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Drawing & Painting Workshops
                    Adult Women and Men


I am a Goddess of the Dance 

Recognise those Hips
Saraswati - Wisdom & Serenity Swan
Tara - Thangka Painting 
Morrocan Beauty
Animal Totems in Pastel - World Animals
Energy Ritual painting using Colour
Bohemian Brocades & Flowers

Birds of Paradise - Floral Drench

Crystals & Discovery

'Australian Beauty' - Botanical Art

Fur Kids - My pets are my Love




Kindred Workshops explore Fine Art territory, across multiple sessions.


Erin has a beautiful history of working with different clientele, adult workshop bookings and facilitating women's circles. While regular weekly Studio is closed, the flame is maintained for all that is bohemian and lush.


I am a Goddess of the Dance  

The Goddess is explored through various dance-forms, with an appreciation for worship,

energy-scripts, stories of manifestation & "the many aspects". The Goddess is also

recognised as sovereign, with connection to other divine sources including the

masculine - explorations of the divine. In dance, the Goddess may be seen 'in' light-aspect,

with a specific function, sensual or with specific symbols, colours, honourings and

object-motifs - be She Greek, Egyptian, African, Indian or from another landscape.

The Goddess may be your own relationship to land, Pacific essence, animal totem or


Giaganyoot is an african light script of elemental lift and graduation that comes in with the sun,

replenishes, charges the land and respects the emergence of 'effervescent energy inter-play'.

I am moving to understand the trajectory and the juncture. Thanks be to Giaganyoot, Sianos

and Hainu. 

Saraswati - Wisdom & Serenity Swan

Saraswati is a deity that reflects purity of wisdom and with association to the Arts-led

cultural recognitions of writing, learning, reading and musical appreciation. Saraswati is

imaged with lotus or journeying on river with serene white swan. One of her features is

her veena, as instrument. In this workshop you will develop the scenery and form the

qualities of Saraswati in drawn & painted 2d.

Two Swans reflect each other - I am thankful for the Arc recognitions and Vishnu that guides

Brolga energy. Healing dances through sound and dappled light.

Om Aing Saraswatiyey Namah x 108, Shweta- I am thankful for the communion in



Tara Thangka Painting

In this workshop you will explore to discover more about Tara in various forms and to

recognise the 'valued appreciation' of how representation and worship contributes

to positive energy relationship. Tara is a Bodhisattva to some, a figure to others and an

goddess to others. The workshop will see the creation of a small miniature work with Tara

being featured and appreciated. We will not be creating a traditional thangka as they

are incredibly detailed and require multiple processes for the end product to be achieved.

However, part of understanding the energy of the painting is appreciating more fully

features and inclusions, as well as Energy-holism expressed in more simple figurative


Om Tare Tutture Tura Soha x 108, Green Tara - I am thankful for all blessings of Healing &

Protection of Tara.

Om Sit Ta Ta Pa Trey Hum Phet - In Tibetan prayer, Thanks be to Ushnisha Sitatapatra, the

Goddess of the White Umbrella for Protection.  In Buddhism, Sitatapatra is a protector

against supernatural dangers and afflictions, separately or otherwise, brought on by fear,

illness and witchcraft. 

Birds of Paradise - Floral Drench

In this workshop, develop your painting of floral bouquet combinations. We will work

with interlacing structures, and producing figurative strengths. Working with vibrant

colours & ' vibrational colour interests' is the focus of the workshop. Let your feature be

the Bird of Paradise.

Om Mani Padme Hum x 108, We acknowledge the Lotus, the Lilypad, and the root system in

water - All expressions exist as many Hibiscus' honoured, I am thankful for the full kaleidoscope

in nature's beauty.

Animal Totems in Pastel - World Animals - Celestial Blue Workshop

Animal totems cross multiple breaths of interpretation including: the spiritually-invoked

totem, the experience of the spirit totem, or the animal guide (also highly interpreted).

Whatever your gravitation, choose one animal as guiding energy and pictorial focus for

this workshop process, finishing off with a coloured pastel work. 

I honour my soul guides and the Snow Leopard as my personal animal totem. I recognise the

4 directional truths, my ' moon script ' (as lunar honouring) and also the Three Spirit truths in

passage as a Healer ( The Hawk, The Bear & the Albatross). May all Animals in totemic aspect

be equally loved, as all people should know love, safety and protection.

This is a Celestial Blue Workshop* that includes a personal reading from Guides.

Energy Ritual painting using Colour - Celestial Blue Workshop

Energy work is multiplicate and with ranging lines to philosophy across individuals, also

specialising practitioners. This workshop is about exploring as an individual your natural

"attunement" to Colour Cognizance & our relational values as we experience them.  

You will be supported through an energy ritual that involves the simplicity of

Meditation for Self-recognition. You will create one Colour Work.


Teal Alchemy imbues the Respect for Eldership and Union. Gaia Energy.


Crystals & Discovery  - Celestial Blue Workshop

During this Workshop we will be working with the enigmatic qualities of Apophollite and

one of our long-time favourites used in classes, Orbicular Jasper.  We will be creating

paintings individually. Erin will talk through her appreciation of Rhomboid Lavendar Calcite

and how it transfers spiritual connection for the painting process. 

Erin believes that all attendees, all people have a strong intuition and recognises the "collective

common" that is conscious development. She believes it occurs with ranging trajectory and

gravitations. Erin is a qualified crystal healer and values how minerals may be integrated with

thoughtful choices into living spaces, on the body and in 'every day experiences for supportive

purpose' : in education, in healing, for sport and for protective release and growth. Crystals are seen

as part of Spiritual care as well as natural connections for creativity and "strengthening" vibration.

There is no competition - instead it's about appreciation & a love of Mineral Intelligence and travelling

with care, always. 

Recognise those Hips  - Bubbles Workshop

Curves are Gorgeous. And I recognise those Hips!  

'Oh my' what a lovely midrift, 'hour-glass' of natural curve ...and shishas (shimmering disks)... 
Yalekhta (cue), tribal medallion (cue), and colour fondant 'veil of spice'...(..cue). 

Get ready to 'Mobius twist' and Venus a 'diamond repose' in this mixed-media paint of the

hour-glass as Belly Beauty. We will be painting on cotton duck, with lots of colour and other 

Gorgeous Embellishments. 

This is a 'Bubbles' Workshop* with Goddess platter [ for shishas ].

The Goddess platter includes delicious fresh fruit, cheese, dip & Strawberries.

Join us for Sangria & a zesty-side dessert.

All Bubbles Workshops are supported at a Licensed Venue where alternative beverages 

are available. All servers are RSA-approved, and approved Industry 'standard'. This is a

legal feature in Hospitality and Art Providers doing singular workshops of this kind.

This is in contrast to our Community openings at Sienna that are non-alcohol events. 



'Australian Beauty' - Botanical Art - Exploring Sacred Spaces Workshop

As Australian gypsies we are nomadic travelers and we adore the Outback, the Blue

Mountain edging, Lookouts and Trails, Eucalyptus canopy and Natural Doorway -

consciousness. In this Exploring Site workshop, you will explore sacred archives to energy

and utilise a variety of drawing markmaking connections to create Art from our Great

Southern Land.

Picnic Basket Travelling Plate with Thirst Quenchers* will be available at the day

workshop. Explore a series of Australian Cheeses, Local Family Owned Dips and Fresh 




Fur Kids - My Pets are my Love


Whether Canine, Feline, Earth dog or fly-ball, territorial whiskers or wizard,.. the enduring

love and knowing of a Pet never fails. They are treasures; friends and family. Gather your 

coloured pencils and inner 'technician' in drawing pursuit to capture your own fur balls on



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