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Historical Literacy & Contemporary Understandings are built overtime and with a humble attitude. Consider the value of all intersecting influences overtime as a transaction of appreciations and vested interest in Expression by the artists.


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The Celestial Sky &  the She-Bear 

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

" The Bear watched as the whale breached through The Celestial Sky - The calling was a whisper of acknowledgment of a union preordained, and the lyrebird's feather curled and cradled the womb painted thinly on my drum, spirit requesting that the tail of the elephant guide the young and a horse wade through to carry it upward, toward a new beginning... "



Our Earth-bound understanding may be thought to be mirrored with the delight of that above, which is the nightly sky. There is an all-knowing understanding to the bear that differentiates it from other creatures. It is not restricted to it's primal nature of the aggressive hunt, but the intuitive nurturing of the mother or She-bear.

There is an interconnectedness to the Ursa Major & Minor (The Great Bear), it's stories attributing meaning, and with correlation. We are common in blood and flesh, and having ancestry that dates back in time beyond comprehension in contrast to a more direct physical connect in our current lives. To the Native Americans the Bear is Mother Earth but it is also reflected in the above, where sky and space become synonymous through language. Definitions of separateness are not concrete - there is an alignment in the caravan-like nature of the story or song that gives meaning to one aspect, never singular.

With the daylight, there is a de-emphasis but never a drawing away. Neither forgotten, one reflects back on the other aspect with Indigo appearing and disappearing in view.

Embracing the Oceanic 

' Drop a vertical from the sky, 

see Cerulean blue at the horizon, leans into a Cobalt stretching up, and above you -

there's a touch of "French" in this.'

- Erin Kathleen Muir

Copyrighted 2017.

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


' Space ' is a flexible understanding - we often think of it as fixed and unchangeable. Perhaps the linear, the more progressive stepping forward or in some ways the contradictory 'stepping back into the self'. What does it mean to hold space, to own it and can it be owned? Finding space,  wanting to breath with space, reorganising space for more comfort... It is not just simply about designing a room, stepping away or stepping into something.. 

Some times we get caught up in tangible realities, time components and attaining these spaces. Reconsider what it means to reclaim purposefulness in your own energies.

Sweeping mindfully often requires meditation, intention and visualisation. 

Here are a few strategies that look at Energy for Personal Space & Spaces:


Imagine white light expanding from your room's centre, followed by Violet stating the intention to clear. You can use waves through out or as an expanding form - with the statement that space be refreshed, cleared and maintained till the next time you revisit this action.  Sit in quiet, and see yourself in Pink light, dissolving the  rest of the room and it's objects out of view, out of picture, and meditate with focus on your physical matter - how you feel in your own skin with mass, and really allowing yourself to focus on the feeling  of your physical body as a breathing, alive individual. Then imagine a small friendly flame in the centre of your stomach and expand the yellow-orange light through the pink burning up slowly and gently to dissolve any limitating frustrations and fears . Expand with a brightening of the yellow-orange into a golden light from your centre - stating the intention to reclaim purpose. See yourself floating on A warm Sienna brown, grounded and highly connected to the earth's core, and importantly wrapping yourself in light pink. Follow this on repeat in any space, and recognise that it is the personal energy that gives definition to your drive no matter the physical place or location.  

Design intention permeates through our daily life. 

The notion of assembly, organisation and curation as processes embody an ‘ordering’, always. Ideas seem to be imparted through a complex set of understandings – extracted and filtered towards an outcome based on the resolution of other’s outputs. We are shaped by a collective understanding – sometimes conscious and otherwise unaware. 

Context as: situation of time, space, and awareness of it impact personal understandings and how we may navigate terrain.

The examining of other’s truths and finding collective sympathy for those around us, as energetic code of current negotiations across marketing, availability and energy marketing – or in admiration, alignment with the history or link to others  today or within a history of creation?

How do we truly make in isolation?

Does true originality exist?

And where design asserts differentiation with success, can it maintain that?

What’s trending today?  How may I strandle and ride in a competitive arena or market?

Mirroring – natural gravitation or direct rip-off? P-interest trolling?  Flat-pack consumption? 

Aligning with trends? Maintaining the integrity of differentiated designs where mirroring designers compete? Absorbing other’s values and emphasis? The © and TM effect? Branding  verse the one off?  Expanding without franchising? The personal meets corporate understanding of commercial success? Affiliations for Governance of Practice & Elevated Income Verse De-centralisation of Power in the Management of Enterprise? Big institution, Silent-alliance-system verse design - soloist? Market Gains & Undermining Strategies? Modes of representation on media, market verse shop (physical or virtual)? How is the art/design product or service sold? And the more sour, poached eggs or fried eggs?

Transactions all shape design – How we see it and understand it.

Business Understandings, The Psychology of the Field & Commercial Art Forms are part and parsol to examining Originality and the qualities of process, design and dynamics of it’s reception.

What qualities do you aim for in your own Design Practice

( ethically, personally, and commercially? )

Design Intention & Originality?

[ Market - "isms" & Design Practice ]

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Intuitive Healing with Crystals

     & Seeking Equilibrium in Practice

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

A Meditation Excerpt

Consider Recalibration, breathing and connection. This is a taster for a much longer meditation and with an 'Easy-to-understand' Approach available to students shortly.

Designed with Metaphysical Principles in mind, and responsive to the energies of both stones.

These stones are available to purchase through Erin directly.


Sit in a seated position, receptive to the energies of Sunstone. State the intention of moving into the now, to allow the energies of air. 

Breathing in through the sides of your fingers, through your palms and over the tops of your forearms till movement reaches the top of your neck, mastoid process and looping upwards. Breathing in a simultaneous breath through your nostrils and out through your mouth in acknowledgment of Blue Quartz. 

Face your palm downward at the sternum, centring a yellow-orange intermediate and alligning with a 'celestial blue' grading all the way to 12 inches above your head. Place your hand horizontal at your thymus. Hold the energies as an interplay of equal opposites.

Working complimentary energies, draw a deep connection to the Sienna Anchor below your feet, requesting the dissolve of any inbalances. 

With an appreciation of healing energies, take a 'sweeping-motion-as-breath' scooping upward from the ankles or higher, palming upward through the heart and pushing outward with exhale to the left and right sides of you. Repeat as desired.

With availability, scoop a selenite spar ruler from the heart over the third eye and crown and back of neck, followed by a sweeping of each shoulder. Then anchor yourself strong, seeing your trunk-as-body grow as mirror to a nearby tree. 

Ode-to-Silk &

 Soul Discovery through


     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Importance of Energy as a means to Soul Discovery

In my own journey I have found a number of Creative Disciplines as source for Wellbeing: these have been dance, writing, art-for-therapeutic-release, spoken word & poetry, song, drumming and laughter. In addition to that, there are a number of Modalities I have encountered more broadly that have enabled me to develop & thrive as an Empath.


A part of my own journey has been the placing of importance on ‘energy-training’ [an altogether life-long journey in the making], addressing the role of Psychology as a personal perspective (it’s value and limitations) and further, the role of spirit.  My journey has not been without challenges, however I see the value of the difficult circumstances arising from my own experiences, as asset to the helping of others into the future but also in the recommendation of others whose services, offer true value.


So much of this existence we experience is a mysterious place, and I believe that our natural gravitations have a lot of value when we look at them closely in examination but with an appreciation of a larger time landscape.  Above is a silk veil that I chose from a large number of offerings several years to use as prop for individual - use within a troupe performance, each member with their own personal one-off silk veil – the grade aligns to a green centre and aligning to the central chakras, something I didn’t know anything about at the time. The role of silk as a dynamic prop in motion, in wave and as organic instrument whose light, flamboyant sequences can never be truly mimicked a second time – is a communicative vehicle for change. I treasure the individualistic nature of this silk veil because it is a signature of who I am, in evolution. There is purity in this - water, air, fire, earthly grounding and joy.


With all practices, there is often an emotional connection but also a poetic, spiritual allignment – some finding value here in a couple more than others, but all with a personal affinity that I believe, connects with who we are on a vibrational level.


Drawing on personal expressions of varied output, I look at the Creative Instrument of Visual Art but also Performance as a personal sequence in my own journey as a ‘seeker’. Energy is an innate part of that, and has enabled me to move past belief-restrictions and embrace my own intuitive, personal experiences as an Empath. With conflicting information out there on this topic, limited awareness, and estrangement by those that may not recognize their own soul signatures – I have recognized also the value of certain practitioners, often misunderstood or degraded, for their ‘alternative’ disciplines  whose appeal today within a contemporary landscape is supported by countless testimonials.


Embracing logical reasoning, together with research aided by those of sensitive finding – is imperative towards the understanding of many things outside most people’s comfort zone.


Energetic Soup becomes Energetic Discovery - working towards Mastery always.

'Here comes the Sun' - Chakra Consciousness

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Solar Plexus Chakra & Dynamics


Saffron as a spice of life…. A stream of neon-salience…

Sunshine yellow emoji’s comin’ atch-ya….

A yellow rose in a garden smiling brightly from it’s corner of the world…



The ribbon is a thread between you and other.




Working with the ‘small and the ‘larger’, involves the self and one’s importance in the world. Some struggle with their own VALUE – seeing it measured in the price of their service, in the amount of appreciation given from others,.. in the interest in who they are as individuals giving to the world.



Some people struggle with asserting that importance on other people, perhaps as a imposing force showcasing that yearning to be heard, understood and valued. Yellow may be forceful, it may be crying silently beyond a veil of a smile, a puffy-chest in the face of competitive rhetoric… or a game we play as assertive, competitive effort in a world of psychology and interaction.



Personal Power can be created and it can be dissolved, by one’s own action – At times we face battle in as many forms of hardship in our everyday worlds, and some people experience that lack of worth as a much more forceful, karmic interaction.


When we make a decision, consciously or unconsciously to be angry, to cry, or to mellow our yellow… dig deep for a crimson, an orange, and then grab a bit of yellow and remember what it is to love yourself and remember what breaths for you, in a world of smiling flowers, breathing trees and a cerulean sky. Cheese, and twinkling fingers aside, please recognise the wake up call that is your surroundings. Its ever-green and blue by nature, to remind you of the importance of the heart-beat of the universe and the blue- expression that is your romance with the world. There’s a little ‘french’ in this. Working from the centre, and remembering yourself as a strong person with a plethora to offer, may dissolve that niggling destruction, personally afflicted or dynamically forced upon to you by another, experiencing their own journey.


At times  - the complex interactions of our world are so heavily understood by notions of power and the struggle to survive with primal crimson. The cad yellow deep that is the sacral consciousness of our community, gets squeezed by personal, individual sources for regaining personal value.


Working with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the ego and personal power on an individual level, but with lifestyle awareness and growing understanding of people from a heart-centred point of view can be different.


It requires the upper heart of self-compassion, an appreciation for your birthly existence, but also that of others – and then how we may interact to commune, to celebrate and appreciate the value of all.  A part of that dynamic is to remove the dominance of the essential “I” and see it as “We”, whilst still maintaining personal address, in valuing who we are.


A lot of people see the value in what they possess in thought, belief and in oppinion, as vocal blue to their universe and as integral understanding to their yellow needs. Pause for a moment and consider your value and theirs, and remember that moving towards a “we and us” rather than an  “us and them” - how you may see the beauty in your universe and in people of all walks of life.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is part of an in-tune, individually-understood but also integrated understanding of our energy system as a whole, and not separate from our context and the time -sequence with conceptual perimeters attached to it.


In getting to know the whole, and the consciousness of our social worlds, it is important to understand ourselves, while not restricting us personally to the singularity of mindfulness practice.


At times working from our personal selves first, requires some self-preservation before then recommuning and considering the whole.



Expressions of our self, may be understood from looking at and interacting with our Energy and empowerment by an ongoing journey of our chakra awareness. This has impact on our soul discovery through art but also for how it may activate other aspects of our interaction with the larger world context and it’s people.


Moqui Pairs & Energy Grounding for the Empath

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir




Moqui Balls  and their wide applications not restricted to grounding, is source for discussion.

These specimens, "moqui balls", are a lesser visible earth-product available in crystal pathways - perhaps alluding to our sympathetic natures for the 'pretty' and also based on customer-awareness of the stone, and seller-appreciation of what is otherwise, popular. 



Ask any contemporary shaman and they will tell you how appreciated these stone pairings are, with a bit of discussion as to the complementary practices of crystal healing and lifestyle uses, of earth-bound specimens within various fields. 



Moqui balls are colloquially referred to by other names including shaman stones, bojis of specific origin, and 'balls'. As a pairing for equilibrium ( they are referred to often as feminine and masculine) - these stones can be used in various ways but also "actively" as predominent individuals, and still used together during self-healing and healing sessions by a practitioner - these are practices not restricted to the carrying of specimens for grounding and bringing consciousness immediately to ones "earth star", another less vocalised energy chakra in our system. 



There are a couple of suggested "dos" and "donts" for these stones, with several other intuitive combinations to bring about learning for self, energy shifting to occur and evolution of knowing in your own energy patterning for the more aware clairsentient. These specimens are however earthly companions as well for people exploring their own energy, utilising meditation as a gift  and generally speaking, engaging with geographical energies within their shared world. We are empaths when we connect, but also there exists that aspect to the sensitive-self energetically in which some people with clairsentience may find solace in what this stone has to offer. 



As an explorer of many types of crystals and other earth specimens, I draw upon my "heart basket" of various connections I have gathered in my own journey, empowered by what is my own personal, 

intuitive path and an 'active listening to the soul'. I have slowly been paying-it-forward [so to speak] over the previous 5 years of awakening, and I really appreciate the people in my journey who have brought insight that this is also a collective journey with a more current shift in consciousness post 2012 and 2007.


These moqui balls are not quite like hematite, black tourmaline or onyx.  The enriching quality of these stones comes with a fascinating history, use and purpose.  What is interesting is that they are not what you call "pretty" but they are - beautiful treasures to be appreciated.



For advice & personal consultations on crystals, crystal healing-sessions or  to order a set of moqui stones directly from me - please make an appointment. We do not have an online store & all the best things are hidden. It's natures way of saying "hey" with-a-wink & a treasure or two.



With moquis, there is the aid of water element in creation, but also the concept of duality and inter-planeary connnection as something most Geologists would refer to as the "wonder element" in finding. 


Remember always with practice, find appreciation in the honouring of both the integrity of the material and the ancestors in process. 



When receiving a pair of stones, you know that they are a means to chakra balancing, but also a gift of love.

As you may recognise, our services in Fine Arts tuition, are complemented by both separate workshops that embrace Metaphysical concepts and also personal focuses for Holistic Discovery.

'Love grows , where my Rosemary goes?'

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

While not everyone apart from the Studio Kids & Teens have shared the discussion - the underscoring of tolerance, inviting awareness of varied people and their value systems.. as well as WIDENING of learning discussions with regards to culture has been a focus. It is always a culture shock when we recognise we are always a little bit ignorant of something, and at the same time - it is an opportunity for learning, discovery and seeing ourselves in someone else s shoes. With listening to some 60's music and hearing about 'trick-or-treat' plans recently - I see a huge need for talking about the notion of symbols we create/perpetuate the time we allocate to talking about meanings and the multiple realities within the whole.

The notion of remembrance, connection, honour, respect, community and love are all energies connected to Rosemary. And I'm sure you may add a few more from your personal, and shared landscapes.

Whether you are Christian, Pagan, Italian or Greek, a person who has served or connects through respect of those who have served... with the inclusion of all kinds of people who find significance with the herb.

Culture is in constant evolution.

With the sharing of Rosemary, ask yourself:
"What is the significance of Rosemary to you personally AND importantly, what is the significance of Rosemary to other people of various cultures, lifestyles & beliefs?"

Then ask yourself:
"What is the connection and common ground?"

Furthered by, "How is this Rosemary received as another form of Cultural exchange ( as a mirror to so much more)?"

A Humanity of Respect requires a culture of awareness & understanding.

There is always room for more learning for everyone. Remembering always, research isn't just a book or google - social worlds and their people come with personal stories/heritage and spiritual connections.

As part of Project Energy Exchange

Sky-lovers scry - Another Colour Song

Umbrellas (and other Spiritual Telegrams)

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

So much in our world is invisible - the creative design of energy transactions are broad across interactions with self and other, the local, global and beyond. Our energetic bodies oscillate, the essence of time relations bewilder, and we swim through this arrangement with both free will and governance in many forms. 


One of the benefits I now value more strongly, coming out of a Design Foundation at University, with Fine Arts study, and now studying Counselling, Metaphysics & Energetic Healing disciplines - has been the evolution of seeing the construct in which we create, interact, heal and explore creative thought. One aspect has been also abandoning some level of importance on "answers" and revisiting what it is to be, and experience. Design thinking is part and parcel of the creative mind of all individuals and that of the teacher and their role as guide. 


The archetype of the umbrella  [ of love] - unfolds into a tree... an invisible wave or cord from me to you... appears as the sunshine or stars in constellation speaking to you another language... the hoopah for you and your sweetheart... the drops of jupiter energy-train of lyrics... the parasol of the 8-fold path... the mihrab doorway of connection to your holy centre... the snowglobe of atmos constantly changing allowing you pictures of the unconscious and revealing stories... the surfers arch... the sun to the Egyptian.. the auric protection to the light-worker... the inner strength that dissolves poor weather. 


Drawing within and drawing from above - seeing all as a blessing, whatever the formation and connecting to your personal-power symbol.  "Heart-chakra consciousness" is the aware-interaction and connection that we have with out own loving centre and connection outward to other souls, both known, in spirit and in the environment. Consider that which connects earth and sky as a green-umbrella 'blooming' in and 'blooming out' like a lotus. The seeker through the ocean, wanders... finding space for both benevolence and fierce compassion in a world where there is conflict and need for change. As we look to the Bear and Lyrebird... consider the importance of both, and a balance between self-care and a giving, harmonic approach to daily life. 



Colour Immersion - Blue Vibes

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

There is a Colour Song worth exploring and it comes in the form of a visualisation and meditation.

The Colour Blue is the breath of our expression, one with the ocean spread and our cerulean sky umbrella.


For many it invokes peace - however it is important to note that any 'colour-as-therapy' ritual or routine resonates differently with each person and their unique vibration.  

Today I share with you one of my own personal meditations. You may consider exploring should it be of interest, some of these practices. 


This is a 5 minute meditation that can be extended in length and can be accompanied by personally relevant grounding methods like the humble cuppa, a bare foot on the grass contact or a warm bath.

Any of the crystal tumbles or cabochons can be substituted so as to find personal allignment and centre across the crown and anchoring energies to the base and below the feet. 


Place a Selenite tumble in your pillow case, a Blue Quartz above the clavicle (near the throat), one Peace Jade in either palm, and one fossilised wood tumble under each foot if for a child, or alternatively a coupling of Bronzite and Black Tourmaline under each foot for an adult. 

Laying flat on your back on a bed, play light, gentle music in the background at preference or substitute with a personal mantra in repetitive silence in order to draw your energies in ward, and visualising a blue light caccooning you and phasing out to a white - cool cloud. Children might like to further this visualisation with a white umbrella, hovering above them and showering them with white light around and under the base of their bed to form a sphere. 


My personal mantra changes, but I usually draw upon my own name to disconnect from the outside distractions, and any energetic cords, thoughts or otherwise. " I am the purity of the peaceful sea". 

For those with Reiki training you may like to add 3 gestures or palm formations with vertical palm to the forehead and crown, horizontal at the upper-heart and horizontal palm again at the abdominal, seeing light filling across the entire physical body and emotional body towards calm. 


Remember, this is a personal meditation that may be varied and it utilises the vibrational qualities and personal variations to Crystal Self-healing, Usui Method & Rainbow Reiki.  For those new to Metaphysical concepts, colour therapy including crystal healing engage with the energy centres known as chakras. The chakras are much more known these days with the practice of yoga, meditation, mindfullness and well known to those of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths and those who practice Metaphysics in their daily, spiritual life. 


For those looking to get attuned in Reiki 1 & 2, workshops will be available from next year, and we have our Expressive Soul weekly classes that engage with creativity in light of the above. Select crystal tumbles will be available for purchase at these classes. 

Connection and 'holism' vibrate through the Art of Giving-Art Program. As part of growing

traditions, students are seeking understanding for the forms of symbolism in images and how languages across cultures evidence themselves. Both the historical record in art & alligning gestures of design frameworks have been concentrated on as re-occuring motifs, with diverse meaning and content. 

To birth a piece of art involves building a range of processing mechanisms. Manifestation and creative  visualisation is seen as an energetic projection towards ones dreams, but also the intention couched in diary processing. 'Under the love umbrella' as one of several sources has inspired dialogue. It bellows the thematic energies of love - the umbrella being motif and formation that is both personal, cultural and universal. 

Working with 3 energy and the universal, students reflect on polar nodes, synthesis and the balance between: masculine and feminine, positive and negative, above and below, and cross-cultural links. They are reflecting on culture, belief systems and creative forms. 

Animal references of the bear, whale and lyrebird are only part of the unpacking. 


As we step into the coming months, we bring a closer look through

Project Energy Exchange & into the future, I will be personally exploring written accounts, stories and beautiful connections as part of my own personal art practice leading to 2018's launch of Spiritual Self and Soul Path, an exhibition.  

Check out

Stay tuned for the evolution. 




Ride that wave, wonderheart

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