Studio Class for Kids

                        7-12 yrs




Monday 4  - 6.30pm                                          

Tuesday 4  - 6.30pm 

Wednesday 4 - 6.30pm

Thursday 4 - 6.30pm

Saturday 10.30am - 1pm

Saturday 1pm - 3.30pm                          



Class Overview & Values


This is an age-appropriate class for children

The Studio Kids focus on a range 7 - 12 yrs. of

processes and mediums across drawing and

painting to continually build their knowledge

and practical skills. Each term there will be a

new focus, encouraging a sustained series and individual projects. Styles range from realistic, experimental and abstract forms.




An emphasis is given to technique, ideas and

experiences. Our internal Art-of Giving Art

Program alongside primary projects each term

enrich student thinking, cultural appreciation,

and knowledge of creativity across

perspectives, with a focus on the whole child.


Certificates awarded at the end of the year for

Participation in Studio Program.


Class Costs


$380 for a 10 week term of 2.5 hrs


+ $100 New Kids Art Pack for first term

( Mandatory Core Materials)


Enrolment includes the following Student Benefits:

·Materials in class are supplied for Term Projects: For e.g. soft pastels, acrylic paint etc.

     Complimentary Participation in & paid entry to:

-      - Colour Fiesta, our end of year celebration.


Studio Equipment includes the use of: Painting Easels, Drawing Boards, Clips and other core equipment. All students are supplied with an Art Smock during class. Students are issued with all extra drawing and painting media in class, beyond their core Art Pack.


New Kids Art Pack includes:

Fabric Art Bag with Sienna Graphic, Art Container, Various Dry media, Aqua-brush, Drawing Tools,A3 Sketchbook, A4 Learning Folder + A3 Display Folio.



Term 1  2020

Structured Aims


  • Students embrace the qualities of a variety of media overtime to include:  Pencil, Charcoal, Soft pastel, Oil pastel, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting.

  • Students develop an informed understanding about technique, ideas and experience through creating art responses, focused dialogue and personal/ group reflection.

  • Students seek out and are guided through art appreciation looking at the Term Focus, aligning artworks and key practitioners across art and other creative media.

  • Students are guided through studio learnings in the Art of Giving-Art Program and contribute to ongoing focuses of enquiry, art competitions, and Sienna Studio initiatives.


The Art of Giving- Art  



The Bear, The Whale & The Lyrebird

The Brolga (Crane), the Rainbow Fish & The Deer (Stag)


This is a Sienna Art Space program that fosters cross - cultural awareness, universal concepts, symbolism &  art lliteracy

in a studio-based, loving, community atmosphere.



No Term 2-4 due to forced closure,

with COVID-19 Impact



The program touches on the potential of art, as a means to therapeutic action and social change. Students begin to develop their conceptual skills and identify ranging definitions of art and the role of artistic creation in life. Erin's aim is to deepen appreciation for a more inclusive understanding of human presence, and giving opportunity for respectful discussion, social awareness and a surfacing overtime of ranging cultural stories and art-forms.  Students gain so much through our community and are blessed with the inclusion of personal spiritualities and cultures.  Experiences of a varied nature are honoured and valued. We all benefit from the soul discussions and the interaction of how art breathes life into who we are and gives birth to new understandings overall. Erin has brought in extensive directions for writing awareness alongside her teaching this year, with Installation work transparent to Studio students with the Visual - revamp on The SunHouse & Wave Studio. 


Beautiful Title

Current Location: The SunHouse & Wave Studio, Casula 

The Eye is the Window to the Soul

[Animal Connections & Portraiture]

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