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Support Publications

Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid

What you will learn about in Energy First Aid: 

⦁    Easy to follow Lifestyle approaches.
⦁    Integration techniques that acknowledge Buddhist Mindfulness approaches & Metaphysical techniques.
⦁    Cross-sectional Faith awareness.
⦁    Mind Body Exercises.
⦁    The Language of Spaces.
⦁    Anxiety – ease Tools that you can apply.
⦁    Overviews to Sensing and Basic Field Appreciations for Beginners Understanding. 


Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing


The resource encourages Strengthening exercises and contemplation.

The supports and Topic connections utilise art therapeutics, energy-response and journeying as a Soul Art process.  

What you will learn about in Thresholds & Passageways II:

⦁  Introductions to Healing Consciousness - The Throat & Heart understand the womb-mother knowing

⦁  The Importance of Grasshoppers & Trajectory wellbeing; Psychic Fitness

⦁  Intrinsic Colour Retrieval - passive and active self recognitions

⦁  Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Go-tos & a kiss

⦁  Retrospective Analysis & Individual Growth

⦁  Revisiting how you value development

⦁  More on Meditation and Empathy for soul-aspect healing.


Sienna Art Space is a studio and holistic arts connection that believes in positive relationships as well as an appreciation for diverse faiths / cultures. Erin personally abhors any cultured formation work where there is meddling with energy, remote interferences and Energy Bullies that seek to control, hurt or gain social advantage through their 'practices'. We recognise an Energy Anti-Bullying Policy is a foundation to Respect & Human Love. We also see it as a simple human need to maintaining what is Enchanting about our beautiful, natural world, shared. It is so easy to be Kind.


Everybody deserves to feel good in their body, in their private mind, heart and as energy temple, always. May all be blessed with 100% soul integrity and Energy Good Health & in Happy, healthy relationship to Kind shared relationships - whether that be in friendships, family, faith or community. In a post-covid-19 world, be aware everybody deserves opportunity. They deserve to be recognised in their individual authenticity and to have health-prosperity & 'a feeling of joy'.  Don't steal from the world 'all the beautiful colour and vibrancy'.

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