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Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

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We attract Artists whom value contributing to other's growth journey via teaching. If you have a quality to you

that is down to earth, with flamboyance & a 'bounty of special', we'd love to hear from you.


Resumes from interested, qualified Teachers with Fine Arts focuses are welcomed.

Our Studio shares community harmony with People from wide-ranging faiths and cultures. We embrace diversity & positive culture, and attract that naturally with new, committed staff of passion for the Arts.

Portrait & Life Models are welcome to submit a formal resume with professional experience listed. 

No photos are needed. All candidates considered will attend an interview. 

To apply you may like to send an application through email -



ART TEACHER ( Specialised )

We are looking for experienced teachers and tutors with art specialisation.

⦁    The successful candidate must have strong personal skills.
⦁    They must appreciate that camaraderie and business professionalism are important for

 a rapport-centred, team-centred and community-focused atmosphere.
⦁    The successful candidate must have a belief set in systemic honesty                                                                                                                            and be able to demonstrate respect for all in participating community.
⦁    They must identify & appreciate that culture, faith, and life experiences                                                                                                                      are a part of all family households and student lives in a diverse community.
⦁    Ability to teach any age, including 5-12 years studio classes for children.
⦁    A strong foundation in tutoring: 1 on 1, and small-to-larger groups.
⦁    The successful candidate must be enthusiastic and joyous.
The position requires commitment for every Saturday for the term & calendar year. 
All positions have a contract for the year with ongoing work available.

Only specialised teachers with confidence across the skills-base required  should apply.

The Candidate should have Art specialisation.

As always, we are looking for strong candidates that have professional teaching experience outside of the school system and with  credentials that demonstrate you are with professional aptitude & commitment. In interview, you will be required to evidence a broad portfolio of styles and techniques. 

Please ensure to acknowledge cross-field expertise in past job experiences and any exhibition-related experience in your resume.


Visual Art Teaching Assistant 

We are looking for a suitable person to fulfil the role of Teaching Assistant.

This role would suit someone with a passion for people and Hospitality.

Students as well as people with the skills areas are encouraged to apply.

⦁    The successful candidate must have strong personal skills and be                                                                                                                             

            passionate about working in a team role.
⦁    They are required every Saturday across the term and calendar year.
⦁    The Teaching Assistant needs to be aware of the role of the Art Teacher                                                                                                                     

⦁    The successful candidate must be enthusiastic and joyous.
⦁    They will have a strong appreciation for families as well as maintaining                                                                                                                        

           business professionalism in a dynamic environment.
⦁    The successful candidate must have good communication, a fun nature and be a supportive team member for art parties and workshops.

Only Teaching Assistants with confidence across the skills-base required in this sector should apply. The position requires the candidate to be available Saturdays. All positions have a contract and the position is ongoing. 

The Candidate should  ensure to acknowledge all customer service experiences and cross-field expertise in past job history.  We value Education highly and we recognise those features of Education and Standards matter. The Role of the Art Teacher is to teach and to coordinate. The role of the Teaching Assistant is to support the learning experience. While experience in a similar role is desirable, it is not compulsory.


The candidate will enjoy the enthusiasm and loving qualities to our Studio experience. The job role requires no preparation of Art Teaching resources, or activities, as we work to a directed Calendar program. 



To Apply

Please Submit:

⦁    Cover Letter
⦁    Resume ( Please include all Work-related & Field Experiences )
⦁    Qualification Certificates as attached files
Successful Candidates will be asked to attend an interview.
Interview Requirements:
The Interviews are scheduled on a weekend and are in person. Candidates are required to equip

themselves with existing Portfolio & original certificates, where applicable.
Successful candidates must:
⦁    Have a current Working with Children’s Check
⦁    Obtain a Police Check
⦁    Obtain a current Basic First Aid Certificate & attend a Compulsory 1 Day PD prior to the commencement of their job role.
Submit your electronic application via email:

Cover Letters need to be addressed to:
Erin Kathleen Muir
Sienna Art Space – Art School & Holistic Arts

All Candidates need to be aware that our Staff are Inducted and our Space is organised with Administration

Strength to protect you, to support you and also monitor, record & support evolutionary growth in business.
We believe in transparent fluency in trade and appreciate safety & security. With extension, our hospitality makes

the space inviting, welcoming and fun. 
As a Child & Family aware service, we are Service NSW recognised and approved. We also self-govern Policy review and Staff performance, in appreciation that an honest, high performing business in administration and visible rapport is a good one.

All Successful staff are supported with formal and informal appreciations.
We have an active School Prospectus 2021 & Staff Handbook that includes some key policies for Staff: such as Recruitment Policy
Code of Conduct, and Training Support & Supervision Policy. All Sienna Art Space staff are actively aware of learning approaches, emergency situations, incident reporting situations and how to respond. All staff have tenure records and are Happy in the energy because we embrace developmental practices. 

Thank you for Visiting our Site. 

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