The ‘Active’ Green Tear & White Availability

           Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Cheerleaders, Banquets & Assertive Consciousness


‘Tara’ may be a connection of wisdom for you. Like all ‘active’ consciousness, there is a relationship to the [decent self] in giving-compassion as a simple acquisition respected and part of unconditional love for another human being. In this period, we also look at [Expenditure], a dirty word to most (monetary device, shared conferencing) and select our values-response based on priority conversation – what do I need, how may I survive.

When looking at cultured availability, patterned situations of humanity – it would be ‘lovely’ to see more feeling in encouragement & camaraderie.

The Cheerleader as Encourager, falls on know quid-pro-quo-aspect to prospect capitalism – it just is an assertive consciousness of [banquet=humble] generosity.

I care for you, therefore.. and I extend my hand simply because, and timely.

May 29, 2020.


Make Art-your-focused [ Daily] Need

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Have you got a pencil?

Do you like the grip on physical acuity?

Like a chick that places her hands & feet in actual soil, to distract oneself from

the ‘belows’ and the ‘ascension-teaching enrichment’ of ‘Authority’ consciousness - 

I request you flick the white connection… on yellow-palettes dream.

Today  - Draw, white, sing & dance to whatever topical happiness gives you self-serving need. Give process availability.

Morning connections are sometimes the best timely points for maintaining enthusiasm. Like other reintroductions to normalcy, honour Energy Rehabilitation as simple repair, programmed intention & with reiteration prospect becomes patterned magnifique for honest, personal, arts-based outcomes.


Art is a pleasure.

May 29, 2020.

Rain for subtle restoration

        Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Rain gives surface this morning as gentle current – as a subtle vibration - and at the universal awareness. My voice syncopates with the currency of need that is a tandem energy, both an co-responsive and co-efficient understanding; resilience for those that choose positive formation consent and availability.

Let Rain permeate in its organic conferencing with the plentiful in soul’s yearning dissolving all that is frustrated, discomforting in the physical realms, outer spaces and residual surfaces – let there be an awareness for interior and exterior significance that is conscious and meditative in natural exuberance.

I am more than my physical self. Rain responds with no jealousy and no pain. It is of a light-soft, gentle current– hoping to know the washing away of all that does not serve our outer realms, conferencing with physical wholes – trees, plants, vertical alignments and sloping agencies, the built environment in which we may reside.

Let the rain be felt inside, of all of the above – for better knowing. May there be an awareness that the replenishing-aspect gives ease to the inner sanctum counterplaying any torments that have plagued us, foggied the brain, or trespassed physical privacy, emotional integrity in the empathic awareness and compromised subtle body and ‘natural karma’. I am more than my physical self.
I have availability to knowing that the rain dissolves with both hope and absolute centredness. I trust that it permeates confidently and with giving honesty to the abundance we choose to seek at this time – It is a time of repair, consolidation, healing and with continuum rain gives a natural ordered kindness to ‘what feels right, what feels good’.

I hope that you feel good today in the availability to connection though your personal meditation, restoring faith attribution where needed and also in re-introduction always to that which is outside availability, a conferencing with the natural intertwining - conferencing that is shared, loved, adored.

June 21, 2020.

The Notion of the ‘Creative Celebrant’

          Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In a past body of text, I wrote about the ‘Responsive’. You may think back to the considering of our active-yearnings and egoic-human-pleasured response – legitimatizing one’s personal wealth… how we respond well to others artmaking process or how we don’t, and then revisiting that conversation of how we look at our own value in process. Encouragement is not a luxury, it is a spout of gentle availability. So is the value of giving Credit to Soul Conversation in everyone’s rightful deserve to loving process.

In looking at ranging disciplines and vocations, we all ‘experience’ creative enterprise and creative output; whether pleasured leisure or commercial in conversation.

The ‘Creative Celebrant’ (and / or Art Celebrant) is available to supportive-examination in the constructive quarter - that currency being reality-examination, conferencing dialect – no matter the monetary gain or exultation response in fueling profile, bank account or rapport to career visibility.

The Output consolidation is a supported identity. Sometimes the conversation is quietly explicit. Sometimes it is published visibility and non-aware field interplay, with non-appreciation for the retail owner at the human level nor the use-vibration of someone else’s strength in the creative production-relationship.

I look at the reality of all visibilities.

 Creative Construct personel on cognitive post-drives, using another woman's image to sell in photo-pulls on social media, where they could have promoted their visual self from the onset.

 The less visible Name, where there may be Co-creation in publication and there isn’t equal celebration for those involved in the production.

 The appreciated and not so appreciated Gallery curator, Exhibition organiser, Teacher, Patron, Sponsor, Host.. in support of Art Growth relationships.

 The inception reality of the Metaphysical store, like all slowly built connections, initiatives across Fields who exist to Support a Cause, support Visible Stream [ This has Value, we exist for our Conferencing attendees in creative legitimization, I am of this interest, belief..]

 The attribution to the individual who gives their time to another and reflected back.

The Mutual consolidation may be evidenced in the appreciation for true Field appreciation and community.

‘May we exist in a belonging without disregard & amputation, in creative consciousness’.

Appreciate the Artist, the writer and the forwarding availability of a creative-person ‘in the energy’. Students of Life give spiritual-cleansing to teaching aspect where there is sometimes a shortcoming of true integrity and goodness.

Appreciation and Celebration go hand in hand. Appreciating Individuals and also Appreciating binary relationships of a communion conversation of Shared 'Loves' is always key promotion aspect to overall Representation Integrity in Conferencing, no matter the supposed individually, opposed competition in the seeker terrain wishing to force their success, celebrity or otherwise, monetary gains.

June 21, 2020.



To Look & Connect with Divine purpose

       Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Visual Engagement is truly an ‘immersion’.

To Look is an awareness, connecting always, and with more focused, conscious appreciations, incidental-broad availabilities to connective tissue and with a relaxed confidence in migration-attribute – ‘I see constantly, in experience of the less notable, finding rich circumstances for pleasure-response and healing in treasures surrounding..  visual moments (momento-time shot).

When we look at Modalities for Output we convene with given counterparts [human, spirit, and oneness-aspect that may be seen as a cue to always-connected, ever-present availabilities – that of spirit consciousness]. We also convene in Environmental episode response – that is, appreciation for what may be considered timely attribution in ‘I see, I experience’ at any given moment. We are in a world of stimulus, corresponding. We are in a world of stimulus, in correspondence.

How do you dial up to know your seeing in this personal, discursive availability to opportunity of loving visuals?

    *This text article is drawn from a portion of our course manual - Course 3: The Art Filament, course overviews detailed on the website.

One of the Processes for Engagement, output opportunities that we may give ourselves pertains to  the spiritually-understood at a private, personal level.  As Appreciators, not only Creative essences [ be that Artist, maker and co-producer to creative circumstance] – we engage to not necessarily intellectualise and thus examine, in critical response but find space for ‘travellers awareness’ in knowing ourselves more, experiencing [appreciating an experience] and living-in a connection to who we are in the awareness, profound.

To look upon, may be also to muse focused-ideas or further extrapolation, honour prayer in daily circumstance, to remember the appreciated connection and distill, further and love contributes to empowerment [ for that I soar].

One of those availabilities to engaging the above is present individuals, present connections [ seeing the value of the person in conversation, no matter the time-attribution to physical circumstance]. Another may be objects in continuous ‘present mind’ or pleasing, re-correspondence. The lily-pad speaks to me, beyond the temple’s paradise. While I do not see it in front of me always in sight-operative, tangible form, it offers reintroduction.  The engagement extends to our physical surroundings at all levels, of abundant stories – momentus time-based understandings, and/or/if not, having an awareness of interplay connectivity ‘.  I am witnessing while experiencing and pertaining to in tandem, omnimpresent connection.’

An interesting print availability became a connection point to know for me in visual-mode awareness over 18 years ago, and with correlation lends itself to commentary in the way of how we engage with spiritual connections in our computative, personal development and appreciation-connections. As a lover of looking and connecting, we are blessed with ranging artefacts and ‘spaces of finding’. Be that connection a cultural mask gifted, a card production or print of spiritual worship, insignia focus for silver-connection or gold connection-point in jewellery element. The correspondence to the object involves greater concepts, a lineage and personal trajectory for engagement – to ‘listen’ to it’s value is correspondence for us to understand at personal liasonship – introspection and alignment. It may be no different than a gorgeous woman in connecting to rosemary offerings from a small waterbowl, then forwarded with permission to her relative at a nearby hospital, an honoured sprig for furthered appreciation-dialogue. The relationship is innately voyage-consent and the treasured aspect is in the truth connection to the on-looking, experience and tandem travelling.

Another print-output is of course our Art of the World, being it local, personal and with co-productive requirement. Every family connects at the local, personal response – I engage with visual essence in the home and at personal lens, individually in travel-with images in print. Some of these are images of angels, family members, patron saint medallions, text-appreciations in coded visual form – a book of psalms or aspiration-quotes that are available, omnipresent energies for worship, reconnecting purpose and appreciating ‘seeing responses’, aware conscious connections for personal requirement.

What do you have in your car, in your wallet or back pocket, or hanging in a corner of a frame, bedside table or in living spaces – that you connect to in the energy availability of experience?

As Experiences, the affirmation, quotation, written-ode finds its way onto vessels, in playgrounds of staffrooms, on the fridge and more quieter journalized connections ‘I feel I want to know myself more in this’. To look upon these is a musing agency or engagement, personalized. A lovely print-output of resonance for you to explore is also the Oracle, as we travel perspectival junctures into the landscape and into new terrain for the self.  *Particularly of interest during this period of the pandemic, realigning and connecting to positive availabilities and personal trusts.

While the Oracle deck, usually consisting of about 38 cards or so, is pictorial in nature, there are some decks more locally produced and globally produced that also as seeing-ouput are utilized in altar circumstance and ranging engagements, time-based ceremonial prosperity of differentiated response for each individual. Differing to other print consciousness and energy-activities as in the Tarot, the Oracle affords connections for insight, musing, prayer and direction. The dual-aspect of front and back, text connection and pronounced archetypes are likened to those universal chaparones in our existence – comforts to seeing, comforts to knowing and abbreved/and not so abbreved text comprehensions as visual odes to what we love, live for and find direction in.


A few interesting connections to look upon the cultured, the cosmopolitan, a sampling of spiritual connections, historical figures and archetypes are Oracles, that you may like to discover or re-convene with..just to mention a few:

        Divine Doors by Andres Engracia, Saints & Mystics Photo Manipulations by Wesley Souza , Text by Andres Engracia

       - Rockpool Publishing, AUSTRALIA

       Rumi Cards Illustrations by Rassouli and Kuan Yin Oracle Illustrations by Zeng Hao. Text by Alana Fairchild

       - Blue Angel Publishing, UK


       Angels & Ancestors, Illustrations by Lily Moses, Text by Kyle Gray

       - Hay House, UNITED STATES

You may like to visit the gorgeous Sabnam & her family shop Shangrila Collections on Church St Wollongong to engage with global connections to her heritage – as one such example of a wholesome provider that connects with deities, masks, and the oracle. Like a lot of metaphysical shops, there are connections to growth in connecting to varying objects and spiritual archetypes, symbols, motifs, deities and angels.

June 28, 2020.

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'Beginners Mind' Base Consciousness says "I am strong"

                 Written by Erin Kathleen Muir



During this Experiential Period that exists with impact - perhaps give awareness to the realities of energy impact and system response.​

Perhaps focus connection to elementary congregational attitudes, that are first understood as individually pronounced.

We are self-governing leaders of vibrational expression, at an individual level.

What is your engagement with energy work at the Base Chakra at this time, in the Beginners Mind attribution, alligning with Promising, purposeful energy work? The Beginners mind considers the learning of the Base Chakra from the early student principle mindedness, with respectful awareness and blessed-experience life-response in Survivalist accumen.

The life long response - in survival, is the 'Im ok. Im doing well. I can get through this.' And you always have.

Like a Gingerbread cookie introduction does and says:

At the base, "I am strong".

The together statements are a positive allignment that can be looked at as beside situation to the above, tandem awareness, that directly connects to Side by Side positive movement.

"I am strong."

This week, as with everyday, Consult at the Base Chakral Consciousness and repeat daily, furthermore.

July 14, 2020.






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Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

Short teaching demo in soft pastel, used in Studio Kids /Teens consolidation work.

Teaching Worksample: The Bossemani & The Million Fish

from our Juniors Program 4-6yrs artmaking activity:

'The Brolga (crane), The Rainbow Fish & the Deer (Stag)

' Energy Hommus '

                 Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In our gorgeous world, there are incredible-feeds of pre-existing intelligence and of humble pride. Reflect on those connections for yourself - they are the 'stumble upons', the 'secret find-that-treasure-goes-straight to my chest ' and the quite 'obvious' -  they often are the 'always there' companions to life.


* Coffee pour it up, and pour it well. Thank god for coffee. It's a good spill (and its a great spill) if it does. I'm a circle-conference and a smile confession, daily.


* Bring the picnic basket and art supplies, ditch the cannoli -  there's another stash of good-lovin' in the fridge. The Hommus? Yes, Hello lover and a herbal essences ad-mirer, meet their successor - delightful, delectable. Just quietly who's my husband I brought with me?

I'm too occupied with hommus-love.


* It's natural honey to me and it conjures up all the excitement of youth, sun and awakening to day's soon-enjoyment. The scent of the smoothened sunscreen gets rubbed into the arms and skin with anticipation. And I know I'm in the most beautiful dialect of All. I'm in the energy of ' I cant wait to get out there', to the beach, out on the green, with friendly conversation and happiness in the elements.  Sunscreen, may be one of the best energies of all. 


Connect with the natural world, it's sensual pleasures and what I like to call Energy Hommus. 

Who doesn't love hommus, truly?

August 12, 2020


' The Peacock & the Energy Dance - Looking at Movement Consciousness '

                 Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

The peacock is an interesting creature. The first time I saw a peahen or peacock, I had also witnessed the pleasant beauty of at least one Vietnamese bride and groom couple at Auburn Botanical Gardens at a very young age of about 4 or 5. The botanical gardens was, still is, with a pond (lake) of stepping stones and travelling pathways, expansive greenery, flickering water and coy and with rich gentle tapestries. Like a child that learns to travel like lizard-frolick and anticipates the spacial divide between water-dwelling and stone safe-foot navigation - time and perception play a keen role to knowing in direction and movement vocabulary.


As turbine full skirts spin in responsive steam - timeline, a female hen may take to understanding in their "fan pivot" - a central dialect in the responsivity, protective consciousness in sensory discipline, a plethora of eyelets - in tune, connecting to survey the body in the awareness ). I am without a frame, a walking picture, understanding self in no vogue, diva-torment. The qualities of my dance are boundless - there are fields, sakura and gentle union in the energy. My heart is full.

August 4, 2020


Art School & Holistic Arts

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