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Studio Class for

    Juniors 4-6yrs

Saturday Morning  9 - 10.30 am

Saturday Evening  3.30pm - 5pm    


Class Overview & Values


This is an introductory class for small children with an understanding of early childhood development. The Studio Juniors range in age from 4 - 6 yrs and we focus on a range of processes and mediums across drawing, painting and printmaking. They continually build their knowledge and practical skills.


Each Semester there is a series of explorations, with an emphasis on building confidence and discovery through the learning of new media, tools and techniques. Organisation, the “I feel good” in a social space, and “I feel confident” in myself, making, building, growing.. are key connections for young children.


Certificates awarded at the end of the year for Participation in Studio Program.



Class Costs


$260 for 10 week term of 1.5 hrs.

Enrolment includes the following Student Benefits:

·With Initial Enrolment: A3 Display Folio

·Materials in class are supplied for Term Projects:

   For e.g. soft pastels, acrylic paint etc.

    Complimentary Participation in & paid entry to:

      - Colour Fiesta, our end of year celebration.


Structured Aims


  • Students explore a range of experiences in drawing and painting.


  • Students develop confidence with process in an art class context.


  • Students begin to develop language through discussing symbols, techniques and the various features of images.


  • Students construct artworks that reflect their image choices and expression, with teacher support for their artmaking explorations.



Introductions to The Art of Giving-Art Program

The Million Fish and connections to Studio Kids content is given a strong emphasis, with other symbols, Junior voyaging in culture, learnings in ‘the story’ and Art-focused literacy- relationships to life.

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