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From 2014 to 2021, we have had ranging feature articles in content across Topics through our blog Good Vibrations, and also 2020 and 2021 Newsletters, post the SunHouse & Wave Studio. Time brings Change! 


We move on from all online features with Magazines and digests in person being our internal blessing. If you would like to benefit from Erin's writing, studio appreciation is a way to engage with content, learning and supporting dialogue. In extension, all educational materials and videos have shifted from our Holistic Arts & Healing page. 2021's Energy First Aid is now part of our Holistic Resources, with  2022's Thresholds & Passageways being a future Benefit that will be at home, where it belongs, only with Sienna Art Space. 





We've gone Glossy - Our Naturally Exuberant Magazine Issues 1 to 4 








Issue 1: “Beluga Blessings in the sky”    

                    Read about Appreciations – Holistic Creative Living, with articles on topics

                    such as mystical energy, manifestation, rosemary & cardamom, Paws in the Energy, Colour

                    Resonance Painting, and so much more. Manifestation

Issue 2:  “Kookaburra Spirit”

                    Read about Strategy – based Healing Modalities, with articles on topics

                    such as motivational exercises, crystal energy healing & design, fuschian parables, down to earth 

                    reconnection, and so much more.


Issue 3: “Moonlit Floating Votives & Sway consciousness”

                    Read about Culture & Elemental, with articles on topics

                    such as the elements, meditating with purpose,  sacred symbols - body adornment-energy,

                    and so much more.

Issue 4: “Colour Vibrations”

                    Read about The Creative Artist – Materiality, aesthetics & visual culture, with articles on topics

                    such as Art process, pigments and ethereal substance, iron & sculpture.

                    We love all the Art-focused appreciations, for your reading pleasure.

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Art School & Holistic Arts

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With just a few selections from Good Vibrations 2014 to 2020,

we have a whole lot of new gorgeous content for you.

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