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Erin Kathleen Muir

 "I am the purity of a peaceful sea"

Artist & Teacher 

Erin is the Founding teacher & Director of

Sienna Art Space.


Bachelor of Design Foundations - UNSW ( COFA )

Bachelor of Fine Arts - UNSW ( COFA )

   Majoring in Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Watercolour Studies -

   Julian Ashton Art School

Bachelor of Art Education - UNSW ( COFA )

Certificate IV in Assessment & Training  

Certificate in Metaphysics - The Chiara College


The following are a foundation to teaching:


* Approved Working with Children Check for working with Children & Youth

* Current Basic First Aid Training - Updated for 2022

* Registered Creative Kids Provider with Service NSW - Updated 2022

* Full member with IICT & Insured Energy Practitioner-Trainer - Updated 2023

* Accredited & Currently Active School Teacher NSW - Updated 2023

* Two Support Individuals with WWCC Approvals & Sienna Art Space Training, professional development are on board for all active classes.

* Active ABN & Certificate of Currency - Updated 2022

She has holistic training, with a belief in preventative spiritual care at the heart of Energy Work and healing. An appreciation for The Esoteric and Welfare in an energetic world are significant considerations for Health, Education and Living a life of Wellbeing and Zest. 

Her Energy training includes: Crystal healing, Indian head massage,  Art Therapy, USUI Reiki master training, Spirit drum development, mindfulness and development in meditation, fusion belly-dance styles and tribal-dance.


She draws on her background in the Arts as a writer, dancer - solo and troupe performer, speaker on Energy and is adored for her loving, kind nature. Erin has appeared as a guest at Mind Body Spirit - Sydney, danced at City of Sydney events and is in-tune with a down-to-earth connection to appreciating culture, spirit and the arts. She has performed with solo stage appearances at MBS, facilitated workshops and seminar at the festival. Erin underwent teacher training in tribal bellydance and also collective soul foundations in 2016. 

Erin's name stands for 'peace', 'pure', 'sea'.

Full Image Diploma of Art & Distance Cer

'With the Rhythm of the Sea'

'Ode to Kali Ma (Mother Kali)' Read about Kali Ma & Yantras 

Commissions welcome for Fine Art & Illustration



Cross terrain-teaching led to establishing Sienna in 2015. With hard work and great popularity in numbers, Studio Art participation has become the central heart. The school began with 7 students and two classes, one for children and the other adults. By its third year, 10 classes were with full enrolment. Over time The Holistic Arts & Healing initiatives, connecting Lifestyle, Energy appreciation and Understanding through exhibition practice - have become a key to Appreciating Individuals in the Energy.

16 Years of Experience in Education has included positions & programs across the Schools Sector & Community sector. 

Through Sienna Art Space she has also developed rapport with other venues and groups - including private tuition and loving relationships to learning with many gorgeous down to earth souls along the way.

Throughout her teaching Career, she has had the pleasure of creating outsourced programs and Initiating Adults, as well as Teens & Child Studio programs.  'The Art Filament' is Sienna Art Space's series of current Distance Adults Courses, with the Diploma of Art 2 year attainment.

You can read more about The Art Filament and the 3 Adults Courses here. 

Erin has participated in 3 solo exhibitions and has coordinated 2 group exhibitions, with participation as part of Spiritual Self & Soul Space. She explores ranging themes, subject matter and mediums in Drawing and Painting.



Professional Memberships:

NAVA ( National Association for the Visual Arts )

VADEA ( Visual Art & Design Educators Association Inc.)

IICT ( International Institute for Complementary Therapists )

Sienna Art Space is now an Art School &

Holistic Care provider, with Counselling being a

new feature to services from mid 2024.


" Nature and energy go hand-in-hand through the experience of art...materiality and energy co-exist - with evocations..."



Group Exhibitions 2018, 2022

The group exhibition will be returning in 2025 for 'In Rhythm' at our next location.


An Education Kit has been developed for the 2022 group exhibition & is available on the 

Spiritual Self & Soul Space website. 

Join the Spiritual Self & Soul Space website Mailing list to receive info about the upcoming "In Rhythm" group exhibition.



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Bird Song Oracle

In my willow charcoal works, the lightest of powder is a soft-quiet appreciation in the quiet space in which I work – The particle interactive consciousness is an awareness of simple and more complex, unspoken-about spiritual connections. ​In production, I am working on a return to flight concepts away from the willow charcoal, and utilizing the soft to more subtle & vibrant colour availabilities of soft pastel( charcoal’s sister ). The incredible colour resonance of bird life becomes focus.

The word ‘selah’ conjures up all the sensory knowing of the ‘ineffable divine’, esoteric-window availabilities – it is an undefined relationship as it involves the shapeshifting sensation in consciousness, our ‘rock’ as physical, living vehicle in situational soul-breath, shift cognition & “of, as spirit”. This I offer as an descriptive interpretation, relational and just that,an ‘offering’.

In the series of images, I explore the cresting-birth to winged, flight territory. The Bird Oracle gives honesty to felt alignment to all that exists in feature and with appreciation for archetypal light – rendition.

The extract to knowing hearts reveal in the above interpretation, is the also quiet appreciation of what I intend and plan to image in my upcoming deck.

      A love of liberation, freedom and strength is a Bird call.

" We are of duality, flying – non-restrictive bloom [ constructive ]; actively confident with life zest and active faith. As substance, our gravitation circumstance is in the earth realm and we are in the presence of the soul.


From Sound Call and response, air-born mystique & close, intimate presence  - I give pictorial address to all of the abstractions.  "

Primordial Orange & The Ultramarine 


Individual page selections from the

Big Book Fine Art Oracle, 

Primordial Orange & The Ultramarine.




"The enrichment of the 'digest' and multi-level 'appreciation' goes beyond Cultural storytelling, social entertainment and age-directive, directed scripts. 

I dance with resonance (kaleidoscope),.. with colour, I find my cognizant appreciation (solace musing-moment), I am rhythmic student in drum (delighted) and I voyage to all of your symbols (listen)... We share soulful dialogues."





Erin will bring our her book connection, 'Colour Exuberance' in 2028 as part of her exhibition experience.

I look forward to you being part of our Sienna Art Space Engagement Program.

The Education Kit for Conscious Parents & Conscious Youth available.

Download the Education Kit here. 

Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences


' Chromotherapy and the sensory experience are nuanced components to viewing and engagement. Colour is a sensation. '

- Erin Kathleen Muir

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