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Studio Classes for

   Teens 11-18yrs



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Class Overview & Values


This is a class designed specifically for teenagers and pre-teens 11 - 18 years. The Studio Class introduces developing art students to the use of both dry and wet media over time, with a variety of art-making approaches and styles in Drawing & Painting.  Each term there will be a new focus, encouraging a sustained series or project outcomes.  As part of Art Appreciation, students take part in the Cultivate Program looking at contemporary practice and themes in art. 


Certificates awarded at the end of the year for Participation in the Studio Program.



Class Costs


$420 for a 10 week term of 2.5 hrs


Enrolment includes the following Student Benefits:

·With Initial Enrolment: A3 Display Folio + A4 Learning Folder

     + A3 Sketchbook

· Student Membership Card Complimentary Participation in & paid entry to:

-Art Journey Days twice a year ( Structured Museum Outing &  Art     

      Experiences )

-Representation on Student Online Gallery.


Students are welcome to a complimentary Tea / Chai in class.


Studio Equipment includes: Painting Easels, Drawing Boards, Clips and other core equipment.


Students use their own Materials and brushes, with access to Suppliers information and Select Materials available from the Sienna Art Space Shop.



Structured Aims


  • Students embrace the qualities of a variety of media over time to include:  Pencil, Charcoal, Soft pastel, Watercolour, Acrylic Painting and Water-based Oils.


  • Students develop an informed understanding about technique, ideas and experience through creating art responses, focused dialogue and personal/ group reflection.


  • Students seek out and are guided through art appreciation looking at the Term Focus, aligning artworks and key practitioners across art and other creative media.


  • Students are guided through studio learnings in the Cultivate Program, increasing awareness for current themes in galleries, alternate spaces, visual cultures, and encouraging dialogue around select themes.




The Cultivate Program


Building continuously our Appreciation of Art, participants in Studio Teens embrace learnings about themes in Current Exhibitions as well as drawing on Concepts & Contemporary Understandings. Participants look at ideas stemming from Design Purpose, Materiality & Products on the market, historical references selected by Erin, and relevant information to inform their practice, and inspire personal projects.


The Cultivate Program connects in some of the thematic appreciations in the Art of Giving Art Program, recognizing the importance of Culture, the communication of values & interpretative recognitions & viewpoints of ‘story telling’.


Participants also have the option as part of their membership to attend Exhibition Outings & social experiences, as part of Art Journey Days - unique to our space.

" Technique,.. dialogue.. a friendly atmosphere...  and it's naturally in cool territory for any developing young person -

no stereotypes, art liberty.

Being part of the Art Community starts at Art School. We encourage each other. "

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Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

Art School Technique and more



Teens begin to develop a more concrete relationship of Identity through extra curricular activities and also Enrichment programs from about the age of 11 onwards. At Sienna Art Space, we like to offer Drawing as an enrichment that is separate from Painting Enrichment. 

1. Allignment and 2. Resonance contribute to solidifying the milestones of the Art journey. They become Individually motivated to develop mini art projects, as well as seeing how flourishing natural gravitations may form new larger projects over time. 

Our Art School has a relaxed setting with strong-teen development. There is a focused dialogue and acceleration on certain features of our development while embedding new grounds for recognition - How can I improve? 

Technique and confidence are with core continuum. There is always an awareness of learning that can be developed due to the nature of aesthetics and with an acknowledgement for where we have come from. Studio members over time get to explore mediumistic intention and benefit from focuses for representation: across watercolour, drawing media, oils, soft pastel and so forth. We have a focus on Artist materials and see the value of that development being explored well in our Studio environment for making art. 

There is simply no competition-values and everyone desires well for each other in our setting. It restores the feeling and the positive momentum at times. The developing adults as teens are gorgeous where they are given time to mingle ( with both sexes) and to even share chai. Lots of chat (appropriate) and a relaxed space make for a rewarded group. A mixed group of ages is great for them to grow confidence in every aspect of rapport and community climate.

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