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Vision for 2023 includes New Workshops and Programs. 

Interest is strong & Enquiries are high, as they have always been.

....with steady fruition and output - and the return, in time, to In Person Services, that was our gorgeous Studio history across All Ages throughout 2015- 2020.

We'll be adding details shortly about our Upcoming Dates for Workshops for Adults & Youth. In the meantime, you can register interest.

Below are some of the cherished workshops to adore!



Drawing & Painting Workshops
                    Adult Women and Men

I am a Goddess of Dance 
Saraswati - Wisdom & Serenity Swan
Tara - Thangka Painting 

Recognise those Hips
Animal Totems in Pastel - World Animals
Energy Ritual painting using Colour
Bohemian Brocades & Flowers

Birds of Paradise - Floral Drench

Crystals & Discovery

Australian Beauty

Fur Kids - My pets are my Love





Kindred Workshops explore Fine Art territory, across multiple sessions. Erin has a beautiful history of differentiated clientele, adult workshop bookings and women's circles. While regular weekly Studio is closed, the flame is maintained for all that is bohemian and lush.

See overviews for all Kindred Workshops here.

Those Looking for Inservice Bookings for their Workplace, need to complete a Mutual-Appreciation for Service Agreement as an enquiry form.



Art Circuits

Drawing & Painting Workshops
                    Children 6 - 12 yrs

You can use your Creative Kids Voucher at any of our Circuits.


'The Million Fish Returns'

Art Circuit 1 - ' Something about the way you Wear your Hair '

Art Circuit 2  - ' Cue to Paris Rendezvous '

Art Circuit 3  - ' We have the most Beautiful Pearls '

Art Circuit 4 :  ' 100 & 1000 Reasons to Love Fairies '

Art Circuit 5 :  ' We 'auta-Audi '

Drawing & Painting Workshops                   

                       Teens 11 - 16 yrs

' The Big Cat Returns '

'Feather & Body Dreaming'

' The Year of the Snake, 2024' - Celestial Blue Workshop

See overviews for all Youth Workshops here.














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Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

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