Invisible Cultures 

                                    Sacred Living Spaces& Meditation

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

November 5, 2020


Elusive Consciousness is hard to catch.

[ But why would you want to catch it? ]

There is an Appreciation in experiencing rather than overanalyzing every thing.


Just like the clouds in continuous presence, appeal to appreciating viewers –

so do the immersion of sounds of birds and their intangible sequence – in the

element of choice expansion – freedoms flight and self-governing extension. 

Every Fairy-Bird is a fluted double, triple pairing in Ever-green leaves. The

Lady understands herself as a five year old does - While there may not be a

physical door, there’s a beautiful, tangible, visible essence that connects in

every grouping.


The Kookaburra is an Oracle

                                                                                                                      Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

November 5, 2020


The Kookaburra oscillates with catharsis – Existing in the Love of Living. Existing in the Love of Loving.

My sound isn’t just a bird call – it is my essence.


As in thunder, there is a quality to the timeline immersion and shifting in the listening, co-experiencing of ‘Kookaburra Spirit Energy’. There is a burst of gusto, awakening and sensory release that is profound.

They are Blessings – Reminders. The Kookaburra is one of the most beautiful resonances in Australian Connection, to love and appreciate.

Take to the speed of it -  the smell and the crumble of Eucalyptus leaves, growing on Australian soil & Indigenous Heart-land, is one of many gorgeous appreciations. Ken Davis (Daintree Dreamtime) has a wonderful track with Indigenous didgeridoo connectivity, land honouring instrument that also connects to Kookaburra.

We all share a Love for Kookaburra, in native land conversation.

Existing in the Love of Loving, the laughter is pure conversation – it’s zest for Living Energy.


There is an experience in the Ambience created of every bird and every sound energy of Australian Animals in the conferencing of Daytime and Nightime Sound Availability to Knowing.


20-Love & 2020-One Blessings

                                                                                                                            Sapphire’s Light & Conversation

by Erin Kathleen Muir

November 5, 2020


The Twenty pairing as “side-by-side” consciousness, in the year 20-20 reminds me of the ‘Reset’ button in many ways to threshold conversations and new beginnings, I have been writing the date as a ‘whole’ with no fraction to loss. The 20 numerator, knows it’s denominator, with a whole that is 100% to full abundance.

In Tennis, one would say 20-Love, as in equal terms – seeing no divides. In many way, an upsetting non-truth when considering health situation and the pandemic. However, there are some worthwhile considerations with the impact of the pandemic that have been self-evident and see-no divides.

There is an Admission – to the connection as a part of Understanding, in the threshold energy – forwarding needs to connect, reconcile strategy and shift into the ‘forgiving and accountable self’ while also appreciating congregational aspect for community values and the family-unit, neighbouring-adjoining group formation in positive lift.

There is also an appreciation for Impact conversation in the Oneness (put simply, a term that experiences qualities of adjoining access to Holism, knowing that compartmentalization of tribal response, more direct consciousness as attribution energy for how we access the many consciousness of Whole).

The ‘no divides’ give value to the One, that is identifying a [more] ‘collective conscious, conversation'. While there may be no game to the match (20-20) and (1 Befitting) ‘next step’ building as threshold and resilience, the dialogue we all convene in ‘I lift you up’ and the dialogue ‘it helps me to see [Us both] in the energy; ‘human mirrors’.

All deserve a sequence of Soul Growth in propegation where “positive-good is preserved and kindles prosperity, naturally”. Restoration is a Light Vibration in Healing,

‘We are of the materialization, simply through acknowledging threshold energy in the next stage.’

             For all Souls who have passed due to COVID-19, may the gentle availability

             of golden-soft light cradle you in divine connection & restful awareness.

The Art Medley

                                                                                              Arts Awareness in Holistic Creative Living

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

   November 8, 2020

    From The Art Filament, an extract:

      A medley may be understood as a combination-response as in a musical ensemble or swimming ( 4 strokes ) in a race.

     In art a medley may be a sequential-aspect, threads-to-the-bow or to do with composition.


The nature of Visual Arts ‘processing’ is that we look to the ‘fanning of the deck’, that is an appreciation for ‘strength attributions’, individual skills (even if in ‘focus’ pride to more singular category painting). You have a repertoire for composition and the ‘things you do well’ in painting style – Contributes – that together help you arrive at personal products. Another way of seeing strengths are the threads-to-the-bow, the-alignment-of-stars twinkling softly – that give you direction and lustre in your confident output.

Recall a time you felt pride, ‘I’m happy with that’ or ‘I must admit I did a good job.’

Many Adults may not or Younger Artists may not, experience ‘sharing’ or ‘commentary’ to works made, in which [ reception to appreciation is available, beyond online-media sharing ]. The opportunity to get feedback & praise may not be there as much – though it is important to Register those Feelings of Self Worship too, in quiet availability or to give them a feeling of ‘greater’ [ that is: out loud, never outspoken ] a proud ‘ I am good at that.’

Journalling Energy & Process Energy

                                                                                                                      Arts Awareness in Holistic Creative Living

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

    November 8, 2020

“Energy Writes” are a simple, daily practice for me and I invite the need to [Pre-start] all work with the energy landscape of writing words, and thus after whatever has transpired that day, a [quick, end to finish] that outpourings need – accumulated design ideas and/or thoughts, appreciations, directions or learning summaries.

Energy Write to start the day, is entered into the same book. The Keeper, Holder, Storer of original peaceful energy. Like all Meditative Peaceful Writes, sometimes that [initial energy of the physical book ia on return to reconnection, intended peace-ambience ] just like a space of transaction for the same purpose (perhaps likened to a sanctuary ). The book has what we talk about in metaphysical & psychic terms ( “residual energy” ) . We feel sentient-response to past creationary interaction (the history of circumstance to feeling ) and naturally connect to response agency. If you are in a Mindful state to begin, you can re-instate, with your environment of peace, to connect to sanctuary-love.


My pre-start to the day, pre any work or writing output is ‘writing of lines’. Not a PE-discipline code, ‘I didn’t bring my pe-clothes’, it is the Repetition-write of Statements to self & my Field (Aura), and Vibrational Affirmation. The One page is filled in 15 minutes and may be the repetition of one phrase, 2 or more or an unthreading of thought-whispers ( on the same positive, peaceful lineage ).

For example: The phrase or Group of Words –

   Peace in my heart. Clearing all debris - happiness.


   Paint it white.

As writing the internal quiet gets repeated and the positive word vibration

gets felt (with intention through every body-muscle, organ, tissue and part of

the physical self ) to Unite Self Cleansing Rejuvenation Principles in the

Written Action – Repeated Consciousness – I can use the simple outlet to

release & recalibrate. This sets of the energy of what is to come, like

positive affirmations in the energy to self (sending them into your positive

energy bodies we build stamina, an invigoration & a ‘go get em’ or ‘up and at em’ energy with [ sunscreen scent & application ] of a morning. With this current period, these strategies of variation, all of us with our own creative lens, admit private capacity to Anxiety Reduction, Getting up – beating lowered moods & maintains or Increasing Productive Energy Uptake.

When the 96 page lined book at 80cents completes, slide another into the original book to maintain energy. I am of the belief that Energy Coding for Primary & Secondary (Youths) in Education settings should a be a Slide Card – a Self developed write on a gsm card stock  or a Created Energy Write BookMark using a meditation for mindful reconnection & purpose, aligning & brought to each new page as they begin a lesson. Not to be thought of as a title page, but a full page or Book-mark-self-made to Reconnect with every session.

    ‘We pick up where we began and that could be considered a Mindfulness meditation with energy setting

     for the whole year of learning, on going.’

A good energy – check is the self-reflection response to appreciate retrospectively the residual energy as it impacts all ‘activities’. (When I re-engage the Energy Slide card, I notice of my ‘energy-state’…?


The Energy Write Strategy I use at the end of the day is very similar to “Lightning Writing”, a strategy acknowledged at a high school I once worked at as part of whole-school practice and share-uptake strategies. The To-end-session practice, involved the ‘as fast as you can , writing 2 – 4 key learnings in bullet form” and none on – with intentional ritual to build trust in learning – acquired environmental response of the classroom & also with memory-processing appreciation post immediate learning episode & as a culture to summary report – rapport systemic class structure.

I like to think of the Days at-time, ‘swimming storm of design mayhem’, a thoonder-struck & cascade of never-ending potential in ideas generation. The ‘Think-Tank’ needs to output all (need-remembers) onto a page – no different to the good-ol’ ‘quiet journalling’ on the page that, sometimes dissolves the ‘self talk, out loud’ fumigation to enterprise, “dailies” we shall call them, or new ideas you can’t discuss [ the dragon quietly smiles over the pearl delightfully In creationary anticipation – excitement, rather than growing bat-wings, heavy in clawing fire & nostrils flairing ].

The end the day energy write is a [ page of ‘possible, could-be’s or won’t be’s ideas vatt’, the ‘Yes! Write that one down’ or a series of appreciations ‘where I’m at now, and projected ideas to enable kinetic formation, the where ‘I’d like to be.’

For all those who Propegate in “Design Think Tank” (which is every one) whether artists or not) that energy 5 – 10 minutes helps for the ‘get it out, get rid of it clearing’, the ‘must remember it’ and ‘I just need to leave that there and move on’.

Corn & Copal

                                                                      Energy Education & Appreciation

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

November 8, 2020

Travelling the cosmopolitan & diversity of knowing of our Devotional

Calendar is a Sun & Moon, greg-arious collide. The ‘Lovers’ of Sun & Moon do

meet, in appreciation.

We turn on a Light Vibration to know Spirits appreciation in October &

November, no different to all other times of the year. However, in the

evening availability as in the early afternoon, there is a lovely turning point to

cosmic & earth energy 4 – 8pm  (Kali ma arc aspect rejuvenation understanding ) that we all environmentally express “unit” consciousness (family, faith-based local community, collective network and global currents). These are energy appreciations in the home always, but also in connection to festivals where we see attributions to “light” and “shade” concepts.

For example recently, we [ as in global knowing] had congregational connection for multiple appreciations in diverse awareness & celebrated differently in cosm-formation. Spirit, as an omnipresent consciousness gets honoured in various ways from Pagan traditions (evolution) to Mexican celebrations understood with features of ‘imbued cultured insignia’ (codes to knowing). Some of these are more festival-allignments, wherease others are significant appreciations in tradition to mark occasion. Consider the marigold petals – floral flourish, cleansing rituals using Copal, and also the cheeky chattering of children in skeleton outfits, eating ‘corn on the cob’. There is a quality to the transparency of culture, acknowledgement of Spirit and ‘feeling in the vibration, we honour individual souls existing in life and that have passed away.”

Diwali also approaches with diyas, chiroti powder, dice-metaphor appreciation and a similar awareness to transparency, inviting communication and ‘shared community appreciation’ for our Spirit Light Consciousness (of many kinds). As in the honouring in marigold and copal cleanse to dispel negative vibration, the formation and markation energy of soul’s trust to knowing in faith worship comes about as Blessing – Love attribution to soul connectivity. Doors know the formation and the congregation to appreciation – entrance, sacred space and living awareness ritual to Drawing.

Insignia and the more ceremonial ‘cues’ continue to be a congregational – cultural-appreciation across faith, community & festival-connected unity vibrations. It is a huge privilege for everyone in living-availability to live a life of cultural exploration.

    ‘In person, in congregation…, as in our expressions of art diverse, archived attribution energy or studio    

    expressions – each surfacing virtue to ‘collective soul appreciation’, acknowledgment to spirit and soul-

    passage ( lineage ) to who we are both as secular and religious fellow.’


                                        We Love Art & Culture, devotional passage to knowing Other.


This is a great time to Consider how the Hive Mind moves from a threshold consciousness to sacrum-awareness in community connection (Germination out of seeds quiet, relationship 'ready' consciousness):

     ‘ The light overcomes doubt, all that feels low’ and Replenish energy moves into the Action ( beyond

     stationary, thought-centred modality – time appreciation ).


Love you All,


Opening a Door to the Energy Appreciations

   of Movement Culture          Arts Awareness & Holistic Creative Living

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

November 22, 2020

Like most women who have danced as a child or teenager, a return into exploration of culture as a 20-something and now into my mid 30’s – I enjoy a more diverse appreciation as a dance-performer, and happy audience participant, with interesting experience, learning ongoing and teaching as a dance teacher energy.  

The elemental consciousness and the gorgeous relationship of energy & ‘belly’ dance appreciations are a response to [spiritual and soulful] self-concept and collective (tribal) connection, a mirror energy for also men in that vehicle of passage  [ in movement dialect] – Sometimes dance-artist (aspect), other times movement consciousness in the martial artist or in fundamental pride energy [ I exist in my body as breathing instrument, of nature in nature ] as an energy awareness ( through Qi Gong, Tai Chi & elemental response and release ).

I often see currents of ‘cosmopolitan’ youth, colourful dress conversation and culturally-distinct acquisition energy in the studio – from rainbow tiers (that are full twirls), pom-poms, hair braids to ribbons and “priyana drops”.  There is a soft, gentle vibration and an enthusiasm –grand to the juncture of some of these cues, no different to the funk-soul brother sneakers and coveted ‘animal tokens’ (connected animal appreciations) as t-shirt print consciousness of our gentleman counterparts. These conversations often imbue a story of the energy we-bring  in, experience and adore, naturally. The active-blue is an expressive flourish, evidencing energy and the ‘kewls’ of ‘cools’ and an understanding that our Australian Studio includes and embraces the bringing of ranging influences and cultural lineages, including Australian evolution consciousness & local –birthing too.

In my own experience of ‘belly-related’ appreciation, and cultural-dance appreciation – I think about [with a smile] what brings people to the dance in these traditions.

[…the lineage of belly response in the energy, not just bellydance (from American-tribal (fusion, dialects ATS, Gypsy Caravan, etcetera), Middle-Eastern-connected rhythms and Orientale language, the Egyptian (temple awareness) and African-sun. There’s core folk in the Hispanic, romany, slav and flamenco… and the foundations of ancient territory in the energy that is shared ‘bodily awareness’, ‘symbolic & metaphorical energy’ responsive consciousness and with – time-line, land, location, precinct relationship. There is an energetic thread in all of the “diamond formation” that are “culturally” moving in movement and mirror consciousness, with distinct language dialects of varied kinds]

               Excerpt passage from Movement Dialects in the Energy, Erin Kathleen Muir, Copyright 2020.

If you are moving, you are ‘energy conferencing’, in the communication of not just history but ‘others’. In a connected & remotely connected land consciousness, as well as being in the energy [field-vibration] of blood lines, song lines, spirited appreciation and the ancestors.

Intuitive vocabulary is appreciated in that realm of connection. While we adore and cradle our traditions (and praise be to the traditional dance! ) – there is a strong love at the heart-of-the-matter to what it brings – it gives us Cultural Sharing with Appreciation and an availability in Connection which we [contribute in circle] no matter the shape or the stage of the occasion.

As always, we do pirouettes with our hearts in the energy (dance mandalas).

Love you All,


Marigold & Saffron into 2021

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

 Coming up December 2020

Couplets & Bubbles

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

 Coming up December 2020

Higher Vibrations & Field Connections

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Coming up December 2020