An Introduction - Values & Holistic Practice


'Holistic Arts' is a Sienna Art Space understanding that

encourages therapeutic soul practices in the process of

creating. Sapphire's Light forms one aspect to the

creative inception of services under this tree canopy. 


Sienna Art Space & Erin’s artistic practice are driven by

holistic principles.  In addition to creating artwork for

individuals whose loved ones have passed away, Erin has

been utilizing healing within her own lifestyle and for

others ongoing. Her repertoire is alligned with her Creative 

and Spiritual development.


The Sapphire has all colours of the spectrum, including

black and white. Padparadascha, as a 'peach'

brings in the Rose higher self with a yellow,

human-understanding.The padparadascha has a Sanskrit

meaning referencing the oceanic of 'lotus bloom'. Priiiiyaaa.

Meditation with Erin 


Erin Tunes In to Cross Disciplinary Arts, with writing flair & Energy Awareness. Meditations are delivered  with Location in Mind. For some time Erin has included spoken-word poetry and channeled meditations as part of Women's Circles, Workshops and Fundraisers, with variety and creative components integrated into the Art Experience. 



Below are 6 of her Signature Meditations, with a plethora of Experiential Sequences & Channeled Meditations informing Art journeys:



* Eye & Diamond-Leaf Meditation ( Centring for Empaths )

* Sapphire's Light Meditation ( Key Visualisation )

* Umbrella Meditation ( Energy Protection )

* Palms with Heart Meditation ( Heart-centred Focus )

* Leaf & Violet Meditation (Nature & Cause Focus )

* Infinity Grass Movement -Meditation ( Grounding Focus )

                  On our Annual Calendar - Special Days


'10 Days Celebrating the Psychic Self' - 11th March - 20 March


'Vibrational Energy Awareness Day' - 26th March 

        - Community embracing Vibrational essences in our World


'Assertive Energy - Protection Day' - 5th June

        - Sienna Art Space Ginger Bread Men & Women Making     

            Tradition & Holistic Connection Activities

        - Educational Awareness Threads

Holistic Arts, Creativity &

           therapeutic soul practices


Key Words


Therapeutic Soul Practices  - With intuitive discovery and energetic awareness, concepts of 'self', 'other' and the 'universal' become part of artistic and expression practice. The nature of the soul practice is hybrid, individual and characterised by creative links 'in healing' but also by the increased wellbeing observed and given testimony to. Artistic terrain takes into account cross-discplinary attitudes to creative arts to include: artmaking, dance, movement, writing, musicality and percussion, spoken word discussion, as well as engagement with energy awareness as both informal and formal development looking at expressive release: breathwork, song, energy hygiene, connection through meditation and motivational experiences for greater confidence and greater good in group situations. 



Holistic – Looking at the connectivity of the landscape of a person’s self-discovery and well being, through the lens of mental and emotional balance, and seeing energy as not an aspect but a basis for existence. Soul Discovery acknowledges the quotient or series of understandings informing current experiences. Modalities exist as a range, with evolution into the future, to assist alleviation of types of challenges individuals experience and to enable personal growth and equilibrium where disease may be dissolved, or in more serious cases, self-managed with support.


Reiki Universal Healing -  Developed by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a well-accepted, widely-used method, originating from Japan. Reiki works on the etheric and causal body of the aura and working to also ease emotion for relaxation.  

'Rei' means spiritual and 'ki' means lifeforce energy. It is commonly known as 'hands-on healing' but is not restricted to the hands-on method. The Rainbow Reiki Method, developed by Kendall, The Heart Hive, also informs Erin's practice.


Crystal Healing -  Crystals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and complimentary tool with vibrational healing, energy protection and spiritual clearing. 


Chakras -  Chakras are the energy centres of the body, human and animal, and include earth chakras and other lifeforms including plants. Vibrational Healing Sessions acknowledges the 10 major chakras and minor chakras of the human body, that hold information about soul awareness and personal functioning.


Balancing the chakras involves ongoing personal development, working through personal life challenges and meditation.


Metaphysics - The study of Spiritual Energy and the correlations between the Earth Plane, Physical Energies & the embodiment of energies as Beings of Light. It includes the study of the human form, the relationship between anatomy, mental situation, emotional causes and energetic centres, auric presences, spiritual planes, past lives, karma and soul level awareness. 





With thanks to my Teachers & the People who have assisted me in my own journey.

Sienna Art Space ' s 2019-2020 Healing Services

Terms & Conditions of Service

This Overview for Conditions of Service gives surface to three attributes for all Arts-related healing & Vibrational services, as Sapphire's Light Healing methods delivered by Sienna Art Space Energy Practitioners.

- Philosophy & Educated awareness in both Workshop & Client-based delivery services.

- Energy Practitioner conduct & healing statement / disclaimer

- Client responsibilities

Erin identifies as an Energy Practitioner, both in Healing services and Soul-based Art Therapy delivery.

She is a Full member of IICT and qualified, trained and experienced in all areas of advocacy and delivery.

Part A

Sapphire's Light healing services include Vibrational (energy) sessions, art-sbased healing & therapeutic practices, as well as Energy Education covering holistic discipline training including Reiki Attunement, delivery to practitioner level.

All assessments & service delivery is based on qualified practitioner awareness, ability and applied knowledge - supported by clairempathy & sensitive delivery as a Educator, Trainer & Assessor, with varied qualifications in Energy Healing, natural therapies & Art Therapy training.

All services are planned, pre-booked with documented awareness & pre-payment to the facilitator - energy practitioner. Individual methods & style of delivery is Copyrighted.

Part B

The Educator and or Energy Practitioner requires appropriate Identification pre-booking and presented on arrival for safety purposes and honest practice. It is the Healers responsibility to maintain physical and vibrational hygiene during the session & ensure comfort, adequate safety and an awareness of appropriate boundaries during session. All Facilitator's recognise and maintain appropriate Conduct as per Staff Code of Conduct for Healing practices, with approved hands-on surface areas at minimum with an awareness of appropriate strategies also in hands-off procedure including distance, remote healing and familiarity with disconnection principles/reading allignments. All information about Clients is private and confidential, with energy reading being permissible during sessions only. Post healing support is via Phone communication only and allows opportunity to discuss post-session response and any immediate awarenesses in which the client may seek advice or support.

Healing Disclaimer

The Energy Practitioner is not responsible for upset client behaviour beyond session. The Energy Practitioner observes duty of care and welfare principles during the session, with availability to discussion of service-based frameworks. The Energy Practitioner has the right to end the session at any time in situations of risk to the client or themself, whilst monitoring client in their support. No energy facilitation occurs prior or post-session at soul's wish. Any remote connections by sensitive clients will be blocked energetically and necessary precautions to refuse future sessions based on poor ethics and student conduct will be reported and communicated. At risk features are monitored with visible posters, contact numbers and welfare organisations for client's seeking interdisciplinary support frameworks.

Energy education & a feeling of safety-wellbeing are a strong focus of all Vibrational Services and with that clients are encouraged to seek support in this area. Where necessary clients preferring a Male Energy Practitioner or Specialist in Energy Awareness & Training may contact Erin for a specific area of expertise, consultation. Where it is not offered, another professional of quality will be suggested.

Copyrighted Material

No part of this Healing profile and service delineation including delivery programming, healing methods may be copied, photographed based on ownership, privacy, and business material awareness. All of the above is a right in the energy and in business practice.

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