Guest Presentations at Mind Body Spirit  Festival


MAIN STAGE - Sunday 7th April, 2-3pm

MBS Sydney 4 - 7 April - Darling Harbour

Creative Vibrations & Feel-Goods

I come from a Land down Under, where the sky is as French as yours and I'm bells and whistles for dance syncopation with Spirit. There's clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right of me... and I'm stuck here in the middle with you.


Drift over to the main performance stage at 2 - there will be a bit of dance, cuppa chats and hang ten, for more counterpart energy in the creative aspect. 



Learn Bellydance with Soul


Presenter - Erin Kathleen Muir

Workshop Rooms - Thursday 4th Oct, 4-5pm

I've met many a soulful, spirited dancer including bellydancer in my experiences on and off stage. With Expressive Soul accents and energy vocabulary, the nature of creative dance gets expansion. There's an organic wrist, an infinity & a swish, and soulful hips do flick in evolution. The fuschian parable is an overflowing-cup of inward joy & pride, whatever the curve, age or awareness. 


No experience necessary, community is a connective tissue.


Expressive Soul is one of Sienna Art Space's regular classes that explores creative expressions across art, movement, word, dance, rhythm & drum, and utilising therapeutic soul practices including meditation and energy awareness.



Expressive Soul & Dance

Presenter - Erin Kathleen Muir

Performance Stage -

Fri-Yay 5th Oct, 2 - 3pm & Saturday 6th Oct, 4-5pm


Erin greets you with a quiet, content smile. Relaxed on stage is a compilation of creative formations, cross-disciplinary performance & pleasing dialogue. 


Art, performance in dance, drum, poetry and expressive recount... acknowledging the journey with Colour, Energy, culture, and light conversation.


With soul and having appreciation for spirit, always.


Harnessing the energy and confidence in spirit, Erin draws on her creative world as an experienced performer in dance, spiritual seeker, cross-disciplinary creative and Empath.


Art & Soul Space

Presenter - Erin Kathleen Muir

Seminar Rooms - Sunday 7th Oct, 3 - 3.45 pm


   Animal Connections

               2019 Internal Art Studio Competition


What to do:
Look at the image and get inspired by the Animal Natural world.


'We are connected - in breath, in essence, through story, culture & divide.

There is a Bounty to learn from Creatures across Terrain.'


Pick 1 Animal from the globe that you relate to or wish to explore. You may like to research for your own knowledge before making your art: symbols, stories, myths, connections to place/culture and the natural world.


Some of these things may inspire what you see with the animal and how you draw or paint it. Animals Connections come alive through the art. 

What you need:


Studio Classes are all working on Animal Connections in Term 1 & 2.

We are working to Size A1 and A2 for Classes.

How to Enter & Winners:
Winners for all 3 categories + a runners-up prize for Juniors/Kids.

First Prizes are Wooden Easels.

A. Studio Juniors 4 - 6yrs
B. Studio Kids 7 - 12yrs
C. Drawing & Painting Adults, Expressive Soul Art & Meditation, Drum & Dance

Studio Teens 11 -18yrs, The Art Filament Distance students

All Students Artworks will be hosted Display as part of the End of year Sunhouse Galleria Exhibition. 

Join Erin for dialogue introductions to "Creative Consciousness" and Spiritual Self and Soul Space 2018 (Group Art Exhibition) "The Elements" on view till Thursday 20th September to Saturday 13th October. The Giving-nature of Art holds value for personal and collective explorations, showcasing personal exploration of the spiritual in across faiths, honouring plural energies, and varied spiritual connections in art as visual communication. 


This is an Educative introduction to the nature of the exhibition, insight to artists and their gallery specific art for the 2018 exhibition.

Community Engagement for this inclusive exhibition surfaces, with appreciation to MBS as a bi-annual festival in Sydney. 

The Opening for the exhibition with Artist Talks & drinks is on Saturday 22nd September, 5pm.





Art Journey Day 'Chinese Garden of Friendship' 





Our Art Journey Day is coming up for interested Adult and Teen students.

Date: New Term 2 Date coming Soon.

Chinese Garden of Friendship, near Darling Harbour.


We meet at Ingleburn station at 9am and return by approx 3pm. Entry is part of your Sem 1 tuition, with travel expenditure student responsibility. Opal cards are in operation. Teen Parents may contact me for Permission notes where Adults not accompanying their child. Everyone may like to bring a camera or use their camera-phone for image capture, with ideas for future projects and info coming on the day. There is lots of beauty, cultural insignia and layered spaces on the date rich with nature to inspire.

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences