With hands & heart

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,      01.01.18

The two motivating statements for 2018 for our Sienna Community & our Personal initiatives this year :



1. Immerse yourself in Creativity

2. Truth is liberating

The energy of 3.. the oceanic heart..  and appreciation... are maintained with an evolving, yet self-reflective resonance building visibility into all projects ahead.

The notion of the 'giving' in and through art... sustains itself - The Value we assert to things - simply allows growth.

For me the catalyst of the 1st day isn't about re'birth - it is about investigating and examining the mechanics that 'shape', 'paddle', 're-configure' and 'give texture' to the journey. From there, awareness moving forward is rich.

Truth is an interesting concept and the key word "Immerse" to me, is like spreading energies into the water, into a boundless potential.

Beautiful Opportunities arising this year include:

  Immersion in Studio Art Experiences with new emphasis for Cultivate, The Art of - Giving Art and Art Journeys.

  Art Appreciation in alignment with Spiritual Self & Soul Path & Education Kit

  Collective Experiences in our New Environment & Travel

  Personal Services & Holistic Discovery Articles via Good Vibrations, our Sienna blog.

  Immersion Workshops in Energy Practice &  Signature Selections available through Erin's Heart Basket

  Historical & Contemporary Art Appreciation via regular social media posts with   'Art that moves the Soul'

  Heart - warming and thought provoking interview excerpts from Erin via 'Ride that wave, wonderheart'.

Painting draws new focus in the new year - I look forward to sharing with you also insight into My Personal Studio Practice in the coming weeks.





When you see someone making art, how do you feel?


When you feel yourself making art, how do you see yourself?




Seeing yourself with openness to expanding potential –and already with ability that is individual, sentient, and powerful – is an important feature to build if not yet personally believed. Even still, if it is there, respond closely to those features again and again and again.


Beginner’s Intelligence may be kind, with excitement, and without pessimism or competitively fueled.


Beginner’s Mindset may keep us humble and assertive of ourselves – and an Appreciative Artist, gives respect to individuals also with purpose and having passion for their creative birthing.




When you see an artwork that’s yours, how do you feel?


When you see an artwork that’s theirs, how do you respond?




The procession that is feeling and thoughtful is also telling.









             Please note: The following below reflects my Personal Enquiry into ‘mineral worship’, and personal development                          in accessing their benefits.  It is not an excerpt from a Book or another Practitioner’s teaching. By nature, natural                          energies work on the whole field as do herbs, however, programming, intention and relationship-building play an      

             integral role in ‘crystal use’.



Crystal Healing has a place as a complimentary modality, through vibrational healing, but also for other personal work in the area of developing the self:



  • Meditation – as an internal act of mindful re-calibration, towards revealing soul patterns, enabling intuitive insight and developing clairsentience.

  • Conscious Alignment – Manifestation is recognized as a ‘soul desire’ and should be considered with acknowledgement that process adheres to [essential] white values, that is, for the benefit of all based on soul agreements. The ‘energy work’ as personal empowerment is without the need of the tool that is the stone, however the crystal connects to enhance the alignment.

  • Calibration & Energy Protection – Crystals may be used in singular form or in complimentary groupings, with the aid of grids and other intuitively-built creations, to ‘enhance energy work’. Balancing the chakras can be done without crystals, with spiritual support and programmed crystals. Various kinds of Energy Support and Foundations from the more simple, can be used in conjunction, or without to increase protection and strengthen Guardian instructions. Maintenance should be disciplined and sensible, and coming from a place of ease and reassurance.



Some important considerations or ‘Hot Tips’ for Crystal Awareness:




      Features of Synthesis – Why do I gravitate towards a particular Energy?


- Molecular sympathy exists & Natural Gravitations to energies of resonance.


- The Higher Self [of your Soul Understanding] and through conversation with Spirit Guides and other Spirit World influences – propels you towards energies of need at that moment. Look beyond Colour Therapy as this may be limiting.


     Maintenance – How do I clear my Jewellery and stones?



- At its most simple – clear through dissolving ‘old energies’ with mental intention / spirit request, or prayer. Follow with dragging through lightly lit sage or candle for more dense energies. Reiki and programming may be followed as beginnings to building personal connections for the use of the stone.


- Recommendations for deep Moon-Clearing, use of water, earthing, sage and other material-time based rituals are examples and valued by many people – and will differ depending on the energy.


     Meditation – How do I meditate with my crystals?



-Crystal Laying, Palm Receptivity, Contact Points and Energetic Barreling are some techniques towards building a relationship with crystals. Some people work with an instinctual understanding that is comfortable to them, and is essentially intuitive in nature. Others seek understanding through a healing practitioner, teacher or friend.


- To wear a Chakra necklace does not automatically ‘resolve’ chakra imbalances and mind-body-spirit challenges for an individual, nor does wearing a black tourmaline bracelet keep you completely safe. It is about the use and acquired understanding that comes with interacting with different energies for your personally, and also developing the metaphysical knowledge and application to find the most benefit in their use, as a blessing from the earth.


To build your Knowledge join an Expressive Soul – Adults Class or to experience a Vibrational Healing Session, that utilizes crystal intuition as one of many aspects see our page of Holistic Arts & Healing.































Through Women’s Circles, Collective Programming and Working with different Energetic alignment over the past 2 years have also been the below 3 crystal signatures, in addition to the original Blue Sapphire.



 SUNSTONE  -  A stone for Rebirth & Creation


Keywords / Principles:

  • Impressive Expansion, building energy & enthusiasm

  • Ignite with fire & the blessing of the sun

Chakra Consciousness: Solar, Base

Soul Understanding: Creation is ineffable.

Affirmation Statement:

      “Create with desire. I am the fire of the sun”.




















Erin’s Heart Basket has a quality selection of the above African energies as other fine selections from our Art materials, Art Equipment and Metaphysical items sourced locally and internationally. I hope to build energy awareness, informed practice amongst buyers and to bring joy to art creation.


Reflective Surfaces

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,   13.01.18

Crystal Intuition & Re-Calibration aye

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Crystal Energies in 2018

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,    20.01.18

BOTSWANA AGATE  -  A stone for Alignment & Recalibration.


Keywords / Principles:

  • Creation is a part of one’s patterning.

  • Seeking future understanding.

  • Manifesting a reality of value, aligning soul path.

  • Destiny Stone

Chakra Consciousness: Solar Plexus, Crown

Soul Understanding: Align with the footsteps of your knowing.

Affirmation Statement: “ I am aligned with my soul path.”

OCEAN JASPER   -   A stone for Remembering your Soul’s place in this world



Keywords / Principles:

  • Warriors of the ocean understand water’s nature.

  • Liquid Understanding & flowing ‘with’ emotion.

  • Relaxation & Centred Awareness.

Chakra Consciousness: Heart, Base, Throat, Soul Star, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Crown

Soul Understanding: Giving & Receiving Universal Love, at Heart’s wish.

Affirmation Statement:  “I am with abundant glory”.


A Soul Signature, also known as Orbicular Jasper, for Heart-Centred Meditation.

Erin's Heart Basket

Current Practice

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,  11.02.18

Working across painting and drawing media has led me back to working in charcoal, with a building of portraits. 


For me, there is an energy build in working with this art form, from the on set of draftmanship, blocking in, and refining 'likeness'. The purity of the charcoal as powder, particle building - also relates to what the portrait gives surface to.

I am aware that the grief and personal connection that clients and family members experience is a very different experience to what I experience in situ and as an energetic sympathy. Noone can really appreciate that relationship to "lost loved ones" in my perception through the artmaking experience, but also, in the connection it gives to family as I work on building their presence visually on paper. 


Working with greyscale, and 'light' gives surface to a range of conversations beyond the deckled paper and the unveiling of a drawing as not-just a simple rendition. To work with stylisation & embellishment as a transaction would 'pause' and thus hinder that energetic understanding. For me the pure representation guided by energy, visual accuracy and spirit guidance is paramount. For me, sustaining process rather than a more rapid finish overall has allowed me to connect with the energies behind the work and work holistically, with healing adjacent and with work creation. For this reason though, the pace  I work with towards this personal space - allows more regular responses and intervals to give resolve to the portraits, in practice.


Drawn from my art website is a truism in practice, as a contemporary fine arts engagement and with acknowledgement of Metaphysical concepts driving, and as basis for creation.


"    For me there is no separation between the artist, the world and the page. The very paper that we create on, the materials we use.. everything is energy. The work is an extension of my own energy and spiritual world. What we create is just a different state and that in itself has potential energy for more transactions. We are connected by every atom, every movement and every action. "


The transaction is a multi-faceted understanding with acknowledgement that kinetics also redefine the self and it's perimeters, working with spiritual premise and the notions of time, healing and soul awareness for family, their perception, for the past-over loved one as part of evolving belief -systems, and my self as an evolving person [ and soul ] with healing and sensitivity to spirit.


Working towards exhibition, I will be exhibiting a series of Portraits this year, along with Watercolour Abstractions that vivify my soul awareness 'in concept' and also drawings as responses to spiritual energies for working-process. I am always finding space for a  personal belief system, with active nurture by spirit, learning from diverse concepts of 'essence' across cultural beliefs and religious domains, with a willingness to see beauty and positivity in the sum of all that attribute goodness, and to see the warrior in myself in the witness and experience of unjust action and situations of suffering.




'Spiritual Self & Soul Space' is a group exhibition that will celebrate the current practice of four Fine Art practitioners, each with beautiful strengths conceptually, technically and with exploration of concepts of spirituality in their own space and as witness through research. Spiritual Self & Soul Path will be exhibited in September & October this year at Wollongong's 'Project Contemporary Art Space' and I look forward to sharing information about it's birth, the wonderful artists and opportunities surrounding it.





Love is Eternal

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,  19.03.18

My Favourite Place to Drum is where I kick off my slip-ons, and lay flat on the grass.  There are visiting Rainbow Lorikeets a-plenty that perch and with green grass below. My favourite place to dance, is where the rhythm takes place. The sky graduates. My favourite place to draw my experience is under a tree.  I am intune with my heart as it expands. 



Written by Erin Kathleen Muir,  11.04.18

Project Energy Exchange

'Project Energy Exchange' takes the inclusive abstraction of the 'human heart' and draws connection through everything.

' I am a rich warm river bed and a gentle, peaceful stream on a warm summers day."

...There's a little Sienna, fire, water…  earth and a little air in that!


Let the key be the understanding of what it is to Project.

The Virtues & Perspectives of Photography for & with Artmaking in Painting & Drawing

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Photography is a beautiful practice, adored by most people. It’s part of our vernacular and is often ‘aid’ to practices in Drawing and Painting – whether as stimulus, manipulated digitally for pictorial presence or as a contextual trajectory for an evolution of work.


For me energetically the role of photography has changed. It reflects ‘time’ in sequence and serves as a reference point, connection, mirror… One way to examine it is to see the image as a source to reconnect to the timeline.


With Photographer and Subject there is 2, and 3, multipliable by audience response and interdimensional forum & interaction. A Continuous energetic and theoretical framework also employs this as a 1 – understanding.


To be clear, ‘the mature grandfather says ‘that takes me back’.

For her, ‘In an instant, I remember’ or ‘just like yesterday’.


The energetic image holds memory and offers connection like an incandescent filament.


When coupled with scent, tactile support, hearing and taste – elements of ‘knowing’ arise.


This piece of writing is Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

The term and 'colour' black, often gives rise to interesting discussion across areas: from a psychological viewpoint and from a point of interest in dialogue about meditation.


Our values often get swept up in the tone afforded by notions of ‘light verse dark’, ‘black and white’, ‘highlights of the ‘spectrum’ [that is grey], ‘middle-as-compromise to fence in which we sit’, with self-evident understandings and no personal address.


The relationship between Eastern philosophy, the Orient and sacred simplicity is a esoteric discussion offering virtue to many artists, one of which finds it’s way onto the Art that moves the Soul page of the website. A deep grey, white and the most tonal of blacks can produce feelings of serenity, connection and expansion – source for meditative resonance and as field for projection. The Black does not always denote darkness. It may be said that black is as nuanced as white, and then grey, as both an ‘intemediate’ and ‘scaled account’. White is as colourful and as varied as clouds in the sky, always with register, tonally.


How do you respond in navigation to your Grey, White and Black in art, in daily life, and do you acknowledge the Coloured nuance to the neutral flicker-sequence? If you drew a scale would it reflect the ‘purity of a 9-point classical scale’? How do you Conceptualise the perimeters to functioning of any scale and does it require constant revisioning as a personally-relevant spiritual underpinning for practice, whatever the Subject.


This Writing is Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

The Snow Leopard Meditation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

To be read a story book and tune-in to Characters, archetypes and dynamics within the story, often gives rise to Creative Formation, Energetic Memories (whatever the connection personally ) along with Totemic Synergy.            

Animals are one such connection. Consider your own response to the following and the energy you create.


The Snow Leopard is an elusive, non-aggressive, north-bound creature.... in a context that obliterates to a white the surrounding visitations. To step inside the sensory engagement of such creatures is to exist cooly, and figureless as a reflection of the covered mountain. There find the serenity to protect and expand.


This Meditation is Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

Kali as Turning Points

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Kali ma is often misunderstood and recognized as literal translation of ‘death’ and ‘destructive force’. Drawing on Hindu faith, the interconnection and recognition of the sum-of-‘all’ through story gives further value to Kali as a ‘3 – aspect’.


Kali is a supreme being that exists as a conduit between the realms, with an understanding that with duration comes change - ends begin a continuous cycle. The destructive component is metaphor for the 'turning'. She exists at turning point, moving towards dissolution but always aware of the ego of our human experience. 


Time is both perpetuating, exists simultaneously, and is an agreement with purpose.


Letting go [ in acceptance of change as a continuous transaction ] with acknowledgement of a lack of control is a difficult principle to harness. Present joy, present understanding is powerful.


This piece of writing is Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.


Ode to Kali ma, connects us to Parvati energy  -

To view some of Erin's large and smaller charcoal works , visit: www.erinmuirart.com

Every Day is ' Assertive Energy-Protection Day'

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Blood Orange promotes ranging responses: emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


Consider the parameters around Colour as device to propagating discussion and change.



Covert, Indirect and Social-Group forms of Bullying often exist as a personal and collective negotiation by adults in society towards gaining control and power, and also by young people not yet in adulthood.


Unfortunately, "Energetic Bullying" also exists, as another 'unacknowledged' mainstream experience, causing physical harm with psychological and emotional consequences. It is a little talked about form of Intimidation, is invisible, with serious impact on individuals and disregarded by many professionals with duty of care to person and client well-being.

Simple, effective strategies can be employed at any time for aware Clairsentients and other Sensitive people.

It is important to experience a feeling of safety, reduced anxiety around the above and to assert personal calm, harmony and boundaries.


The following is a great Introductory list, that acknowledges the importance of Energy Protection:

1. Cleansing Daily & simply stating the intention to dissolve the 'less positive' connections to people from the day. Disconnecting visually and symbolically, with assertive blocks of your choice may help to deflect the vibration of the attacker.
2. Re-instate Energetic Protection for ongoing boundaries, regularly - daily or twice a week.
3. Spiritual Clearing [as required] or every 3 months. 
4. Speak to someone who supports you spiritually.
5. Dissolve the negative energies towards someone as a natural part of disagreement or conflict during the day - and then work with the person, personally to find resolution and / or compromise. Replace with positive thoughts and felt expressions towards that person.
6. Increase the amount of Positive energy being sent out, to raise vibration as one aspect to eliminating vulnerability to negative people and negative energies.


It is important to understand that Energetic Bullying can be created by anyone, sensitive or not. We need to all be personally accountable and also personally aware of the need to protect, as a natural, simple part of daily practice.


This piece of writing is Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

Eye & Diamond - Leaf Meditation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

This is a great self-recognition exercise, for Empaths looking to re-centre.


Take a reflective surface – This may be a compact mirror, the rear-view in your car on a solo drive, at the basin in your bathroom before a mirror. Relax your shoulders and bloom a white out, hugging your aura. Dissolve surroundings with a Silver-to-a-yellow light. Cross your fingers through each other to form a cross. Gravitate your glance towards one eye as a natural choice, knowing that you may switch at any time to the other. With this meditation a natural evolution is the movement from one eye to the other -  left to right or right to left, with or without continuous flow.


Focus on the studying your eye into the black, as a black-mirror (dulling highlights, with a focus on the softening of focus and also heightening your perception of the Colour of your Iris. There is a concentrated quality to the observation, that with ‘still’ mindfulness includes rapid movement. Study your pupil, nuanced reflection as mirror within mirror and textured colour zones as a central understanding. Patterns & Colour are both ‘highly relevant’ and ‘irrelevant’ as a personal truth.


Study the Circle and the Central Value of the Pupil, whilst bringing your crossing fingers into a Diamond-Leaf with 4 fingers and thumbs touching. When dissolving ‘your silver yellow’, generate a circular loop and close your eyes bringing you back to heart’s Centre.


This Meditation is to Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.








A Tasty Taster of an Excerpt, 1 of our 6 Signature Meditation, amongst channeled Experiential Meditations by Erin.


Find space on the grass lawn with even surface to do this meditation at the completion of a working day. Bare-feet is best, allowing contact with the earth and opportunity to re-allign with Core-Relationships (to Earth Star, nature energies, the land's surface and ist's features of beauty ) and thereby seeing oneself in 'space' (as a physical component ) connected to the land and sitting in one's energies, now dissolving current relevance for daily errands and the social world. Take your focus energetically into your feet, with a 'backward sweep', create an 'infinity' with the hips ( in cycle, repeatedly ). Those with dance experience, may flurry ( or layer ) with a slow, rich movement on top - the connection to the earth star below, foots 'base' and then connecting further down to the earth's core. Image a direct connection and then bring hands upward through the heart & out 'tree-pose', as a widening structure. This enables other meditation to increase the width of their structure energetically with a vertical conned below them.


This space may commence after a short - walking meditation using slow pace & allows the feet to adjust to the texture and temperature of the grass below. 




This Meditation Excerpt is to Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.









" A Circle is an Inclusive Whole at Sienna...

that neither excludes identities

nor discounts the many Philosophical truths of existence....

Know me by my Turning Points, size and extrusions.

I am whole. :)"

- Erin Kathleen Muir






Love grows where Our Rosemary Goes ? Is the Giving of Rosemary, with Conversation for students at our space as part of Art of Giving-Art during Term 2, as a follow on from last year's preliminary discussions 'Love Grows where My Rosemary Goes?



Looking at Origins and the diversity of meaning across Cultures, with a 'human focus' and an awareness for how we might 'Consider', 'Question' and 'Research' realities behind how we interact with our world. 



The blessing lies in the discussion of All, not just singular viewpoints. We have been doing drawing analysis and conceptual focuses for the Studio Kids looking at the personal and the collective meaning connected to rosemary. We also celebrate the Empathic Device of Circle, inherent in one study book 'One Minute's Silence', preliminary awareness of Bardia and the Honouring of the Anzacs, respect for place, and also talking about the origins of the earth energies as focus for Art ( Oceanic Jasper and Abalone Shells as one example). 


For the past 3.5 yrs at the Bardia premises, I have honoured space energetically and with respect to not only Spirit, the Ancestors, and Aboriginal Custodians of the Land but also the soldiers. It is amazing what kind of response simple respect acknowledges. Like other herbs, processes and felt-gestures, those on the other side may be acknowledged.


To the completion of Term 2, visitors may help themselves to rosemary from the simplicity of a garden pot, with Green ribbons replacing Yellow ones, with optimistic allignment, travelling awareness from away from the rigidity of the singular-ego to compassionate, respectful awareness within community. 


It must be said, I am neither Christian, Pagan, Wiccan or Italian. Its amazing how we Grow when we open up to learning everyone's culture, experience and accept there is always something to learn.


Another reinforced Question with the laying of a Yellow with Green, in juxtaposition, What is the Common Ground?


Love grows,

Erin - Sienna Art Space


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A little while ago I bought a buffalo bone pendant with amazonite and mother of pearl. The creator is a Peruvian sculptor and jeweller who sources from back home and lives by the notion that everything in essence, in natural state is shamanic , of nature and cause. The pendant was carved into a turtle, a highly significant creature in mythology, affording value to cosmic forces and unified archetypal energies, (coalescing, merging and re-addressing each other). It is both a collective arrangement that gets called upon when we look at the dynamic energy of both the turtle and buffalo, looking at the latter's symbolic and archetypal resonance for [not just] earth heritage, but blessed rights, systems of sacred-worship and connections for the empathic spiritualist. Resonance and allignment are key components to many kinds of encounters across divine pathways, whatever the 'person-centred' understanding of spirituality. The sub terrain natures, stature, sound-as-verbal-presence, instiinctual and protective habits, diet, and gender all give rise to a totemic space from which we may conceptualise the animal and then further expand to gather qualitative information about it's functioning (with co-currency) in universal history across spaces, but also how it is represented for a cultural space. The origin, cultural significance and (with perhaps teacher assistance or guide), energetic resonance gives presence to the climate of building acknowledgment for not just 'where it comes from', but also history, broad acknowledgements and the energy climate of animal, animal experience, the land, culture of living and land energy.


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The Sapphire has a long history, with cultural roots across countries, spaces and faiths. From lapiz Lazuli as blue sapphire, to the outlook of perceiving sapphire in range and spectrum across all colours, with the inclusion of both white and black.


The rare attribute of Padparadascha ( a Peach of virtue), the oceanic resonance of river lotus blossum, with an extraordinary link to the Metaphysical soul-highlighting the pink higher self with the 'human quality' of yellow attributes. 'Holding space' gives rise to the qualities of sympathetic and energetic allignment of psychic-empath and with every nature we find purpose and connection with our correlations and attitudes to community and healing space. An an empath, I experience range in energetic experiences, connecting to not just spirit, but people and animals, in energy. It includes physical experiences (selective pains, sickness, energy co-relationships and also emotion as understood in the fleeting moment and as a prolonged sequence (positive & negative overlay to be processed).  Sympathetic Overlay is an experience of those with clairempathy, with people in themselves with huge differences in their empathic connections, strengths and fluidity. One empaths experience is not another empaths experience, each existing at different levels of ascension, but not only that evolution in human experience.



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Infinity & Grass Movement-Meditation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Circle Musings & The Juxtaposition of the Yellow & Green 

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Energy Junction of Archetypal energies,

     Materiality & Totemic animal 

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Of Sapphire's Nature : The Peach Pearl

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Concepts & the   ‘Many’ Truths of Black –

A Focus on Practice.

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

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