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    ' Celebrating Colour & Culture, our Devotion across Spaces in 2021 '


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Unfurl the floreo, that is the traveller's hand gesture,

Cascade the bells and pom-pom the nearby tree with small lanterns & colour.

Opa! It's a slide and a gentleman's unwind of an 8ft wide carpet.

All one needs is a torso-wrap splendour, one violet to twirl' and 

a pin for Baby's Breath in hair.

Entering spaces of all Kinds, we conference with & 'in' the cosmopolitan -

There is thankfulness for sacred vices, blessings in traditional [ the 'bests'],

an understanding - my Russian lineage to your Belgrade awareness, and

the colour Red gives us Passion's classic for Romancing each wave.

Does the fiery, thirsty rose speak to you?

The cassia bark reminds to consult with the Himalayan and Indian yellow river,

a metatronian-angelic cyan-light appreciating mirrored Tamal hang to

wedded ceremony and cinnamon - scent. 

Circles of simplistic conferencing give availability to knowing time and past, currents & connective futures in love & Harmony. The Daruma consult with the already drawn 2, to recognise the eyes of another in connection, niece, father, and daughter energy, with a 1, also an 8, 10 and a 4.

Leafs turn & mirror in gesture, with every reflective horizon - & in consultation with the start.

Two crickets connect as trance castanets, amongst tree-whiskers,

gently entertaining the young in All.

There are Rainbow Fish plethora conferencing with threading, incandescence & consciousness.

Sept 11, 2020

    ' Shifting beyond the Threshold, light-filled passageways'

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In 2020 we 'work at', 'working towards' principles,  [ seeing construct ] at realities confrontation and potential, possible movement.

Two bowls [ side by side ], work the cradling arc to Reimbursement. One may serve purpose to support all Health, Energy & Core needs. The right is naturally-supported in Daily appreciations for all that exists free, in Abundance.

I can-can

Hug my son, my daughter.

I can-can

Build good luck principles into my life.

Where there isn't a horse-shoe smiling, draw one.

What is your Gaelic four-leaf clover?

Your harmonising, conferencing - Balanced-aspect, imbued, good luck bamboo?

I can-can

Kiss my charming husband, lovely wife.

I can-can

With reconnection, the lucky 'score'

is often positive trust.

At the base consciousness, I can, I will

and I always have.

From time to time, we are receivers of thoughtful treats from family and community, and they become part of the energy of the space or in personal spaces.  In 2017, Ireceived a cultivated four leaf clover from a student and her mother.

May you all be blessed with light-filled passageways and spaces naturally from now onward in 2020, moving into the new year - in which your god, your spiritual nature, your heart's knowing give you strength and source to pleasing life.

Sept 11, 2020




















' Oil Painting Essences & 'Shake the Paint off the Wall -

           Aesthetic Conferencing' '

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In March-April we had our casual Galleria Display. In Studio, surface other Art Responsive

and Dialogue exercises, paralleled by numerous teaching connections, drawing & painting

education activities for internal students experience. They are not part of display

requirement. The beginning points of the four Teacher Canvases have been recently

built upon representation and in layers, working with concepts of the arc, and the

'The Eye as the witness to the Soul'. Some of the connections included: time, creation

stories and identity, empathy, the mirror. The Daruma Doll (evolving out of Bodhi-

Dharma Daruma, his sought passage) and adjoining connections to thread & animal

representation (crane, tortoise, dragon), Bodhi leaf & "WT" concepts of 'creation' and

'faith' ( WT = refers to existing pedagogical coding at ES1 level, meaning 'working towards'.

Working towards in our space is 'Objectives activated', disregards no curves, and sees the

strongest attainment as achievable in understanding overtime. Outcomes are reflective 

personally, in the absence of assessment's restrictive. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings.

Two curves). Built in trust relationships of conferencing 5 digit-pillars and Hamsa, reflect individual passages, protectives-alliance to light-filled enrichment ( Islamic prophet, family, acolyte-energy, Jewish faith and offered direction, leading awareness to safety and new terrain, universal awareness energy). Both eyes of each Daruma are painted in as though the soul knows itself in a hearts- knowing, 3 Disney characters connect with cartoon-paste-up aesthetic - Mooshu from Mulan (humanly cheeky guidance counsellor, overseen by the ancestors) and his delightful cricket companion, as well as Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio, with love umbrella in tote, reminding us to live with 'conscience'  and to wish upon & admire stars above. 

i will be working on completing the fifth outside hang always intended as an under-cover mural at The SunHouse that pictorially connects to each chapter. All the formation-work, animal conferencing and archetypal connections across Sienna Art Space teaching are supported and complimentary dialogues and exist as part of threshold and continuous energy in production for self and other. Writing continues to be part of the Arts Awareness in Holistic Creative Living - Chapter 1: The Bear, the Whale & the Lyrebird, and Chapter 2 (as 4): The Brolga (Crane), the Rainbow Fish & the Deer (Stag).

Sept 11, 2020







      ' Paws in the Energy - Animal Energies & Friends'

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

While working at a gardening nursery, lightly discussing crystals and Jade Conversation in the energy ( A 'Harbour Light' makes a gorgeous succulent at The SunHouse, amongst other propagated delights - 'Elegance' (formation splendour) & (delicately, energy honoured with Reiki-Watering, and positive chanting) 'Morning Beauties' - my greatest happiness also included burrowing my hands and forearms into 'soil mix', as a side to dry sticking and potting. 

Why? The energy. As a clairsentient, as a person - All of us engage in the understood 'grounding' exercises, as diverse as: gardening, vegie-patch ecosmart conferencing, conscious green-pancakes ( I lay on the grass or meditate with expansive green subconsciously 'on the green'... lawn bowls or cricket), and other considered connections to 'ground surface), and so on.

Let's Consider these Explorations - Experiential journeys 

These are those activities that are appreciated & with reflection, you may like to consider how your [sentient-response] not just 'mindfulness' as a travelling circumstance exists in the energy-connectivity. Getting to know the Clairsentient self is not mindfulness, however there is a relationship to exploration in encounter energy with diverse responses like these that can poise, settle, allow for journey interpretation from various mindfulness perspectives, to understand your personal, subjectival, quality response to examination as a retrospective engagement. Grounding and mindfulness supports our intuitive development in journey through sentient connections, psychically.

While in Experiential Journeying in Grounding Response:

Visual, tactile and observable relationships are present & time-apparent currents, for retrospective consideration.

* Land surface + substance ( locally situated, type of surface, comparisons)

* Ground Colour + spacial connect /surface area, terrain modulation

* Your body connect to land -

    - Is it Visual, periphery aware interest that alerts sentient change?

    - Is it direct (barefoot or shoe?) conversation that feels different?

    - Do you appraise the Energy in habit, natural pattern - the I always have in my head thought:

          ( I am thankful (Respect-giving)? Said awareness, It is beautiful? ​Praise to Ancestors? )

This is a personal travelling conversation, there is a mindful current, there is a possible unpacking (retrospective engagement), perhaps a more recognisable knowing in your sentient awareness, I sense the shift in my waves.

Our Pets and Animals are no different.

Whose Dogs energetically connect to 'Earth Dog?'

Who is burrowing most?

Now there's a sideward glance to a few gorgeous Pet-friends - 'That Something', and 'I know my Dogs well', plus a Smile.

Just like those Quadbikers and FourWheel Drivers get Circle-conferencing on the terrain, check our the energy of the tires & wheels and know they've been in-'good-energy'. Dusty, soily, the 'good stuff'.

Our Paws in the Energy, receptive lovers of vibrational healing, responsive just like us to Pet Doulahs & Energy Practice... enjoy spaces that are vibrationally considered. Let's consider their Energy Hommus (as you do), no different to Schmackos and Dentil Stixs.

 4 Tips for all Pet Friends to Explore

Have you ever tried 1 & 3?

# 1

Gather 4 Rosemary Branches (approximately 20 cm) in length - Pull off the small sprigs and place them into a sandwich bag. This can go into a small, soft, fabric pencil case or purse ( or simply use the snaplock sandwich bag ). 

Sweep over the body as you would pat them, instead of a 'Rosemary Fan to their Aura'. The pungent Rosemary can be a 'repugnant sniff' if longer than 10 seconds. Its a Rosemary glide over the whole, 3 times a week. 

Like White sage or Palo Santo as readily available 'cleansers' of space and used in tradition-based sacred awareness - for self, for Honouring & peaceful, quiet reflection - engage with Rosemary in your lifestyle too, it can support energy conversation. Just like your Paws in the Energy, use it for self to sweep through your energy daily - it's gorgeous.

Rosemary waters and Clearing has been mentioned previously in time, recently in the newsletter and the topic of 'Rosemary as a connection' has formed part of Art Musing in exhibited work and internal Art of Giving-Art, looking at symbolism, universal currents and relationships in Our Worlds. 

# 2

Praise [Energy Words] can be sent into your Dog or Cat, daily. 

Positive Words build 'positive energy body' and can be read energetically from a generalist, intuitive relationship by everyone on a psychic level and with variation based on 'other connecting consciousnesses', typically complex in nature t & with appreciation energy readership is innately part of transaction though the superficial, the hidden and the transactional is made aware to people at diverse frequencies (note: no one is humanly better, the psychic is an available appreciation). The Energy of the Dog is like a flexible script and patterns built up in the auric body and energy is felt, clairsentiently by the furr-children.


Imagine the words positive floating into spaces of the body and auric correpondences, with interesting 'conferencing interplays'.

See the physical body and space of the FurrBody & affirm the positive 'store', 'build' and 'energy reclaim' by firstly, Visualising Light-Pink or White dissolve to Clear.

Follow By Saying to your Pet:

* 'You are Vital, Healthy & Strong'.

* 'You are Loved' or 'I love you'.

* 'You're a good boy,..girl.. You're a gorgeous Cat,..gorgeous dog' ( or similar). These are common pet interactions that all owners engage in to tell their much-loved pet they are beautiful energies, appreciated - and they respond accordingly with reciprocation energy - 'I feel good around you'.  Said out loud or sent without saying aloud is always energetically received as a thread of energy. 'I share a quiet conversation with you that engages more than clairsentient self, and it is rapport building,.. loving and kind.


Integrity energy in praise and thoughtful positive commentary to others, including children is no different to the energy we may send into ourselves. It is energetic, and an energy repeated understands itself to all conferencing physical organs, energy continuum systems including your pet's chakras.

You can send Positive Energy Words into your own body & Aura too. With development,  those strength connections to discernible shifts and fluid subtle vibrations become obvious knowings and for Empathic Energy practitioners they are physically strong or may be visible constructs. As a Pet Empath, I also respond to other Peoples physical energies in guardianship consultation and receive ailment imprints energetically as a Mediumistic Empath.  The empathic and the clairsentient (clairfeeling) consciousness is a naturaly part of my lifestyle, not by choosing, however it is this common-awareness to clairsentient information that supports quiet relationship to supportive structure. It has opened up my world to seeing things not just in the foundation senses but also beyond behavioural principles locked into psychological and mainstream remedial snap-grids. Thankfully though, all of the forementioned areas along with evolving new principles can be consulted with to support Wellbeing and Growth. Not just for dogs - consider learning challenges in sensory classrooms? Energy detections simple to more pesky sticklers in environments and other relationships to personal development for integrated energy wellbeing-lifestyle good living and importantly we can all do this for the self and in the family unit. The psychic continues to play a role through various Disciplines in Energy Practice: medical intuition, vibrational healing, release therapy, energy balancing modalities and in energy consultation teams whereby discerning, responsible care supports clearing for improved energy in learning environments and supporting those with interesting challenges vibrationally.

# 3

Sweep through their Spaces 3 times a week with 2 or a handful of Rosemary. Like a Fan, get into Wing-aspect and 'set to cleanse the space'. This is a quick 'flap' or energy-train for those whole house and outside spaces to dissolve stagnant energy, lethargy pile-up-histories in tired spaces & this may energise you naturally almost like you've just cleansed elements at a basic level.  There are different types of Space Clearings, with many kinds 

of Space Clearings for wide-ranging experiences. This is your most basic cleanse and

is excellent. Some houses and spaces may never need anything but the gorgeous

wing-aspect Rosemary Cleanse-good-stuff.


Allow them to be involved in Outdoor Recreation Activities & be

with them 'In the Energy' aware response, as much as inside connection.

Consider how you both reflect each other, energetically:

- Dog Frizbee, Ball and Throw..

- Walking the Dog & Play at the Dog Park

- Earth Dog, Fly-Ball, Dog Show..

- Dog & Owner adventures: a trip in the surf..

Lucky Dog, Happy Dog? Lucky, happy Connection. Mutual-benefits. 

Every Animal - whether a cat, Bird, Reptile, Wildlife local,.. are responding in their Energy to Energies - human, other animal, their environment and connected to energetic Spirit. Rosemary, vibrationally, may not be natural to their environment though it is great for our Pet Keepers in those preliminary or introductory simple startings awareness in Energy journeying... life long engagement and energy education.

With a good diet, healthy space, sun-water-food and positive owners, naturally the Love extends and where needed energy awareness grows in knowing.. as we also get to know ourself.

                          All animals are different, vibrationally.

                          All people are different, vibrationally.


                         [ Thank god, that in itself is gorgeous ]

Take the Rosemary Fan 14 Day Daily Cleanse trial... As a quick sweep to support your energy cleansing.

From the Good Vibration blog, Paws in the Energy article mentioned the super quick energy sweep in a snap lock. It's a readily available herb, and with conditional response - a very short appreciation is great. Avoid overstimulating the base, bag to avoid contaminants in the awareness and as always attachment energy may be an appreciation, new bag every 8 days and statement clearing, and later fresh herbs.

For those familiar with hoodoo and poppets for healing, for those familiar with space cross cultural supports and nature's own herbs and sources, bodily replacement theories and lifestyle practices, mojo bags, voodoo consciousness for healing like acupuncture and so forth, ... there is an appreciation for release system strategies in all of the above and self-governing acumen and differentiation around which-what application. Rosemary is just a starting point with a revitalising soft support when bagged, and not over potent in oil regulation or with environment situational upset to auric health.


Love you All,


Sept 12, 2020

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     & our Pre-Summer Newsletter

    ' Picnic Energy & Gypsy Drives in 2021 - See you there'

   Written by Erin Kathleen Muir












Darwin Creek Bed appreciations, warm day, bush trails, falls visits, then Wangi Wangi Rain-haze swimmin' all in the One day. 2014 memories and Transitions... bring in rejuvenation.

May 2021 also bring in rebirth, sustenance - I Love the Empowerment of the Sienna warmth and the Swoosh of the Riverbed flowin.

I commenced writing articles in 2014, with many about Art in storage from that 2014-17 period - Sienna Art Space was established in 2015 with just 7 students and two classes after a period of emotional devastation in the energy.  As with all blips, 'unjustified 2018 beasts' and an 'unfortunate 2020', observing circumstances of greater hardship for others in the world - there is a significant need for 'gentleness' as a short break and a patient re-kindling.

2020 into 2021 calls for traveller's shoes, physical movement, more dancing and kindness to self - As I'm getting the continuum of the Art Filament ready, I resurface the fi--aaarh (fire) and productive agency of the stamen. 


I love being outdoors - amongst the elements varied, don't you? 

Gypsy Draws, Gypsy Art,.. the drive, explore and appreciation for all in vibrant living take on significance into the next period. I happily take some time out from Studio teaching with a view to revisitation at my timely choice & at circumstantial, personally-befitting action - I am re-imbursing my own energy with hard work & outlook to a positive continuum energy [ daratos].

Sept 24, 2020

A Lovely 'Owl Omen' and 'Blessing for Quiet Hesitation & Thoughtful Action', has flown in as Protective Procurement last night, with Moon scripts and Address in the Energy.

A beautiful blessing also to 'Human Swan' in dialect, experiencing transcendence to new adventure, pure responses of Service in the Energy. This is a rejuvenation period and in Opalescent light. Priya, energy under Shweta's moon connection - gentle, loving availability to heart's knowing and restoration to previous passage blocks.

More on the Owl soon as it presents it's awareness. A message from Sapphire's Light Healing is as always, a quiet understood appreciation, available to this commonly-psychic world, today more enchanting after deeper clearing at the soul group and cosmic-conferencing level.

With Appreciation going out to 6 strong psychics in the field who appreciate 'conscience-in-action'-and-'collective appreciation'.


" Our gorgeous Owl-still in Consistency, hovering in direct consultation - We are aware that constant flight in a stationary position, evidences effortless resilience in presenting Rapport Communication.


Wisdom never tires for the Owl - Alert, relaxed in anticipation, Commanding Serenity - always.

Shweta, that is Saraswati has been a beautiful guidance appreciation that I have adored for several years, with a transient guide Ana in acknowledgment, emphasizing Love vibration 'you are priya' in 2016 during energetic changes taking place at the cosmic level. For that I am grateful. Saraswati is a known consciousness honoured at The Sunhouse and her 'swan' connection is a serene awareness in proud energy as are other features to her appreciation, at simplicity here - the Arts, music, writing and creativity. She brings together the gentleness of the serene voyage, a journey to self at meeting points. The Self is a creative drench, we create our passage in discovery. 

At this time, I enjoy the quiet availability of moon-connecting Owl - clasping imaginary beard and Yoda-wise man-wise goddess in Protection and Communication, while consulting with rhinoceros, in pink energy and all manifestations of All-Loving energies in Pink Conferencing that do not disturb the peace."

- An appreciation from Sapphire's Light Healing.

Love you All, 


Sept 24, 2020

   Protection & Appreciation - Life Scanning



A much-needed break day:

Is allowing your energy body to recalibrate, after release and healing work.

Is allowing your mind to connect to simpler tasks as singular activities, opposed to multitasking or optimising productivity for most progress.

Is allowing your physical body: rhythm changes, mindful energy writes and listening to supportive music.

Blessings to all the vibrational healers out there that do release work, soul work and support clearing.

You make change in this world.

    Soul Group Appreciation Prayer

Whether in Spirit, or in the Living,

My mother exists, therefore

Our foremothers exist, therefore

My father exists, therefore

Our forefathers exist, therefore

My brothers exist, therefore

My sisters exist, therefore

My aunties, uncles and cousins exist, therefore

My friends and pets exist, therefore

My colleagues and extended network exists, therefore

2020 Erin Kathleen Muir

     A Simple Daily Acknowledgment to Spirit 

A daily 'Thanks to Spirit' with a dedicated simple candle or Incense Lighting, is an Action and Honouring Gesture that 'expresses and gives reverence to relationships of other'.

As in Thanking of the Ancestors of the Land & Guardians wherever you go, out loud or in quiet, and asking Permission for certain transactions (IE. Picking a flower as one example or taking a photo) - these are choice operative, encouraged relationships.


These Acknowledgements dignify their presence in a simple way, honours a feeling of we support harmonious rapport and shows an appreciation for both experiential-tandem essences - the physical world presence and 'greater than, beyond the physical'.

You don't have to open up to two-way communication verbally or psychically, but you can express an appreciation, at choice. These actions impact positively collective energy trusts and it's amazing how just Thank you make a difference to existing energies of historical belonging and attachment to spaces, as all of us in the Living appreciate Thank you or in most cases... Hello, Gday, or I like the I love you--Gday Today & Always I get from you. It's a warm loving way to interact and it certainly fills their cup with gratitude to say it back and Acknowledge you.

' Owls & Swans Conferencing in birdwing-aspect'

             Written by Erin Kathleen Muir