" I am the purity of a peaceful sea"

Erin Kathleen Muir


Founder / Owner    

Professional Artist & Teacher 


Training & Education



Bachelor of Fine Arts – UNSW ( College of Fine Arts )

Bachelor of Art Education - UNSW ( College of Fine Arts )

Studies in Drawing, Watercolour & Oil Painting – Julian Ashton Art School

Certificate IV Assessment & Training – Parramatta Community College

Certificate in Metaphysics  – The Chiara College

Certificate in Art Therapy -  CECAT

   Centre for Educational & Clinical Art Therapy   (Study near completion)

Diploma of Holistic Counselling (Current Study)



In addition, Erin also has undergone workshop training / classes

in the following areas:


  • Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

  • Chakra Balancing & Spiritual Support

  • Dance – World Fusion & Bellydance styles: Fusion, Tribal-styles,  

                      Oriental, Contemporary, African, Flamenco

  • Drumming - African & Native American

  • Crystal Healing - Rainbow Lantern

  • Master Practitioner Reiki [ Usui Method ]

  • Design (Bachelor of Design 1 yr, UNSW)  


Erin holds an approved  Children’s Check for working with Child & Youth

students, and current First Aid Certificate.


She is a full member with the International Institute for Complementary

Therapists (IICT).



Teaching Experience





























She has worked for Art Centres, an Art Society, in museum education, ARTEXPRESS, for not-for-profit organisations, with senior groups and community college classes. She is a fully qualified, experienced Visual Arts & Design & Technology Teacher having working in both Primary & High Schools.Erin has previously held positions as a full time, permanent teacher and temporary roles across different subject areas and Stages [ES1 – 6 including RFF]. Erin is known at the likes of High Schools such as Hurlstone Agricultural High School as a Visual Arts Teacher (Stage 6 teaching/programming) and for her Contributions as a Teacher at Emmaus Catholic College - Kemps Creek, known for it's stellar teaching and high expectations, supporting diverse needs. There she initiated and was involved in extra curricular and after-school programs including Ceramics.


Throughout her teaching career working in the school system, she has also held positions working across a variety of Community Learning Settings. She draws on a variety of experiences and situations working across ages, HSC & Stage 6 teaching, as well as the teaching of mature adults, including seniors.

In love with the Oryx Gazelle energy in a Lion year, she has looked to the Sun element, at her own honesty and honouring soul purpose - I love who I am in the energy.


As an Art Teacher, Erin has initiated courses, workshops and classes with an appreciation of each party and their desired benefits to be gained from participating. Specific programs have a holistic approach to teaching, endeavoring to promote well- being and personal growth. The Holistic Arts and integrated cultural programs, as well as Sapphire's Light Healing Services was established in 2018.

                               Fire, Light & Energy in Transformative Potential

Burnt Sienna embodies the consciousness of the raw acumen, passionate-fire velocity & water-consciousness - from womb knowing of a Girl now a Woman, I fill my own cup soaring in Colour Milieu.

This is who I am. Rich, Warm, Lush, Everygreen in Consciousness.

I am understood in auric Indigo and Rainbow Essence, floral bloom.

Erin holds regular solo exhibitions and has an emphasis on personal practice. Her signature charcoal paintings are complimented by exploration through other mediums including her love of watercolour, soft pastel, and oil painting. See Erin's Art website.

Erin is known for her superb figurative (realism) in paint and earlier soft pastels in vibrant colour, as well as the low tonal contrast, quiet conversations in pure willow charcoal. The Psychic community know her work as a strong psychic empath, utilsing the down to earth vehicle of exhibition to offer myriad viewpoints and no bias to faith aspect. Her work is as abstract and honest as her heart in the journey. The love and harmony is 'we are all humans on a journey, weeping, soaring, happy, glorious and in spaces of culture.'


Erin's personal work may be commissioned, with Portrait & Other Subjects starting from $6,000 - $10,000 across media. 

A lot of her work is personal (that is not for sale) and also given based on the nature of the work.                                                                                                                                                                       


Upcoming Art Projects                              

‘Spiritual Self & Soul Space’ was held in 2018 as a group exhibition,

with Artist Talks and Education events. The Art Exhibition is sponsored

by Sienna Art Space and coordinated by Erin. 2022 brings new energy

with 'Connecting through Spaces' and a Shift in collaborative work.

This Group Exhibition is being brought to you later given the awareness

of health importance and organisation shifts in 2020.



Erin's Writing for Holistic Supports & 'Hearing Erin's voice on Video for Casual Chats has made such a difference.

- Another Anonymous Heart

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