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Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid

What you will learn about in Energy First Aid: ( a preface connection )

⦁    Easy to follow Lifestyle approaches.
⦁    Integration techniques that acknowledge Buddhist Mindfulness approaches & Metaphysical techniques.
⦁    Cross-sectional, Faith awareness.
⦁    Mind Body Exercises.
⦁    The Language of Spaces.
⦁    Anxiety – ease Tools that you can apply.
⦁    Overviews of the Psychic Senses and Basic Field Appreciations for Beginners Understanding. 


In Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid, I acknowledge several references to energetic cleansing from Jewish door ( mezuzah ) to holistic living devices and gestures in prayer from various traditions. There are a range of personal preferences and we all have ranging botanicals, celebrated herbal consciousness, devices and integrated “honourings” of various kinds in our homes, perhaps work-spaces, even cars. 

Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing is currently in production. The resource encourages Strengthening exercises and contemplation.

The supports and Topic connections utilise art therapeutics, energy-response and journeying as a Soul Art process.  

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'Teal Alchemy' 

A simple acknowledgment worth mentioning

Drawing and painting archways as connections have been an authentic relationship since 2016 in studio with discussions of the Art of Giving Art & also Cultivate Programs – Discussion of ‘soul vibration’ is with the energy of global, cultural currents established with and in appreciation of multiple faiths, countries of origin & cultural groupings. The children’s book “The Love Umbrella” by Davina Bell was acknowledged in 2016 as one component to cherished referencing, in response to Harmony Day & discrete, separate blessings in foundation & fruition.

As an Australian person in positive-faith willing, I like to think that there is an higher-heart consciousness, with respect to solar-bar energy that ‘zooms out’ of the globe to connect Teal Green Connection (such is the felt positive available culture of Teal, Cyan and Aquamarine).

As with all appreciation of Radial Lights as Star symbolism, we regret not to journey in numbers, alignments & perspectives. It is a loving feature of purist honouring to develop continuously the recognition of positive perspectives, dialects and archetypal belongings (their stories & identities). With reflection we consider those early articles on the archway such as the mihrab (connective alignments to soul) as one example, the traditional moongate, and other interpreted & collective praised, appreciated rainbow. We share union in recognizing and connecting creative awareness, experiencing hearts, flames, lanterns and stars in the energy.

Holistic Connections


'The Joy of Soaps' 

From the Spring to Summer 2021 Newsletter

Energetically, we respond to a wealth of conversations and I know Energy Health, including ‘psychic cleansing’ for wellbeing is a profound, though not new, area of exploration for a lot of people. If you have an interest in preventative consciousness and looking at simple-uptake in whole-family cosm cleansing, a great go to that may be adopted for the whole family is Sandalwood oil soap. Mostly we are buyers of habit or we use this kind still, because.. Then, may be not. I have 8 different soap favourites and I know that's a botanical experience we all share across products. 

Amongst all the cleansing with sage, rosemary socks and other popular consciousness for expunging negative energies – sandalwood continues to be a supportive substance when used the right way. Like Goats milk soap that is used for hands, or other softer-energies such as aloe vera gels built into our Studio functioning – Sandalwood oil soap, specifically the My Sore Sandal soap continues to be a great integration for hand-cleansing.

While Studio Adults may be using the Sunlight soap to cleanse brushes ( Art Studio, therefore, art soap, right? We also have art-specific brush cleaners and methods we talk about in class ). Rinse well. Sandalwood like the goats milk bar is also another beautiful option  considering beyond drawing and painting. Whether you are energetically aware of your psychic appreciation or not, sandalwood oil soap is a great daily full body wash exploration that has been around for a long time. While I wouldn’t throw out the Epsom salt rinse and second water rinse (it’s great for the muscles), the rosemary sweeps as pet socks and the wonderful white sage… sandalwood soap supports your skin energetically as a larger body organ. 

It’s great for all psychic people, young and old, that is every one. It’s an easy integration to holistic living and comes in a gift box with the Ayurvedic seal from perhaps our closest available to the old Sun House address – the Indian Mart, Liverpool just off the Hoxton Park intersection. The My Sore Sandal Soap comes in a 3 pack and singular.

Thank you to the Land, the guardians,

the elementals & proud earth.

Thank you for the Sandalwood, the patchouli, bergamot,

black seed, resins and sap.

Thank you for the coriander, the citrus, papiya,

the bananas and blueberries.

Thank you for the herbs and spices, the sage, coconut,

the hawan samagri, lavender and rosemary.

Thank you for the grains, cardamom, the goats milk,

the ghee butter from the cow.

Thank you to the Land, the animals and

all that is beautiful in nature. 

Thank you for the fresh water, thank you for the air,

thank you for the abilities of light transformation. 

Thank you for the protective gold, thank you

for the clear quartz, jade, calcite and labradorite.

Thanks be to the earth, it's colours and shapes,

aromas, nature soundscapes and fragrances.

Thanks be to God, praise be to Spirit, thanks be

to the Guardians of all elements who support the balance.


And thank God for Coffee.


Life is filled with mantras.