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Header holistic arts and healing service
Header holistic arts and healing service

Our Services:

    Holistic Counselling & Counselling 

    Soul-based Art Therapy 

    Reiki Training & Crystal Healing 

    Group Facilitation 

    Soul Guide and / or Spirit Guide Drawing


    Fusion Bellydance & Drumming 

    Art-Intune Workshop

    Teens Development


Sapphire's Light acknowledges a distinct part of our Services - Encouraging Personal Spirituality, Holistic fulfillment through creative connections in lifestyle & also Increasing Emotional Wealth.


While 2021/2 Content and Services are no longer visible, till further notice. Our 2022 podcast for Energy Services for Sapphire's Light is currently being developed for pre-service Duty of care and Respectful Dialogue Communication for Positive Energetic Health. As we revitalise our Studio, there will be more information about new directions and what we have to offer.

Continue reading as 2022 has brought about new content, here and on the Naturally Exuberant tab.


Love grows the engine & Sustains it. 


" It's down to earth and it's honest, because the 'The Humility Card' is needed. Sacred Living involves simplicity - a supportive climate exists thankfully. "

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Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid

What you will learn about in Energy First Aid: 

⦁    Easy to follow Lifestyle approaches.
⦁    Integration techniques that acknowledge Buddhist Mindfulness approaches & Metaphysical techniques.
⦁    Cross-sectional, Faith awareness.
⦁    Mind Body Exercises.
⦁    The Language of Spaces.
⦁    Anxiety – ease Tools that you can apply.
⦁    Overviews of the Psychic Senses and Basic Field Appreciations for Beginners Understanding. 


Upcoming Publications1_smaller.jpg

In Thresholds & Passageways I: Energy First Aid, I acknowledge several references to energetic cleansing from Jewish door ( mezuzah ) to holistic living devices and gestures in prayer from various traditions. There are a range of personal preferences and we all have ranging botanicals, celebrated herbal consciousness, devices and integrated “honourings” of various kinds in our homes, perhaps work-spaces, even cars. 

Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing


is currently in production. The resource encourages Strengthening exercises and contemplation.

The supports and Topic connections utilise art therapeutics, energy-response and journeying as a Soul Art process.  

What you will learn about in Thresholds & Passageways II:

⦁  Introductions to Healing Consciousness - The Throat & Heart understand the womb-mother knowing

⦁  The Importance of Grasshoppers & Trajectory wellbeing; Psychic Fitness

⦁  Intrinsic Colour Retrieval - passive and active self recognitions

⦁  Emotional Prosperity & Transformative Go-tos & a kiss

⦁  Retrospective Analysis & Individual Growth

⦁  Revisiting how you value development

⦁  More on Meditation and Empathy for soul-aspect healing.

Erin Kathleen Muir has been sharing her writing as part of online territory and Good Vibrations (since Sienna Art Space's inception in 2014).

Our in-studio magazines 'Naturally Exuberant' reflect great content and personal insight connections to topics in Creative Arts, wellbeing, and Integrated holistic living,

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2019 Casual Chats at the Sun House & Wave Studio throughout 'Celebrating the Sacred Self'. Video Content is a delight when it's available, and has been taken down due to the forced Covid closures to educational services while mainstream schooling continued. 

Appreciating the In Person relationship of all people is what life is about. Appreciating People, in general, is what life is about.

Proud to be a Specialised Educational Service.

Welcome to our Gorgeous Community.jpg

Sienna Art Space is a studio and holistic arts connection that believes in positive relationships as well as an appreciation for diverse faiths, cultures. Erin personally abhors any cultured formation work where there is meddling with energy, remote interferences and Energy Bullies that seek to control, hurt or gain socially advantage through their 'practices'. We recognise an Energy Anti-Bullying Policy is an foundation to Respect & Human Love. We also see it as a simple human need to maintaining what is Enchanting about our beautiful, natural world, shared. It is so easy to be Kind.


Everybody deserves to feel good in their body, in their private mind, heart and as energy temple, always. May all be blessed with 100% soul integrity and Energy Good Health & in Happy, healthy relationship to Kind shared relationships - whether that be in friendships, family, faith or community. In a post-covid-19 world, be aware everybody deserves opportunity. They deserve to be recognised in their individual authenticity and to have health-prosperity & 'a feeling of joy'.  Don't steal from the world 'all the beautiful colour and vibrancy'.

Our Annual Devotional Calendar - Upcoming Special Days, 2023

January Sound Bath - Welcoming 2023

1st Jan - 28 Jan

Instrumental and Drumming Energisers - 

'Woah, sometimes.. I get a good feeling [yeah]'


'Words make the World Lighter' Month' -

7th Jan - 7th Feb.


Love & Light Strategies using Word Vibrations, Kirtan, Mantra, Visual Presentation techniques & Affirmation Cards.

Educational Breeze Resource available here in January.

'10 Days Celebrating the Sacred Self' - 11th March - 20th March. 


Celebrating the 'Sacred Human Conversation' in what it means to be humbly psychic with connection naturally & with proud, healthy topics in the light of human-good. Est. 2020.

Educational Breeze Resource available here in February.

Join Erin for our discussion of 'orange consciousness' and the energy behind our Celestial Blue Workshops that extends on our cultural program from past years.


Erin will discuss 'Primordial Orange & the Ultramarine, her Big Book Oracle as part of Harmony Day 21st March.

You can read more about the Art of Giving Art & Cultivate as part of our popular Studio Classes. 


'Vibrational Energy Awareness Day' -

26th March.


Community embracing Vibrational essences in our World. 

Educational Breeze Resource available here in March.

'Care to Dance' Street Theatre

22-23 April, Various Dates & Locations

Intersections of Romany Polka, Sunny Folk Lovin' & Gypsy dance. Cue. It's Kindred.

'Recite Beautiful Appreciations' Month -

5th April - 4th May.


Celebrating Devotional Prose daily, including Poems, excerpts and devotional prayer from Loving Connections, Mystics & Writers, Rumi, Gibran, Osho, Lao Tsu, Australian writers.

'Icons & Idols Appreciations' Month -

5th May - 4th June.


Selections of Images and sculptures are looked at as a part of appreciating Saints, significant figures, bodhisatvas, murti & divine connections over time.

'Lanterns, lights & Stars Appreciations' - 12th July - 15th Dec.


We journey through a series of exquisite and devotional connections to Light, honouring Culture, Sun, Moon, Earth, Cosmic Energy. 

Lanterns continue to be part of our Studio journey. 

'Spiritual Tales Readings' - 28th July - 9th August.


Erin's Story Book Readings

'Usher in Colour - Evocations Month' - 1st - 31st August


From Pigment Consciousness to Vibrational Consciousness, we experience the many appreciations of our Colourful World, overtime. The Artist recognises the Schminke 'shmick' and the Lineage Visceral. 

Keep an eye out for Erin's "Colour Exuberance" publication and affirmations 'on site' into the future at the Studio when we return. As with all energy in Oracle, affirmations and current focuses for Holistic resources, the writings and also illustrations are self-produced. 

Sunrise & Sunset Connections -

Various Dates 2023

Elemental Dance and Creative Art exercises throughout the Rhythmic Period

Drum, Dance & Bowerbird Picnic

Late December 2023

Spirited drum in the park to connect to New Refreshments for the New Year.

Sunny Folk Lovin' Salutations.

The Bowerbird understands celestial blue and Empathic threads. See you in 2023.

The Fiery Thirsty Rose_smaller.jpg

From  the 'Dates & Spices Kitchen & the Thirsty Rose', we enjoy seasonal timely connections to Bread Making, First Week of Winter Hot Choccies under the Moon, Energy Ginger Breadmen-women & Education Threads,.. and who doesn't love BBQ tapas: chessies, our corn with the kids and 'pumpkin soup' enrichment day for the Gals. We Feast and we delight with chat, seasonal activities and awareness. 


Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

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