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101 with Erin


Why the name ‘Sienna Art Space’ ?


Well, in 2014 when I was planning preliminary workshops and ideas for Art classes, I wanted a name that reflected the down-to-earth qualities of the experience of Artmaking. In keeping with classical training and traditions, my heart went way back to my very first art lesson in traditional watercolour as a young teen working with tube paints and water wells. In the absence of black, I used burnt sienna in one hand and French ultramarine in the other. I particularly was drawn to the incredible warmth and alluring integrity of the pigment. Watercolour is very close to my heart as a painter and to this day, I enjoy working with the elements – Colour being an incredible journey, still.

So, moreover, Sienna became first choice and energetically it alludes to many currents, holding onto the warmth in historical painting and all vibrations ‘earth’. Sienna is a rich, natural colour and tends to support the awakening of other currents in the nature world. Then of course, how can you not naturally love the rest. The full name Sienna Art Space speaks, and holds appreciation for our holistic condition and climate.


What do you most enjoy about working with Young people?


Young people have an incredible joy for learning new things. They are a big part of the Art Space. They open up through the heart when they create. They create with Love. I think that’s the most obvious observance and it can never be emphasized enough how they bloom through Studio socialization. Emphasising fun and the joy in everything is important to all direction at Sienna. I like to see teenagers and young adults relax into their true identities. Self-acceptance and confident direction is something I like them to be empowered with from the get go, seeing Art as a true-joy they will always have wherever they are. It extends to the whole self - I am. And I am happy, I love being me.

Since Art is creation, the embodiment of the process becomes the Soul learning.


How does Sienna Art Space celebrate the Holistic Arts?

Living a holistic healthy lifestyle is significantly challenging and ‘weaves’ differently for every body. As a person who is interested in the Cultural Arts and Energy, I have introduced features to the Studio to give the Art School experience ‘body’. All the ‘essences’ of culture come with the cosmopolitan climate and our clientele who walk through the doors, including families. One of those waves not to forget is children. They are a wave unto themselves and enjoy experiencing Art, with culture. How we devote celebration to world culture is very important.

A part of my own journey has included drumming, dance, writing, arts-appreciation and Fine Art. Some of these appreciations serve as mirrors to others in holistic arts journey whom join us, and certainly as part of Phase 3, we recognize key features to some of the above. How do I celebrate the Holistic Arts in writing? Through Naturally Exuberant magazine.

Can you tell us more about the role of Holistic Care and what motivates the evolution in Phase 3.


Like all Firebirds, it’s significant to recognize change in one’s journey and rejuvenate for New Life.

For many years, I have been discovering, learning formally and reading… basically enquiring into healing and energetic care through life experience ‘living-the-energy’. I believe in the power of the Arts to revitalize. However, I also recognize that we are part of a divine system and systems, all of these inform our Energy Health and it is only through deepening appreciation, without conflict that we can grow. A part of my own journey, has involved developing insight into various faiths through learning and also building a resilient mind-and-heart, through life’s journey.

Counselling and the expressive arts play an important role in the future. The term Holistic is very important as it acknowledges healthy disciplines and the mind-body system, to include strategies that fall under things like meditation and visualization. In Phase 2, we became an Art School with a studio, and I was motivated to ‘paint-it-white’, a moving through ceremony in itself. And it led to the buttercup and metatronian cyan. Ice blue, so beautiful.


Let’s see what happens in the next phase.

Tell us about your third book.


Since covid, life has drawn attention to the ‘greater picture’, that is, seeing things as they really are. Further it has involved giving attention to the ‘then’ and the ‘now’, to gain perspective. As part of insight, I focused on both Thresholds & Passageways I & II. A lot of the value of the two combined linked up themes in Spiritual Care and Emotional Prosperity. Moving towards 2026, I have been collating a digest on Relationships and perspectives to do with Colour. This movement consolidates with personal process and work I am now currently doing with Conscious Supports and Cultural Supports ( the Celestial appreciation and ‘I believe’ statements).


Throughout my own journey, I appreciate how ‘I imagine’ energies become valued, whilst travelling individually a wave of gratitude and validation that involves Belief [ ‘I believe’ ].


Colour Exuberance will coincide with the upcoming show in 2026.

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