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All writing is not to be Copied or used for another context, without permission. 

Breeze resources acknowledge the breathing element. They are available on the Devotional Calendar across Celebration months and periods.

(Over 40 articles to read at leisure)

Our Hands are “extremity aware” and “reach operative”. The Hands ( as pairings ) function daily to support expression, however they are only one part of our body that communicates and “leads” beyond specific language barriers.

We digest to conceive of new information, participate with expression and our voyaging exists with “collective commons” identified.

• Interpretation is a feature of receipt & processing window opportunity.

• Universal acknowledgments are ‘learning’ acquisition.

• Cultural denomination and specificity align to voiced and localized-hub recognitions for Clear Understanding.


Semiotics recognizes –

i. Collective mirrors.

ii. Groupings & sacred functioning in environments known only to localized parties

      ( congregation, worshippers & participants ).

iii. Similar expressions and very different meanings.

Discernment is a key feature to Understanding the “operational complexity” and surface strength-communication as symbols.


Interpretation is always supported by Context information, however the surfacing of these recognitions are also Everyday – removed vibrations outside of expected settings. In the absence of information & intended use outlined, we need to equip ourselves with greater appreciations & patience, so as to avoid confusion, shallow judgement and anxiety.

Expressive Correspondence


Hands, in duo-responsive, support energy conferencing – are vehicle led scope beyond expression & ‘operate’ on several levels.

• They communicate concepts, ideas & weaves.

• They send clear messages about Local Imprints – Singular Energy Recognition.

• They support centering exercises for Grounding responses – Placement, coupling, digit alignments ( fingers ), directional acknowledgment.

• They communicate as Physical Agency – Actioned state to forward calibrations as Energy and as Energy anticipation.

• They mitigate challenges through meditative exercises and are part of physical process.


Hands, like other parts of the body are Alignment conscious. We are both “script – savvy” & “regulative-strength”.

The wave-of-the-weave is individual, patterned beauty.

It is observed nuance.

Recognition of our collective mirror in other ( cumulative empathy ).


I see you.

And we reflect each other. Familiar resonance.


Conversation gives us opportunity to exist in connective respect ( rather than analyse body language to determine explicit meanings as well ). Every one has an “expressive ability” through their mechanics and gesture. We formulate bonds and tides in voyaging these experiences with others - beyond ‘discords- need’ at times bringing back to states of harmonious solace, self- recognition and practical application in assertive state window ( tantra). Fondness for expression and people’s unique way of communicating is an important part to ease vibration & confident acknowledgement (

I am in a safe place of acceptance ).

What are Mudras?


Mudras are distinct ‘hand configurations’ used in Communication & meditation or energy work of various kinds. We see them communicated in sculptural deities, representations in the Buddhist & Hindu faith and with similar “hand directive / consolidations & landmark guardians to spaces”. While the Mudra is an eastern recognition, the beauty and hand communication exists in strength in other ways.


At times there are imprint symbols, jewellery and other light-recognition in context, that attribute meaning & give value to whole-view. Hand and foot ( Reflexology ) & studies of the Eye & physiology ( Iridology ) like other modalities, recognize we are ‘Relative’ body / ‘Relative’ energy conscious. Holistically, we acknowledge that our part of the body understands ( through union ) are Responsivity to other respects – We Formally Balance & contribution to Collective – Conscious healing availability. This is Integration and when acknowledged, we may find gratitude for the above. 

One thing is not divorced from the other.


In this situation of threshold ( surface connection to knowing ) the Mudra is like any clear, pronounced symbol – it connects to a Lens setting & connects for positive relationship building:


(i) Context for the Mudra ( Deity Conscious ) - connects to a Faith / or Philosophy in larger terms.

(ii) Tone, setting & Mood is – Contemplative Holistic Vibration ( Environmentally conscious – Altar, Room, House, Land ).

(iii) Strong Recognitions to Space & Philosophy ( Clear Comments ).

(iv) Alignment to Type of Communication.

Mudras are also recreational exploration & dialect- strength in the “communication – vibration” of dance, performance & audience-presentations of various kinds. We see then in relative recognition.


I hold out my hand in communication & with peace,the mudra: ( “to grow” ).









The Body expresses movement.

When our Body recognises music, it responds in resonance.

When the body registers awareness for particular experiences, like rhythm, it responds with patterning.


Resonance and Patterning are shaping mechanisms for choreography, or loose sequencing. These are two key features to dance but we are not just restricted to these capacities.

The Body weaves in Cycles.


Salutations are a part of formalised and non-formal scripts in dance. Often they are site specific with resonance to land and time-coding. As in faith, prayer may be timecorresponding. Similarly in spiritual dance, our motifs may be centred around light, timing and land-storytelling.


Our body essentially responds to a Landscape and based on our own personal vibration. Energy development teaches us that we are not a bound script of individual energy alone, but weaving body cognitions responding to multiple dialogues and energy comprehensions. Collective movements thus are a strong vehicle representation in tribal dance, with tribes, and in group dance – speaking of the generative movement that can only be comprehended as ‘weave consciousness’ if dancers come together.


The body wants to understand the body itself and it’s age, familiarities and organic capacity – the body being physically capable of creative style. Several dance styles respond to Cycles and are essentially based on the above through weave-formatting, one of which is Bellydance.

For more about Dance and Drum, you may read the overview of stylised dance and variation on the website.


Bellydance recognises ‘feminine’ hip movement and ‘undulating, curvilinear abstractions’, in-tune and ‘with rhythm’ evocative of temple light vibration. It also reflects source recognitions and socialised energy currents from other integrated recognitions including familiarity with the horse, combat, and formation. Motifs include snake arms, camel migration sequences and lifts.


It is important to recognise that the figure 8 movements, jewels, hip drops and other turning movements are a part of sequences that evoke flow, circulation, continuous energy and repetition. They speak of some of the rhythms that are in our ‘turning conscious weave’ and also the permeation of patterns awareness: vibrating atoms, circling planets, and body parallels in energy to larger sources and configurations.


The womb and capacity of female is subtly acknowledged through the dance. The term Goddess tends to be interwoven element as body movements of a natural shaping connect to body rhythms, biology, site, land and cosmos.


A salutation tends to be used loosely and specifically in conscious dance and honouring sometimes in site-available circumstance whereby the land impresses energy scripts. It is important to see how Cycles inform the Dance respects in sequence.


Dance is a spiritual movement expression & release that commonly gets mentioned through articles because it has a foundational awareness in Vibration, not just the body-moving.

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Sacred Geometry is shared.


It is not with competition. It is not owned.


We are Individuals with exploration in Life and these “shape configurations” express & are responded to as Life Diagrams ( Divine Geometry with Creative Consciousness). It is befitting to acknowledge all these features, as the Flower of Life is positively-centred. The Flower of Life is recognised as a Circle-cognition energy with associations from our vernacular.


Our World is a connective weave with circle archetypes & ‘human relatives’. The Circle thus has all the associations of “Operative- togetherness” as well as Positive Exploration & Growth.


Circle Vibrations are configurations. Illumination is central to their Safety Intelligence as Light appreciation. The Lantern, the figurative Light & Star are important motifs that resolate across Culture. We build on these through multiplicate explorations & go beyond the object-identifiers.’


Positive Circle – positive Cosm Vibration.


Like the Flower of Life, the Dove is a very typical, strong recognition for positive concepts. In many ways it is no different to the Heart as a Love Symbol ( a Recognised Archetype & recognised universal language ).


The Flower of Life reinforces Shaping; shape vibration.


The ”Shape Vibration” also exists as a perceived collective weave of perfection and with a Closed Boundary. It thus speaks of the current recognitions of sacred space determination as well as “capacity growth”.

Our Potential is “working potential”.

Our Potential is capacity-led & creativity – contingent.

Our soul respond to engagement to classify defining goals, direction, output & identity-formation.

Our Potential co-exists in Creativity engineering and is fulfilled.

The Capacity Growth may be limited by cause and availability to resources. Identifying capacity growth and regulating with self-observation & climatised recognitions are ascent – pathway desirable. The Flower of Life is thus an excellent symbolic vibration for energising and building our enthusiasm (philosophical viewpoint to individual growth and Team-authentic attitudes to Outlook Orientation & Growth.

You can read through affirmation statements for Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Change on our Naturally Exuberant page ( Good Vibrations article ). It is also on the Crystal Healing page, that honours water bowls and our video from 2020 ( “Celebrating the Sacred Self” ).

The Sacred Geometry symbol of the Flower of Life is recognised in various faiths & also has protective, precinct-aware positive alignment to sacred spaces. It is also associated with Angels. Configurations have lineage, explored and interpreted. They are also ‘vehicles’ of communication. The Tree of Life is from the Kabbalah.


The Constellation Weave of the Circle has focused & applied recognition. It may prompt conceptual focal points –





Life & Living

Breathing Weaves

Source of Creativity

Germination Growth












Energising – Practically



What is a Resolution? What is it not?

A Resolution practice invites the awakening of positive confirmations to replace the negative thought intention of the previous year – with the active outcome being continuous improvement and improvements that become concrete recognitions with success active ongoing.


In this article, we will discuss what it can mean to “Energise”. That is, reinhabiting motivation again or ongoing for the purpose of prolonged attainment and patterning. It is important that we focus on Holistic Wellbeing from an Arts perspective and also everyday concentrated activities that we can perform daily to achieve our goals.


As part of Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Change we looked at affirmations in their role to positively inculcate a feeling of acceptance and gratitude, while also motivating a sense of serenity, and culture of manifestation for good attitude and vibrations into the current state.  This practice involved ‘energising’ with crystals and also products: water, voice, thoughts and directed intent.


Mindset was a significant relationship for perseverance in which the affirmations confirm some of the more challenging aspects of our world. More generally, since covid and 2017 when this exercise was first used in a women’s circle, the world has turned considerably -and that turning invites steady, achievable and strong goals into the next year period, going well into 2024 and onwards.


How well we Prime our Energy ( as in that ‘initial white coating of the canvas’), is important to the process of motivation, routine and manifestation. We build on our foundations. The term ‘priming’ is also advocated elsewhere to relate to the movement sequence as we facilitate ‘the start’ of our day and appreciate meaning.


What processes are important for Change?

Here we look beyond the Mindset principles and activations of the Water Bowl activity and look at simple appreciations that do not simply require money. They can also be practiced in the space of your own home.


What we assign power to is a very significant lesson in Energy Work.


Power is something we hold onto, when we learn to indulge goals and process emotion, without attachments to other people and scenarios. If this is a challenging activity for you responding to the terms below, consider workshopping your own ideas about Power or seek a professional to have a chat, if needed.











Supported Power





It’s simple, Goals are about personal power and they are also about Patterning our Lifestyle. Being with the pattern is an ‘active’ activity with mindset processing already a feature. Those that have done the Emotional Prosperity activity may find that they are already patterned with some of the core beliefs inherent and can move forward into Practical alignments. Working with core beliefs and affirmation statements ensures that there is a positive priming for the action to happen.


How does the Action look through Arts activity?


ACTIVATE – These are simple movement exercises to help you ‘feel’ the energy of invigoration. Movement is a craving. If we forgot how to move, we would miss movement. Enjoy moving your legs and arms as though you are ‘psyching yourself into’ and thus priming trajectory. The activation can be used to simulate thoughts, statements and visualisations. Similar to a swimmer before jumping into a pool, a rain dancer or a dancer embodying concentrated ideas into the muscle brain-weave.

CREATIVE VISUALISATION – Like a canvas, prime the sequence with visualization, seeing you goal with your third eye or if the third eye is too much for you, projecting the image 2 metres in front of you onto a wall or with your eyes closed. Hold 2 tumbles in your hand while doing it – a fossilized wood and a fire agate. We will come back to these in a moment.

POSITIVE ASSOCIATION – Visualise yourself receiving your reward and be prepared to write this reward down onto your Behaviour Calendar.


MANIFESTATION – Write down your goals and intentions in an envelope or on a piece of paper that is more visual. Place them on a pin board next to your Calendar that you will be using.

CALENDAR BEHAVIOUR – For each day that you have achieved a positive formation in your goals work, give yourself a green dot or ticket in bold to denote success. Do it at the same time every day and list a small reward on a Sunday’s end for attaining a good sequence in activity. You may like to invest in  coloured [psychological] pens or texters for up to 2 goals that can be measured in this way.


JOURNAL – Once a week, keep a journal hanging next to your Pin board that is wealthy. By reflecting with 2 lines weekly or just opening up the book, you do a thing that is powerful. You Register your attainment through Reflective journalling.


Most of these activities are achievable and familiar in our history of working towards goals.


What about Energisers?


The reason I have chosen these two tumbles for the exercise, is to invite “Crystal exercises” into the mind map. For those whom identify as clairsentient will recognize both these as having impact throughout their day if worn. Fossilised wood is a known grounder and thus great for embedding firm recognitions into a physical body. Fire Agate is a sensitive stone and should be used with caution and always cleansed. This can be done by rinsing with water and grounding in soil for a week. Fire Agate as a singular tumble can be rubbed in your hand to energise. Note the action and the choice of crystal is componential, helping to form the duo. The Fire Agate need not be placed on your body all the time and you can simply reconnect with these at a particular time of the day (morning when visualizing). Fire Agate activates and invigorates the energy but should not be worn on the body if you haven’t looked at purification closely. The reason we cleanse crystals before using them is so that we don’t pick up spiritual attachments to objects. Similarly, we need to purify (deep cleansing) so that we are also free and clear otherwise the crystal response to the spirit body not being cleared, causing extreme agitation and discomfort. Consider the potency of different crystals, their frequency and purposes before investing in jewelery.


Music, sayings, and affirmations continue to be great motivations in this workshopping of Goals and priming the day so that all necessary good habits exist to encourage positive outcomes. I hope that Priming and Energising will support you in resolutions and your activation of new change.

For all questions about Energy, contact an Energy Consult who is trained in the given area to support you. This includes advice about healing, purification and the spirit body. For all Counselling needs, contact someone in a Helping profession. 

Have you had your Monthly Energy Health Check?

Those that get their energy scanned by an Energy Practitioner thoroughly once a month feel good about their Health Maintenance. Did you know that Energy Health impacts everyone and as part of Spiritual care practice, ensuring you have a regular relationship to checks supports mental and physical wellbeing, as well as everyday functioning - Brain wellness, Balance of metaphysical chakras (beyond the 7 main ones), and ability to be full of life and free from the symptoms of 'magical madness in our world terrain'.

What a beautiful time it is to be in Spiritual care, with a host of brilliant supporters for Energy working in the field. Self-care and Maintenance of Energy Health & Protection are significant to Living a Life of Vitality.


Now may be the time to get a check or to increase your knowledge/ book in with a Consultant. Keep an eye out for our regular updates in 2024 as a gentle reminder so your at Optimum health!

Inspired Culture


In dance, there is keen voyage in cultural style. That is, localized, traditional dance.


How do we understand dance and appreciate it today?

For some it is through audience participation and for others it is through choreography, intention dance movement and / or dialogue.


Cultural dance recognizes “cultured acquisition”.


  1. Cultural tradition – Participating in a tradition that is familiar lineage and our own blood line heritage.

  2. Learning of another cultural tradition – Outside of our heritage with sensitivity to classification and in recognition of style attributes.

  3. Cultural appropriation – Eclectic fusion and borrowed elements of various stylisations into an independent choreography.

  4. Soul guide responses – Dance responses to spirit as intuitive and / or channelled dance confirmations whereby land, guides and elements/ motifs are taught by spirit.

  5. Shared Circle dance – Collective commons as frequent movement responses are expressed through connection and in acknowledgement of harmonic celebration.

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