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Honouring the Sacred Self & Community

On our Annual Devotional Calendar -

Upcoming Special Days


'Words make the World Lighter' Month  - 7th Jan - 7th Feb

Love & Light Strategies using Word Vibrations, Kirtan, Mantra,

Visual Presentation techniques & Affirmation Cards.

'10 Days Celebrating the Sacred Self' - 11th March - 20 March

Celebrating the 'Sacred Human Conversation' in what it means to be humbly psychic, with connection naturally & with proud, healthy topics in the light of human-good. Est. 2020.

'Vibrational Energy Awareness Day' - 26th March

        - Community embracing Vibrational essences in our World.

'Recite Beautiful Appreciations' Month - 5th April - 4th May

Celebrating Devotional Prose daily, including Poems, excerpts and devotional prayer from Loving Connections, Mystics & Writers: Rumi, Gibran, Osho, Lao Tsu, Hafiz, 'Anonymous Buddhist sayings' (cultured digests), Australian poets,  & Australian lyricists.

'Icons & Idols Appreciations' Month - 5th May - 4th June

Selections of Images and sculptures are looked at as part of appreciating Saints, significant figures, bodhisatvas & divine connections over time. 

'Assertive Energy - Protection Day' - 5th June

        -  Holistic Connection Activities - Ginger Bread Men & Women                   Making Tradition & other Breadmaking Energies

        -   Educational Awareness Threads

Below Image Credit: Video Capture to 2020 Intro to the Chakras,

                 Image from Gingerbread Cookies making from Winter 2020 Newsletter.

'Publication Appreciation -  Energy First Aid' - 28th June

Below Image Credit: Upcoming Publication Alert graphic for our Glossy

'Lanterns, Lights & Stars Appreciations' - 12th July till 15th Dec

We journey through a series of exquisite and devotional connections to Light, honouring Culture, Sun, Moon, Earth, Cosmic energy.

'Spiritual Tales Readings' - 28th July till  9th July

Children's Book Readings from Erin's digest of Imagination: Including 'Lightning White Granny',  'The Oneness Husband', 'The Whistling Frog & Apricot Sherbert', 'Maya & the Grey Elephant that said 'Um' and 'The Itching of Good Humour' from Ribbert Good-blessing Cards.

'Usher in Colour - Evocations Month' - 1st - 31st August 

From Pigment Consciousness to Vibrational Consciousness, we experience the many appreciations of our Colourful World, overtime. The Artist recognises the Schminke 'shmick' and the Lineage Visceral.




























Holistic Arts, Creativity &

therapeutic soul practices


Key Words

Therapeutic Soul Practices - With intuitive discovery and energetic awareness, concepts of 'self', 'other' and the 'universal' become part of artistic and expression practice.


The nature of the soul practice is hybrid, individual and characterised by creative links 'in healing' but also by the increased wellbeing observed and given testimony to.


Artistic terrain takes into account cross-disciplinary attitudes to creative arts to include: artmaking, dance, movement, writing, musicality and percussion, spoken-word discussion, as well as engagement with energy awareness as both informal and formal development looking at expressive release. Modalities for exploration may include holistic & strategic conditioning work that involves: breathwork, song, energy hygiene, connection through meditation & motivational experiences for greater confidence and improved perspective in group situations.



Soul-based Art Therapy © - Soul-based Exploration recognises the perimeters of the energetic framework of the Soul. 

Sessional support offers opportunity for clients to look at growth awareness in their Energetic Health, with Art being an outlet for processing response and cognitive support.  Talk-therapy driven counselling & evidence-based healing intersections for recovery are important cores to session. Well-being, Energy balancing & spirit release are considered also fundamental appreciations to cognitive functioning. With carefully considered holistic techniques and simplistic measures, the practitioner utilises psychic-support foundations and cross-disciplinary approaches to gently assist improvements for the client.

In session, we look at vibrational healing and balancing, with purpose-driven dialogue so that the client is part of the healing-activation process. Art is integrated construct and it also is used as processing for the client pre & post session.

The client's observances around their self-development, confidence in implementing holistic healing techniques and managing situational responses are strengthened with the guidance of the Energy Practitioner.

A  recognition of 'energy experiences' is private dialogue and we understand that psychic appreciations are subtle, cross-referential and easily evidenced in team appreciation. 

Holistic – When exploring broad appreciation of Individual landscape, we look at 'connections'. We discover components to our well-being construction and this involves self-discovery, looking at emotion, mind and energy. Energy is seen not as an aspect but a basis for existence.


Soul Discovery acknowledges the quotient or series of understandings informing current experiences.


Reiki Universal Healing -  Developed by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a well-accepted, widely-used method, originating from Japan. Reiki works on the etheric and causal body of the aura and working to also ease emotion for relaxation.  

'Rei' means spiritual and 'ki' means lifeforce energy. It is commonly known as 'hands-on healing' but is not restricted to the hands-on method. The Rainbow Reiki Method, developed by Kendall, The Heart Hive, also informs Erin's practice.


Crystal Healing -  Minerals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and complimentary tool with vibrational healing, energetic protection and spiritual cleansing.


Chakras -  The Chakras are the energy centres of the body, human and animal, and include earth chakras and other lifeforms including plants.


Vibrational Healing Sessions acknowledge the 10 major chakras and also minor chakras of the human body, that hold information about soul awareness and personal functioning.


Balancing the chakras involves ongoing personal development, working through personal life challenges and meditation.



Metaphysics - The study of Spiritual Energy and the correlations between the Earth Plane, Physical Energies & the embodiment of energies as Beings of Light.


It includes the study of the human form, the relationship between anatomy, mental situation, emotional causes and energetic centres, auric presences, spiritual planes, past lives, karma and soul level awareness. 

Metaphysics recognises the Esoteric as an 'approached concept' with so many perspectives. In healing practice, we establish a viewpoint for cleansing where there are current problems expressed by the client. In studio, the cultural appreciation is that we exist with individual, varied philosophies and our art product formation is an understanding of personally-led focuses. There lies an individual recognition of what the 'divine' is to them.











Sapphire's Light Healing Services:


These are In-person Services, with Agreements incl Privacy Statement & a Briefing before and Debriefing after all healing sessions.  Client Privacy is maintained. Interested Individuals may contact Erin directly for Sessions.


Our Practitioners are well-equipped, experienced and responsible practitioners. Core values in ethics and responsive, self-reflective care are key attributes of team orientation.


Please read 2021-2022 Conditions of Service - Healing-related Services before Booking via the Enrol Tab.


Current Services (as of January 2019)

Book via Enrol Tab - Tuesday & Sunday Bookings



Complimentary Cardamom Latte or Healthy Sundae Dessert with

       each Sapphire's Light Healing service.


Intuitive Energy Reading - Beluga Blessings


6O minute readings now available. ($120)


Clairempathic Reading & Shamanic Blessing


USUI Reiki Traditional Healing Service


40 mins ($80) or 60 mins ($120)


Hands-On Technique includes (Head, Forehead & Shoulders, forearm, lower calves, soles of feet (optional), all other areas of the body are Hands-Off 30 cm distance from the body.


USUI Reiki Traditional Healing & Energy Reading


90 mins ($180) includes 40 mins USUI Reiki Healing & 50 mins Intuitive Reading includes channeled information, card reading, and direct energy conversation.



Chakra Balancing & Crystal Light Healing Service - Blended Delivery


60 mins ($120)


This is an Energy Balancing using Hands-off healing and limited hands-on techniques, crystal placement and other healing supports. Energy assessment includes auric assessment, dispelling of unusual attachments, and flaw repair.


Chakra Balancing / Crystal Light Healing Service &

Energy Reading


110 mins ($200) includes 60 mins Blended delivery Chakra Balancing /Crystal Healing & 50mins Intuitive Reading



Vibrational Healing Service & Energy Consultation


90 mins ($180)


All Clients must present an ID card before entering the premises, with pre-bookings/payment ahead of time to secure their healing session.


Paws in the Energy - Energy Healing Service

40 mins ($80)


Healing Service for Pets (Dogs & Cats) includes USUI Reiki, crystal healing, auric check, physical assessment based on clairempathic responses and removal of any debris from lower chakras and release of spirit body abnormalities.

Energy healing includes a Doggie Treat or Kitty Treat, and Crystal Keyring for Dog Owner & Pet interests.

Allow 1 hour for Pet – get-to-know-you time and calm. All pets should come in a pet-cradle, with a leash and will be largely handled by their owner.

























Description of Service:  These Vibrational Healing sessions incorporate the principles of a range of modalities with an intuitive delivery. These Healing Sessions include: energy assessment, art creation, tailored vibrational healing, energy awareness development, sage cleansing, use of crystals, oils, relaxing & up-tempo music. 


The focus of a Vibrational Healing Session is to work on the etheric body (aura), to cleanse the field, work with the client to balance chakras and in some instances, alleviate pain. Based on the understanding that all people are different energetically and in soul patterning, with different kinds of emotional wounds, mental blocks and forms of disease, it is not always possible to alleviate these challenges. Erin brings an Empathic awareness to all healing sessions and 1 on 1 support.


The session includes 15 minutes Briefing, 1 hr Receiving & 15 minutes Debriefing.


















Sienna Art Space – 2021-22 Healing Services

Terms & Conditions of Service

This Overview for Conditions of Service gives surface to three attributes for all Arts-related healing & Vibrational services, as Sapphire's Light Healing methods delivered by Sienna Art Space Energy Practitioners.

- Philosophy & Educated awareness in both Workshop & Client-based delivery services.

- Energy Practitioner conduct & healing statement / disclaimer

- Client responsibilities

Erin identifies as an Energy Practitioner, both in Healing services and Soul-based Art Therapy delivery. She is a Full member of IICT and qualified, trained and experienced in all areas of advocacy and delivery. All staff are identified as Energy Practitioners under Sapphire's Light and with detailed specialisations, will acknowledge further their inherent professional attributions, alligning with service and as is established before session and documented consultation work. This communication is simple and comprehensive.

Part A

Sapphire's Light healing services include Vibrational (energy) sessions, arts-based healing & therapeutic practices, as well as Energy Education covering holistic discipline training including Reiki Attunements, delivery for practitioner level.


All assessments & service delivery is based on qualified practitioner awareness, ability and applied knowledge - supported by clairempathy & sensitive delivery as a Educator, Trainer & Assessor, with varied qualifications in Energy Healing, natural therapies & Art Therapy training.

All services are planned, pre-booked with documented awareness & pre-payment to the facilitator - energy practitioner. Individual methods & style of delivery is Copyrighted.

Part B

The Educator and / or Energy Practitioner requires appropriate Identification pre-booking and presented on arrival for safety purposes and honest practice. It is the Healer’s responsibility to maintain physical and vibrational hygiene during the session & ensure comfort, adequate safety and an awareness of appropriate boundaries during session. All Facilitator's recognise and maintain appropriate Conduct as per Staff Code of Conduct for Healing practices, with approved hands-on surface areas at minimum with an awareness of appropriate strategies also in hands-off procedure including distance, remote healing and familiarity with disconnection principles/reading alignments. All information about Clients is private and confidential, with energy reading being permissible during sessions only. Post healing support is via Phone communication only and allows opportunity to discuss post-session response and any immediate awareness’s in which the client may seek advice or support.

Healing Disclaimer

The Energy Practitioner is not responsible for upset client behaviour beyond session. The Energy Practitioner observes duty of care and welfare principles during the session, with availability to discussion about service-based frameworks. The Energy Practitioner has the right to end the session at any time in situations of risk to the client or themselves, whilst monitoring client in their support. No energy facilitation occurs prior to or post-session at soul's wish. Any remote connections by sensitive clients will be blocked energetically and necessary precautions to refuse future sessions based on poor ethics and student conduct will be reported and communicated. At risk features are monitored with visible posters, contact numbers and welfare organisations for client's seeking interdisciplinary support frameworks.

Energy Education & a feeling of safety & wellbeing are a strong focus for all Vibrational Services and with that clients are encouraged to seek support in this area. Where necessary clients preferring a Male Energy Practitioner or Male Specialist in Energy Awareness & Training may contact Erin for a specific area of expertise, consultation. Where it is not offered, another professional of quality will be suggested. Erin has a contact list of registered, professional Counsellors and other providers as general awareness considerations at verbal request in consultation, as available, collegial suggestions. Sienna Art Space considers these providers as professionally responsible in Energy discussion, with faithful testimonies and sustained practice in ‘open-availability’ discussion and purpose, acknowledgement for attributes of healing requirement with welfare-psychological support in a vibrational, psychic and energetic world. With trading philosophy, we respect that ‘A human world has growth-mindset & conversations exist where other may not be available for human-discussions and times risk negligence, with indifference in purpose for true welfare relationships.

Copyrighted Material

No part of this Healing profile and service delineation including delivery programming, healing methods may be copied, photographed based on ownership, privacy, and business material awareness. All of the above is a right in the energy and in business practice.






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Meditation with Erin 


Meditations are delivered with Location in Mind. For some time Erin has included spoken-word poetry and channeled meditations as part of Women's Circles, Workshops and Fundraisers


Creative components are integrated into the Art Experience. 


Below are 6 of her Signature Meditations, with a plethora of Experiential Sequences & Channeled Meditations informing Art journeys. Be part of the In-class Experience.


* Eye & Diamond-Leaf Meditation ( Centring for Empaths )

* Sapphire's Light Meditation ( Key Visualisation )

* Umbrella Meditation ( Energy Protection )

* Palms with Heart Meditation ( Heart-centred Focus )

* Leaf & Violet Meditation (Nature & Cause Focus )

* Infinity Grass Movement -Meditation ( Grounding Focus )


Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences


An Introduction - Values & Holistic Practice 


'Holistic Arts' within this organisation, encourages therapeutic soul practices in the process of creating. Sapphire's Light forms one aspect to the creative inception of services under this tree canopy. 


Sienna Art Space & Erin’s artistic practice are driven by holistic principles.  In addition to creating artwork for individuals whose loved ones have passed away, Erin has been utilizing healing within her own lifestyle and for others ongoing. Her repertoire is aligned with her Creative and Spiritual development.


The Sapphire has all colours of the spectrum, including black and white. Padparadascha, as a 'peach' brings in the Rose higher self with a yellow, human-understanding. The padparadascha has a Sanskrit meaning referencing the oceanic of 'lotus bloom'. Priiiiyaaa.

See the Prospectus and On-site Articles at the Studio for Erin's appraisal and discussion of the functioning off Holistic Arts under Sienna Art Space.

We proudly do not have any connections to Witchcraft or Sorcery. Curses, magic, hexing, spells of any kind including 'meddling' with photos are deemed Dangerous Acts & communicate criminal behaviour, that can be tracked energetically back in time by cords, hooks and subtle body reading/environmental energy assessments. We are aware of misuse of energy by people in the community who do use it to maliciously attack people and for perceived 'power' in business. They also purposefully use it to exploit, deceive & "nip and tuck the consciousness" so they can sleep nights. A part of being in the Energy and being in supportive consciousness, is to Stand Tall [ We don't believe in Energy Bullying or Sorcery ]. 


Positive relationships to divination are a proud conversation. Being Powerful as a Human is not. 

Like being proud to have never smoked a cigarette, I have also never touched witchcraft spellwork. A proud person learns more every day to recognise how Easy it is to Not be a Witch. Instead being in the energy of Divination (that is at Peace with minimalism and the purity of being Firm, confident, not overpowering and shielding. I happily never give in to aligning or using any 'confidences of prideful hate construct' concentrated in 'hopeful power'. 

No body likes a Bad Guy. No one likes Silent Terrorism or Pack Mentality Bullying. Nor do Fellow Educators, Parents enjoy knowing that Witches interfere with Energy environments, peoples body systems, minds and hearts. I condone All Witchcraft and Sorcery, especially where it is Entertainment in the Media advertising charisma and books even at Teenagers.

I believe in the power of the Cosmos and the prosperity of being a Good Person with good choices, whether religious, spiritual or atheist. 

An Earth Beauty is a person who understands the virtues of shamanic lifestyle, white honouring of the land, the philosophy of divination and nature-connections. They do not 'use and abuse' nor bully with an entitlement-conversation or philosophy in mind.


Immersion Workshops

USUI Reiki Level 1 & 2 - 

1  Day Reiki Workshop


* Attunements for both Level 1 & Level 2 USUI Reiki

* Method Awareness & Practical Guided Training

* Multiskilling in the energy for Self & Others


1 Day Workshop - $580, with Booklet written by Erin.

Location: Sienna Art Space Studio - 

Duration: 9 - 4pm

( 9 am arrival, 9.30am start - 6 hours with lunch interval )


See Enrol Tab to Fill in the Training Form & make Upfront Payment. All Participants must bring a Driver's License Id to the Workshop for Credibility & Certificate Alignment. 

' Reiki is Life-force energy with universal connection, requiring Attunement and an appreciation for Energy responsibility & Intuitive development with guided teaching. Level 1 is for Self-Healing and Level 2 is for Practitioner Level (In person and distant healing practice). Reiki can be delivered in a traditional way or with teacher-variations based on intuitive delivery preference and healing awareness. '


Reiki is one of many Energy techniques that look at facilitating Emotional & Causal Body support, related to the physical stream (body) and as a natural method. Often recipients of Reiki including those that use it for themselves, find it a simple technique to relax and reclaim space ( I like to describe it as a 'softener' of the mood, releasing toxins and creating a connection with other simplicities like music, mantra, meditation & emotional-supports like crystals).


In this workshop we desire & attain quality understanding in:


*Principles of USUI Reiki: History, Process & Energy

*Receiving & Giving Reiki - Method, Hygiene & Practice

*Practical Method - Self Healing ( Level 1 ) and Practitioner Delivery ( Level 2 )

*Creative Element - Finding personal practice for responding intuitively

*Ethical Responsibilty - Awareness of consent & distance complications


In this workshop Erin supplies:

2 Healing Tables for use throughout the workshop by participants. This ensures side-by-side practical confidence and support by the Facilitator. It also ensures observation and availability in the energy to experience as a Receiver throughout. 

Demonstrations are clear-connections with visible Images and gradual, understandable sequence. Repeat practice ensures as a natural build that you feel confident and also not anxious about remembering. 


Our visitor much loved, fur-ball 'Tiger' will be available along with one friendly human-participant during part of the day. Since many people enjoy giving Pets Reiki, Tiger our placid, friendly Jack Russell gives Participants the extra-opportunity to consider relationships to Reiki beyond immediate family and client service. Reiki can be utilised for other energies including plants, water, objects and surfaces. We discuss these relationships at the workshop. See also Paws in the Energy under Sapphire's Light for Vibrational Services.


A Booklet is issued to each participant as Copyrighted Teaching material, with benefits being: References, Recall and Delivery Awarenesses at option and giving suggestions for modifications, also a preference. 

At the end of this workshop you will receive a Completion certificate, based on satisfactory practical completion of exercises and confident, autonomous delivery of Reiki after guidance throughout the day.

Teaching Delivery is aided by extensive experience as a university-trained Educator, Cert IV qualified Trainer & Assessor, and active practitioner, with Master Teacher Level in USUI Reiki. Erin is also a full member with IICT. 


Safe, Respectful Practice adheres to Fundamentals in Kindness in the Energy, an awareness of selective 'hands-on' connection (Head, Shoulders, Lower Leg and Feet, with remedial care and client-preference). 'Hands-off' delivery is Erin's personal practice with all clients. Participants must be 18 +. All Healing equipment, healing-devices, learning supports are available for use during the workshop with Energy Protection and suitability in mind for students. With respect for a WHS, clients, and students, Erin has the right to refuse Learning to any disrespectful applicants abusing the energy. Sound Kindness is a healing-attribute for any committed Holistic Practitioner. 

Drivers License must be presented as Identification at the Workshop. All Participants must bring a Driver's License Id to the Workshop for Credibility & Certificate Alignment. 

Logging of Reiki Qualified Practitioners through Sienna Art Space is a requirement and professional practice. All Reiki practitioners must comply with standards in Ethics & this includes Certificate Name alignment for insurance and Training Body awarenesses. If wishing to practice Reiki you may use another name as personal preference, though Erin encourages privacy with authenticity/pride if working in either Energy Healing Industry or in conjunction with Energy Reading (Psychic Support Industry).

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences


Devotional Calendar 

Following on from last years ‘Casual Chat Vlog’, I’ve listed here a day connection that you may like to engage in for yourself. These are familiar territory for most, and are a timely sequence for reconnection. From March 11 till March 20, we celebrate 10 Days of the Psychic Self.

Each day has a key word.

Day 1: [Sacred] Light a sacred, quiet Candle.

In sacred, quiet availability – light a candle. Sit with your thoughts and take note of 10 things you adore about your sacred self and sacred life as a spiritual person. If you lose count or add more, that’s great – you don’t need to write them down, however you may like to.

Day 2 : [Connect] Visit a location of rapport.

Send thoughtful blessings (not at loud) into the space and the people who you share space with as a collective whole. If you want to say those thoughtful blessings out loud to them, that’s great too.

Day 3 : [Recognition] Energy Slide

List all the connections you are grateful for in your life. Place the list as a long bookmark slide into your daily organiser or journal. You might find an image or two surfaces for that ‘open up to daily energy reminders.

Day 4 : [Clarity] Centering symbol

Meditate for 10 minutes. Draw a personal motif in your field as a projected symbol. It may be for strength, poise or centering. You might like to reconvene in the energy to appreciate the quiet, privacy of the centering symbol or however you perceive it in the energy.

Day 5 : [Recognition] Personal awareness

Write a statement with private self-recognition. Say it quietly to yourself,   with appreciation for how you feel and understand. Example: ‘I am proudly psychic’, or ‘I am proudly spiritual’, or ‘I am proud in divine connection.’


Day 6 : [Cleanse] Word Cleansing

Write the word energetically or on a piece of paper – ‘psychic’. Choose a method that is your favourite, or research one to ‘cleanse the word written’. Reflect on your very personal feelings in it, aswell as Day 5’s activity.


Day 7 : [Blessings] Collective Soul Response Healing

Meditate on an orange circle of about 12 cm. It may be in paint or another medium as in coloured pencil or orange pastel.  Either using an eraser or 3-middle fingers dipped into white paint – start from the Centre of the circle to clear or dissolve to white-cleanse. The aim is to cleanse ‘shared commons’ that may be sacral-chakra debris, discords or frustrations in a social grouping situation. Remember this is a meditation only to support conscious connection to then instating new 'action goals for true change and growth'. See the white as a quiet soft cleanse and sit in the energies of [the cleansing quiet of Apricot]. Send in well-wishes with white and visualising the apricot.

Research 1 cultural blessing, for E.g. a gaelic good luck prayer or a psalm. Send the pink-infused blessing into a Globe or picture map.

Day 8 : [Cherish] Energy Body Building Exercise

Write down all the positive blessings you want to fill your body and into your Field diagram. Write them to fill all of your space and physical self – ‘I am balanced. I am blessed. I am proud. ‘

Day 9 : [Reflection] Soul Learning Pivots

Sit in the privacy of the quiet candle. Write a private reflection about your most pivotal soul learnings this past year – where you had triumphs, happy moments as a  psychic and also the human-moments that have made you laugh.

Day 10 : [Sparkler] Let it go

Write down 1 goal for supporting yourself in your relationship with spirit, god or the divine. Let this nominated goal be a focus over the next year. Then, write down 1 more goal in service that you can do simply, and quietly for someone else.

The Sparkler is a 'cleansing tradition' here at Sienna Art Space - like your traditional herbal cleanse, we embrace the qualities of devotional - happy guarantee that the sparkler brings for spaces and hallmark events. You may light a sparkler for yourself today as the 10th day. ' I quiety celebrate myself in the psychic '.


Coming up next on our Devotional Calendar is ‘Vibrational Energy Awareness Day’, 26th March.

Once again, we will be connecting to Energy Bowls, with also the empowerment of Roo Consciousness in [Aspect-Teacher]. I reflect on a sister named Grace, an aunty named Joy, and a wonderful connection, that is Harmony. The Yin & Yang reflection acknowledges the Soul Brother-Soul Witness. I rest happily in my own energies to contemplate this treasured expression – happy resonance.

The person who ‘recognises’ the value of Aspect-Teacher even if only beginning or still perplexed in process may understand the value of their own presence in capacity-soul pivot to ones Aspect-Student.

Excerpt from Issue 1 'Beluga Blessings in the Sky' on the front of our new glossy magazines. 


On Vibrational Energy Awareness Day in 2021 the theme is to consider the relevance and the consciousness in ‘being’ – of the Master, may it be sensei or accomplished understanding in energy. Thank god for those shishas, I un-snaplock the tiny pouch to many applique reflections and confetti in the palm of my hand. I smile fondly in the energy at the many mirrored availabilities to Aspect-Teacher.

Read the article on the blog.

Love you All, 



Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences