Works on Paper

By Studio Juniors, Studio Kids & Studio Teens


The Archetypal perameters of the human heart are understood as no violation the protective needs for survival, instead they have availability to soul consciousness in the energy.

The Human eye and response connections to animal – our dual natures, permeates a very special relationship for our teens and child aged creators, be it pet, wild & free-familiar connection or groups. We are embedded in a tandem soul response, understanding.

For each of our cohorts, they have explored themselves through drawn art-response, outcomes ranging in delivery, with consciousness not through discovery of self-directed aims, connective tissue dynamics in the Studio Art energy and feeling discourse.

More basic familiar eye connections have been appreciated, delving into the ‘shape’ consciousness of ‘arc’ and it’s counterparts. With immersion further into intermediate ideas of structure to gain technical awareness in pictorial understanding and responding to connections in culture: looking at cultural storytelling, animal motif & eye, heart and mirror relationships. I am whole.

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from the February 2020 exhibition.

Galleria Display 2020 Select Images

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2020 Galleria Display  - Artists

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