Good Vibrations ..

The Energy of  the White Swan

          upon sunlit streams of Gold

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


In Movement, the percussion and rhythm revitalises with connections, there is an abundance of lightness in heart. 


The swan sits in golden waters of light, flowing gently and gracefully in-tune with it's preparedness for the journey.


There is a bounty in sand and lifting air, with dappled experience in warmth ...wai rises and gently cascades.


I am lit above, below and throughout. My hands give birth to the clicks, felt through the heart, syncopating 'with' and 'inturn'.


The gold offers resilience in rose and iridescence.  I am both and with all..

rainbow in white purity, sitting in Shweta's serenity, in Jophiel and Raphael's light, and in sun's bloom. 

Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Change

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

As a Flashback for Circle Participants...from 2016, and all art-engagements and responses to our 'dance mandalas' solar plexus and heart chakra meditations... you may recall our Affirmations for positive change and personal exercises with warming energies.


While there are larger dimensions to practice with meditation and utilising therapeutic soul practices, our day did collide with art-making for replacement and release. The purity of the art as 'dance mandala' is getting to 'being in the energy of motivation, towards joy for the future'. 


For this affirmation you may hold each in turn, holding the left tumble in your hand and your right hand over your heart. 



You Need: 1 x Sunstone tumble, 1. Botswana Agate ( Both Heart Basket energies)


Affirmations for Emotional Prosperity


I respond to that which saddens me, angers me, worries me, but also in awareness of my

solitude, my approach to people, the environment & my self.

I shape my own capacity to grow & pave that role of existence.

I see myself blessed with nature, relationships & a body that breathes for me, allowing me to

experience the joys of life.


Affirmations for Transformative Change

I release all thought patterns that do not serve me.

I embrace the challenges that come with adversity, fear and new experiences.

I see myself ready to explore my dreams, yearnings and wishes.

I am in rhythm with my universe and bring forward change.

I will into existence positive responses to my world; my vibe attracts my response.

I can grow tall lusciously, with resilience & having the necessary qualities to achieve my vision.


For more Art focuses in Energy and working through Energy, with meditation and Holistic Arts as

cross-diciplinary process, check us out for Expressive Soul Classes and a few Motivational

surprises from January.



A friendly reminder, all articles are Copyrighted.



The Oryx is an African animal that I heard about earlier this year and with drumming I often connect to the ‘gazelle’ (not bird, but antelope). When I first looked up the Oryx I was impressed by the striking presence of it’s markings and these tall horns that I later researched being both present for male and female.


The Oryx is essentially a wild, desert animal (with African and Middle Eastern connections), with terrain and population issues pushing the impetus for reintroduction in some areas. This is a foracious animal, but interestingly in diet terms, he/she is a herbivore. In addition to that, the Oryx when pursued does not run but in harbouring fear, defends itself straight on. If we look at the interactions between it and the prideful, carnivorous Lion – it would defeat itself by running and thus protects, drives with the head and has this powerful stance on grounding force. It is not interested in preying or hurting, and with withdrawal by lion and himself, doesn’t run necessarily from shared territory.


I look at the Lion as a symbol of not absolute but higher governance and power. It is suggestive of that which is feared ( by Oryx and other wild animal). Totemically, I see this Oryx as not fearsome in it’s 'fearlessness', but with primal harmony. It protects with a response to the agency of threat.


The Turtle has for some time been a beautiful energy that I like interacting with because it is largely responded to across Cultural and Spiritual Contexts. The turtle isn’t necessarily tragic or melancholic, in harbouring energies – it’s also graceful. Some beautiful Moana’s in art classes and with home-based artmaking have been interacting with natures energies, sometimes mother energy and at other times child-freedom.


While sea creatures mainly connect to water’s space, they connect to all elements – sometimes grappling with sand pathways, decoy pits for double and triple birthing in concept, and also flying with grace through harmonic sky with blue, white, yellow , pink and peach.



Above right: Image of Lion & Deer, Erin Kathleen Muir. Copyrighted 2017.

Sitting in the totemic Grace & Harmony 

         of Oryx & Turtle

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Upcoming Group Exhibition

Exhibition Opening:

Saturday 22nd September, 5pm


Thursday 20th September to Saturday 13th October, 2018.

Personal Connections & Titles

The Nature of Collective Truths in Art Interpretations

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Have you ever looked at an artwork, shared interpretations, then recognise you and that other person were 

a) totally different in view?  b) conflicting?   c) at poles in taste?

It is interesting territory. We also amongst audiences have common agreeance, shared understandings, respectful conversations and may agree to disagree.


I had a conversation recently with a lovely, cultured lady regarding the inclusion of titles and their relationships to work hung in art gallery setting context.

She had a disgruntled response to the use of the word "Untitled" and thus consecutive series allocated 1, 2, 3 as 'pretentious' allocation. 

This is an interesting area where titles as employed cue (not just information, in design) give value to more opaque readings of context.

Vehicle, perhaps to sway for elitist device (as mentioned?), in sync with the contemporary ( creative lineage, bredth and context), and contextual histories evolving through spaces over time in museumology, with conversations in media and critical-cultural responses to artistic intent and conceptual scope in the making arena, process and building of profile throughout their career?


When did the term 'untitled' become visible in art contexts? I recall saying to the lady 'trends' arouse making responses in creativity but also that different audiences and individuals in audience respond personally - they harness pre-cultured, patterned behaviour, collective mirroring from guidance in subcultures, learning environments and market value systems... sometimes we are also triggered based on our own encounters.

I quite love the inclusion of poetry and adjacent forms, cross-domain mediumship, 'coupling devices' and all that winery. The componential should always be considered but works are varied across resolution, for varied outputs, values in process, not just 'fine' for commercial consumption. We have other intersecting values: the educational, art as device for social discussion, the documentary journal-of sorts (and altogether either refined ordeal accounted for or roughy in authentic mode of delivery). 


I failed to tell the lady I've actually used the term "Untitled" in my own exhibition work, attributing acknowledgement of primed surface, process, alligning values of questioning as aware artist, studying as well outside the Fine arts discipline.  My work though, didn't just have Untitled, it had another phrase in brackets "(...)" with relevant allocation. Many artists across time have utilised all sorts of strategies to frame, reframe, make aware the frame, not as lens for poignant, narrowed interpretation but to accentuate contextual account and awareness, or cute indifference to it?


At times we give surface to analytic viewpoints in our own work, aware of audience, and in anticipation of possible, varied responses.  My own work was simply responding to behaviour engagement and "art-itude", with an understanding that conversations about therapy may mislead or energy readers as audience overlay problematic assumptions about the maker. I dont discount either of those available lenses in context to certain environment utilising visuals for certain purposes, but I must emphasise the "ineffable" nature of the creative component of process here. Each to their own in confidence, with afficianannndooos all round.


"Cause-and-effect" relationships are not always accountable through art. We are on a journey and the wings of artists have an interesting span, movement vocabulary, texture and transparency to them. The nature of processes and 'surface agreements' can be troubling and reflect more about components of philosophical ploy and analytical politics caught up in the viewers soul journey. There is counter-play, ego and constructed circumstance around both parties - doing a dance with varied travelling steps, a power struggle ( even)... sometimes with flamboyancy. 


We often overlay and see what we want to see.


Artists are thus trouble-makers, construct creatively and are audience aware. Selection, culling and gallery connections through curatorial display give rise to the care, educated response.  Energy interpretations are completely left out of Art Education, Therapy in clinical connections and there often less conversation about the iintersection in selective, safely regulated environments to renegotiate best practice for challenging experiences in therapeutic domain. Consider always in artistic display environments such as galleries... that an artist may not be angry, depressed or violent, pretentious or sour...bad at other mediums or even the sole creator for the work. Sometimes titles are just untitled without a label, sometimes the work with artist not wishing to credit extra innformation with full-licence to the audience leaves out but is subscribed that word. At other times it may be used as a strategy and thus takes on energy as a connective tissue (but only viewed that way by those who concentrate on it, notice linking connections or seek opportunity for.


A beautiful attitude is seeing art from different angles, sharing them respectfully and assertively where needed. Call to Inclusive action an awareness of patterns, history, contemporary cultures evolving, the varied-viewer and also as mentioned in another blog article,... remember to see the artist in tune with their passion, as a mirror to you also as artist-explorer, also passionate and constantly refining an evolving framework in art practice.


We all know Art is a communion with the ego, whichever way we swing it.




A friendly reminder, all articles are Copyrighted.






Art & Soul Journeying

       as energetic-pilgrimage -

with respect to the ancestors, always

New Article Coming Up soon on...

New Horizons & Collaboration

[Not just] another Colour Song ...     A Filament & a Flourish

                                                                                                                                                                Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Here's a 'Gooden'... awwhhrrr.... check out that Big Blue!


The Creative Aspect of Self is saturated with all sorts of Colour Songs... together in creative process, we unite an Arrangement-Amazement of collective beauty, vivid zest, compliment, contrast and heightened awareness of 'drawing behaviours', 'connections' and 'filament starting points'.

To grace upon natural garden, frolick along a melaleuca track, drive through pastures and seek fields for nuanced charisma... is to see the 'rich' in the gold, that is natures harmonic song.


A pigment highlight, register, then experiential awareness making both... quite simply,...relevance-irrelevant. At Sienna,... together: recipes, guided strategy, and flexibility in colour-mixing attainment are enhanced by an awareness overtime of how the process functions on an individual level.

The mighty Blue is Australian, but not just, it is liquid-light transformed, conscious in other forms and alludes to the powerful of all creative consciousness in spectrum. Symphony, Nature's Orchestra, harmonic resonance and a "dash", a "dance" of winged petal flourishing... and nourishing in numbers......


Beaaauuu - dee - Full !

Fuschian Parables  ( Ahh... Bellisimarni 'unni ) 

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir



Respectful Use of Content as a Free Resource


This is just one of Erin's Techniques, with Teaching-Strategy subject to Copyright. 

I have an awareness of Teacher's utilising content on Good Vibrations blog as their direct output. Please be aware that this is made available as a helpful resource for everyone at my soul's wish and thus should be seen as Sienna Art Space Technique for everyone's benefit, not for personal marketing or financial gain by another teacher. With appreciation for public free education, teacher respect and benefit of all who choose to read and activate the content. 



Palm Energy & Self Clearing 



This is an Energy Clearing Sequence anyone can do!


Have you ever felt like you've had Negative Thought Relay, repeatedly self-shamed with words of dislike about  a weakness, or have felt unappreciated/not praised. Perhaps you are looking for a little healthy dialogue amongst negative in context, receive less than ample positive feedback at work or just want to self-motivate.


Then this is a good one, to atleast try out as an outfit for certain occasions & then decide for yourself whether it's right for you.


Note: This Energy Clearing exercise is based on awareness of Heart-Centre, mid-line energy centres that recognise and response to behaviours of upset, self-esteem, loving self-confidence and reassured behaviours. Repeated clearing is important and builds a relationship with Positive Language, and a retraining with starting points to negotiate mind-set, energy consciousness and awareness for how we may function [with introductions only] to energy centres. It is important to recognise that engaging with Chakras, Language, the Energy and Psychological functioning of body behaviours and our actions is complex. It's not about reading a Chakra poster, a once-a-blue-moon balance... it' s about revisitation, mindful attitudes to self and group relationships, mindful of responses to situation, cultures of environment and context.


Pre-knowledge Activity: And yes, you can do this with your Kid!


No 1: Point to your Heart - There lies your energetic centre or chakra known as the 'Heart Chakra'.

No 2: Now, point your finger directly below, above the bellybutton about 10 cm - That's your 'Solar Plexus'. It tells us energy info about confidence,
self esteem, ego-control and our feelings around being empowered.

No 3: Find your heart again, then, go directly up to your thymus, about 15cm below the clavicle - This is called the "Higher Heart", which communicates your energy around self-love [and 'soul-love' between groups as an interesting extension]. That chakra is often simplified as we forget the relationships beyond our self and often people debate those soul-love relationships are the green-counterpart, that is the heart it's own. With an awareness of a continuum of energy and bilateral field, everything is connected, so as such we work these three starting point energy centres in relationship. A 3 makes a nice 5 point-sequence repeat. ;) )


Exercise Stages:


1. Loop Strategy : Make a circle with your arms in front of you and relax your elbows, we ain't hugging a tree. You can hug one seperately later, at preference. 4 fingers over lap as a crossing with Thumbs UP.  Already positive, ay mate?


2. Repeat Sequence: Hop onto the Energy Train (Supplement & Repeat)

         A. Middle (Heart),

         B. Down (Solar Plexus)

         C. Up again to Middle (Heart)

         D. Up (Higher heart)

         E. Down to Middle (Heart)


Holding your Looped hands in the thumbs up position, guide through the middle-down-up-up-down to centre slide. It all comes back to the Heart. With 5 energy in mind, we convert negative sequencing, into positive with a supplement, with "positive build", "positive language" and "giving wellbeing - crediting oneself", arriving at a full, complete 10.


3. Palmas in Loop Strategy Slide with Positive Language, Affirmation & Support


Now you are going to direct word energy back into the Heart Chakra. Moving hands together sliding through, with a statement for each.


Practice the statement:

"You did a good job. Well done."

( Feel the positive statement run as a loop from your heart, through your shoulders, then arms out through your palms, then direct it back to your heart again. Repeat 5 times as you slide through Stage 2 of the sliding loop strategy. It is important to visualise the words moving through as word-energy, positive energy, from heart to palms to heart again). Doing it 5 times is like a relay. 

Now! Do it again, this time: say "I did a good job. Well done, [and your name]" with the 5 relay energy loop, making a 10. 


Check how you feel. Hopefully you are feeling increased positivity, self worth, and improved anxiety or empowerment around an issue. 


Try with other statements (supplement for situation)


Example 2: "You are capable. You are invincible!" / "I am capable, I am invincible!"

Example 3: "You don't give up. You can push through and soar." / "I give it my best shot. I drive passion and Im flying well".


Statements are harnessed by energy, and you can open up the Palm chakras by visualising them as Happy light bulbs, blooming to the sixe of a small golf ball, every time you decide you need that boost. Visualisation and the continuous energy of the loop as a repeat helps to retrain the fear we may have when we are panicked, experiencing stress-overload, feel the doom and gloom or want to motivate. At the end of the session imagine the golf balls of light narrowing to a small-size



You've just used your Palm Chakras which are a natural extension of Heart-based energy as one form of self-healing capacity.


Palmas, as I call em' are "talkers" and "singers",... yes "readers", "directors" and "creators".

How beautiful is it that as an Artist, our palmas are an extension of our heart, and with those we often make Art.


Two thumbs Up, mate!

Love grows, Erin




She's [He's] reaching for metaphorical pearls... acknowledging the warmest red as natural earth-centre Sienna, under Ceruleans, white honesty & French-kissed skies, with an Indigo soul and a wink... there's peach wonderland and an oceanic awareness that sun-shines in [not just yellow] but Divine's Colour-Symphony. Oooo, how Colourful Sienna is. My little leaf that is my pupil's acknowledgement, the deepest soul territory,... becomes a diamond-circle, caressing sienna at base, leans into padparadascha's peach with flecks of iridescent gold.

Sienna's Colour Symphony 

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow on Sienna AM...

Sienna AM-FM Compilation Stream © - 
Drawing on Laughter therapy and lightly alluding to combined human streaming, both on an off the metaphysical radio, actual radio-broadcasting and perceived, cross-referential interference. There's "funny-politics", time-line music responses, quoted dialogue with heart-warming connections.


This morning on Sienna FM...


"Ohh... goodbye yellow brick road... where the dogs of society howl..... you can't plant me in your penthouse... I'm going back to my plough....beyond beyond beyond...."
"Can youfeelllll the
Tis' a world of Indifference by some.... hmmm. Though, not all is a Lion's kingdom and congress."
"..........but the song rolling high, through the sapphire sky...keeps great and small on the endless round... it's the circle of liffffeeee... and it moves us all."


This afternoon on Sienna AM...


"Circular fashions change with Intention.... A pirouette embodies sight and response, precipitating, continual, dedicated and disciplined...."
"A Sufi's embodiment of forwardness with material extension, is the weighted and fashioned garment, holding centrifuge and begetting continuation in the round. A clockwise continuation speaks of a grounded version of 
star dust."
"When a Merry-go round stops momentarily, horses greet new beginnings where young and old, smiling, then hop off. The music takes you on a journey, with witnesses in construct, mirrors at every interface and colour
,colour, colour..."
"The teddy bear, like the earth mother, is a grounding, protective energy. Let the grass and the sun greet you in passage, like the bear from night time stories."
"Anyone who wants to howl at the moon butt-
naked in the ocean, should do it - 
Ways of seeing, humanity and spirituality are varied."

In Nature of a Sunday afternoon, connecting to the tree, and trees, grass... flat back turtles on the green grass. Having a drum is a connection to Soul guide, guides, animal connections and elementals. Salutations and intuitive movement and no audience. It's barefoot and it's great. I'm not following a vocabulary rehearsed. In Home space, Lavendar oil on forehead's centre, dispersed oil and simple massage. Being an Empath is recoil, many modes of release, de-stress are needed. Hand contact with branches and meditating next to trees is also good.


With thanks to Hainu, the trees, Spirit and Buddha. 
Meeting the Little Leopard and crossing over Animals in spirit, pets and wild foragers.

Hainu and me, the trees, drum & dance

                                                                                Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Getting to Know the Artists – ERIN KATHLEEN MUIR


I’m sitting on my horse, with multidimensional experience, classical training, the wavelength of learn-ed teacher-perspectives and a willingness to explore all – in acknowledgement of my Empathy and the ‘ineffable’ quality of creative consciousness.


Art isn’t just a creative lens for exploration of Spiritual Mindedness and belief setting for audience telling in Spiritual Self & Soul Space, it’s more driven by a furthering of myself in the energy through ‘soul work’. I started out wanting to create more Charcoal Portraits, with respect for the connection of Spirit and families, but I’ve actually worked more on building on my relationships across more direct work, deconstructed dialogues and looking at the relationship to my own growth across healing. The therapeutic is actually in the learned requirement of Art Therapist & Vibrational Healing-Empath, looking at the role of channeling with audient and cross-skilling, and de-emphasising the role of psychology, giving relevance to dual-aspect for the needs-and-counselling of spirit beings, spirit loved ones, as I passage through my own growing understanding and them offering equal support and advice. All of my works have giving- honesty, an often personal framework sometimes misunderstood for the naïve longing to be heard or supported. In the thick of my Empathy, that is fluid terrain, I’ve always found resilience and a survivalist ‘happy nature’. The propelling engineof some works is actually ‘teaching-energy’, and a soul-yearning to surface the qualities of experience of one kind of Intuitive functioning across planes, dissolving debris quietly and energetically with art and holistic healing. I am also navigating interesting terrain whereby ‘empathic channel’ surfaces an insight into how creativity may be understood – with co-relation, entanglement, and co-elescing energy from other people on the physical plane.



2 Works coming up include:


[Pictured] ‘Land Symbol’, Pastel & Gouache on paper, 2018 looking at Earth Shamanism and followed by consecutive works in linear willow charcoal, working with Hainu, my soul guide and Paratoma, guiding teacher. These preliminary works and Power Animal – Initiation sketches, give an awareness to level-focus for trajectories and artistic-scope in Healing Counselling and also Animal Works.


[Not Pictured] ‘Untitled (Duck Sauce), Gouache and watercolour text on paper, 2018, an Excerpt from ‘Duck Sauce Parables & Other Energetic Soup’. ...The Duck in me sees the Duck in you, such is my preference for ‘maintaining light’ befitting territory of no absolute truths proven in Faith, Psychology and Institutional dynamics.

[Pictured] 'I am in the energies of the sea',

Installation of Wollongong sand at Project Contemporary Artspace, 2018.

With the blessing of terrain, I am couched in sand, surrounded by 8 Aboriginal sisters, with Hainu, in the energy of baby whale shark, young crocodile and infant turtle. Gobarana means ' I am faithful '.

With ancestor permission, Cassiel blessings, land acknowledgement and healing, sand element is drawn from East Wollongong beach and returned on the last day of exhibition period.

Creativity is at the heart of Spirituality, as is our navigation responses with human-centred relationships – the self, sub-cultural and more collective dynamics ‘in’ the diversity. As an Empath I experience the ‘spaces’ of others and some of my work picks up on that consciousness, acknowledging past-life awarenesses and guides all with cultural heritage and energy vibrations evolving with individual, collective experiences. I look forward to developing more work in that cross-cultural awareness, giving sensitivity to both traditional stream and union, as well as cross-referential qualities as common-ground.                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                     To see more articles, visit

Lush exquisite territory with soulful honesty.

Ivory Black is a lyrical extension in fluid device as material. Duality, word-composition & structural flare orchestrated in word, human artifice and centrality. What is it about the beauty in the pigment, a carbon element? I am in the Padparadascha, in the leaves that are my compendiums extension, restricted not by diaries or the elements of sound. The fine lines are not calligraphic with intention, connecting to a different ode and light but in admiration for that of ink counterparts, also with traditional brilliance favouring the gold, and ultramarine, and red trims. Win-sahh and a lot of Erin. Eir-in, Eir out, and reconnect.


Love pigments for their history but also their fluid territory in artistic delivery, use and fervour. This excites through energy, retrospective account, connection and teacher awareness in empathic response.


Colour Essences

[Not just] another Colour Song..

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Sacral Rebirth & Womb Consciousness

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

It's Belly-central and melodic in the rhythm. Shall we Consider the 'centric' contention in the solar, devalue the vibrational

intersection of dynamics - relationship consciousness? The honest enthusiasm of the belly- with-connective tissue is a melodic equalizer (reflections remind us of how we embody each other's character in the energy of interaction, character essence, formidable 'rid-me-nots'. 


One must laugh at our Humanity, at times, within a healthy terrain vibration. Or best, look at values of replacement, or simple changes for possible improvement?


You sing, I sing, perhaps not very well in harmonic delivery?'s a melody? ...or orchestrated calamity in acoustic, sovereign dominate, siren-shaping, diva-concentration, lyrebird mirroring, or wall-flower disservice? We All Sing.


...The singer in me 'hears' the singer in you. Or perhaps just myself, and not you at all. 

The Art of Clicking & Sienna Hydration

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


One of my loves is to dance on stage, at laid-back festivals with rolled-out carpets… and a part of me enjoys the creative element on quiet, mostly-private grass. That part of us that ‘responds’ in rhythm, on the high end of the melody and with controlled delight to the slow-ooze of sensual movement…. Contends with the energy of sound, with opportunity to connect to the formulation of creativity in soul-essence, that is the song’s current – a musician, musicians, singer, singers, and song-writers expression. But not just – because we are connected to the history of the response in the song, energetically familiar to us, remotely connected for those vibrationally aware, and empathically responsive to the lineage of consort-cultural connection, contextual ‘play’ throughout time and with awareness of how it is received.



Songs, the musical and interpretative dance response… but also that of percussive-syncopation – give essence to how we receive and then value the wave of the song’s energy.



With Swan’s golden clicking, empathic heart energy embodies response and ‘stream’. How beautiful is the vibrational cue in the Aspect of generation and the diversification, as individual-basis. We are hydrated by the allowance of, the prevalence of and the variation in sound across musical connections – what-ever the form and delivery. Clicking, aside from clapping, is a very distinct universal energy – tricky for some who are still mastering, but always promoting a relationship. I think of the Soul in the gent-quartet, the subtle lean of shoulder and buoyant smile, a gentle-soft, or repetitive 3-in appreciation of poetic brilliance…



The cordial, at times expected in clapping… differs from the enthusiastic applause… conveyed with ‘other’, gestural compassion and thankfulness… then differs from the obligatory, sarcasm chase of robotic group awareness…… in contrast to the Click that carries forward on a different occasion… called for… perhaps… or conveyed on a different heart-weave-et-wave of style and communion.Albeit the common ‘chain’ that is a threading of shrewd, familia-pride or presuming line-accordance in professionalism, where people do climb success…


Clicking, as percussion, and sound-gesture is actually one of the most impressive, perhaps most understated expressions of all. Musically and in union, I feel it in my heart through the movement – as though the ‘light’ connects to the soul-vibration with more positivity in the musical language, not device, but wanting to connect to the feeling of the sound.



With respect, all content on this website including articles are Subject to Copyright & energetically connected to Erin's authorship. 

Belly-focuses in the Energy, Formations & Foundation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Intuitive engagement in creativity is a beautiful. With Workshop & Performances, the 'visual' delivery always connects back to the energy of the Sienna journey in duration. From wall-decals, motif-response & Lyrebird and the oceanic with sunshine parasol, Hare krishna soft-lemon Rose... the tangerine romances the Loveander Sari's honour, and the infinities do swish. There was African, Folk & Contemporary connections, respectful salutation in the lobby,.. sacred drum and space for growth in the conversation of word, energy, dance, drum and spirit. Tenderly, oh wai my love.

New Educational Resources coming up for Teachers

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Some 'Readables' and 'Energy Connections for the Classroom' as Educational Awarenesses for Teachers will be available.


As you know Energy Education Supports are part of purchases as a different focus for Meditation, Energy Recalibration & Emotional Wellbeing & healing states. 


The two Readables are Educational Resources with Curriculum Matrix Diagram information, allowing for Primary & Secondary Sector School Teachers to recognise how they may integrate select simple Energy Strategies into their Classroom practice. Some Strategies are also beneficial as Wellbeing Modes of Discovery and may be used for personal (and professional practice).


Connections for Primary include: Cross KLA, Life Skills, Fitness (Health), Energy (Science ) and Creative Arts KLAs. Relevant Syllabus Links relate to all Stage Learning Delivery with appropriateness - ES1 - S3.

Connections for the Secondary Sector include Stage 4 - 6 considerations for inclusion and Welfare-orientated development, focusing on Female and Male students between 10yrs and 15yrs. KLA considerations may include: PDHPE, CAFS, Life Skills and Science Stage Learning.


Recognition for how these Education Tools may be used exists with Standard Links for Accreditation Maintenance purposes. 

'The Solar Arrow' (Suitable for Young Kids K- 6) and 'Solar Pride' (Suitable for K-12, with adjustments for High School delivery) are already being implemented in Schools, with correct explanation and awareness for how each strategy functions. Colleagues should not attempt facilitation for this safe, simple technique without training based on consistent, educated efficacy. Training by Educated Facilitators (Energy Consultants) with Awareness, gives birth to much-needed Education in Schools & their Staff. For Young Individuals & Teachers Wellbeing, also in the care of Young People.


These Educational Tools will be available shortly. Schools need to get on board for Increased Wellbeing & Mind-Heart-Energy Attention.

It's a Sun House !

A lick of Lemon-delicious, Vivid vocabulary... 

I'm in Peach and blue reflection... and this is a New Paint skirt. 


My Home Studio opens from Jan 18th, 2019 with lots to paint, garden and fixtures coming. 


A Sienna Sun House makes everyone happy - in doors, outdoors and on the front verander.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year. I'll keep the music playing throughout the Summer in all it's diversity & good cheer.

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences