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Erin Kathleen Muir has been sharing her writing as part of online territory and Good Vibrations (since Sienna Art Space's inception in 2014).

Our in-studio magazines 'Naturally Exuberant' reflect great content and personal insight connections to topics in Creative Arts, wellbeing, and Integrated holistic living,



Teal Alchemy

‘Embracing the cosmopolitan in Australia’ at Sienna Art Space, as it has always been continues to be a recognised focus.

‘Teal Alchemy’ is a sustained ‘fabric’ of energy, interlacing the blue and forest green ( Global Currents ), as well as harmonics in vibration.

The totemic conversations of the Bear and Brolga continue to be strong elemental vibration as Movementology and sustenance.

The Brolga registers as " a reflective bird" at the third eye from 2019. It characterises it's mourning with a return to Intimacy. We dance with light to consolidate past and current connections in consciousness. The Movement is a gross relationship in change – Expression exists through the holistic arts to support growth in sequencing, interconnection and supportive structure.

To read more on the Holistic Arts at Sienna Art Space and Sapphire's Light visit the Devotional Calendar. You can access a range of Educational Breeze resources for 2023.  

Art Process – A Look at Creativity

​The Creative Artist – Materiality, aesthetics & visual culture 

This article is about the features of ‘connective flow’ in Art Process, as it relates to cross-medium creations [including Fine Art for gallery display and / or simple art journeying, that is all Artists in creatorship & Joy –acquisition / joy embodiment. 


Our Structural view to Shaping our allignment to end-point in Art is that we exist in [Design Orientation]

⦁    We plan methodically and discern step appreciations to organize a relationship to achieving end- potential. 
⦁    We also work sequentially if unplanned and this embodies an series of encounters that individualise or characterize what some would call the ‘unique journey or encounter’.
The line is trackable. 
“Channel aspect”

Our energetic self may reveal appreciations throughout that operate across Mind-Body-Intentional focuses but do not preclude the Soul Vibrational conferencing, that is esoteric & “with Spirit”, and in, acknowledgement.

⦁    The Artist as natural channel : recognizes
-Physical automation, ‘the automative drawer’
Mediumistic Talk territory ( We communicate with Spirit )
-Fluid gravitations ( spirited, clair cognizant, auric inheritance & encouragement, guidance, mentorship and interferences ).
-We are “collective soul body operative”.    


The Organic precinct is environmentally – understood & energy-led, if only individually stated availability to person – observed self recognition.

⦁    The relationship of “open”, “drift orientation” and “redirection” are consciously intended for any Practitioner who wishes to align with Organic territory.
⦁    As an intention – it is an appreciation that this “ethos” to practice be conceived naturally as part of what we do or end up carrying out sequentially. 
⦁    We invite with welcomed digressions, spills and playful territory to journey. Our outcomes may vary with unexpected (or expected cognitive endpoint).

Thresholds & Passageways II : Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing is a Sienna Art Space Holistic resource that will be available in the future for purchase. If you appreciate the writing, the learning, appreciate the source that is the creator.

Naturally exuberant 2021_June30 (1)_resized.jpg

Pigments & Ethereal Substance

The Creative Artist – Materiality, aesthetics & visual culture

Pigments are “coloured powders” that are manufactured and come under three main types, based on sourcing & also transformation. 

For the Soft Pastellist that may love to create their own pastels, or the Oil Painter, working with bottle & tins, may work more economically through binding their own paints in liquid form. Pigments exist as ‘ready to buy’ pots and are great alternatives to the paint-tube buy (although convenient & preference to many) – the coloured powder allows us to explore & also consider wider – birth across Origins. 

Below are a Cross-section of Earthy Connections ( Red-browns ) with also some inviting historical lineage to the Resonance of Red Brown, Orange-Brown & Earthy Currents. The brown-primary foundation that is wash-based often begins as an image and built on with introductory tonal hues to surface 3d modelling over time.  For some this is a Vandyke brown, an umber-grey green or more redder-in appearance appreciation. 

1. Terra Rossa
Location: Italy  

Terra-Rossa is a slightly deeper-darker brown than the fiery red of Burnt Sienna. Terra-Rossa means “red soil” of the Mediterranean [ or ‘red earth’ ].

2. Sanguine
Location: Italy   

Leonardo da Vinci, amongst others have documented account imagery ( Science-based anatomical dialogues in book form ) that examine the Body in length as learning documentation based on Education & predecessors. The penciled form of the ‘Sanguine’ is a rich, yellow-orange to red brilliance with mid-tonality. It is quite soft in appearance and with white highlights is often still used in Italian Academies of Traditional Painting. Sanguine is used for rendering on medium, tonal papers ( for studies of the human form ).

3. Burnt Umber
Location: Italy     

Name meaning ‘terra d ’ombra’. Heated Raw Umber becomes Burnt Umber. It is derived from Umbria, a mountain region in Italy. The term ombra ( meaning “shadow” ) is connected to the tonal-aspect of what is a deeper, duller brown.

4. Burnt Sienna
Location: Italy   

Burnt Sienna is the fired exponent of Raw Sienna ( It moves from an ochre (yellow brown) to a Red-brown oxide appearance similar to Brick-dust or Aged Rust. ( Siena is the Italian township in Tuscany ) 
Other terms related to Sienna as a pigment are those that closely follow as: Terra gialla ( yellow earth ) and Terra Rossa ( red earth ).

5. Venetian Brown
Location: Italy   

Also called ‘sinopia’. Associations include:

Red coats (18th/19th Century British camp,

Khaki replaced venetian red pigmentation in


4. Caput Mortum
Location: Rome   

Also known as ‘Cardinal purple’. In latin it is known as ‘dead head’, often called mummy-brown, nigredo. It has Gothic associations.


Manifestation with Sun & Moon Energy

Appreciations – Holistic Creative Living

In our Studio Space there are a select number of water bowls ( or Energy bowls) used for the purpose of honouring and blessing. Particularly, to support environmental energy maintenance utilizing positive affirmation work as a patterned cycle with “lift” and energy setting in view. 

The Energy bowls operate on the consciousness and philosophical viewpoint that water is a generator of liquid transference & we can observe vibrational shift as a consequence of moderating & intentional “sending” vibrational information. This is in mind, verbally, and accompanied by perhaps song, prayer and mantra), thus impacting the room or adjoining spaces. 

The positive affirmations are experienced as a ‘ritual’ and with that the qualities of the vessel (be it a home stout, pitcher or pond ( “well-like” structure ) we can exist in what may be seen naturally and with incidence, an instrument or corresponsive connective to self & environment, in divination process.


It is effectively a patterned instrument (intelligent, energetically maintained & with a subtle impact vibration).

Various “energy bowls” containing substances may be moderated for duration, purpose and aims. The qualities of the vessel attribute meaning in process (they naturally communicate as a sculptural formation and also with intentional use, vibrationally).

With a Pitcher, we pour as a form of filling to then “offer”, rejoining each time as patterned, repeated formation and with hospitality. It may be seen as a blessing awareness as in puja rituals such Hindu connection or many other faiths. The stout in Christian connection for E.g., may connect to ‘holy waters’ and ‘blessed in creatorship’ (holy scripture & the psalms are part of the process used by the Baptist priest to divinely align the water, then used individually by worshippers / patrons of the Church who upon entering as formal service or church building, mark the signs of the cross, connecting in personal and shared congregation. The stout has become in varied forms a home-centered connection in and outside of faith relationships, with an alignment circumstance (that conditions the appreciation & tempers – how it is appreciated. The last, as pond or well is used, and with collection (‘offering of a coin, a ‘wish may be made to a deity or in aligned purpose ) with intentional thought scape. The action is a singular action that carries a vibration for change – willing. 

There are a series of terms that can be used Individually and appreciated, with perspectival juncture. The three terms are: Divination, Manifestation & Affirmations.


Each are seen as “Principled Engagements” and embody their own Philosophies that we may /could interact with purpose, utilizing the vessel of the energy bowl (across structures) also connecting to the vibrational source offering of water. 

Water is a “liquid” vibration that is understood to scientifically shift state vibration and comes from the collected sky sourcing [extracted] or collected for focused, intention “meditative build”. How we perceive and value the source adds to the connection understanding value –based appreciation of “water”. 

The ‘Intention Setting’ for each Ritual Bowl may connect to any of the three or with personal philosophy exists at the Vibrational threshold. 

⦁    Honouring & Blessings
⦁ Affirmation ( Positive Statement, phrase or self-selected archetype used in connection with..)
⦁    Manifestation

Every person can look at prayer, patterned, honouring & affirmation work. When there is an alignment to ‘divine concepts’, a greater supportive consciousness or a god-centered purpose – then the ‘action’ with purpose is seen as a formation with divinatory cognition. For some, an affirmation may sit in the zone of “appreciation”, “positive space for maintaining wellness, equilibrium and increasing motivation.”
The Philosophical intentions behind Manifestation may be more mind-centered and or with divine attribution. A manifestation may incorporate the words, phrases or “engagement statements” as Affirmations. 

Many people believe in “directed consciousness” and “aligning themselves through ‘attractive currents’. Simultaneously, Divination works on the duality of [current – centering ] and ‘The Law of Attraction’ stating [projective consciousness].

Most people recognise environmental situation in it’s inter-connected dynamic landscape and how this may not necessarily disconnect ‘us’ from purpose but may imbue the landscape with perhaps : block, oppositions and vibrational confrontation.

In manifesting, there is acknowledgment for also ‘current, positive gratitude in circumstance and ‘situational zen’ ( a Buddhist value). It however is not mindfulness in the pure philosophy of “we sit in the now”. We address instead projected aims. 

Our ‘goal-driven aims’ may not come with a ‘guaranteed-seed to fruition-seal’ but with motivation, motivation, motivation and increased positively loaded direction, we can train our patterned availability to emotional – mental strength. This is a ‘behavioural neuro-science and without precluding divination, focused intention (using honouring spirit appreciation and respectfully engaging with naturally abundant vibrational prompts ). 

Motivation is very much ‘individually cultivated formation work’. Think of the wave – construct as ‘continuous, promising and with image-centered (future presence). The visualization is an important part of the construction (picture– in view).

To envision change, with grounding and protective procurement (psychically), enables purity in natural gravitation towards self-directed aims with reduced interferences. This connects to the ethos that ‘we are of gentle requirement and assertive-belief set – it is possible, with potential [in the availability to the common good for all in this life – landscape, karmically]. 

A vision construct may include: energetic fixtures, co-efficient symbology archetypal connection. The pictorial cuing may energetically build on elemental appreciations such as: colour, texture, shape.


This is similar to Altar connection whereby the pictorial connection may be: a Saint honoured, religious figure/animal energy or “positive re-enforcer”. 

The following exercise recognizes the humble vibrational water bowl as a holder, storer & mover of “conscious word formation” that may fill with immersive positive consciousness in environmental space.

⦁    It embodies appreciation for current processing that we all must ‘work through’ with pragmatism and an awareness of our circumstances may overcome with projected intentional threats in established, empowered, educated terrain. 
⦁   It Suggests Growth Statements that require rapport through honouring so as to establish our [willing] Emotional prosperity, shaping, motivation & releasing / or overcoming & personally – developed blocks to Shift Potential.
⦁    Recognises Crystals (Minerals) as Vibrational energy for both (shift states) (1,2,..) and how each may play a tangible and aligned connection to promoting energy – with tandem Affirmations. 
⦁    The Affirmations are value-statements in the 2 –stage build that foster firstly ‘Emotional Prosperity’ and also connects secondary attributes that are Working towards (future attainments), the ‘Transformation we wish to project to’.
⦁    Recognises Patterned activation, positive reinforcement, ‘repetition’ and alignment strength.

You may like to buy 1 crystal tumble ( or an cabochon as a flatter palm stone) in Sunstone and 1 Botswana agate. Then consider these as ‘active water connections’ or as palm-consorts.

Tumbles or cabochons can be placed on the palm-receptors with attribution given to the body-energy. Left-palm is implied (coming in, some ones connected feminine energy – receiving and the right-palm (going into with awareness, flow state, in personal energy). 


This sees the energy as a retained – flow sequence, a circular flow appreciation whereby the meditation connection & the ‘build’ in field is thus understood.


Variation may include palms- over-the-heart, whereby you consider your body-engagement ( as well as emotional loading ) when working with chakral energy. 

Begin with Sunstone and the following Emotional Prosperity statements:

I respond to that which saddens me, angers me & also in control of my solitude, my approach to people.

I shape my own capacity to grow & pave that role of existence. 

I see myself blessed with nature, with relationships & a body that breathes for me & allows me to experience the joys of life. 

The statements recognise emotional states, bellow self-government. Motivation is personally birthed, and emphasises gratitude. While connecting to the action – waves and projecting image- visualization - ensure to see the echo as an available circumstance, in grace energy. 

The Botswana agate tumble ( or cabochon ) works on the vibrational passage in divinational passage whereby ‘birthing’ is propelled in devotional sun-aspect. It regrets no opposition to evolutionary construct – formation build that is source orientation. The Sunworshipper may be as gracious as Giaganyoot (divine energy) together with formation-appreciation that is African-land  (blessed with rhythm) in womb dance, land energy & rhythm journeying. The balance exists in the quiet connection that is also Moon energy appreciation. The banding like arcs are evidence of built in-growth appreciations created overtly. Elliptical-spin technology is a part of cosmic build and we – may emphasise as “divinators” that “drawing to me” energy. 

I release all thought patterns that do not serve me.

I embrace the challenges that come with adversity, fear & new experience. 

I see myself ready to explore my dreams ( I visualize), understand yearnings and wishes).

I am in rhythm, with my universe and bring forward change. 

I will in positive responses to my world, my vibe attracts my response. 

The [Lush examination] sees “evergreen” promise as a Visualised Reality and the Projection is a natural bequest immediacy in thought & heart alignment. “I am” is “embodied realism” - It is an empowered consciousness – not over powering. It identifies flow as echo cognition forwarding believable (perceivable) new beginnings.

Hopefully, these ignition principles support you in [sensing] quality prosperity & strength alignment coming out of any current dynamic thresholds (ideas of future self). Good luck. 


Remember to engage with your positive alignment daily. 

Some other suggestions for water bowl engagement may include looking at vibrational formation work using words such as – song, singing & hymns as prayers. Let these water “feel the feel-goods” permeate through personal havens & spaces. 


Another asset in Sacred Geometry is the Flower of Life, that is built on the seed consciousness and what I think is a beautiful scripture ( the shape energy of the Circle ). The Flower of Life works on radial and expansive permeation, with an honouring of all that is Positive Creation. With 100% positivity and 2 candles, the connection of 3 and 6-point radial star, that is a flower - it grows, it grows, it grows. I like to think that all that is beautiful in Spirit, Nature and with Angelic service, it offers a wonderful anchor to positive allignment and in congregation, anyone who does divination respects.


The Compass & the Arrow 
(that understands it’s feather)

Strategy – based Healing Modalities

When considering, Direction & Co-relation:
(The I am coming from… I am going to.. and I have learnt) – Foundations are aware (ascending) connection.

Like the spring of the Grass Hopper, we build enthusiasm, know our intention and limiting-aspect in returning back down to earth.
(Not a Bad thing). Consider the projection, mode of delivery, expenditure and know the feeling of circumstantial premise for new motion.

            Let’s all do lifts in the energy. 

With the current lockdown, it is important to reflect on strengths. When going into the Base and Sacral, we also work on all energy in total as the base and sacral are ‘collective soul aware’.

Do an exercise by placing your palm over your belly-button and remember there is not just one cord of denomination knowing birth, motherhood & fatherhood or family – it is soul-cognitive. When we cross our arms to opposite shoulder, we are [in blessing]. You may think to Church and other circumstances. The intimacy is the receptive receive [or more aware emotional depth] to acknowledgement, gratitude.
While some feel the backward peddle of the alarm, others spin with cartoon legs of momentus speed and enthusiasm, with arms out-stretching -  hugs hugs! I think this short next few days is a good time to not only draw kisses with arms of gratitude but also honour others with blessings, prayers and positive thought forms.

Metaphysically, the Energy hears, feels and responds to prayers. When you are thinking of happy and you see that being sent to someone through visualization or other [knowing experiences, we are shaped by our aware or developing  recognition in vibration] and the formation
[This brings positive, designated or isemotionally distinct].

After the 'I am thankful,' give time to:
⦁    Sending Positive Builds throughout Your body essence and also Your spaces, first.
⦁    Take the time to do this Positive Energy Session daily for your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances.
⦁    Send a blessing of Well-wishing to Every One and to dissolve with intention those opposing negativities – of ill-wishing, complainary remarks, plugs, cords, old-juju pile-ups.

The Body, sometimes instrument and “happy compass” must regulate & register it’s understanding to know it’s authentic path (naturally, through where it comes from). I take out the Arrow and I examine the Feather.

How is it fashioned, how is it shaped, what loch?

The Direction, the arrow-bearer and the Co-relation (where have I come from) always support understanding for knowing journey ‘s accrued end-point.

If I pick up the arrow, I know I am no different than the woman who yields the paint brush. As always I regulate my own performance, I bring my purpose-led enthusiasm to all creativity, I bring hard work and examine best next steps (immediate to long term) with revisitation.


I have to know my own arrow, be in “arrow-mind”, “arrow stories”, “arrow field responsibility” and with “arrow-action atunement”. A responsive, intelligent feather wants to travel well.

A Short Exercise on Vital Light Body connection work for you to do, considering Mind-Body value-adding and Cosm Family Positive Build work – that can simply be done for the purpose of Increasing Energy Lifts, and current levels during the next 28 days.
Say to yourself in quiet energy or outloud “My Vital Light Body is Confident and Strong”.
(Repeat 10 times, twice a day, with visualization and conceptual belief).
Anchor your words with substance, strength and encouragement, always.

Repeat the same statement seeing it go into the field of All Family Members.
Do this exercise every day for the next 28 days.
Ask your whole family to do it too, so that each Family member is “sending positive energy builds” in the cosm, to each other.
To support Cosm strength at this time, interest yourself in continued appreciation for positive lifts in self, in environmental cleanse and incidental promotions of good spirit & look at how gentle energetic supports when repeated and built up, increase resilience and positive relationships to other and site, activities and in dynamics.

Good Vibrations_May22042022_2.jpg

Self Cleansing with 'active' Positivity and the Arts

The relationship of positive 'action' for Wellbeing and accrued time commitment usually surfaces with sport & rec, vocal-formation, active dance and 'active' social activities where there is a high level of camraderie, pleasant exchange and not putting up with projected debauchery from outsiders. Aside from recreational activites of more social outlet and physical immersion - taking to the 'colour' integrity and simplicity of paint for active-response, includes individual 'self clearing' as another individual pursuit & with the benefit of collective - wellbeing.

What is Self Cleansing?

Vibrational cleansing may be interpreted profoundly with complex models or profoundly supported with simple connection.


Across philosophies we could navigate for our whole lives to know & deepen appreciation with no-trivial application in social situations varied. Cleansing activities profit our landscapes as self-care monitoring, to prevent energy projections in various environmental 'situations' and also as emergent need in the face of "energetic stress", toxic loading and spirit body threats.


We may appreciate a more vital day, and live more fully - something every one wants, and deserves (emotionally, mentally, in freedom and energetically).

Cleansing is an adjunct promise. Aside from and in contrast to ceremonial juncture - the use of herbal-substances (gently smoked) into the aura & spaces, to express (dissipate unwelcome toxins & spiritual parasitic bodies to leave). We have the benefit of ranging "sound cognitions'' - (i) understanding the body as an instrument & (ii) giving vehicle to sound, for it may support environment & field in cleaning, cleansing & spiritual lift.

The role of 'active sound' determines a part (or some of) our energy body experience.


We facilitate 'vibrational strength awakening' through great resilience: 

1. One strategy is Laughter. 
2. Another is singing & congregational song
3. Music in our field responding to a source, with low-volume non-audible transactions coming from an i-pod/phone.
4. Chimes & bell correspondences on-site, remote and also individually-played instruments, including singing bowls, "sound play", blowing whistles & musical instrument work. 
5. Body 'hushes'.
6. Kirtan, prayer & "harmonising" circle work.

Sound encourages a 'profound movement procession' as intuitive interplay.

1. It can be utilised for behavioural support, and with gentle attribution (both voluntary & involuntary connection)
(a) Awareness is 'with the birds', nature sound-scaping, in quiet reserve & active breath - acoustic & bodily voyaging. 

2. Psychically, personal sound-mantra finds the subtle body and recognises itself no different to distant singing bowls and song/prayer. Such is one of the many beautiful comforts of spirit. 

Sound also registers 'an invitation' to dance. And to cue, with inflection, the Fun.


It's colourful at Sienna Art Space, not just in the artmaking.

goodvibrations aug 2022 resized.jpg

Nurture the Energy

The Significance of Wishing the Best for People

I feel every person connected with our space is Forever Blessed.

It's in the inherent nature of kaleidoscope promise - the nature of the beginnings and the reinforcement to positive is in "all those contributive accounts to blessing we seek to reinforce ongoing". For that I am very thankful. 

   Blessings are formiddable, with profit to all - it's like a fountain. 

Every Human desires. They desire a happy life - a fulfilled relationship to all that is [ important to them] - love, family, friendship, life-balance, seeking territory & accomplishment. 

Psychically as humans - we express passage in energy and we 'exchange'. The self is very important to survival, with prioritisation for immediate relationships to that existence & the who-what-is, in scenario to that immediate expressive bipartisan contributive cosm. 

Prayer constitutes different things to various traditions and as people we are all different in how we perceive, pray and convey message to allignment. No different to honouring.


When it comes to 'exploring universal commons', may the "orange yarn" that is a thread, be understood simply through human - reinforcement  ( See people with positive potential, in relationship to "achievable aims" and already with remarkable promise ). 


If you ever have been on the receiving end of targeted bombardment "ill wishing", you may be aware of the opposing, denegrating projections that are psychically-conscious. To disconnect - we pursue simple-climatised, non aggressive routine to 'sponge away' as psychic cleanse those 'non-constructive' debris & sometimes ritualistic target cords and hooks. Cleansing and Responding through "building up" for replenishment - include all the daily encouragements, affirmations & enrichment that "we design" as individuals 'whatever the faith' - to give us that maintained strength.


It is significant Psychic Fitness and Assertive Strength.

While attending to the self, reflect daily on how much you "send" positive thoughts to anyone. 

Positive thoughts may be - felt, not necessarily said aloud:
* Compliments / praise ( You have, you do...)
* Encouragements (You do amazing work...)
* Gratitude statement ( I really appreciate you.. Thank you..)
* Soul Contributions (Having you here, makes a world of a difference..)
* I wish / I believe statements ( You are blessed)
* 'You remind me to' statements ( Soul learning )
* 'I feel good because you have supported A..'
* "I believe wealth is abundant and that comes back to you" ( From a Higher Power or a Friendly  Source, Good Samaritans)
* I see you as beautiful, every day.

I feel it is important to wish people well, every day. The stronger a person feels  in "happy psychic" energy, there is a likelihood the build to the climate will be climatised ease, overcoming the smaller puddles and hurdles. Resilience is not burdened by those "obstacle hooks". 

The "You Go Girl" Consciousness of the young child bracket reinforcement is a beautiful model for consistent pledge to other for all Women - they spend so much of their 100% enthusiasm on Positive - with no motivation gearing to hooking, competing and resentment - negativity. It's a very loving age period. The same can be said of Boys. 

It's gorgeous to "send the message" of positivity as a "significant send". We can say it out loud and show it through action as rapport. It Re-fuels the other person and the climate recognises the energetic vibration, being consistently re-fueled. Re-fueling for Psychic Fitness is as important to individuals and hubs, as it is to the Psychic Health of Spaces in Social rapport strength. 

Our compassionate realities exist some days in political upset where there is a 'recognition' for stamina and 'zoom out' so that we look after our "self" more. Helping professions, helping parents, supportive people (in general), that are the Generalist Wellbeing Officers conscious of impact and re-fueling - may look to examining "depletion &  fatigue" with self in mind and know it's personal-onus to "climatise" space for rejuvenating the energy field. Seeing people at 'no blocks to receiving" - also sees them surrounded by positive energy and on the receiving of only integrity, honest connections and no masked agendas. "Genuine" psychic thoughts are felt like audient prayers, with mitigation and astute reading of what adheres to genuine respect is very significant also. Discernment grows and strengthens as we also encourage 'genuine' connections

( all that is intentionally, with view to prosperity and good promise for all). I believe there is a really big need to be fiercely compassionate in the face of any selfish-cycles and projective antagonism in the world right now. 

Sending positive gratitude, ideas and thoughts/compliments into spaces, objects, nature plants and "I loves.." into visiting routes also breathes and lifts circumstances for others. All benefit. It is just as easy as that. 

We all contribute to those fountains, with no continuum or strength for those who try to sabotage the energy. 

Good Vibrations_April22042022.jpg

Meditating with Purpose 
( A Diagram to acknowledge Holistic State)

Culture & the Elements

Please be aware of Erin's Expressive Soul Art & Meditation as one of our Studio Class for Adults. Erin has previously hosted women's workshops that support Women's growth with alligned, chosen fundraising. You may have also seen her facilitate introductory circle in meditation, vibrational work and dance movement with holistic connection, at Mind Body Spirit Festival - Sydney. 

This following diagrammatical alignment recognises Artists as meditation students coming to classes, that are contemplating meditation practices & focuses. There's always lots to explore and to develop further through learning. Hope to see you in Expressive Soul Art & Meditation.

Breath Preoccupation

A. Breath is an appreciation of Soul-Life. Every Cycle of Intake is recognition of the Blessings we have in Soul Vibration. 

B. An “Aware Breath” reconfigures our Energy Vibration.

C. Trees and Plants as Spirit Essences may know our Collectives Soul Lives. We are with recognition, and the “collective connection” may be seen as soul memory, operational on the “continuum energy from A to B”


For Awareness

A. As we are in “Aware Breath” we may be drawing attention to specific parts of our Physical body. Our “Aware Body” and “Aware Brain” is observant of energetic responses to
- Placement
- Mode of Touch
- Textured Responsivity hosting to site

B. The Yoga-Nidra Meditation may be a systematic (whole view) voyage but we have to look at our acknowledgments of energetic / psychosomatic response. 

Our responsivity is to 

⦁    Pace ( Self observed & empathic)
⦁    Sound Vibration Accomplishment
⦁    Movement Sequences
(Audio, cognizant and “spiritually-operative & environmentally in cognition mother plant to offshoot “leafing in propagation supports the new line continuum”.
Body & Spatial Setting

A. Our increasingly “Aware Land sea” is shaped by the model responses to energetic replay, subconscious healing & embodied active vocabulary” in how our energy responds to breath strategy, innate body responses, mantra or environmental cognition. 

B. Affirmations to Passage recognizes that Holistic energy.

C. “Aware Energy” is of “Aware Mind” in Space-Time recognition to devoted practice. 
- Knowing Disciplines and repeat
- Mantra- led, mantra-ease, mantra, energetically responsive to “flock” and “hive”. 

Colour Respite & Leisure

‘Colour Respite’ is sometimes an Individual navigation of quiet connection in space. The activity of all art has an innate therapeutic resonance in both healing and joy energy.  It is leisure. Leisure connects the dots of our passionate realities across arts navigation and it ‘wants to know us’ incidentally and in vernacular splendour. In our colourful world, there is an energy song that finds us.

The ‘simplicity’ of the colour abstractions as smaller and larger connections invited in intersections for ‘reflective immediacy’.  In process and with field ‘witness intersections’, the colour invites a strong sympathetic resonance that may be shared. 

What is 'Colour Respite' ? - A Basic Introduction


Formulating connection to colour gives us 'recreational funds' (with no loss to profit) - It is also a fun way to build integration and lift appreciation for our field's benefit - responding activity windows and processing acknowledgment time & conferencing.


Choosing colours in the navigation process is 'as-simple-as' recognising: that there are contributes to the Positive realm of our 'vibrational lift continuum'. 

For example, the may-be black outfit, is drenched with colourful elixer toe nails, rainbow undies, sock 'high notes' and really good sneaker whites. In a similar way, we can build-in as [sunny inlet] to the dining room, the vibrant patterned table cloth, bed sheet colour comforts and interesting inclusions in our periphery, on body, in the car and with an awareness of placement in our interactive and visual environments. 


I talk about Colour Concierge Fun in the digest. Colour Respite reflects a series of voyages and integrated conversations with colour for positive 'living' and reflective, thinking engine-environments that support our Vibrational Wellbeing.

GoodVibrations_2021_November1 (1)_resize

Rhythm in Energy Conversation

Culture & the Elements

There is a lovely acquisition of respect in connecting to Buddhist & Shinto teaching in Spirit tribe. Which tree is not always particular territory for soul lineage & worship nor does a choice of tree separate me from any tribe – the tree being a-bounty source – ‘each’ ‘individual tree’ (collective energy confession, joining in conversation, a hundred memories & observing nature spirits.


My drum may be native American, the heart beat may be plethora – the circle is a wheel, is a time-space, is a global map – it exists as many overlays – opportunity for consideration, no-dissimilar to other stories, experiences and tribal conversation, soul-journeying and learning-in-rhythm.

One of my Shinto guides in Buddhist awareness, insists there is soul digest in ‘share’ – it is really important to offer the digestion in simple-service, non-arduous, as Spirit communicate it, willingly, openly.

This tree is a crepe mertil, with hands holding each side of the middle – trunk – hugging itself. As I drum, Spirit draws attention to the bud larger than it’s close neighbour, a younger thread, bipartisan, collective network. I drum to honour the tree, knowing the story is observing thoughts of those around me. With a few pink-to-purple lights in flower, the budded branch holds new arrivals soon, cresting birth, not yet born.
I am asked to drum with the energy of one bud larger and then the other, recognizing energy vibration (fast, nervous, rapid-ready) as though “bursting consciousness” is a baby's focus need. It is not calling, the larger bud is pressing to open & flower to be freedom steady in a new space where the thymus & shoulders understand themselves. And eyes delighting observe all the pink to purple flowers. The other bud is also womb aware but does not impress itself upon the outer skin like it’s neighbour.
There is more to the branches, unrestricted journeying. I walk away knowing there is a lot of energy in the carrying, the connecting to maternity and the awareness of embryo, male-sea horse and lady-bug conversation – totem mother energy.


Sacred Symbols – Body adornment energy

Culture & the Elements

Our Body Adornment is “culturally imbued territory”.


Consider the age old energy phrase, a pledge to wellness and assertive protection. [ My body is a temple ]. In sacred appreciation and outside of it we still “self-worship” ( a good thing).


A part of Identity and Identifying attributes is our body confidence, self-esteem and body-pride.


Like the energy statements we send ourselves and communicate through body language – we are also communicative in wearable, ‘garment conscious’ and auric conditioning. The last allowing us to represent, reflect & harness protection. 

Wearables, culturally are as numerous as the “ceremonial paste” on forehead & hairline or on torso, on body skin. Colours represent:
⦁    Yellow-Orange (Raw Sienna) – Top of hairline anointment 
⦁    Red-Marriage Bindu – Sindoor as Vermillion signature colouring
⦁    Sandalwood Paste – Puja ceremony – middle forehead.
⦁    Tikli jewellery governing the Brow, Crown and earline as formal adornment in dance and some marriage ceremonies. 
The Placement on the Body (Third Eye-Chakral placement acknowledgement)

How our “Body receives” in reactive – soul speech, like a cathartic shamanic healing is also an interesting appreciation. We can self-observe as enquiry-based Arts. The Space and our Body Space, position (sitting as seated asana or other) reflects passage cognition. 

Our recognition for “situational analysis” is a simple voyage of “shift vibration awareness” and may consider those other features to space – E.g. furniture, plants, ceiling, (interior, outside impacts), settings of the energy & cleanse the energy belief set and Soul-connective alignment in Life passage adjoining man and wife (Hindu-lifestyle). The formation again is culturally-distinctive. Ceremonial paints, like “coming of age” ceremonies in Indigenous tribes (cicatrices reflect that engagement to stepping into the age-growth territory of Responsible Clan-leader or Masculine Identity. The Chest & Upper energy reflects the emphasized domain, body to energy reflection. Like our “Crown-in-situ” connections, our body adornment of the head is both devotionally-responsive connection to all head coverings, scarves, turbans and scull-caps – They vary collectively – conscious and individual in appreciation. Our Cultural address communicates heritage, family faith values and spiritual connection. Stylistically, status is also a recognized male/female dress configuration and reflects Identity and Belonging in tribe. In the tradition of the “Ta Moko”, New Zealand tattooing, the “contact points” of chin and solar-bar reflect family tree sacred symbology and formations the ‘energy tokens’ or ‘energy motifs’ are blood line/soul line tribe acquisition, with ceremony and reflect ‘of sea’  in and of the cultural story – telling that is creation-aspect aware, very similar to Aboriginal dreamtime and the Papua New Guinea appreciation of land-animal-tribe; their greater relationships of cosmic-creatorship. The Ta moko honours the formations of sea, sea reflective spiral and is solid-relationship to torso placement for men and women, honoured and bestowed upon. The tattoo is an recognized non-permanent paste in bonding ceremony for those who also receive Mehndi on hands, feet and arms. 

The ‘patterns’ (angled & block-oriented repetitions) as well as the (curvilinear, organic) reflect the orientation to aesthetic-communicative tradition inherent in Middle-eastern, African Communities and is wedding-based / festivities-based, in collective, amongst the tribe, like “braiding” traditions. 

In looking at greater world-view appreciations of adornment the folk outfit, the ancient traditions in primitive sculpting could be consulted with, even specific ceremonial situations. It is Cultural and it is wide-scape to diversity. 

When we consider just Jewellery, the commons are Body-energy operative.

⦁    The necklace (is ‘garland aware’)
⦁    The clock (is ‘wrist aware’)
⦁    The neck –chain (is ‘torso, neck & front as well as back aware’)
⦁    The anklet (is ‘ankle aware’)
⦁    The head garland, head band & crown ( is ‘head aware’).

Of the sacred crystal choices, wood-choices, metal-choices and symbols we choose to adorn ourselves with - how we appreciate the energy and communicate our individual, personal self-functions to service a number of prides or goals:

⦁    Communication Faith belonging
⦁    Marital Status or Partnership (in Diversity)
⦁    Observantly Visual or Hidden balancing symbols
⦁    Protective talismans and Codes to Honour
⦁    Rings also offer Status, relationship shifts (Irish friendship bands) etc.

Some of the Most Common Energy Symbols (Shape-Connections) in Jewellery are:

⦁    The Cross, Druid symbols, Pagan/Cosmic Symbols
⦁    Stars ( various – 5 points, 6 – points , 12 points, Starburst radials – 4 and 8)
⦁    Arrows, hearts, hands
⦁    Leaf formations
⦁    Triangles, the trikona, yantras.

Some of the Most Common Energy Motifs on Jewellery are:

⦁    The Koran & Bible
⦁    Kavaches and Lockets
⦁    Braiding as “signifiers”

Some of the Most Common Energy Materials in Jewellery are: 

⦁    Gold & Silver choices
⦁    Leather thonging & Macrame banding
⦁    Semi-Precious stones ( Various Crystals )
⦁    Precious Stones ( Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire )

⦁  Earth-wood  Connections ( Rosewood beads, Sandalwood and Rudrakasha seeds )

Of Protective energies in history, the Carnelian-Coral Red, Lapiz-Lazuli Blue, Turquoise & Gold became operational. 

When Observing your energy, consider the relationship of choices (gravitational, gift-led and the thoughtful next buy) – how could you “curate” in appreciation for the Ideal Life and also to support auric indigenous body placement. 

Just like the Gold Yantra is at the base-of-sternum precinct aware, a neck chain may be heart-centred to support & safeguard the energy Centre and also back of body as a beaded chain. I have long explored a series of awareness for myself including mantra & prayer (built – up energy supports) kavaches purchased from Energy Consultants who recognise vibration & environmentally-responsive energy acquisition & honouring. Sacred symbols & energy-aware materials (minerals) are a great resource to connect to for energetic support. 


Rain for subtle restoration

Culture & the Elements

Rain gives surface this morning as gentle current – as a subtle vibration - and at the universal awareness. My voice syncopates with the currency of need that is a tandem energy, both a co-responsive and co-efficient understanding; resilience for those that choose positive formation consent and availability.

Let Rain permeate in its organic conferencing with the plentiful in soul’s yearning dissolving all that is frustrated, discomforting in the physical realms, outer spaces and residual surfaces – let there be an awareness for interior and exterior significance that is conscious and meditative in natural exuberance.

I am more than my physical self. Rain responds with no jealousy and no pain. It is of a light-soft, gentle current– hoping to know the washing away of all that does not serve our outer realms, conferencing with physical wholes – trees, plants, vertical alignments and sloping agencies, the built environment in which we may reside.

Let the rain be felt inside, of all of the above – for better knowing. May there be an awareness that the replenishing-aspect gives ease to the inner sanctum counter playing any torments that have plagued us, foggied the brain, or trespassed physical privacy, emotional integrity in the empathic awareness and compromised subtle body and ‘natural karma’. I am more than my physical self. I have availability to knowing that the rain dissolves with both hope and absolute centeredness. I trust that it permeates confidently and with giving honesty to the abundance we choose to seek at this time – It is a time of repair, consolidation, healing and with continuum rain gives a natural ordered kindness to ‘what feels right, what feels good’.

I hope that you feel good today in the availability to connection though your personal meditation, restoring faith attribution where needed and also in re-introduction always to that which is outside availability, a conferencing with the natural intertwining - conferencing that is shared, loved, adored.

Good Vibrations 02082022_edited_resized.jpg

Belly-aware Dance &

Sacred-self Honesty, shared

"Belly-aware" proud dance is salutations on the grass - the sun and roots of stem consciousness - freedom expression, audience - irrelevant, well-ness bright, confident, content , not there for show ).


Like, tai-chi and yoga - "dancing in the sun and light shade" is a great way to get nutrients and become body + energy aware of 'centering', 'neutralising the energy wave' to avoid and counter low-esteem vacuums, empathic overload and enmeshment.  Proud dance is also an appreciation of varying emphasis and choice - and most enjoyable when it is a shared connection and with an audience embracing - also!

The "loving relationship" of the dance is in the beginning and returning point to 'sacred-self honesty and positive health' ( a climate for wealth and of wealth) - 'capacity to share culture' (with others, without competition, and with true praise and acknowledgement of other dancers). 

An "honest relationship with the self" is the quiet revelry in the motivational practice and the communion to connective-sharing as a non-aggressive, never passively-insulting competition.

It is healthy to "share dance fun", with anybody who appreciates themselves quietly and also loves & adores the humble modesty and gusto of the circle. Community and family wealth.

Opening a Door to the Energy Appreciations of Movement Culture                          
Culture & the Elements

Like most women who have danced as a child or teenager, a return into exploration of culture as a 20-something and now into my mid 30’s – I enjoy a more diverse appreciation as a dance-performer, and happy audience participant, with interesting experience, learning ongoing and teaching as a dance teacher energy.  

The elemental consciousness and the gorgeous relationship of energy & ‘belly’ dance appreciations are a response to [spiritual and soulful] self-concept and collective (tribal) connection, a mirror energy for also men in that vehicle of passage  [ in movement dialect] – Sometimes dance-artist (aspect), other times movement consciousness in the martial artist or in fundamental pride energy [ I exist in my body as breathing instrument, of nature in nature ] as an energy awareness ( through Qi Gong, Tai Chi & elemental response and release ).

I often see currents of ‘cosmopolitan’ youth, colourful dress conversation and culturally-distinct acquisition energy in the studio – from rainbow tiers (that are full twirls), pom-poms, hair braids to ribbons and “priyana drops”.  There is a soft, gentle vibration and an enthusiasm –grand to the juncture of some of these cues, no different to the funk-soul brother sneakers and coveted ‘animal tokens’ (connected animal appreciations) as t-shirt print consciousness of our gentleman counterparts.
These conversations often imbue a story of the energy we-bring in, experience and adore, naturally. The active-blue is an expressive flourish, evidencing energy and the ‘kewls’ of ‘cools’ and an understanding that our Australian Studio includes and embraces the bringing of ranging influences and cultural lineages, including Australian evolution consciousness & local –birthing too.

In my own experience of ‘belly' and cultural-dance – I think about [with a smile] what brings people to the dance in these traditions.

[…the lineage of belly response in the energy, not just bellydance (from American-tribal (fusion, dialects ATS, Gypsy Caravan, etcetera), Middle-Eastern-connected rhythms and Orientale language, the Egyptian (temple awareness) and African-sun. There’s core folk in the Hispanic, Romany, slav and flamenco… and the foundations of ancient territory in the energy that is shared ‘bodily awareness’, ‘symbolic & metaphorical energy’ responsive consciousness and with – time-line, land, location, precinct relationship. There is an energetic thread in all of the “diamond formation” that are “culturally” moving in movement and mirror consciousness, with distinct language dialects of varied kinds]

Excerpt passage from Movement Dialects in the Energy, Erin Kathleen Muir, Copyright 2020.

If you are moving, you are ‘energy conferencing’, in the communication of not just history but ‘others’. In a connected & remotely connected land consciousness, as well as being in the energy [field-vibration] of blood lines, song lines, spirited appreciation and the ancestors.

Intuitive vocabulary is appreciated in that realm of connection. While we adore and cradle our traditions (and praise be to the traditional dance! ) – there is a strong love at the heart-of-the-matter to what it brings – it gives us Cultural Sharing with Appreciation and an availability in Connection which we [contribute in circle] no matter the shape or the stage of the occasion.

As always, I do pirouettes with my heart in the energy (dance mandalas).


Erin produced a selection of Dance Mandalas as an exploration of expressive dance styles, including Circus & Variety Entertainment in 2012. 


To Look & Connect with

Divine purpose

The Creative Artist – Materiality, aesthetics & visual culture

​​Visual Engagement is truly an ‘immersion’.

To Look is an awareness, connecting always, and with more focused, conscious appreciations, incidental-broad availabilities to connective tissue and with a relaxed confidence in migration-attribute – ‘I see constantly, in experience of the more subtle, finding rich circumstances for pleasure-response and healing in treasures surrounding..  visual moments (momento-time shot).

When we look at Modalities for Output we convene with given counterparts [human, spirit, and oneness-aspect that may be seen as a cue to always-connected, ever-present availabilities – that of spirit consciousness]. We also convene in Environmental episode response – that is, appreciation for what may be considered timely attribution in ‘I see, I experience’ at any given moment. We are in a world of stimulus, corresponding. We are in a world of stimulus, in correspondence.

How do you dial up to know your seeing in this personal, discursive availability to opportunity of loving visuals?
This text article is drawn from a portion of our course manual - Course 3: The Art Filament, course overviews detailed on the website.

One of the Processes for Engagement, output opportunities that we may give ourselves pertains to  the spiritually-understood at a private, personal level.  As Appreciators, not only Creative essences [ be that Artist, maker and co-producer to creative circumstance] – we engage to not necessarily intellectualise and thus examine, in critical response but find space for ‘traveller’s awareness’ in knowing ourselves more, experiencing [appreciating an experience] and living-in a connection to who we are in the awareness, profound.

To look upon, may be also to muse focused-ideas or further extrapolation, honour prayer in daily circumstance, to remember the appreciated connection and distill, further and love contributes to empowerment [ for that I soar].

One of those availabilities to engaging the above is present individuals, present connections [ seeing the value of the person in conversation, no matter the time-attribution to physical circumstance]. Another may be objects in continuous ‘present mind’ or pleasing, re-correspondence. The lily-pad speaks to me, beyond the temple’s paradise. While I do not see it in front of me always in sight-operative, tangible form, it offers reintroduction.  The engagement extends to our physical surroundings at all levels, of abundant stories – momentus time-based understandings, and/or/if not, having an awareness of interplay connectivity ‘.  I am witnessing while experiencing and pertaining to in tandem, omnipresent connection.’

An interesting print availability became a connection point to know for me in visual-mode awareness over 18 years ago, and with correlation lends itself to commentary in the way of how we engage with spiritual connections in our computative, personal development and appreciation-connections. As a lover of looking and connecting, we are blessed with ranging artefacts and ‘spaces of finding’. Be that connection a cultural mask gifted, a card production or print of spiritual worship, insignia focus for silver-connection or gold connection-point in jewellery element.
The correspondence to the object involves greater concepts, a lineage and personal trajectory for engagement – to ‘listen’ to it’s value is correspondence for us to understand at personal liasonship – introspection and alignment.
It may be no different than a gorgeous woman in connecting to rosemary offerings from a small water bowl, then forwarded with permission to her relative at a nearby hospital, an honoured sprig for furthered appreciation-dialogue. The relationship is innately voyage-consent and the treasured aspect is in the truth connection to the on-looking, experience and tandem travelling.

Another print-output is of course our Art of the World, being it local, personal and with co-productive requirement. Every family connects at the local, personal response – I engage with visual essence in the home and at personal lens, individually in travel-with images in print. Some of these are images of angels, family members, patron saint medallions, text-appreciations in coded visual form – a book of psalms or aspiration-quotes that are available, omnipresent energies for worship, reconnecting purpose and appreciating ‘seeing responses’, aware conscious connections for personal requirement.

What do you have in your car, in your wallet or back pocket, or hanging in a corner of a frame, bedside table or in living spaces – that you connect to in the energy availability of experience?

As Experiences, the affirmation, quotation, written-ode finds its way onto vessels, in playgrounds of staffrooms, on the fridge and more quieter journalized connections ‘I feel I want to know myself more in this’. To look upon these is a musing agency or engagement, personalized. A lovely print-output of resonance for you to explore is also the Oracle, as we travel perspectival junctures into the landscape and into new terrain for the self.  *Particularly of interest during this period of the pandemic, realigning and connecting to positive availabilities and personal trusts.

While the Oracle deck, usually consisting of about 38 cards or so, is pictorial in nature, there are some decks more locally produced and globally produced that also as seeing-ouput are utilized in altar circumstance and ranging engagements, time-based ceremonial prosperity of differentiated response for each individual.
Differing to other print consciousness and energy-activities as in the Tarot, the Oracle affords connections for insight, musing, prayer and direction.
The dual-aspect of front and back, text connection and pronounced archetypes are likened to those universal chaperones in our existence – comforts to seeing, comforts to knowing and abbreved / and appropriated text comprehensions as visual odes to what we love, live for and find direction in.
There are quite a few interesting connections where you may like to look at the cultured, the cosmopolitan, with a sampling of spiritual connections, historical figures and archetypes. Some of these are Oracles, that you may like to discover or re-convene with. 

As part of 'Words make the World Lighter' Month  - 7th Jan - 7th Feb on our 2021 Calendar. We are celebrating Love & Light Strategies using Word Vibrations, Kirtan, Mantra, Visual Presentation techniques & Affirmation Cards. We are celebrating various features of hand-picked oracles, as well as Christian hymns, and sanskrit-inspired poetry. Together we travel the archetype, the musing of keyhole-vignettes, prose and sacred symbolism. The music is playing and the song, breath and energy is appreciated.


New 2023 Resources are on the Devotional Calendar on the Holistic Arts & Healing Page.


Corn & Copal

The Creative Artist – Materiality, aesthetics & visual culture




Travelling the cosmopolitan & diversity of knowing of our Devotional Calendar is a Sun & Moon, greg-arious collide. The ‘Lovers’ of Sun & Moon do meet, in appreciation.We turn on a Light Vibration to know Spirits appreciation in October & November, no different to all other times of the year. However, in the evening availability as in the early afternoon, there is a lovely turning point to cosmic & earth energy 4 – 8pm  (Kali ma arc aspect rejuvenation understanding ) that we all environmentally express “unit” consciousness (family, faith-based local community, collective network and global currents).


These are energy appreciations in the home always, but also in connection to festivals where we see attributions to “light” and “shade” concepts.​For example recently, we [ as in global knowing] had congregational connection for multiple appreciations in diverse awareness & celebrated differently in cosm-formation. Spirit, as an omnipresent consciousness gets honoured in various ways from Pagan traditions (evolution) to Mexican celebrations understood with features of ‘imbued cultured insignia’ (codes to knowing). Some of these are more festival-aligned, where is others are significant appreciations in tradition to mark occasion. 


Consider the marigold petals – floral flourish, cleansing rituals using Copal, and also the cheeky chattering of children in skeleton outfits, eating ‘corn on the cob’. There is a quality to the transparency of culture, acknowledgement of Spirit and ‘feeling in the vibration, we honour individual souls existing in life and that have passed away.


Diwali also approaches with diyas, chiroti powder, dice-metaphor appreciation and a similar awareness to transparency, inviting communication and ‘shared community appreciation’ for our Spirit Light Consciousness (of many kinds). As in the honouring in marigold and copal cleanse to dispel negative vibration, the formation and markation energy of soul’s trust to knowing in faith worship comes about as Blessing – Love attribution to soul connectivity. Doors know the formation and the congregation to appreciation – entrance, sacred space and living awareness ritual to Drawing.


Insignia and the more ceremonial ‘cues’ continue to be a congregational – cultural-appreciation across faith, community & festival-connected unity vibrations. It is a huge privilege for everyone in living-availability to live a life of cultural exploration.


In person, in congregation…, as in our expressions of art diverse, archived attribution energy or studio expressions – each surfacing virtue to ‘collective soul appreciation’, acknowledgment to spirit and soul-passage

( lineage ) to who we are both as secular and religious fellow. ’    


We Love Art & Culture, devotional passage to knowing Other. 


This is a great time to Consider how the Hive Mind moves from a threshold consciousness to sacrum-awareness in community connection (Germination out of seeds quiet, relationship 'ready' consciousness):


​​‘ The light overcomes doubt, all that feels low’ and Replenish energy moves into the Action ( beyond stationary, thought-centered modality – time appreciation ).

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Good Vibrations 01082022_eye_resized.jpg

Developing a Rapport 

    with Art Practice

"Rapport" is our routinised or connective allignment , with mutual appreciation. 

Hello art, I love you. 
No. (Hello art, you make me happy. I will be back. And yeah, just one more thing - as though you got stuck to the strings of the guitar ).

This is attachment, of an emotional "kind". ( Elasticity )

Art Practice lends itself to a much larger relationship, and it is a really diversified construct to appreciation as to how it confides to define Artist-in-perspective and also viewpoints in self understanding in Relationship.

Every artist is different, therefore -

Art making recognises & fosters Conceived relationships to :

- Creative Output ( I make )

- I speak with Literacy & I respond to natural gravitation - with Literacy.  One Artist comes with an awareness, a developed connection to art-

     eutero & art-centric focuses. 

- I socialise in visual communication & I consume & process mechanism to life-integrated visual culture. 

- I cycle to understand myself & others. 

- At life's core-focus to living, I enjoy it



Register interest for Studio Art classes, and Kindred Workshops on the Homepage / Workshop page.


To connect with Educational Breeze Resources go to the Holistic Arts tab

Of the Vernacular :

  'Dzi' & Blue Consciousness

There is a lot to be said of that "kind budgerigar eye" floating in soft coloured pastel as part of the new Bird Oracle, currently in production. The eye that is a seed-conscious soul memory-retrieval interface, also finds itself focus in some of the gallery-related meditation works involving mirrors and reflection from 2018.  I have always had a fascination for the beauty of Circles and bloom-aspect appeciations as they surface in both pictorial and other coded forms. It is not just sacred geometry in the kaleidoscope across culture - it is our responses to configurations and their 'operational' and 'sacred' mind-knowing. 


The 'Dzi' or seed vibration is 'an aware appreciation' that is inherent to the 'Nazar Boncuga' and 'consciously blessed amulet culture' of the Hamsa. While the dzi surfaces in jewellery and wearables, with larger consciously understood sacred energies - the nature to the brocade scripts also helps us to understand that which is minimal in aesthetic drawing but also profoundly strong in our integrated tapestries of cultural fabrics, printing, tiles & print cognitions. They are psychic imprints 'responding, communicating and corresponding' to various purposes and faith allignments.


The Evil Eye Talisman acknowledges the 'evil eye' with the intention of 'recognition-and-confrontation from a higher source to ensure focused, happy and maintenance of a private, healthy world free from debauchery - The dzi is impressionable patterning like a brocade. Reinforcement energy and sacred binding is in the process and projective sequencing. We see it a lot in tribal instinct, cultured precinct.

A History of recognised and coded "faith talismans" and god alligned oracle texts (scriptures) allows us to recognise there is a focused relationship for God's praise by those who are religious, believe in Spirit and keeping "dark energy or Energies" at bay.

I talk more about the Consciousness of 'Blue' and the relationship of mirrors in Energy First Aid. Like the hand mudra of Ganesh & Siddartha Gautama Buddha that points up, the communication of the "palm" recognises 'We are of the Light' & protection is a sovereign appreciation from a divine source. Such is the blessing of Fatima, Mary and Muhammad. In Judaism, the symbolic and shape conferencing has also inherent markations with variation and created outlook. The significance of the pointing down of the hand and it's attached meaning is a Jewish expression of good faith and respect.


Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

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We've gone Glossy - Our Naturally Exuberant Magazine Issues 1 to 4 


















From 2014 to 2021, we have had ranging feature articles in content across Topics through our blog Good Vibrations, and also 2020 and 2021 Newsletters, post the SunHouse & Wave Studio. Time brings Change! 


We move on from all online features with Magazines and digests in person being our internal blessing. If you would like to benefit from Erin's writing, studio appreciation is a way to engage with content, learning and supporting dialogue. In extension, all educational materials and videos have shifted from our Holistic Arts & Healing page. 2021's Energy First Aid is now part of our Holistic Resources, with  2022's Thresholds & Passageways being a future Benefit that will be at home, where it belongs, only with Sienna Art Space. 

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