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Love grows the engine & Sustains it. 


" Its down to earth and it's honest, because the 'The Humility Card' is needed. Sacred Living involves simplicity - a supportive climate exists thankfully."


2021/2 Content and Services are no longer visible, till further notice. Our 2022 podcast for Energy Services for Sapphire's Light is currently being developed for pre-service Duty of care and Respectful Dialogue Communication for Positive Energetic Health.

Energy Bowls Article & Activity on 'Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Change' is on the Good Vibrations Blog (Naturally Exuberant Tab). The title of the Article is: 'Manifesting with Sun & Moon Energy'. I've left it up as so many people have been reporting that it has been a supportive article for motivation and building positive reinforcement energy towards Change, post 2019.


You may like to Scroll to read more about upcoming publications and energy considerations with the below Holistic Connection articles leading into the coming period.

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Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid

What you will learn about in Energy First Aid: 

⦁    Easy to follow Lifestyle approaches.
⦁    Integration techniques that acknowledge Buddhist Mindfulness approaches & Metaphysical techniques.
⦁    Cross-sectional, Faith awareness.
⦁    Mind Body Exercises.
⦁    The Language of Spaces.
⦁    Anxiety – ease Tools that you can apply.
⦁    Overviews of the Psychic Senses and Basic Field Appreciations for Beginners Understanding. 


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In Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid, I acknowledge several references to energetic cleansing from Jewish door ( mezuzah ) to holistic living devices and gestures in prayer from various traditions. There are a range of personal preferences and we all have ranging botanicals, celebrated herbal consciousness, devices and integrated “honourings” of various kinds in our homes, perhaps work-spaces, even cars. 

Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing


is currently in production. The resource encourages Strengthening exercises and contemplation.

The supports and Topic connections utilise art therapeutics, energy-response and journeying as a Soul Art process.  

What you will learn about in Thresholds & Passageways II:

⦁  Introductions to Healing Consciousness - The Throat & Heart understand the womb-mother knowing

⦁  The Importance of Grasshoppers & Trajectory wellbeing; Psychic Fitness

⦁  Intrinsic Colour Retrieval - passive and active self recognitions

⦁  Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Go-tos & a kiss

⦁  Retrospective Analysis & Individual Growth

⦁  Revisiting how you value development

⦁  More on Meditation and Empathy for soul-aspect healing.

Erin Kathleen Muir has been sharing her writing as part of online territory and Good Vibrations (since Sienna Art Space's inception in 2014).

Our in-studio magazines 'Naturally Exuberant' reflect great content and personal insight connections to topics in Creative Arts, wellbeing, and Integrated holistic living,


2019 Impromptu Chats at the Sun House & Wave Studio throughout 'Celebrating the Sacred Self'. Video Content is a delight when it's available, and has been taken down due to the forced Covid closures to educational services while mainstream schooling continued. Appreciating the In Person relationship of all people is what life is about. Proud to be a Specialised Educational Service.

Balancing whilst in Ignition - Respect for Vital Energies

There are several significant areas for the Energetic Person to find re-established verse & empowerment.

The areas are:
* Psychic Fitness
* Mental Stamina
* Physical Strength & Activity
* Daily Release Awareness

Honouring the Day is a Custom whereby we show Respect for 'Vital Energies'. 

A Vital Energy is not just the substances of the land that give us sustenance. By extension we have water, and air. By further extension, we are part of a 'shared, greater existence' ( nature's ebullience); orbital functioning with recognition to survival and essence-reality.

    What do you do to Honour the Day?

Remember, to Thank the Ancestors, give honest appreciation for all respects to Positive Contribution: that which restores, enlivens, charges growth, gives nutrients and offers safety and protection. Praise we give to Trees and Earth Embodiment as an extension of all kaleidoscope (Sun, Moon, Inter-planatory allignments). We forget no equally-vital components that star, and phase in social-engineering. We aren't isolated, we are energetically mandalic in cognition and ebullience. 

Smudging Cedar or white sage, and thankfully, a Way of Many - are all warranted positive connections to Honouring the Ancestors, local indigenous history (wherever you are), Guardianship Spirits and Vital Energies of Larger existence. 

   The Accordian, Phasing & Self Recognition

A part of the pandemic period, has focused on Hygienic Cleansing and Refocus, with Communication bequesting and requiring urgent Reframe. Thread to weave consolation, and release to conceive 'purity'. I've listed Balancing as a strong revitalisation for the Four Areas as they pertain to the Self as Fitness becomes a strength to all Healthy, Vital Shared Commons.  

What is Purity? It's actually a reframing of Truth to all that Exists in Authentic Climatisation and to all that serves well and isn't toxic. As spiritual, energetic people - the metaphor of both the 'Accordian' and 'Phase of the Eclipse' examined individually supports personal awareness in Protection, Empowerment and Belonging in one's own Verse. 

I place a 'droplet of Currency' of the Camphor Oil next to a droplet of Water. And then I just want to recognise over 3800 Lanterns, as vital energies. Integrity State Consciousness is a recognition of various formations in 'purging' conversation. Looking at the Subtle Body and release of spiritual debris is a very important part of Increasing Personal Health and Interactive Energy spaces for Positive Living, social harmonisation and wealth in living, learning and celebratory every-day activities. Every person exists for a reason, no different to vital living energies, of all kinds. Cleansing & honouring 'activate' new sequences to Prosperity and long lines, in orbit.

" The Spirituality of Leaning against trees is not ironic."

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Holistic Connections


What is Energetic Cleansing?

It is Vibrational cleansing as 'action', aided by positive belief set and/or prayer/gratitude. It can include but not always the conditions of ceremony and/or a substance through smudging, washing, anointment, massage. Cleansing is culturally diverse, with tradition. 

We appreciate that different views are with different families, communities and faith/not-exclusive to faith. We recognise respect is with traditional use in cleansing also. 

In this world, we are very blessed to be in ongoing learning that appreciates Divine relationships and Religious cleansing as well as Holistic disciplines that acknowledge ancient sources (their traditions) and developing nature appreciations. We benefit from the Whole, hence Holistic awareness territory ongoing. Culture continues to be a virtue of 'shared' and 'sacred' encounter, with emergent changes to our Psychically aware society and civilisation-response to advances, evolution. 

Why Energetic Cleansing for Psychic People?

Cleansing supports the Mind, Body and Spirit body of a Person and Animal. The practice recognises we need to protect our energetic field and soul from negative sources in spirit.

The Following Botanical Products & Substances are Lifestyle Integrations of the Space. With extension, a few have been added as Holistic connections that support Preventative Care and are found to be 'valuable psychic cleansing supports' at the daily level. 

Sandalwood Oil Soap  ( My Sore Sandal Soap )
Patchouli Hand Wash  ( Su Kin Handwash & Body Wash - Bergamot & Patchouli)
Lavender & Salt Bath Mix ( Fresh Lavender, Epsom salts, lavender oil, almond oil)
Sandalwood Oil Annointment ( Hemani Oil, House of Candles Massage Oil)
Fresh Rosemary Herbal Socks
White Sage Smudging

All of the above are 'soft current' regulators, with the extringent nature of Patchouli being a strong foundation for clearing in supporting the energy body.

Valuable Personal explorations that go beyond Space use are topical digest for: Benzoin resin (Gugal Crush), GoKula as an every-day incense that has benzoin in it, and of course Cat Claw Bark that 'responds' to that which grows a latch, instigates torment and 'cackles about it'. While taboo clearance and topical digest resentment by some, Thank you so much to those see these products as vital relationship to conscious living and loving availability for those who are psychically voyaging, experience "sticky spirits" and are fending for themselves in an energetic world. It can be an unfortunate battlefield. 

Erin talks about relationships to deeper clearing and cleansing for Psychics, including the value of Catnip deflection & pooja and respectful prayer with Hawan Samagri in her digest, 'Energy First Aid'. In extension, 'Thresholds & Passageways II' goes into detail about how the soul-wave may be rejuvenated by diverse holistic connections, exercises and holistic care appreciations. 


What is Crystal Healing?

Minerals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and 'complimentary tool' with vibrational healing, energetic protection and spiritual cleansing. The Crystal itself is an earth-giving extract that comes from a significant place and energetic location, with specific terrain vibration.  Where the Crystal comes from, invites a story of energy and history built up overtime, including interactions. Culturally, are collective society has connected to various specimens and land interfaces over time, leading to built-up depository work in honouring and divination.


How can Crystals benefit our world?

Crystals are small-option supports that you can take with you or integrations in jewellery and wearable items. They have varying qualities and with benefit to Mind, Body and Subtle Energy. When looking at the whole field for humans, animals, plants, as well as environments (home, office, school, bed) - Crystals can be introduced, blessed and used with intention (assigned purpose) to relax emotions, lift vibration and mood, protect-guard and deflect, as well as a connective aid for releasing emotion or for motivation and strengthening. Grounding stones are also seen as a contribute to preventative psychic care and for protective strength.


The following select list of Crystals are Supportive Minerals for Various Purposes:


Crystals here reflect a non-definitive list and we encourage working with one or two tumbles every 4-6 months to appreciate the benefits in your personal climate.


Subtle body (Emotional) Supports - 'Soft Comforting stones for Relaxation & Tranquility'

Mangano Calcite (pink), Honey Calcite, Blue Lace Agate

Protective Stones - 'That which guards, strengthens and needs not be aggressive'

Jet, Tiger's Eye, Labradorite

Grounding Stones - 'Talisman aware history, tree guardians and Cardio-Friends'

Lapiz Lazuli, Fossilised Wood, Hamaetite

Raising Vibration - 'Lifts lowered vibration to avoid low vibration'

Clear Quartz & Selenite

Creative Invigorators - 'Raise vibration for creative pursuits and manifestation'

Ametrine & Citrine, as ‘double boosters’.

Soul Empathisers - 'Window opportunity to cry, release and ground expression'

Lemon Crysoprase & Sardonyx, in combination.


In 'Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing', Erin writes about Crystal appreciations and how these can be integrated with intention and as supportive aids. It is important to build 'energisers' and be aware of methods of 'neutralisation' in our personal worlds for regulation, assertive conversation and soul amnesty. If you want to learn more about these concepts , applications and Erin's personal insight, read the book.


You may recall Erin's casual chats from the 2019 SunHouse & Wave Studio about "conferencing-behaviourship" and crystal differentiation based on 'energy reading' and the 7 black-coloured stones, amongst other quotient-subtleties found through interacting with quartz, kyanite and carnelian amongst other readily-available stones. Deep personal appreciation comes with moving through relationships of discovery slowly and with purpose - that is why 4-6months is a nice window to develop practice with specific stones and in combination.   

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Thank you to the Land, the guardians,

the elementals & proud earth.

Thank you for the Sandalwood, the patchouli, bergamot,

black seed, resins and sap.

Thank you for the coriander, the citrus, papiya,

the bananas and blueberries.

Thank you for the herbs and spices, the sage, coconut,

the hawan samagri, lavender and rosemary.

Thank you for the grains, cardamom, the goats milk,

the ghee butter from the cow.

Thank you to the Land, the animals and

all that is beautiful in nature. 

Thank you for the fresh water, thank you for the air,

thank you for the abilities of light transformation. 

Thank you for the protective gold, thank you

for the clear quartz, jade, calcite and labradorite.

Thanks be to the earth, it's colours and shapes,

aromas, nature soundscapes and fragrances.

Thanks be to God, praise be to Spirit, thanks be

to the Guardians of all elements who support the balance.


And thank God for Coffee.


Life is filled with mantras. 

'Teal Alchemy' 

A simple acknowledgment worth mentioning

Drawing and painting archways as connections have been an authentic relationship since 2016 in studio with discussions of the Art of Giving Art & also Cultivate Programs – Discussion of ‘soul vibration’ is with the energy of global, cultural currents established with and in appreciation of multiple faiths, countries of origin & cultural groupings. The children’s book “The Love Umbrella” by Davina Bell was acknowledged in 2016 as one component to cherished referencing, in response to Harmony Day & discrete, separate blessings in foundation & fruition.

As an Australian person in positive-faith willing, I like to think that there is an higher-heart consciousness, with respect to solar-bar energy that ‘zooms out’ of the globe to connect Teal Green Connection (such is the felt positive available culture of Teal, Cyan and Aquamarine).

As with all appreciation of Radial Lights as Star symbolism, we regret not to journey in numbers, alignments & perspectives. It is a loving feature of purist honouring to develop continuously the recognition of positive perspectives, dialects and archetypal belongings (their stories & identities). With reflection we consider those early articles on the archway such as the mihrab (connective alignments to soul) as one example, the traditional moongate, and other interpreted & collective praised, appreciated rainbow. We share union in recognizing and connecting creative awareness, experiencing hearts, flames, lanterns and stars in the energy.

Holistic Connections - Working with

'Energisers' & 'Neutralisers', further

' The Garnet in the breastplate, may replace the Hametite if you feel you are too much in your bloods. Relationships are a journey."


Sienna Art Space is a studio and holistic arts connection that believes in positive connections with an appreciation for diverse faiths, cultures. Erin personally abhors any cultured formation work where there is meddling with energy, remote interferences and white-to-dark witchcraft that seeks to control, hurt or socially advantage. We recognise an Energy Anti-Bullying Policy is an foundation to Respect & Human Love. We also see it as a simple human need to maintaining what is Enchanting about our beautiful, natural world, shared.

It is so easy to be Kind.


Everybody deserves to feel good in their body, in their private mind, heart and as energy temple, always. May all be blessed with 100% soul integrity and Energy Good Health & in Happy, healthy relationship to Kind shared relationships - whether that be in friendships, family, faith or community. In a post-covid-19 world, be aware everybody deserves opportunity. They deserve to be recognised in their individual authenticity and to have health-prosperity & 'a feeling of joy'.  Don't steal from the world 'all the beautiful colour and vibrancy'.

Our Annual Devotional Calendar - Upcoming Special Days 

'Words make the World Lighter' Month' -

7th Jan - 7th Feb.


Love & Light Strategies using Word Vibrations, Kirtan, Mantra, Visual Presentation techniques & Affirmation Cards.

'10 Days Celebrating the Sacred Self' - 11th March - 20th March. 


Celebrating the 'Sacred Human Conversation' in what it means to be humbly psychic with connection naturally & with proud, healthy topics in the light of human-good. Est. 2020.

'Vibrational Energy Awareness Day' -

26th March.


Community embracing Vibrational essences in our World. 

'Recite Beautiful Appreciations' Month -

5th April - 4th May.


Celebrating Devotional Prose daily, including Poems, excerpts and devotional prayer from Loving Connections, Mystics & Writers, Rumi, Gibran, Osho, Lao Tsu, Australian writers.

'Icons & Idols Appreciations' Month -

5th May - 4th June.


Selections of Images and sculptures are looked at as a part of appreciating Saints, significant figures, bodhisatvas, murti & divine connections over time.

'Lanterns, lights & Stars Appreciations' - 12th July - 15th Dec.


We journey through a series of exquisite and devotional connections to Light, honouring Culture, Sun, Moon, Earth, Cosmic Energy. 

Lanterns continue to be part of our Studio journey. 

'Spiritual Tales Readings' - 28th July - 9th August.


Erin's Children's Book Readings: including 'The Legend of Lightning White Granny & the 1000 Light Shishas', 'The Oneness Husband', 'The Whistling Frog & Apricot Sherbert', 'Leg milagros & the Orisha', Maya & the Grey Elephant that said 'Um'. Adult connections from the Itching of Good Humour will be available as [Ribbert Good-Blessing Cards].

'Usher in Colour - Evocations Month' - 1st - 31st August


From Pigment Consciousness to Vibrational Consciousness, we experience the many appreciations of our Colourful World, overtime. The Artist recognises the Schminke 'shmick' and the Lineage Visceral. 

Keep an eye out for Erin's "Colour Exuberance" publication and affirmations 'on site' into the future at the Studio when we return. As with all energy in Oracle, affirmations and current focuses for Holistic resources, the writings and also illustrations are self-produced. 

The Fiery Thirsty Rose_smaller.jpg

From  the 'Dates & Spices Kitchen & the Thirsty Rose', we enjoy seasonal timely connections to Bread Making, First Week of Winter Hot Choccies under the Moon, Energy Ginger Breads & Education Threads,.. and who doesn't love BBQ tapas: chessies, our corn with the kids and 'pumpkin soup' enrichment day for the Gals. We Feast and we delight with chat, seasonal activities and awareness.