Developing our Energy Environmental Strengths is one of several focuses in Erin's Holistic Resource 'Energy First Aid'

It digests appreciations coming out of being in varied environments, responding daily to the experiences of dynamic interactions and places of purpose.   Below is a short excerpt on considering learning spaces.


   Higher Vibrational Energy Environments

       For Dynamic Learning Spaces

                                                                                                                                                                                                  An Excerpt, Energy First Aid

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


A consideration for Diverse Values, while implementing strategies to support whole-staff and student Well-being, energetically is conditional.

  • We exist in personal spaces of history (our home-life and personally-developing worlds in life appreciation)

  • We share-domain (diverse culture).

  • We appreciate each other as Teachers with professional strength.

  • We appreciate the life of the child and their personal - family energy as sacred, personal and cultured.

  • Similarly, all staff exist in their energetic lifestyles and give purpose culturally in their teaching-aspect, while on a daily level fostering environmental spaces coded and imbued with positive wellbeing-devices.


We are of a dynamic crust that is material. We are of personally, positive construct just in the availability to teaching. That in itself is Caring, well-being centred and with observed, self-reflective consciousness for how we may improve dynamics, for best conditions.


Simple Strategy Starters for Increasing Vibrational Frequency:

  1. Environment-based:


( a) Improved Visually-coded consciousness in the School environment

( ‘ I see and acknowledge archetypes, symbolic motifs and visuals-words in my environment. While I may not read or unpack them every day, the visual connection impacts the space. ‘ )

  • Fresh Paint & Classroom Spaces (E.g. I consider the Language of sensory environment – I am in a class of spatial acknowledgement, the lanterns (ah, but the high ceiling) may affect my learning).


( b ) Improved Audio-sensory engagement as passive and/ or active consciousness in the School environment

( ‘ I am subconsciously and consciously aware of my sensory engagement across the whole school landscape, audiently.’)

  • Incidental soft-music pods in staffrooms, entrances & integrated learning circumstances on-site.

  • Value statements and music-bells (song) as whole school communication


2.Teacher-led focused Dialogue:


Beyond teacher praise, encouraging words and class-led mantra (IE.. School song, prayer, belief-statements, ‘Learning intention’ and ‘outcome’ appraisals) – holistic strategies for raising vibration with regulative and ‘built acquisition’ to support energetic growth constitution.


( c ) Acknowledgement of Individual Child with every class entrance & class roll.

( ‘ I am of an energy body that responds to social cues, positively produces confidences coming from the teacher’.)

  • Scanning the roll or the class and saying both “in mind, in energy” and also out-loud – Positive statements. ( E.g. This child is growing in confidence, all the time)

  • Use affirmations and value statements in various spaces. (E.g. This class achieves great things and we all support each other, it’s just the way we are. I love that about our class. )

  • Energy diagrams & Focused time for sending the statement into my own energy field. (E.g. In homeroom, built in prayer like a football field, you raise the vibration with energy statements for the whole team).


At a Staff level, we engage in Creative Holistic Living through personal spaces and staff spaces. We also exist with appreciation, our culturally-dynamic thresholds in Classroom spaces have an already ‘learning driven’ acquisition in Field vibrational strength.

Integrations are diverse and personal.

Simple strategies also include:

  • Plants in spaces

  • Sound generation in Field. (No different to an i-pod or reciting of prayer, with repetition).

  • Mascot-theory

  • Faith awareness consciousness, honoured.

  • Time Allocated for Encouraging others – as Learnings in Classrooms, as Staff Teachers in Team-hub fluidity, as Staff Teachers across Staff Hubs.


The above reflects just a few appreciations, and exists in malleable terrain.

All bring energy appreciation, diverse, no matter the age or participatory consciousness.

‘What would you do, to bring higher vibration to any environment, given the circumstances of the learning, permanent environment and the occasion?’


[ End of Excerpt from Energy First Aid ]

Our Sienna Art Space website has a short overview on Energy Setting in Spaces as it is addressed for our studio climate, with recognition for individual field energy & the importance of Energy Health.


'Thresholds & Passageways' continues the conversation of energy exploration into 2022. Erin's second Holistic Resource is currently in production.


4 Integration Techniques to build “Positive –incidental energy”

Creative Holistic Living

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


While some may call it ‘planning’ or ‘landscaping their spaces, others may call it programming their space – I see these as simple ‘energy lifts’, ‘honouring connections in faith’. Each has a curation process  evolves in habit, and engagement,… positive builds.. We all do it with our environmental design of spaces. For example, the placement of a Saint card on the bedroom mirror ( in-view)  reminds one to pray or express the virtues of the connecting figure), a “post-it” virtual note on my desktop (seize – the – day quotation consciousness or one of your own heartfelt belief sets) perhaps the photo – placement of a loved at your work desk (to boost your day).

Upcomingpublications4for web.jpg



These are psychically-responsive interfaces with thoughforms, sound & body wave construct-formations and they communicate inferentially. The Indigo Cosmic student of the Hindu faith understands, and with anyones digestion of ‘disconnection-principles’, we appreciate balance, a need to not overload the auric field (and also regulate the negative output /with positive collaboration and alignment). This a Hindu knows well. Consider the example of the phone & what you wear/carry/say [in field]. We build all of it.


1. What's in your Wallet or Phone Flap (It’s incidental, I’m blessed energy)


In the private, person ‘space’ of the wallet our opportunities for “Energising Blessings” are endless. Choose wisely. Like all personal energy, we become aware of our mobile travelling energy. These are all “Lifts” and with consideration, you may consider ‘ Privacy energy and personal values around shielding, protection and maintaining – your – personal energy’. As I have said to the Psychic Field in NSW recently, it is a Human Right. Like me, I’m sure you would agree out personal privacy and personal world spaces are for no one elses nosey interest or non-permissible research (that is altogether criminal behaviour and Bad Ju-Ju). Where we always give respect to others, we should tolerate no less from others, psychically and with spirit connection.

Some faves for the wallet:

  • Copper plate pocket  Sri Yantra as slides to engage with daily. The Sri yantra is a reminder to pray daily, to honour the connection and be thankful for not (rightful deserve or entitlement bestowing). Depending on faith, there may be an Icon Card or another Form ( Visual or Word connection).

  • “Hand written” energy histories from someone special. The pull-out of the child’s card as energy signature. How many times have you smiled at that energy history. It builds, it builds.

  • A gaelic blessing. I say it often, over time my love blessing grows more and more.


2. The Car Driving Seat (Sun Visor Flap) (It’s incidental, I’m blessed energy).



In the car, like the home, our precinct ‘personal space’ should be regularly cleansed with ‘protective procurement’, psychically. Rosemary “door saches” are a lovely starter consideration for regular redressing. How else might you consider your conditioned car space after car wash. Let’s consider some positive ‘lifts’. Next to the car ‘Tooshie-Dashie’, perhaps bobble-head Elvis-swing-daddy), there is may be no divide to positive affirmations, energies & handwrites on the [Car –Flap] shield.


  • This is a great place to slide-in, and [in to the Field] the good-luck, protective energy of select, laminated mantras, prayers or “photo-compliment affirmations”. The best positives are the ones we create ourselves and keep private. Take it for a drive in your [Pink Cadillac]. The more you interact & shuffle the 5 slides and say them out-loud, the happier the driver’s seat. A blessing or safety mantra may be a gorgeous choice for the sunvisor Like a stainless-steel & shield energy bearing a Christian Cross, there are conversations in the energy of the object (more visible & privately invisible that you could place into a seat-pocket or other coming in the car. Be aware the passenger-gorgeous and you have auras connecting in situ. Hey, what cd-track are you playing?  Continuous non-radio chatter becomes part of your field appreciation in the car – maybe a positive lift series of tracks that offer – shared lift & good vibes. It’s different for every one. Sing together, for the most enjoyable drive.


3. During the Day & Night [and] Night & Day Alarm  (It’s incidental, I’m blessed energy)


Ever set an ‘Silent Alarm’? That is coded with a Leader statement at a key hour or two during the night-sleep period. Setting a silent phone ‘energy statement’ in your mobile may be a nice sentence with the Off-bar, set to “lullaby” sound ( or something else) – a positive, protective thought form into the night. As we’ve moved into post 2020 consciousness, more and more people are looking at ‘energy field cleansing’ and what we ‘hold’ or ‘store’ in spaces. A non-neglect is our Phone – disconnecting from net-media or not having it is ideal, including the ‘off’ at night and using a ‘good-ol regular alarm’. Remember those image on social media, and the hyper-connectivity of the Phone is a psychically-loaded instrument – a ‘vacuum’ of global interactions… we are connected by people and individual responses ( with mental, emotional remote-aspect). How can we gently ease away from the phone where we can as a needed resource?

  • Setting daily alarm? Daytime audible –good charm & quiet-silent-incidental phone “energy stores”.

Productivity Statements – 5 am, Up and at em, tiger?

9am It’s a productive day & a Great day!

We don’t want Good-mourning. I’m so Happy to be a person who says G-Day.

It’s amazing how we can always build on redressing and wear our Ritual responses. Language & Energy Impact.


  • Setting night time (silent alarms?) or day time (silent every day energy)

‘You are safe, protected, loved’.

‘Good luck is always with you.’

‘Love, light, angels are with you.’

‘In mother’s love, always’.

‘Apricot sherbet is happy hour’.

Explore, it’s an exercise energy boost!



4. The Energy Pillow, Pillow Pet or Variation  (It’s incidental, I’m blessed energy)


This is an oldie-gem for Young Children and may have formed with the PJ bag, teddy-tums or Monkey Business ‘Take me with you’ ( it’s dinosaur tail backpack alert too). Parents, guardians, Nonna, the Grandmammies & Grandpappies undertand…


  • Add an Orange calcite, green jade or a clear quartz cabochon to Bunnie-buds tummie-zipper pocket or Velcro secret backing. A Clear quartz boosts and lifts.. and like a swell To Love, minerals continue to be a great choice for the Centre of the house. God the obelisk!

  • A calcite, like a jade, are soothing gentle energies. Be aware of a childs energy repone, the calcite may be enough. I suggest mangano calcite and blue lace agate for babies (Soft gentle energies are calming-constants). For older 6+ children, you may like to research or get your child to choose even 1 fresh herb that is Safe-zone consciousness. An e.g. such as Terragon or Rosemary as a ‘very tiny’ sache 2 x 2cm snaplock of gentle herbs is a nice energy support. Be aware of personal-child responses (allergies, ‘closed stores’ so the child doesn’t swallow or eat/play with the substances or tumbles). This child builds the positive-energy with the bear over time. These are Field considerations and as they say ‘Mother knows best’ and alike, ‘Father knows best’.


Exploring materials and perspectives /perspectival junctures are considered in discussion of symbols, symbolic integrations for “gentle + strong” (shield consciousness) looking at Energy Safety in our fourth glossy, as well as Energy First Aid. There is always lots to explore and contingencies for personal self-governed spaces. A ‘strong personal field’ is aware of all in the immediate environment, further. [Lift].

A lot of these are environmental strategies with energetic connection, however they aren’t all metaphysical explorations. How we engage impacts.

  • Discernible energy lifts happen with belief. ( I believe, I believe strongly, and honour the energy).

  • The type of incidence is coded (How often I interact, how many times, the duration & belief patterning is also significant). The mental and emotional interaction with objects and actions profoundly grows the energy.


Vibrational Awareness Day –

Roo Consciousness

                                          Arts Awareness & Holistic Creative Living


    Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


In 2000, Australia participated in Archery at the Sydney Olympics. I recall the dual-relationship to presence in the finishing performance - The Australian archer was reminded in gesture about centering by their sport coach, and became the Gold Medalist. I’ve often thought about the ‘energy’ concentration and how our bodies ‘compete’, ‘excel’ and ‘drive’ for performance. In varied account, there is a quality to the varied nature of ‘excitement’, ‘anxiety’, ‘good stress?’ and ‘fear of-‘ that is regulated by counterparts in the energy. In the absence of a sport coach, energy counsellor or eastern-western energy consult – we all shoot arrows. There is a negotiation in direction. What gives the arrow full flight, involves breathing action and there is a quality to circle relationship in the pivot, the target & the atomic – co-relative consciousness. We are at the Centre of our own regulation and we are at the Centre of our own driving appreciations, goals in-view.

This year the topical appreciation for Vibrational Awareness Day is actually Roo Consciousness – ‘being’ and being in the accomplished understanding of our energy self, that is journey continuous. For many years I have said: Aspect-Teacher is Aspect-Student, always, and while befitting we accrue qualities of confidence and eldership, there may be no masters in anything that completes the student cycle, finding it no longer a divisible character.

Such is the modesty always of Grace.

The person who ‘recognises’ the value of Aspect-Teacher even if only beginning or still perplexed in process may understand the value of their own presence in capacity – soul pivot to ones Aspect-student.

Two symbols, loved, adored and cherished for their ‘energy’ ( at minimum, expression) support an availability to that re-discovery & continuous journeying. I see them as incredible learning diagrams to Appreciation in broad terms.

The ‘Yin & Yang’ is a brilliant ‘reflective tool’ [for shishas]. It is an acknowledgement of [Total] energy and surfaces ranging understandings, application and reads the Soul brother – as Soul Witness account may it be the self-in-total or duality between two soul-aspects to knowing, depending and notwithstanding the situation.

It is treasured Joy.

The other symbol is the ‘Andean Cross’. To stand in the middle of the circle large of the diagram, allows us to integrate into an energetic space of harmony. Have you ever witnessed the Alpaca & villager in-field vibration, closely co-elescing and the ‘harmonics’ of the two. There is an amicable quality to animal-friend that smiles like the Peruvian villager and vice versa. (Google and take a look).

Shifting energy, whatever the learning in the staircase, is a journey. There is a quality to our strategies – where we meet Harmony. Sometimes less is more. Most often in faith-centred practice – we meditate with mirrors – we find our happy resonance in the evolutionary bridge – aspect.

I love Eastern & Western. I’m largely influenced by dual-aspect consciousness & the relationship of minimalist remedial consciousness in adaptation creative holistic living.

These two empathic diagrams, I celebrate. There is a quality to the evolutionary bridge, that is the Arc – pathways consciousness of the arrow reflected in another rainbow.


May we always remember in Studio from 2019 the beautiful quality of the story about the Aboriginal Rainbow Fish and the learnings of shape-shifting-evolutionary concept when it comes to Personal Power and relationships of other in a sovereign-perceived unity. I am thankful for the crest in the Mountain. 

March 26th, 2021.     

We proudly do not have any connections to Witchcraft or Sorcery. Curses, magic, hexing, spells of any kind including 'meddling' with photos are deemed Dangerous Acts & communicate criminal behaviour, that can be tracked energetically back in time by cords, hooks and subtle body reading/environmental energy assessments. We are aware of misuse of energy by people in the community who do use it to maliciously attack people and for perceived 'power' in business. They also purposefully use it to exploit, deceive & "nip and tuck the consciousness" so they can sleep nights. A part of being in the Energy and being in supportive consciousness, is to Stand Tall [ We don't believe in Energy Bullying or Sorcery ]. 


Positive relationships to divination are a proud conversation. Being Powerful as a Human is not. 

Like being proud to have never smoked a cigarette, I have also never touched witchcraft spellwork. A proud person learns more every day to recognise how Easy it is to Not be a Witch. Instead being in the energy of Divination (that is at Peace with minimalism and the purity of being Firm, confident, not overpowering and shielding. I happily never give in to aligning or using any 'confidences of prideful hate construct' concentrated in 'hopeful power'. 

No body likes a Bad Guy. No one likes Silent Terrorism or Pack Mentality Bullying. Nor do Fellow Educators, Parents enjoy knowing that Witches interfere with Energy environments, peoples body systems, minds and hearts. I condone All Witchcraft and Sorcery, especially where it is Entertainment in the Media advertising charisma and books even at Teenagers.

I believe in the power of the Cosmos and the prosperity of being a Good Person with good choices, whether religious, spiritual or atheist. 

An Earth Beauty is a person who understands the virtues of shamanic lifestyle, white honouring of the land, the philosophy of divination and nature-connections. They do not 'use and abuse' nor bully with an entitlement-conversation or philosophy in mind.

Emotional Prosperity & Transformational Change

A Resurfacing Energy Conversations Video, as a casual chat from 2020.

Vibrational Water bowls for various appreciations and uses exist, from the home stout, puja honouring, bird bath... Here we consider Lift and shift, vibrational connections as positively intentioned activators for transformational change into the next period. 

Companions to knowing Heart’s Truth

                                                               Sapphire’s Light & Conversation


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


With reflection and in appreciation for the “teaching nature” of Materials in our vibrational world, I simply note a proud mention here of four connections I’ve come to adore as an always developing practitioner.

      1.Dammar Resin


As a lover of Amber at a very young age (and still), I consult with the bruja-lens and also divination practices to explore meditation and cleansing ritual (Clearing with charcoal and various resins). Myrrh as a resin can be used with centered practice. In awareness of it's history, it continues to be this incredible ‘mover’ - it is clearly an exalted understanding as we sit in it’s energies. Like Frankincense & Copal, these substances have been sung in treasured historical lineage & with protective-lens territory to sacred, safe spaces, and in the case of myrrh, prophetic consciousness. Holding a dried resin-drop, in field, not dissimilar to activating the resin on top of charcoal, dammar actually impresses me with a “commanding energy” - it “yields clarity of sacred knowing” that is [ Truth-centred ]. It is my favourite resin – as I sit in an open-appreciation for it’s purpose – communicative role, as one aspect to how it may pledge desire to be understood. Like all natural materials in states of transaction, I adore that there is a quality to ‘dammar resin’ that can be simply sat with and connected to in an small, short amount, while the charcoal regulates and transmutes environmental debris – 'the resin surface window' – I sit in a space to listen. 


I am thankful for dammar resin, as with all of the below connections in the energy.


       2. Kunzite


In my earliest development I sought to know all the tumbles I could with energetic passage – a collective common. Every [unexpected energy quiver] that came in irregularly – was an important communication for me to listen, happily and with a reserved appreciation. What is it that I am being moved to explore? Reflective insight has pressed upon the need to always give availability to learning and to never ‘lose a level head’ to just any communication. Kunzite, as unsightly shards of angled, fragile mineral, they exist as [confidences] in the mojo-bag appreciation of grouped tumbles I gave to others in various selections.  I recognise I am aware of protective needs, energetically – as I explore ranging bed-post hangs, and talismans to protective world consciousness.


      3. Cardamom


Exhibition practice has included invitation-god-sent adoration for Cardamom. A small stir of pure-powder in water to drink of morning and night, is a worthwhile appreciation for the Energy practitioner in servicing people. The Cardamom is used for [Expression], as in an elixir for Replacement post Release Consultation. This is not expression, as in throat-chakra creativity, that is I express myself – it pertains to the consolidation of remedial & rehabilitative care, energy-body building, post supportive ‘release’. Actual cardamom was an in-gallery, display connection for healing diagrams exhibited in Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2018 where the elemental agency & materials were explored in various ways. While in Ayureveda, digestion & life-energy-balance is a known appreciation - cardamom, is an integrated spice, in masala tea as one such example. There is a quality to (extraction-process) that acknowledges an Egyptian connection of ritual appreciation (food intake). As in all ‘travelling caravans’, the art & channeling surfaces opportunity to listen to consciousness - to pause, reflect and appreciate diversity. In a similar way, I also appreciate ayurvedic consultation as cultural territory to lifestyle practice.


4. Iron & Horse Shoe companion, residual lineage-energy


From the lucky cat’s “bell” that didn’t surface, to chats with a welder, Lithgow on-route trips to Ironfest after photographing [his] ‘my’ metal shack.. the interest in rusted metal, cultural lucky scores and door entrances has been an inviting journey. There is a definite heritage lineage to the ‘metal’ talisman – and without a doubt, I invite you as all ( encouraging materials may speak ) to connect to environmental placement of objects. There is gorgeous elemental availability to bagua & Asian philosophies (for example: feng shui), no different to other traditions of good luck, safety, protection & bio-design. Aside from the horse shoe – above doorway, turn-key good luck Irish gaelic, Norwegian and Germanic appreciations – the solid foundations & down-to-earth [ Human to Animal Connections ] we exist with “residual history” to kind, totemic consort. There is a quality to the horse. Like the jewel – that is the green budgerigar’s eye – ‘we sit in soul availability to knowing window, door, womb-cradling safety vignette’. I choose not to own an iron horse shoe above my doorway, instead I love the material appreciation in the ''iron" and the horse seperately, as well as what the energy teaches. There are blessings in the navigation.

February 23rd, 2021


    ' Celebrating Colour & Culture,

      our Devotion across Spaces in 2021 '


                                                 Arts Awareness & Holistic Creative Living


    Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Unfurl the floreo, that is the traveller's hand gesture,

Cascade the bells and pom-pom the nearby tree with small lanterns & colour.

Opa! It's a slide and a gentleman's unwind of an 8ft wide carpet.

All one needs is a torso-wrap splendour, one violet to twirl' and 

a pin for Baby's Breath in hair.

Entering spaces of all Kinds, we conference with & 'in' the cosmopolitan - There is thankfulness for sacred vices, blessings in traditional [ the 'bests'], an understanding - my Russian lineage to your Belgrade awareness, and the colour Red gives us Passion's classic for Romancing each wave.


Does the fiery, thirsty rose speak to you?

The cassia bark reminds to consult with the Himalayan and Indian yellow river,

a metatronian-angelic cyan-light appreciating mirrored Tamal hang to wedded ceremony and cinnamon - scent. 

Circles of simplistic conferencing give availability to knowing time and past, currents & connective futures in love & Harmony. The Daruma consult with the already drawn 2, to recognise the eyes of another in connection, niece, father, and daughter energy, with a 1, also an 8, 10 and a 4.

Leaves turn & mirror in gesture, with every

reflective horizon - & in consultation with

the start. Two crickets connect as trance

castanets, amongst tree-whiskers,

gently entertaining the young in All.

There are Rainbow Fish plethora

conferencing with threading, incandescence

& consciousness.

Sept 11, 2020


20-Love & 2020-One Blessings

                                                                                                                                                                                              Sapphire’s Light & Conversation

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


The Twenty pairing as “side-by-side” consciousness, in this year 20-20 reminds me of the ‘Reset’ button in many ways to threshold conversations and new beginnings, I have been writing the date as a ‘whole’ with no fraction to loss. The 20 numerator, knows it’s denominator, with a whole that is 100% to full abundance.

In Tennis, one would say 20-Love, as in, equal terms – seeing no divides. In many ways, an upsetting non-truth when considering health situation and the pandemic. However, there are some worthwhile considerations with the impact of the pandemic that have been self-evident and see-no divides.

There is an Admission – to the connection as a part of Understanding, in the threshold energy – forwarding needs to connect, reconciliation strategies and a shift into the ‘forgiving and accountable self’ while also appreciating congregational aspect for community values and the family-unit, neighbouring - adjoining group formation in positive lift.

There is also an appreciation for Impact conversation in the Oneness (put simply, a term that experiences qualities of adjoining access to Holism, knowing that compartmentalization of tribal response, more direct consciousness as attribution energy for how we access the many consciousnesses of Whole).

The ‘no divides’ give value to the One, that is identifying a [more] ‘collective conscious, conversation'. While there may be no game to the match (20-20) and (1 Befitting) ‘next step’ building as threshold and resilience, the dialogue we all convene in ‘I lift you up’ and the dialogue ‘it helps me to see [Us both] in the energy; ‘human mirrors’.

All deserve a sequence of Soul Growth in propagation where “positive-good is preserved and kindles prosperity, naturally”. Restoration is a Light Vibration in Healing,

‘We are of the materialization, simply through acknowledging threshold energy in the next stage.’

For all Souls who have passed due to COVID-19, may the gentle availability

of golden-soft light cradle you in divine connection & restful awareness.

November 5, 2020

GoodVibrations_2021_November1 (1)_resize
Corn_02112020 (1).jpg

Corn & Copal

                                                                 Energy Education & Appreciation

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Travelling the cosmopolitan & diversity of knowing of our Devotional Calendar is a Sun & Moon, greg-arious collide. The ‘Lovers’ of Sun & Moon do meet, in appreciation.

We turn on a Light Vibration to know Spirits appreciation in October & November, no different to all other times of the year. However, in the evening availability as in the early afternoon, there is a lovely turning point to cosmic & earth energy 4 – 8pm  (Kali ma arc aspect rejuvenation understanding ) that we all environmentally express “unit” consciousness (family, faith-based local community, collective network and global currents).


These are energy appreciations in the home always, but also in connection to festivals where we see attributions to “light” and “shade” concepts.

For example recently, we [ as in global knowing] had congregational connection for multiple appreciations in diverse awareness & celebrated differently in cosm-formation. Spirit, as an omnipresent consciousness gets honoured in various ways from Pagan traditions (evolution) to Mexican celebrations understood with features of ‘imbued cultured insignia’ (codes to knowing). Some of these are more festival-alligned, where is others are significant appreciations in tradition to mark occasion.


Consider the marigold petals – floral flourish, cleansing rituals using Copal, and also the cheeky chattering of children in skeleton outfits, eating ‘corn on the cob’. There is a quality to the transparency of culture, acknowledgement of Spirit and ‘feeling in the vibration, we honour individual souls existing in life and that have passed away.”

Diwali also approaches with diyas, chiroti powder, dice-metaphor appreciation and a similar awareness to transparency, inviting communication and ‘shared community appreciation’ for our Spirit Light Consciousness (of many kinds). As in the honouring in marigold and copal cleanse to dispel negative vibration, the formation and markation energy of soul’s trust to knowing in faith worship comes about as Blessing – Love attribution to soul connectivity. Doors know the formation and the congregation to appreciation – entrance, sacred space and living awareness ritual to Drawing.

Insignia and the more ceremonial ‘cues’ continue to be a congregational – cultural-appreciation across faith, community & festival-connected unity vibrations. It is a huge privilege for everyone in living-availability to live a life of cultural exploration.

‘ In person, in congregation…, as in our expressions of art diverse, archived attribution energy or studio expressions – each surfacing virtue to ‘collective soul appreciation’, acknowledgment to spirit and soul-passage ( lineage ) to who we are both as secular and religious fellow. ’


     We Love Art & Culture, devotional passage to knowing Other.


This is a great time to Consider how the Hive Mind moves from a threshold consciousness to sacrum-awareness in community connection (Germination out of seeds quiet, relationship 'ready' consciousness):

‘ The light overcomes doubt, all that feels low’ and Replenish energy moves into the Action ( beyond stationary, thought-centred modality – time appreciation ).


Love you All,


November 8, 2020

Opening a Door to the Energy Appreciations of Movement Culture                           Arts Awareness & Holistic Creative Living


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Like most women who have danced as a child or teenager, a return into exploration of culture as a 20-something and now into my mid 30’s – I enjoy a more diverse appreciation as a dance-performer, and happy audience participant, with interesting experience, learning ongoing and teaching as a dance teacher energy.  

The elemental consciousness and the gorgeous relationship of energy & ‘belly’ dance appreciations are a response to [spiritual and soulful] self-concept and collective (tribal) connection, a mirror energy for also men in that vehicle of passage  [ in movement dialect] – Sometimes dance-artist (aspect), other times movement consciousness in the martial artist or in fundamental pride energy [ I exist in my body as breathing instrument, of nature in nature ] as an energy awareness ( through Qi Gong, Tai Chi & elemental response and release ).

I often see currents of ‘cosmopolitan’ youth, colourful dress conversation and culturally-distinct acquisition energy in the studio – from rainbow tiers (that are full twirls), pom-poms, hair braids to ribbons and “priyana drops”.  There is a soft, gentle vibration and an enthusiasm –grand to the juncture of some of these cues, no different to the funk-soul brother sneakers and coveted ‘animal tokens’ (connected animal appreciations) as t-shirt print consciousness of our gentleman counterparts.


These conversations often imbue a story of the energy we-bring in, experience and adore, naturally. The active-blue is an expressive flourish, evidencing energy and the ‘kewls’ of ‘cools’ and an understanding that our Australian Studio includes and embraces the bringing of ranging influences and cultural lineages, including Australian evolution consciousness & local –birthing too.

In my own experience of ‘belly-related’ appreciation, and cultural-dance appreciation – I think about [with a smile] what brings people to the dance in these traditions.

[…the lineage of belly response in the energy, not just bellydance (from American-tribal (fusion, dialects ATS, Gypsy Caravan, etcetera), Middle-Eastern-connected rhythms and Orientale language, the Egyptian (temple awareness) and African-sun. There’s core folk in the Hispanic, romany, slav and flamenco… and the foundations of ancient territory in the energy that is shared ‘bodily awareness’, ‘symbolic & metaphorical energy’ responsive consciousness and with – time-line, land, location, precinct relationship. There is an energetic thread in all of the “diamond formation” that are “culturally” moving in movement and mirror consciousness, with distinct language dialects of varied kinds]

Excerpt passage from Movement Dialects in the Energy, Erin Kathleen Muir, Copyright 2020.

If you are moving, you are ‘energy conferencing’, in the communication of not just history but ‘others’. In a connected & remotely connected land consciousness, as well as being in the energy [field-vibration] of blood lines, song lines, spirited appreciation and the ancestors.

Intuitive vocabulary is appreciated in that realm of connection. While we adore and cradle our traditions (and praise be to the traditional dance! ) – there is a strong love at the heart-of-the-matter to what it brings – it gives us Cultural Sharing with Appreciation and an availability in Connection which we [contribute in circle] no matter the shape or the stage of the occasion.

As always, we do pirouettes with our hearts in the energy (dance mandalas).

Love you All,


November 22, 2020


The Loving Eucalyptus Branch

& Primordial Instincts

Cleansing Interfaces & Elemental Thresholds

                                                                 Sapphire’s Light & Conversation



      Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


During COVID-19 impact in 2020, the Appreciations of the White Sage & Rosemary have been addressed in their “aware conferencing behaviourship”, adored as historical & evolutionary (repeated, attribution energy – ceremonial uses) culturally strong, ceremonially regarded & largely understood. Last year during our short video chats online for ’10 Days Celebrating the Psychic Self’, a respectful conversation was given to that notion of “conferencing energy” when it comes to the historical lineage of lapis lazuli, as one such example (sometimes called the sapphire and so on in artefacts) and other consciousness from a metaphysical outlook (ancient in the timeline to current evolution as a built up lineage of "vested energy use” and “sacred” inclusion – in situation.

Let's consider today our Cleanses of many kinds beyond the energy vibrates of words and physical space clearing to get into primordial (base situation) in Cleansing energetics.

Some gorgeous Vibrations at the base level to consciousness may include “2” as starting points, philosophical enquiry consideration, as base (basis) for all others.

After the Energetic Clearing of Objects & Spaces:

(Clearing with Sage or Birdwing Rosemary, responding to negative energies & cutting of energetic cords)

  • The Technology (TV, Computer, Radio (devices home and car), laptop, printers, phones, etcetera).

  • The Interior of House & Outside Clearing spaces.

  • Your Aura & your Pets.


The Cleanse & the Blessing:

Consider how cleansing each of these shared “conferencers” not just individual bodies and spaces, gets us thinking about Maintaining Safe & Responsively psychic conditioned spaces for All.

       A. Consider these Interfaces for Energetic Cleansing:


  • Social Media, URLs, Apps, USB drive, Photos (derivative) & Logos to Business Cards

  • The Dictionary, Maps, Clocks, Money, Name books, Punctuation & symbolic organisers (coding)

  • Roads, Body System Diagrams (body parts)

  • Doors, Windows, Screens, Mirrors, Surfaces & Textiles (Materials & Patterns)


       B. Consider Basic Building Blocks (Elements):


  • 2D Shapes & 3D Shapes (Squares, circles, horizontals, diagonals, rhomboids, pyramids, extrusions – as basis for all symbols & sacred geometry, everyday situations conditioning)

  • Colour

  • Numbers, Letters, Words, typefaces, design presentation scaffolds

  • A Leaf


I particularly like the saging of all the words as English language availability to word-relationships as lineage to song, conversations and typed writing.

The Many “Principles” of Conditioning to Clear are built around the Directive Consciousness of our Cleansing of Shared Spaces.

Wellbeing through Clearing of Spaces enables all individuals to refresh (with connection to The Vibrational Enabling Strategies (as Support) – such as working with the Energetic Field to determine improved health availability and put a foot down with no tolerance to intentional psychic attack behaviours that may impact our environments or individual health.


Psychic self-defense strategies for incidental to more complex (ugly) experiences are experiences that have been acknowledged for centuries and quite simply exist as occurrences of nature between siblings squabbling to attachment behaviours of subconscious and [ lets say ‘choice recreational pursuit’ by abusive members of society ].

In the absence of sage & rosemary ( I don’t have, the store ran out, I’m allergic to..) – Consider the Relationship of the Blessing as you work with your Rosemary saches ( maybe pet socks?) or look to readily available connections in the Australian energy, beyond the “water” in bowl, and request permission for One branch ( as Blessing) from a Tree.

The Eucalyptus tree branch brushed over surfaces to “intentionally clear” appreciates with more use as a Situational Blessing Connective Energy as another type of ‘energy’, discrete and responsive.

As you continue to explore Energies – we connect to our favourites (no different to the “Rose Water” conference, blessing for sprays and dissolving thought-forms & negatives. You’ll treasure even more the ‘White Sage’ as you project into the physical smoke and/or sitting in the atmospheric elements to expunge negative conditions. You'll treasure even more the experiential appreciation perhaps as you build up a relationship to clearing the diagram of your house through visualization & develop a greater love, perhaps of, the “no more left” (there’s still scent-protective conditioning availability) in the empty eucalyptus essential oil bottle.

Like the Eucalyptus, there are ceremonial palms in the local land energy dear to our Aboriginal community for specific sacred response, as with many other “with physical substance” tangible connective clearers, nature-based in the energy. All of which are Cultural Blessings and with cultured, evolutionary conversation no different to our engagement overtime as humans with lapis lazuli and rosemary.

Love you All,


November 23rd, 2020

Upcoming Publications1_smaller.jpg

As I’m looking at the content of an upcoming resource called “Thresholds and Passageways”, I consider all those relationships to true clearing, cleansing in the vernacular, preventative & responsive work to psychic attachments & the nature of the ‘cultural blessing’.


Invisible Cultures 

Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

Elusive Consciousness is hard to catch. [ But why would you want to catch it? ]

There is an Appreciation in experiencing rather than overanalyzing everything.

Just like the clouds in continuous presence, appeal to appreciating viewers – so do the immersion of sounds of the birds and their intangible sequence – in the element of choice expansion – freedoms flight and self-governing extension. 


Every Fairy-Bird is a fluted double, triple pairing in Ever-green leaves. The Lady understands herself as a five year old does - While there may not be a physical door, there’s a beautiful, tangible, visible essence that connects in every grouping.

November 5, 2020











 ' The Peacock & the Energy Dance - Looking at Movement Consciousness '

Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation


    Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


The peacock is an interesting creature. The first time I saw a peahen or peacock, I had also witnessed the pleasant beauty of at least one Vietnamese bride and groom couple at Auburn Botanical Gardens at a very young age of about 4 or 5. The botanical gardens was, still is, with a pond (lake) of stepping stones and travelling pathways, expansive greenery, flickering water and koi and with rich gentle tapestries. Like a child that learns to travel like lizard-frolick and anticipates the spacial divide between water-dwelling and stone safe-foot navigation - time and perception play a keen role to knowing in direction and movement vocabulary.


As turbine full skirts spin in responsive steam - timeline, a female hen may take to understanding in their "fan pivot" - a central dialect in the responsivity, protective consciousness in sensory discipline, a plethora of eyelets - in tune, connecting to survey the body in the awareness ). I am without a frame, a walking picture, understanding self in no vogue, diva-torment. The qualities of my dance are boundless - there are fields, sakura and gentle union in the energy. My heart is full.


The Kookaburra is an Oracle

                                                              Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


The Kookaburra oscillates with catharsis –

Existing in the Love of Living. 

Existing in the Love of Loving.

My sound isn’t just a bird call – it is my essence.


As in thunder, there is a quality to the timeline

immersion and shifting in the listening,

co-experiencing of ‘Kookaburra Spirit Energy’.

There is a burst of gusto, awakening and

sensory release that is profound.

They are Blessings – Reminders. The Kookaburra is one of the most beautiful resonance energies in Australian Connection, to love and appreciate.

Take to the speed of it -  the smell and the crumble of Eucalyptus leaves, growing on Australian soil & Indigenous Heart-land - one of many gorgeous appreciations. I pause to recall Ken Davis (Daintree Dreamtime) with a wonderful track and Indigenous didgeridoo connectivity - land-honouring instrument that also connects to Kookaburra.

We all share a Love for Kookaburra, in native land conversation.

Existing in the Love of Loving, the laughter is pure conversation – it’s zest for Living Energy.

November 5, 2020


Rain for subtle restoration

Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation

        Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Let Rain permeate in its organic conferencing with the plentiful in soul’s yearning dissolving all that is frustrated, discomforting in the physical realms, outer spaces and residual surfaces – let there be an awareness for interior and exterior significance that is conscious and meditative in natural exuberance.

I am more than my physical self. Rain responds with no jealousy and no pain. It is of a light-soft, gentle current– hoping to know the washing away of all that does not serve our outer realms, conferencing with physical wholes – trees, plants, vertical alignments and sloping agencies, the built environment in which we may reside.

Let the rain be felt inside, of all of the above – for better knowing. May there be an awareness that the replenishing-aspect gives ease to the inner sanctum counterplaying any torments that have plagued us, foggied the brain, or trespassed physical privacy, emotional integrity in the empathic awareness and compromised subtle body and ‘natural karma’. I am more than my physical self.

I have availability to knowing that the rain dissolves with both hope and absolute centredness. I trust that it permeates confidently and with giving honesty to the abundance we choose to seek at this time – It is a time of repair, consolidation, healing and with continuum rain gives a natural ordered kindness to ‘what feels right, what feels good’.

I hope that you feel good today in the availability to connection though your personal meditation, restoring faith attribution where needed and also in re-introduction always to that which is outside availability, a conferencing with the natural intertwining - conferencing that is shared, loved, adored.

June 21, 2020.

Upcoming Publications2_smaller.jpg

Rain gives surface this morning as gentle current – as a subtle vibration - and at the universal awareness. My voice syncopates with the currency of need that is a tandem energy, both a co-responsive and co-efficient understanding; resilience for those that choose positive formation consent and availability.

The ‘Active’ Green Tear &

White Availability

 Energy Education & Appreciation


   Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


Cheerleaders, Banquets & Assertive Consciousness


‘Tara’ may be a connection of wisdom for you. Like all ‘active’ consciousness, there is a relationship to the [decent self] in giving-compassion as a simple acquisition respected and part of unconditional love for another human being. In this period, we also look at [Expenditure], a dirty word to most (monetary device, shared conferencing) and select our values-response based on priority conversation – what do I need, how may I survive.

When looking at cultured availability, patterned situations of humanity – it would be ‘lovely’ to see more feeling in encouragement & camaraderie.

The Cheerleader as Encourager, falls on no quid-pro-quo-aspect to prospect capitalism – it just is an assertive consciousness of [banquet=humble] generosity.

I care for you, therefore.. and I extend my hand simply because, and timely.

May 29, 2020.


To Look & Connect with

Divine purpose

Visual Cultures & Engagement 


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

​​Visual Engagement is truly an ‘immersion’.

To Look is an awareness, connecting always, and with more focused, conscious appreciations, incidental-broad availabilities to connective tissue and with a relaxed confidence in migration-attribute – ‘I see constantly, in experience of the more subtle, finding rich circumstances for pleasure-response and healing in treasures surrounding..  visual moments (momento-time shot).

When we look at Modalities for Output we convene with given counterparts [human, spirit, and oneness-aspect that may be seen as a cue to always-connected, ever-present availabilities – that of spirit consciousness]. We also convene in Environmental episode response – that is, appreciation for what may be considered timely attribution in ‘I see, I experience’ at any given moment. We are in a world of stimulus, corresponding. We are in a world of stimulus, in correspondence.

How do you dial up to know your seeing in this personal, discursive availability to opportunity of loving visuals?


This text article is drawn from a portion of our course manual - Course 3: The Art Filament, course overviews detailed on the website.

One of the Processes for Engagement, output opportunities that we may give ourselves pertains to  the spiritually-understood at a private, personal level.  As Appreciators, not only Creative essences [ be that Artist, maker and co-producer to creative circumstance] – we engage to not necessarily intellectualise and thus examine, in critical response but find space for ‘travellers awareness’ in knowing ourselves more, experiencing [appreciating an experience] and living-in a connection to who we are in the awareness, profound.

To look upon, may be also to muse focused-ideas or further extrapolation, honour prayer in daily circumstance, to remember the appreciated connection and distill, further and love contributes to empowerment [ for that I soar].

One of those availabilities to engaging the above is present individuals, present connections [ seeing the value of the person in conversation, no matter the time-attribution to physical circumstance]. Another may be objects in continuous ‘present mind’ or pleasing, re-correspondence. The lily-pad speaks to me, beyond the temple’s paradise. While I do not see it in front of me always in sight-operative, tangible form, it offers reintroduction.  The engagement extends to our physical surroundings at all levels, of abundant stories – momentus time-based understandings, and/or/if not, having an awareness of interplay connectivity ‘.  I am witnessing while experiencing and pertaining to in tandem, omnipresent connection.’

An interesting print availability became a connection point to know for me in visual-mode awareness over 18 years ago, and with correlation lends itself to commentary in the way of how we engage with spiritual connections in our computative, personal development and appreciation-connections. As a lover of looking and connecting, we are blessed with ranging artefacts and ‘spaces of finding’. Be that connection a cultural mask gifted, a card production or print of spiritual worship, insignia focus for silver-connection or gold connection-point in jewellery element.


The correspondence to the object involves greater concepts, a lineage and personal trajectory for engagement – to ‘listen’ to it’s value is correspondence for us to understand at personal liasonship – introspection and alignment.


It may be no different than a gorgeous woman in connecting to rosemary offerings from a small waterbowl, then forwarded with permission to her relative at a nearby hospital, an honoured sprig for furthered appreciation-dialogue. The relationship is innately voyage-consent and the treasured aspect is in the truth connection to the on-looking, experience and tandem travelling.

Another print-output is of course our Art of the World, being it local, personal and with co-productive requirement. Every family connects at the local, personal response – I engage with visual essence in the home and at personal lens, individually in travel-with images in print. Some of these are images of angels, family members, patron saint medallions, text-appreciations in coded visual form – a book of psalms or aspiration-quotes that are available, omnipresent energies for worship, reconnecting purpose and appreciating ‘seeing responses’, aware conscious connections for personal requirement.

What do you have in your car, in your wallet or back pocket, or hanging in a corner of a frame, bedside table or in living spaces – that you connect to in the energy availability of experience?

As Experiences, the affirmation, quotation, written-ode finds its way onto vessels, in playgrounds of staffrooms, on the fridge and more quieter journalized connections ‘I feel I want to know myself more in this’. To look upon these is a musing agency or engagement, personalized. A lovely print-output of resonance for you to explore is also the Oracle, as we travel perspectival junctures into the landscape and into new terrain for the self.  *Particularly of interest during this period of the pandemic, realigning and connecting to positive availabilities and personal trusts.

While the Oracle deck, usually consisting of about 38 cards or so, is pictorial in nature, there are some decks more locally produced and globally produced that also as seeing-ouput are utilized in altar circumstance and ranging engagements, time-based ceremonial prosperity of differentiated response for each individual.


Differing to other print consciousness and energy-activities as in the Tarot, the Oracle affords connections for insight, musing, prayer and direction.


The dual-aspect of front and back, text connection and pronounced archetypes are likened to those universal chaparones in our existence – comforts to seeing, comforts to knowing and abbreved/and appropriated text comprehensions as visual odes to what we love, live for and find direction in.


There are quite a few interesting connections where you may like to look at the cultured, the cosmopolitan, with a sampling of spiritual connections, historical figures and archetypes. Some of these are Oracles, that you may like to discover or re-convene with. 

As part of  'Words make the World Lighter' Month  - 7th Jan - 7th Feb on our 2021 Calendar. We are celebrating Love & Light Strategies using Word Vibrations, Kirtan, Mantra, Visual Presentation techniques & Affirmation Cards. We are celebrating features of Andres Engracia's Divine Doors and Saints & Mystics, as well as Christian hymns, and sanskrit-inspired poetry by Roche. Together we travel the archetype, the musing of keyhole-vignettes, prose and sacred symbolism. The music is playing and the song, breath and energy is appreciated

June 28, 2020.

Full Image Diploma of Art & Distance Cer

Rhythm in Energy Conversation

Sacred Living Spaces & Meditation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

There is a lovely acquisition of respect in connecting to Buddhist & Shinto teaching in Spirit tribe. Which tree is not always particular territory for soul lineage & worship nor does a choice of tree separate me from any tribe – the tree being a-bounty source – ‘each’ ‘individual tree’ (collective energy confession, joining in conversation, a hundred memories & observing nature spirits. My drum may be native American, the heart beat may be plethora – the circle is a wheel, is a time-space, is a global map – it exists as many overlays – opportunity for consideration, not-disimilar to other stories, experiences and tribal conversation, soul-journeying and learning-in-rhythm.

One of my Shinto guides in Buddhist awareness, insists there is soul digest in ‘share’ – it is really important to offer the digestion in simple-service, non-arduous, as Spirit communicate it, willingly, openly.

This tree is a crepe mertil, with hands holding each side of the middle – trunk – hugging itself. As I drum, Spirit draws attention to the bud larger than it’s close neighbour, a younger thread, bipartisan, collective network. I drum to honour the tree, knowing the story is observing thoughts of those around me. With a few pink-to-purple lights in flower, the budded branch holds new arrivals soon, cresting birth, not yet born.

I am asked to drum with the energy of one bud larger and then the other, recognizing energy vibration (fast, nervous, rapid-ready) as though “bursting consciousness” is a baby's focus need. It is not calling, the larger bud is pressing to open & flower to be freedom steady in a new space where the thymus & shoulders understand themselves. And eyes delighting observe all the pink to purple flowers. The other bud is also womb aware but does not impress itself upon the outer skin like it’s neighbour.


There is more to the branches, unrestricted journeying. I walk away knowing there is a lot of energy in the carrying, the connecting to maternity and the awareness of embryo, male-sea horse and lady-bug conversation – totem mother energy.

Feb 2020

' Shifting beyond the Threshold, light-filled passageways'

Energy Education & Awareness


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In 2020 we 'work at', 'working towards' principles,  [ seeing construct ] at realities confrontation and potential, possible movement.

Two bowls [ side by side ], work the cradling arc to Reimbursement. One may serve purpose to support all Health, Energy & Core needs. The right is naturally-supported in Daily appreciations for all that exists free, in Abundance.

I can-can

Hug my son, my daughter.

I can-can

Build good luck principles into my life.

Where there isn't a horse-shoe smiling, draw one.

What is your Gaelic four-leaf clover?

Your harmonising, conferencing - Balanced-aspect, imbued, good luck bamboo?

I can-can

Kiss my charming husband, lovely wife.

I can-can

With reconnection, the lucky 'score'

is often positive trust.

At the base consciousness, I can, I will

and I always have.

From time to time, we are receivers of thoughtful treats from family and community, and they become part of the energy of the space or in personal spaces.  In 2017, I received a cultivated four-leaf clover from a student and her mother.

May you all be blessed with light-filled passageways and spaces naturally from now onward in 2020, moving into the new year - in which your god, your spiritual nature, your heart's knowing give you strength and source to pleasing life.

Sept 11, 2020





The Notion of the ‘Creative Celebrant’

Visual Cultures & Engagement

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

In a past body of text, I wrote about the ‘Responsive’. You may think back to the considering of our active-yearnings and egoic-human-pleasured response – legitimatizing one’s personal wealth… how we respond well to others artmaking process or how we don’t, and then revisiting that conversation of how we look at our own value in process.


Encouragement is not a luxury, it is a spout of gentle availability. So is the value of giving Credit to Soul Conversation in everyone’s rightful deserve to loving process.

In looking at ranging disciplines and vocations, we all ‘experience’ creative enterprise and creative output; whether pleasured leisure or commercial in conversation.

The ‘Creative Celebrant’ (and / or Art Celebrant) is available to supportive-examination in the constructive quarter - that currency being reality-examination, conferencing dialect – no matter the monetary gain or exultation response in fueling profile, bank account or rapport to career visibility.

The Output consolidation is a supported identity. Sometimes the conversation is quietly explicit. Sometimes it is published visibility and non-aware field interplay, with appreciation for the retail owner at the human level or adversely, the use-vibration of someone else’s strength in the creative production-relationship.

I look at the reality of all visibilities.

· Creative Construct personel on cognitive post-drives, using another woman's image to sell in photo-pulls on social media, where they could have promoted their visual self from the onset.

· The less visible Name, where there may be Co-creation in publication and there isn’t equal celebration for those involved in the production.

· The appreciated and not so appreciated Gallery curator, Exhibition organiser, Teacher, Patron, Sponsor, Host.. in support of Art Growth relationships.

· The inception reality of the Metaphysical store, like all slowly built connections, initiatives across Fields who exist to Support a Cause, support Visible Stream [ This has Value, we exist for our Conferencing attendees in creative legitimization, I am of this interest, belief..]

· The attribution to the individual who gives their time to another and reflected back.

The Mutual consolidation may be evidenced in the appreciation for true Field appreciation and community.  ‘ May we exist in a belonging without disregard & amputation, in creative consciousness ’.

Appreciate the Artist, the writer and the forwarding availability of a creative-person ‘in the energy’. Students of Life give spiritual-cleansing to teaching aspect where there is sometimes a shortcoming of true integrity and goodness.

Appreciation and Celebration go hand in hand. Appreciating Individuals and also Appreciating binary relationships of a communion conversation of Shared 'Loves' is always key promotion aspect to overall Representation Integrity in Conferencing, no matter the supposed individually, opposed competition in the seeker terrain wishing to force their success, celebrity or otherwise, monetary gains.

June 21, 2020.

'Beginners Mind' Base Consciousness says "I am strong"

Energy Education & Appreciation


     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir


During this Experiential Period that exists with impact - perhaps give awareness to the realities of energy impact and system response.​

Perhaps focus connection to elementary congregational attitudes, that are first understood as individually pronounced.

We are self-governing leaders of vibrational expression, at an individual level.

What is your engagement with energy work at the Base Chakra at this time, in the Beginners Mind attribution, alligning with Promising, purposeful energy work? The Beginner's mind considers the learning of the Base Chakra from the early student principle mindedness, with respectful awareness and blessed-experience life-response in Survivalist accumen.

The life long response - in survival, is the 'Im ok. Im doing well. I can get through this.' And you always have.

Like a Gingerbread cookie introduction does and says:

At the base, "I am strong".

The together statements are a positive allignment that can be looked at as beside situation to the above, tandem awareness, that directly connects to Side by Side positive movement.

"I am strong."

This week, as with everyday, Consult at the Base Chakral Consciousness and repeat daily, furthermore.

July 14, 2020.

Reflective Surfaces

Visual Cultures & Engagement

Written by Erin Kathleen Muir



When you see someone making art, how do you feel?


When you feel yourself making art, how do you see yourself?


Seeing yourself with openness to expanding potential –and already with ability that is individual, sentient, and powerful – is an important feature to build if not yet personally believed. Even still, if it is there, respond closely to those features again and again and again.


Beginner’s Intelligence may be kind, with excitement, and without pessimism or competitively fueled.


Beginner’s Mindset may keep us humble and assertive of ourselves – and an Appreciative Artist, gives respect to individuals also with purpose and having passion for their creative birthing.


When you see an artwork that’s yours, how do you feel?


When you see an artwork that’s theirs, how do you respond?



The procession that is feeling and thoughtful is also telling.


Journalling Energy & Process Energy

                                                Arts Awareness in Holistic Creative Living


Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

“Energy Writes” are a simple, daily practice for me and I invite the need to [Pre-start] all work with the energy landscape of writing words, and thus after whatever has transpired that day, a [quick, end to finish] that outpourings need – accumulated design ideas and/or thoughts, appreciations, directions or learning summaries.

Energy Write to start the day, is entered into the same book. The Keeper, Holder, Storer of original peaceful energy. Like all Meditative Peaceful Writes, sometimes that [initial energy of the physical book is a return,  a reconnection, intended peace-ambience ] just like a space of transaction for the same purpose (perhaps likened to a sanctuary ). The book has what we talk about in metaphysical & psychic terms ( “residual energy” ) .


We feel sentient-response to past creationary interaction (the history of circumstance to feeling ) and naturally connect to response agency. If you are in a Mindful state to begin, you can re-instate, with your environment of peace, to connect to sanctuary-love.


My pre-start to the day, pre any work or writing output is ‘writing of lines’. Not a PE-discipline code, ‘I didn’t bring my pe-clothes’, it is the Repetition-write of Statements to self & my Field (Aura), and Vibrational Affirmation. The One page is filled in 15 minutes and maybe the repetition of one phrase, 2 or more or an unthreading of thought-whispers ( on the same positive, peaceful lineage ).

​​    For example: The phrase or Group of Words –

        Peace in my heart. Clearing all debris - happiness.


         Paint it white.

'Paint it white' is also one of Erin's considered therapeutic techniques through Soul-based Art Therapy and is an Internal practice at Sienna Art Space, with variegated application and output responses to support Vibrational Healing and to empower practical 'conditioner' not conditioning, behaviourist re-programming.

Throughout this very simple writing availability though, the internal quiet gets repeated and the positive word vibration gets felt (with intention through every body-muscle, organ, tissue and part of the physical self ) to Unite Self Cleansing Rejuvenation Principles in the Written Action – Repeated Consciousness – I can use the simple outlet to release & recalibrate. This sets the energy of what is to come, like positive affirmations in the energy to self (sending them into your positive energy bodies we build stamina, an invigoration & a ‘go get em’ or ‘up and at em’ energy with [ sunscreen scent & application ] of a morning. With this current period, these strategies of variation, all of us with our own creative lens, admit private capacity to Anxiety Reduction, Getting up – beating any lowered moods & maintains or Increasing Productive Energy Uptake.

When the 96 page lined book at 80cents completes, slide another into the original book to maintain energy. I am of the belief that Energy Coding for Primary & Secondary (Youths) in Education settings should a be a Slide Card – a Self developed write on a gsm card stock  or a Created Energy Write BookMark using a meditation for mindful reconnection & purpose, aligning & brought to each new page as they begin a lesson. Not to be thought of as a title page, but a full page or Book-mark-self-made to Reconnect with every session.

‘ We pick up where we began and that could be considered a Mindfulness meditation with energy setting for the whole year of learning, on going. ’

A good 'energy – check' is the self-reflection response to appreciate retrospectively the residual energy as it impacts all ‘activities’. (When I re-engage the Energy Slide card, I notice of my ‘energy-state’…?


The Energy Write Strategy I use at the end of the day is very similar to “Lightning Writing”, a strategy that was shared, acknowledged at a high school I once worked at as part of whole-school practice and share-uptake strategies. The To-end-session practice, involved the ‘as fast as you can, writing 2 – 4 key learnings in bullet form” – with intentional ritual to build trust in learning – acquired environmental response of the classroom & also with memory-processing appreciation post immediate learning episode & as a culture to summary report – rapport systemic class structure.

I like to think of the Days at-time, ‘swimming storm of design mayhem’, a thoonder-struck & cascade of never-ending potential in ideas generation. The ‘Think-Tank’ needs to output all (need-remembers) onto a page – no different to the good-ol’ ‘quiet journalling’ on the page that, sometimes dissolves the ‘self talk, out loud’ fumigation to enterprise, “dailies” we shall call them, or new ideas you can’t discuss [ the dragon quietly smiles over the pearl delightfully In creationary anticipation – excitement, rather than growing bat-wings, heavy in clawing fire & nostrils flairing ].

The end the day energy write is a [ page of ‘possibles, could-be’s or won’t be’s - ideas vatt’, the ‘Yes! Write that one down’ or a series of appreciations ‘where I’m at now, and projected ideas to enable kinetic formation, the where ‘I’d like to be.’

For all those who Propegate in “Design Think Tank” (that is every one) whether artists or not) that energy 5 – 10 minutes helps for the ‘get it out, get rid of it clearing’, the ‘must remember it’ and ‘I just need to leave that there and move on, move forward’.

November 8, 2020


The Art of Clicking & Sienna Hydration

       Energy Education & Appreciation

     Written by Erin Kathleen Muir

One of my loves is to dance on stage, at laid-back festivals with rolled-out carpets… and a part of me enjoys the creative element on quiet, mostly-private grass. That part of us that ‘responds’ in rhythm, on the high end of the melody and with controlled delight to the slow-ooze of sensual movement…. Contends with the energy of sound, with opportunity to connect to the formulation of creativity in soul-essence, that is the song’s current – a musician, musicians, singer, singers, and song-writers expression. But not just – because we are connected to the history of the response in the song, energetically familiar to us, remotely connected for those vibrationally aware, and empathically responsive to the lineage of consort-cultural connection, contextual ‘play’ throughout time and with awareness of how it is received.



Songs, the musical and interpretative dance response… but also that of percussive-syncopation – give essence to how we receive and then value the wave of the song’s energy.



With Swan’s golden clicking, empathic heart energy embodies response and ‘stream’. How beautiful is the vibrational cue in the Aspect of generation and the diversification, as individual-basis. We are hydrated by the allowance of, the prevalence of and the variation in sound across musical connections – what-ever the form and delivery. Clicking, aside from clapping, is a very distinct universal energy – tricky for some who are still mastering, but always promoting a relationship. I think of the Soul in the gent-quartet, the subtle lean of shoulder and buoyant smile, a gentle-soft, or repetitive 3-in appreciation of poetic brilliance…



The cordial, at times expected in clapping… differs from the enthusiastic applause… conveyed with ‘other’, gestural compassion and thankfulness… then differs from the obligatory, sarcasm chase of robotic group awareness…… in contrast to the Click that carries forward on a different occasion… called for… perhaps… or conveyed on a different heart-weave-et-wave of style and communion.Albeit the common ‘chain’ that is a threading of shrewd, familia-pride or presuming line-accordance in professionalism, where people do climb success…


Clicking, as percussion, and sound-gesture is actually one of the most impressive, perhaps most understated expressions of all. Musically and in union, I feel it in my heart through the movement – as though the ‘light’ connects to the soul-vibration with more positivity in the musical language, not device - wanting to connect to the feeling of the sound.



With respect, all content on this website including articles are Subject to Copyright & energetically connected to Erin's authorship. 

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