Mirror Interface

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Since December, I have been working hard to house-paint, search for furniture reclaimed & pre-ownerd, build functional ceramic umbrella stands & re-introduce business to the Hume - 5 minutes from our previous location (invisible) after 6 months break searching for a commercial premises nearby, and unexpected opt-out loyalty from a Hiree opportunist, mid year and no lead up-post communication to admit failed compliance/honesty. I've dug deep to continue as all hard-working Soletraders-honest business people do, self-funding, reworking new appreciation in a slightly new location 'starting over' in many ways after 'upsetting- wait time'.

The Rebirthing is built on a continuous pattern of foundation and 'cracking' good-work-ethic and community relations.  A few new changes this year as always, an unwavering resilience and evolution in teaching context - all current student's enjoy the new - professional studio - in delightful integration and pastiche - charisma is elemental, incremental and interior 'fishtank' - blue responsive in creativity - gallery collections to practice, material overtures as understated awareness to Sienna, my own energy and philosophy and Sapphire's Light appreciation. I love how the community maintains imbued bredth - we are 'listeners' to the universal in the cultural and that fundamental Fine Arts practice breaths strongly now, revealed at Sienna roots, gives precinct to personally-evolving desire for arts engagement. Liek all Children, Young adults in teen awareness & adults with purpose of myriad interest, interact and connect for different reasons - for learning, for understanding - seeking & self-awareness in their healing. In all of the above, I am a student, a proud teacher and an honest sensitive; a seeker myself. The brolleys bring golden warmth & cerulean splendour. Cyan is a fast-brilliance in light equilibrium, with soft-lemon undercurrent. The white connections are a fresh current and my snow leopard in willow births an eyescape to soul awareness in the energy - past and present.

I look forward to a year of professional studio classes, Foundation year Diploma students for The Art Filament courses, therapeutic domainship in the energy of diverse soul connection in Sapphire's light, as well as personal endeavours ongoing in dance, festival performances, guest speaking, writing, art and interviews with hosted individuals as part of Ride that Wave, wonder heart, and 2020 group exhibition planning for Spiritual Self & Soul Space.

I've never seen anything like the 25 spotted black and white butterfly circum-bobulate near a tree-palm, in precinct to tranquil charm and with a air-wonder-path. Such was my experience watching a single-flirty energy connect in space for about 12 minutes - elusive in action, unwavering movement, connected at 7 - 8 ft from the ground and revolving both eratic and gliding wave sequence. At witness, I moved watching for a pattern? It neither came near me or me it, but the interaction with terrain was understood - the connection to land surface (maintained) albeit discovered 2 -3 times by flirty others-as-butterflies - disconnecting then after a short dance communication affair.

Have you ever watched a sequence akin to the nature of ceremony - staying power - I think the butterfly was in love with that spot as much as I. Like Rainbows and other bird life, they interact, aware of others' energies - leaning in, non-intrusive and charismatic in the energy.

Artists, we are - in witness - not a video nor photograph or picture scape in drawn-painted form may record the 'present, in person connection' but we can review the energy fabric and charm-as-a-reweave in timelined awareness. It is an allowance, like many other plentifull constructs recalled (priceless as a an Art Filament).

Flashback One early evening post 5pm and an all day working in Hospitality, studying Full time at University [and Part-time too] - I walked back to a City station for a long commute [yep, back to the West] like so many others...

..a gentleman in orange-red connection walking toward my direction (at 'passing-point').. he passed me a singular, soft-lemon rose, the last from a clear-wrapped bunch at end of trading day. He smiled with a nodd and drifted off on foot. I recollect thanking him, a little confused, in shock,.. then collecting myself looked around to ask myself ["He's disappeared?"]

A happy, delightful train-ride home was entrenched in the [huh? the 'wow' and the kindness of the simplicity of gesture.. and then, 'cultural connection' of finding consciousness in the insignia of coloured-consciousness, the gesture, the kindness and fabric.

At first thought, a Budhhist.. Spirit later connected to say many years later he was a Hare Krishna with a 'kind-lemon rose'..

Flashback One early evening post 5pm and an all day working in Hospitality, studying Full time at University [and Part-time too] - I walked back to a City station for a long commute [yep, back to the West] like so many others...

..a gentleman in orange-red connection walking toward my direction (at 'passing-point').. he passed me a singular, soft-lemon rose, the last from a clear-wrapped bunch at end of trading day. He smiled with a nodd and drifted off on foot. I recollect thanking him, a little confused, in shock,.. then collecting myself looked around to ask myself ["He's disappeared?"]

A happy, delightful train-ride home was entrenched in the [huh? the 'wow' and the kindness of the simplicity of gesture.. and then, 'cultural connection' of finding consciousness in the insignia of coloured-consciousness, the gesture, the kindness and fabric.

At first thought, a Budhhist.. Spirit later connected to say many years later he was a Hare Krishna with a 'kind-lemon rose'..


Written in 2018, forwarding into 2019. All Articles are written by Erin Kathleen Muir and are Copyrighted.



In Art, we often talk about "setting oneself up - for the viewer", that is, ourselves, with Dewey compliment & mirror-self-portrait.

We 'ready ourselves', 'present ourselves', audience-self-acceptance, in pleasing pose, manner-with-aware formulation.  Mirrors play a fine-role in our everyday, energetic environments & with 'imposition, fractal surfaces, & reflective contribution' should look at the 'self esteem' quotient --- not just contextual 'media average' salute, demoralising components of role play --- but also the relationships we "continue to perpetuate". 'I set myself up as much as I set myself down' -modal response, emotive consciousness. As exercise for self - observe the 'thought' orientation, as energetic interplay, a residual correction through 'clearing' energetically & with soul-circumference is important.


Every negative imposed on you, is energetic history (clear it) To begin to trans-form.



Every negative thought you say passively, unconsciously (also, clear it) To begin to re-configure, recreate.



Every projection, association into the mirror (dear lord, clear it. We migrate terrain to good teachers whose intentions are mitigated and positive. 



Regulating Mirrors begins with:


1 - Acknowledging the feel-good barriers, and moving past the 'sour - confrontation'.

2 - Cut energetic cords 'at pinch' & blazing silver scissors (effortlessly as a hairdresser).

3 - Ask for clearing, run vertical trims of golden waves through the mirror ( to edges not past it ). With surfacing belief - thank the angels however they may manifest in the light - to clear. Say you are thank-full.

4 - Give yourself a compliment and give thanks with each. The signs of aging, unlucky genes & 'repugnant' offenders - will not be tolerated, you know - The fly in the chardonnay may remind us of treasures, mishaps & oh-blardi-woefuls that upset us. However, be thank-full, you're not the fly - it's dead. Perhaps it sipped from the cup greedly - upset, we should not have 'holes in our stomach'.

5. Repeat again with a smile in your face with solar-awareness, waves waves waves, a slice to all upsets - give yourself a compliment for every wrinkle, tarnished refinement & renewal.


This is a hard article because - You are a Receiver, a Creator, and person of circumstance. 




Pre-empting the Dance of Life ? [but not just]

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


During the previous 'g vibes' interlude, I introduced a clearing mechanism-introduction & vertical waves - golden touches, engagement principles & a bit of Dewey's light. Further to that, here s to the 8 'trigger points' for Trigger-Point-Therapy (each with water pistol, sign reading & palm consorts).


1 - Salutations [Salute to 2018] 

Take a bow in silence, afford 3 minutes to 'Energetic Soup' upset of challenging events from the past year. Take a scoop down and throw your hands up in the air to fling it up to the French sky. Repeat with a hiss, roar & a giggle till you feel better. Say thank you for all the blessings & where necessary 'clear' and sort the physical landscape till you find dissipation. At times, this is-ah.. disciplinary challenge. Add a small amount of ranting, moderated-chocolate-intake & music to raise the vibration up.


2 - Swan Verility 1 o 1

Pass yourself through an Silver Archway as an observer. Secondly, take your own hand to guide yourself through. Imagine all else you want coming into alignment.


3 - 2 million things to do

Prospects of change bring Anxiety (The not there yet - overwhelm). 'Click out' from the 12+ dots that curled & spiralled wars. 'Snap into' the [1 then 2] engagement principle & desire footprints, not a circle of upset, extruded, entangled, mortified.


4 - Awakening Principles Enhanced

Desire your own 2 step challenge. Write it as a 'soul script', enact the passing through of a smaller door to your Silver Archway. Wind the latch, send it through like a Child, soverieign. The enchantment of change is not an Adult chore. Even as stressed life-realists, we forget the 'small door' enchantment - of 'creating our own' opportunities. Don't wait to be told what to do.


5 - Solitude 'Catchment

A natural chair is a park of 'green pancakes', you're flat on the grass - bringing incidental earthy release & 15 minutes replenish. Ask yourself look at the sky above 'What do I desire?' It's a mirror.


6 - Connecting to Landmarks

State the intention to clear [cutting waves] to places of upset. Recognise the energetic, emotional patterning (why do I come here?) & ask yourself (do I benefit, positively, do I make a positive contribution in being here?) All should find benefit.


7 - Channeling divide


See separation from the forwarding point that is then, now & future-projected to. Recognise it is a person-led choice accountable & find momentum in healthy pragmatic change & refinement to programming --- not complete reprogramming. Sometimes replacement is incremental. Emphasise the [1 and 2].


8 - Wake up Sissy


8 young men stood on a school table, a woman beamed sitting in a large-yellow chair retelling, I laughed like a misfit at my unnecessary quandary.       'Do you see yourself in this?



Now for the Other definition. What is Trigger-point-therapy? Note the hyphens.

Point 1 finger.  Point two together. [1 and 2]. Thumbs up.  It's a water pistol grip to remember.


I am thank Full to my Spirit family who invented this specialised collaboration. We are consorts to the main-stream.



Sawire's Clay Drum    Art that moves the Soul

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Beneath your feet is Nature's 'heart beat' connecting to the elemental nature of reality across terrain - Clay constructs in all forms connect to this realm. It is an earthing, enhanced by the maker, whose energy imparts their unique vibration, desire, passionate resonance. Both Sculptor & Musician coincide in creative element - the hands being an extension of the heart energy, the skin breathing transference, a building of a collective energy, inertia - towards fulfilment of a vessel, enhanced by natural energies. Tarek Sawire not only builds with the centering -  familiarity with surface is initiated by the sliding of Raku at wheel's centre, a forwarding motion, a conical formation- transpires with fusion into time's element of circle and womb connection - that is an elevating circle, forming turning-awareness for organic height. 


The creation is intrinsically a part of the Artist's making, imparting touch and giving-attitude - respect for the divine aspect in process, nature and people in context. When we play a Clay drum, the vibration may be felt in the rhythmic connections - but it is also an 'aware' instrument - with a surface that tells a story, authentically contributed to and having imbued love. 


Tarek Sawire's Clay Tablas are available via Hyde & Clay. Art that moves the Soul is now a part of Good Vibrations in 2019.




Colour Resonance Painting

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Colour is an available source of enrichment - In Art and in life, it has profound impact. Colour [Therapy] often regrets to speak of integration and connecting, collective technologies, cultural practices and associations. My life is enriched by the purpose of availability to experience in the Colour, taking the elemental and principles of stylistic connection, and furthering that for self as a promise to Reconnect. Colour is not just a visual experience, it's perception expansion for thought, relay, re-cognition and formulating views. What a brilliant upset it would be to formulate Pretension on One meaning - when our framework is so interconnected. 


A Young child may say, Hello world in stripes of azure. 



Recollect to Imagine, babies entrance into Seeing. Consider that energy, the eyes, just like the ears, our hands, hairs and heart - each perceptively enter a special place.


It's a Colour-birthing, and re-birthing every day. 



Angel Publishers in Blue, Cyan & Peach, Azure Creativity know me well in heart beat. What is it to sell 4 Million published books to the wide public? It's a giving instrument, defined by a love of every quotient for learning, resilience and solace. I am home. 




Renovating the Sienna Sun House


The Sienna Sun House is a light streak of Cyan, therapeutic white connections, a Beach front, zen garden, 'Fishtank' enclosure of creativity, and an Outdoor patio of Studio happiness. Umbrellas are coming, outdoor recycled furniture is honey, and the brocades and sculptural pots are a warm creation. I am the purity of a peaceful sea.

Sunny Side Up with John Travolta on Sienna FM...














































"Click,  X - Y - Z... It's double click, syncopate... then percolate.... over Coffee... it tastes better when you haven't had a fridge."

"Circulate Salt water delight all over your Aura, invite the ocean visualisation all through your space. Surfs Up!"

"I was driving at my wheel thinking about Car Dancing, and then it came on the radio..."

"...Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right - here I am stuck in the middle with you."

"I started dancing like Lisa and clicking to the claps in the song."

"There was a shoulder-roll back and another Johnny's zest. Be proud your a self-made man/woman.. ppl-ease"


The Hare Krishna & the 'Kind-yellow' Rose

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Flamboyance in the energy & Butterfly-Love Picnic

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In the SunHouse & Wave Studio [ 'fishtank']

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Brolga & Pink Energy

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The Brolga exists in learning's caress, sister at the third eye - forehead connection, open heart's understanding as though the heart's centre grew to about 24 metres. The death of Brolga as one the most gentlest of creatures. Your pain, my pain in the universal aspect. 

I look at the native crane as mirror-response as symbolic and as actual physical spirit consciousness. I am aware of the softest pastel pink honest, unwavering. In mourning, and at witness, in the energy - I feel the Brolga's devastation. 

While this may not be a positive mood setter, something of the beauty of soul-enrichment embedded in the circumference and contextual learning of the Brolga in mirror energy is part of the cultural-conceptual programs, 'The Art of Giving Art' and 'Cultivate Program', moving from Chapter 1 The Bear, the Whale & the The Lyrebird in the next phase as past of our internal studio focuses.

'The Brolga, the Rainbow Fish and the Deer'.


We are the bridge, to learning. Arc Foundations give bloom to collective and individual soul- awareness.

Shammy Torque & movement in action

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

I'm standing in front of my easel, 'goofy foot' in studio context. I'm looking at the notion of discovery formation and recognise the process precipitates more for me in soul learning and for others - an often private understanding become part of enrichment outline in my own studio art school. As a child & team that swam, a shammy naturally was part of dry-dawn culture - we 'ring it out' to expand the excess, knowing full well the towel takes a long time to dry out. It's a slow expenditure - but in laying in the sun - another option has rise. Water is circumstantial, it is desired  - you can't change who you are in nature's gift. Sun & air, water & fire, earth & light - have value. 

I have learnt that the next phase to my career involves publishing as part of my exuberant attitude and unique value is in the individual person-perspective less valued through a studio class and with a knowing that a studio class always, offers that avenue to share, to give & be understood with monetary credit. I'm moving into a challenge of no torment - that is the kind endeavour of book writing and artistic portraits with advocacy through Ride that wave, wonder heart. As the Sun House & Wave Studio evolve, look out for the surf board awareness from the Human Highway, green connection and oceanic splendour. You'll never expect the nature of the wave, in the stories many. It is a timely journey.  

Ride that wave, wonder heart on Sienna FM..

"There's a climb and a scope to practice. "
"The climb is personal, the love is collaborative and the scope is diverse heart-speak"
"It's exploratory, it's self investment in the awareness of advocacy and story-essence, that is all-human terrain"
"A Wonder heart is everyone and comparison, competition, isn't claimed feature. It's an awareness, like many. "
"Hearing and Listening, you're heard - energy"


     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Colour Resonance is an energy practice inherent in accountable holistic appreciations, aware of Colour therapy but with instilled vibrational sensitivity aided by psychic sensing. As Metaphysical practitioners, energy readers and holistic currents in alternative medicinal modal responses, we give value to trajectory not yet considered important in mainstream support places. It's a beautiful thing to grow in mind set and energy transformation comes where those choose to listen to how energy effects and affects individuals, classrooms, workplaces, households and dynamic, less dynamic places. 

Clearing, energy awareness, appreciation of spirit consciousness and most of all respect for all people (psychically aware and not aware) is important. Collective appreciations for human, common awarenesses dislodges a betrayal and human injustice, affecting behaviours very common - including learning difficulties, health awareness varied and small to large energy quakes in behaviour dynamics..

A pearl is the Guinea fowl, cyan distinct, effervescent and understated in spotted gentleness.. The eyes formation is telling shape and knowing of an African soul guide, aware of birth, transition and conceptual instinct. Sanyarah is acknowledged always as sacred bloom. The eyes are as myriad in shape as the beauty of people. Take the time to see all. To be available to the African star, which is mirror to your own guiding light. 

A message from Sapphire's Light. 

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