditative connections, allowing for ‘fresh’ stimulus & response – an evolution in your growth, steering forward. The focus is then the Art, for communication and exploration in mediums: drawing and painting.


Absolute beginners welcome. 18+


 Certificates awarded at the end of the year for Participation in Studio Program.


Class Costs


$380 for a 10 week term of 2 hrs /

Concession with Seniors Card


Enrolment includes the following Student Benefits:


·With Initial Enrolment: A3 Display Folio + A4 Learning Folder + A3 Sketchbook

· Student Membership Card

   Complimentary Participation in & paid entry to:

-Art Journey Days twice a year ( Structured Museum Outing &  Art Experiences )

-Representation on Student Online Gallery.


Students are welcome to a complimentary Tea / Chai in class.


Studio Equipment includes: Painting Easels, Drawing Boards, Clips and other core equipment.

Students are supplied with all Art Materials during the art class, along with use of other tools, and signature crystals & objects for meditation during class.



Structured Aims


  • Students find holistic discovery and personal energetic awareness in their own development, using meditation, chakra awareness, energetic tools and techniques.

  • Students imbue awareness for the ‘sacred’ – that is, an engagement with information, understanding through experience, showcasing respect & seeking personal affinity with practice.

  • Students develop and fine-tune artistic territory in the making of art-forms: visually, aurally, musically and energetically.


Meditating with Purpose 
( A Diagram to acknowledge Holistic State)

Culture & the Elements

Please be aware of Erin's Expressive Soul Art & Meditation as one of our Studio Class for Adults. Erin has previously hosted women's workshops, and facilitated introductory circle in meditation, vibrational work and dance movement with holistic connection, at Mind Body Spirit Festival - Sydney. 

These have surfaced on the blog for all Artists as meditation students coming to classes, that are contemplating meditation practices & focuses. 

Breath Preoccupation

A. Breath is an appreciation of Soul-Life. Every Cycle of Intake is recognition of the Blessings we have in Soul Vibration. 

B. An “Aware Breath” reconfigures our Energy Vibration.

C. Trees and Plants as Spirit Essences may know our Collectives Soul Lives. We are with recognition, and the “collective connection” may be seen as soul memory, operational on the “continuum energy from A to B”


For Awareness

A. As we are in “Aware Breath” we may be drawing attention to specific parts of our Physical body. Our “Aware Body” and “Aware Brain” is observant of energetic responses to
- Placement
- Mode of Touch
- Textured Responsivity hosting to site

B. The Yoga-Nidra Meditation may be a systematic (whole view) voyage but we have to look at our acknowledgments of energetic / psychosomatic response. 

Our responsivity is to 
⦁    Pace ( Self observed & empathic)
⦁    Sound Vibration Accomplishment
⦁    Movement Sequences
(Audio, cognizant and “spiritually-operative & environmentally in cognition mother plant to offshoot “leafing in propagation supports the new line continuum”.
Body & Spatial Setting

A. Our increasingly “Aware Land sea” is shaped by the model responses to energetic replay, subconscious healing & embodied active vocabulary” in how our energy responds to breath strategy, innate body responses, mantra or environmental cognition. 

B. Affirmations to Passage recognizes that Holistic energy.

C. “Aware Energy” is of “Aware Mind” in Space-Time recognition to devoted practice. 
- Knowing Disciplines and repeat
- Mantra- led, mantra-ease, mantra, energetically responsive to “flock” and “hive”.