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Affirmations for Emotional Prosperity & Transformational Change - Using Vibrational Energy Bowls

Emotional Prosperity & Transformational Change

Erin in Energy Conversation

Erin discusses the  Honouring and subsequent sand installation & reconnection back to Wollongong Beach - As part of group exhibition 'Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2018'.


Casual Video Chat, an inclusion for '10 Days of Celebrating the Spiritual Self' (previously posted on Social Media). 

Erin in Energy Conversation

Rhythm in Energy Conversation is a lovely Dialogue Connection to drumming, side-by-side energy relationships and time.

Prose with Light Reading in the Energy

Rhythm in Conversation - Drumming & Prose

Rhythm in Energy Conversation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Feb 2020’

There is a lovely acquisition of respect in connecting to Buddhist & Shinto teaching in Spirit tribe. Which tree is not always particular territory for soul lineage & worship nor does a choice of tree separate me from any tribe – the tree being a-bounty source – ‘each’ ‘individual tree’ (collective energy confession, joining in conversation, a hundred memories & observing nature spirits. My drum may be native American, the heart beat may be plethora – the circle is a wheel, is a time-space, is a global map – it exists as many overlay – opportunity for consideration, not-disimilar to other stories, experiences and tribal conversation, soul-journeying and learning-in-rhythm.


One of my Shinto guides as Buddhist awareness, insists there is soul digest in ‘share’ – it is really important to offer the digesting in simple-service, non-arduous, as Spirit communicate it, willingly, openly.


This tree is a crepe mertil, with hands holding each side of the middle – trunk – hugging itself. As I drum Spirit draws attention to the bud larger than it’s close neighbor, a younger thread, bipartisan, collective network. I drum to honour the tree, knowing the story is observing thoughts of those around me. With a few pink-to-purple lights in flower, the budded branch tolds new arrivals soon, cresting birth, not yet born.

I am asked to drum with the energy of one bud larger and then the other, recognizing energy vibration (fast, nervous, rapid-ready) as though “bursting consciousness” is a babies focus need. It is not calling, the larger bud is pressing to open & flower to be freedom steady in a new space where the thymus & shoulders understand itself. And eyes delighting observe all the pink to purple flowers. The other bud is also womb aware but does not impress itself upon the outer skin like it’s neighbour.


There is more to the branches, unrestricted journeying. I walk away knowing there is a lot of energy in the carrying, the connecting to maternity and the awareness of embryo, male-sea horse and lady-bug conversation – totem mother energy.

Energy Drawing, Giaganyoot & Lou

Casual Video Chat, an inclusion for '10 Days of Celebrating the Spiritual Self' (previously posted on Social Media). 

A Gorgeous introduction to  Spiritual confidences & the totemic connection. See Sapphire's Light Healing Tab for more Information.

Channelling, Giaganyoot & Energy Drawing
Animal Readings Beluga Blessings





2020 Combing Consciousness

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir 



'Side-by-side' energy is a parallel confusion and attractive connection - sometimes oppositional (and therefore) egoically-competitive)... at other times it is a sincere awareness of flowing availability patterned attitude to positive change & appreciated lens-respect. 

We exist in a world of People.   We serve ourselves in survival but we negotiate our worlds (in pursuit) formiddable construct towards outcomes. May our 2020 conversation be honest, pride construct and 'consciously' rather than 'unconsciously' existing of energy. 'I act... [with intention awareness]..." and "I feel.. with examination of I am enhanced, we are enhanced in unionship by... [actions]." I expect to know myself in greater concepts, is a philosophical statement not disregarding survivalist needs, though honouring self-orientated conviction (my health, safety & life-force) must be met first. Then also, reeling wishing soul-upset enough selfish (past, modal-response connections), I saviour 'my own willing' to individual consciousness. 

Those that may resent my words, wording, drawing artiface of written conversation - for sheer vibrancy to upset. Please be aware my energy does not seek your satisfaction. That which was the unpacking of psychic threats in 2019, gives surface that not all in this world has recognised it's own availability to love, despite all else. Today is January 25th, it is your birthday, for all giving circumstances, days of 'living'.

There is a few Appreciations of need that offer earnest-pledge. The longevity of my space exists because of creation. If I exist, the Space exists. If appreciation exists, services give further support for ideas, practical engagement and social-availability to that which contributes to shifts in consciousness. 

I am a proud psychic person who just happens to a be a regular, hard working, fun-citizen of knowledge & experiential acquisition - fine art tolerant, fine art celebrant, enthused & 'aware terrain' educator, art-related consciousness. With resilient confession the nature of the space grows in tandem-energy cosm, 'I am creative love'.

If you are reading this, your investment as an Adult-Convenor may be 'parent-guardian'. As an Adult investor, you may be 'pursuing lifestyle awareness' or if not aware the inhaling of another idea or two, at choice availability, giving-construct to be wanted in your world or not.

As a person, I experience psychic-energy continuum as an ever-present, understood connection. When we get philosophical, we're not 'aware' of energy processing consciously, accepting in state (belief construct), (block confrontation) may be aware to others and ourselves - with differing levels of appreciation. It is a welfare-investment when we appreciate this like Healthy Eating (I am what I eat), When I speak, therefore.. also can be said of good manners, culture-appreciation & valuing the human that neighbours us.

Our World is Side-by-Side energy, [hello desk-buddy and a smile.. or maybe not]. But wait.., my field coalesces with yours, ye know,.. the not at all separate, we are sharing space scenario?  The 'You look nice today' verbal comment sincere or silent upset, 'I hate you' throws a hook. Terrifying or tragic, for me... and for you? Or cause for 'collective-feel-good', we jolly together, it's human-tragedy and not. Though the Buddhist gem that acknowledges suffering, may the concentration, focus on suffering legitimise your inherent, shared dialogue. Don't be selfish and upset the whole unit. We'll all need de-fibs, unhappy mourners to living-enterprise. 

So what of Energy?In being physical, we are also energy-body.  psychically our energy body needs protection strength, positive fuel.

* We give it to ourselves.

* We project it.

* We promote it, collectively (let's make it positive)

Some simple start me off strategies for Every body that give recognition to the fact that Adults in care of Kids and Adults in general, aren't looking at their own Energy Hygiene enough across every landscape (Honest, confronting yes, and it's really honest). Individual Energies impact other individuals, impact families, impact groups, communities, spaces and larger zones in connection. 

Suggestion 1: Epsom Salt Foot Bath

Bathe daily or shower. Then also, take a short 'foot' dip into (at least 20 seconds, up to 6 minutes) in Epsom Salts (diluted in warm-to-cool, luke warm water or a bit hotter for those that may like it. Warning is to not overheat as in bath, shower major shifts can and do upset us, leading to severe upset, dizziness, vomiting, breathing and heart failure. Palm your energy down (visually in your head, push-release into the water & dissolve day to day negative energies. You can physically 'woosh' with an arm movement, or stroking your legs with front or back palm. For kids its a "Relax Footy" bath for just the feet on the plate or small container (use the same one) and wide enough for 6 -7 cm at least beyond the length of your foot. Important: Shake off the rinse. Then re-bath 'dip into another water container after washing washing the feet in cool water. The secondary rinse is important. Clear strategy is using a second towel and laundry wash. Some days, over exposure to salt may be an upset to the clairsentient. The simplicity of water, washes away the residual energy (left over conversation of the salt). A morning day at the beach do a great thing also for a happy-coaster but not just given sand, a good woosh-second of tap water do-a thing so you are not coated 24/7. The same can be said of 'over abundant energies' in home environment, find balance & make clean-up keep in set-rejuvenate response. Repeat daily or every 2 days, to stay connected to the positive pattern & dissolve-cleanse.

Suggestion 2: Slam Dunk

Like B-ball, drill energy hoops like a Boss. That is, pro [man] at the end of the day - or when you need it. Adults feeling precocious, find a quiet space aware from so-called judgement-realities, they succeed only if we build that through construct. The toilet cubicle is an availability, too. Some kids enjoy the Light - thread vocale - energy expression, slam dunk with an aimed shot. Think star wars & fast energy shots. Like a Masking-Tape Jedi would. Balance out the energy with Right & Left dominance interchange. If you require 'request dissolve' and physically through your arms up 'into the air for an energy release woosh. Free-dom. The intention is to get rid of the energy junk built in your energy body, though press upon the need to the child and for yourself - directing the energy into a positive light space (not at someone) is important.

Every physical act, every feeling and connecting idea, concentrate though - singular or rereated is an Wave Energy like a thread. Thats why we dont want to increase upset and also we need to do Energy Maintenance. Those little threads have 'memory'. You dont want to upset yourself, be upset to another or hold out upsetting cords. 

A lot of Adults like to quick-snip with yarn ['clear' outloud, even if it is a wool of yarn] to disconnect & release. Connecting to an intention. This wool yarn is simply for a snip-toclear, maybe 5 strands at end of day. May help you to say in your head (after finding the length), snip in process & "clear". To release cards to all else from the day. With still the idea, I place importance on 2 principles:

1. I am connected to loving threads.

Though I am not attaching so much that it becomes upsetting empathically sometimes our connection to others particularly the family unit (or admiring others, "need" patterning conversation in strategies) even if 'loving' may be toxic if too demanding. This where Lifestyle Appreciation for Others not just self comes in. We all do it together as a Dynamic Energy world.

2. I wish to disconnect (as often as needed) through visualisation of cords dissolving [ in negative sanctum].

Be aware we are Environmental, remotely connected, always energy conscious.

Suggestion 3: Vibrational Water & Water Sprays

See my Video on Vibrational Waterbowls for a casual intro on how they can be connnected to. A water spray of "Rose Water" [smells like Turkish delight, ahh..] droplets in front of your 4 sprays in front and walk into the mist. Repeat for the back of you, 4 sprays of mist. It expunges and while I dont want to parallel or allign, upset by mentioning the much-love white sage... There is a quality to this that surfaces dissolve- connection for us. (Not in the same way the Native American tradition, sacred ritual) but gives thought to another awareness for how you mightset intention for releasing more-simple expanses of energy upset. It also smells nice. With other additives you might self-connect personally to find your own safe, thoughtful connection to Cleanse your Aura. Your energy body begins a physical lens with many layers of energy in the aura continuum. With study from a teacher with more than 20 years experience whom has studied extensively you could look at this in detail with experiential learning further appreciating your own Energy Health needs, understanding the aura and what connects circumference. 

Vibrational Water Bowls are used as energy scapes where you send in positive thoughts, feeling-attribute, perhaps prayer construct & repeat this to evaporate into the rooms of the house or space. Just water may be foundational or with a small-additive (leaf, petal, flower or, colour object). I will not caught up in energy propoganda around crystals or oily choices.. though I do recognise an appreciation in my own lifestyle for fantastic energy response-crystals, like, herbs, oils and a plethora of natural world features enhance our well-being. 

Suggestion 4: Dissolve a-round

Using just minds-eye (I visualise in my head) encourage Kiddies to take 5 minutes to quiet their self (My Relax time) is good and like a coloured egg see it 'washing' away the stuff they dont need around them. Emphasis Happy Emoji upper belly 'happies' flying at their tummy. For a lot of Children they can can imagine their Happy Self in a Happy Space, and may look at positive affirmation with you as a parent. Adults can look at Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Change Video, as well as the Anchor with Thymus & Knuckles Connection (Mudra meditation using grounding for anxiety dissipation. A great one for Men (and Women!).

Where there is any abnomalities as in Pain-drifts in Physical experiences that you discover in your Physical Body (shifting attachment energies from spirit) or unrelease anxiety of pattern after trying the above, sometimes there is strong need for Energy Support. Energy Practitioners look at relationships to such pains but not feeling a pain doesnt mean that we shoud just disregard Learning around Basic Energy Starters. You wont find "super script heros" for Energy Support on the Internet either. In a world where we start appreciating Energy changes needed, we can also build on the Respect for Psychic Responses to Field Energy (which might I add, saveslives. By focusing on small improvements, day to day, we begin a journey of learning and thats empowering, ok.

An Energy Practitioner is an experienced metaphysician with psychic understanding. They come with myriad-energy vibration and speciality. Dont fall for ploys, the 'I am white and only pick up on positivism, coshure vibes (police thy reputation response) - I am so clean'. As empathic souls, there's an Aussie saying for that and it just so happens to be not-just True Blue honesty. I understand that not all will appreciate that statement but this is Field-responsive awareness. An Energy Practitioner may include: a Vibrational therapist, Mind-Body Practitioner with significant energy body appreciation of energy centres, auric information and parapsychology. A Counsellor with multi-skilled development in Energy Body Medicine and Realm activity than can account for spirit attachments, energy bodies & intentional correspondences. When Supporting Adults and Young People as Young energies psychically responsive (with various levels of awareness), the Practitioner should be collaborating in a Team-Ethical situation for appraisal and with that genuine support for welfare being addressed - highlighting Beyond Psychology perameters for Wellbeing Response. 

I underscore Everyone is Energy. It all starts with a bit of Accountable Ownership and Respect for the Fellow Being.

As the Brolga leaned in at forehead to connect soul-full pain in 2019 along with the earnest promise of Oryx... I acknowledge the crust arid formulation of juncture in Lion scar tissue and aggressive Tiger energy. It is no worse than Locust activity that covetted the Grasshoppers journey.

Like Roos we climb forests in 2020, birds flocking to know the seasons in tandem energy. I am more than my physical self, I am womb mother to my own birthing strength, thankful instrument, giving plentitude. There are wings stronger than claws, softly swaying, bowering, shimmering, happily noticing the pleasant abundance of shared voice-soft, light - rich, happily singing change. It's chirpy, with a twinkle that doesn't dishearten the journey. 2020.

In 20-20 we give appreciation to archetypal appreciation in the animal-aspect - that is by no means limitingly totemic, not exclusive to mirror, extractive potential & reflective domain. From a previous social media post: -

What simple and more complex configurations of learning, did you find personally profound and/or shared.. In 2019? The nature of causal compendiums is the diamond awareness of universal energy of the Lion-availability... Mirrored in, shared in.. The tribal consciousness of ________,...framework belief set perpetuated in thinking of _________,... Giving construct force to greater awareness in _________.

Perhaps more important, ... [let's not over think it, over-lose sleep about]... What people are most important to you in 2019?

The side by side consciousness of 2020 gives personal honesty to that which we wish to be driven to, will individually and collectively embed.

Learnings may be as simple as: Encourage lovingly, see beauty in the joy of breathing availabilities daily and find space to laugh at the intangible and less tangible, that feels humanly placed. Souls commune, always, like terrific winds and quiet movement, moving in similar directions.. Bumping into everybody else's stuff.

Like atoms of loving speed and surviving the protest. 2020 is near, not far.


Please scroll to continue reading (at choice awareness) an appreciation of exercise-concepts for practical integration that support Holistic Care for Kids ( and You) and video linked to Energy Conversation, such as Vibrational Energy Bowls, discussions of Emotional Prosperity & Transformational Change, and other continuum positives that may inspire connection for future learning in side-by-side energy in 20-20 and beyond. 

I see, I hear, I feel.

The SunHouse & Wave Studio at 526 Human (Hume) Highway, Casula continues to evolve in development for enrichment, foremost as an Art School and also with other aspects of practice in the Holistic element of healing practices (that are Vibrational). Also, the Holistic Arts is the output conversation of more basic, to incremental climate needs in creative response across forms & energy modalities. I am more than my physical self. 

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