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Art Circuit

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Drawing & Painting Workshops                   

            Teens 11 - 16 yrs

      Of course you can use your Creative Kids Voucher

          towards our Programs. 

Two supervisions are with all our classes with Children for duty of care mandatory

requirements. One teacher is designated to classes of 12 students.

' The Big Cat Returns '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

       Mixed Media Painting with our very popular Auburn Friend.

       Mount, pattern and fine-edge finish.

And since they were so adored from late 2018,.. 

Cats, Big cats, we all love Cats. 
Explore your creatvity with a choice from 5 purrfect Cat connections.

This workshop is about experimenting with introduced processes and working towards a

finished outcome to mount at the day's end. 

' Feather & Body Dreaming '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

        Cotton weave with hoop

        Body decal with colour weaves

A Feather is a protective and emblemic song. It speaks of the all the Colours of the Wind,

white-luminous texture and the frequency. The Dreamcatcher is a grounding-instrument

and cultural integration that can be embellished with strength-based creative touches.

Create your own dreamcatcher for your bedroom with some super-cool energy tips from

Erin about sacred geometry and how you can use unique inclusions to personalise your

sacred space. The Dream Catcher is a protective blessing used in living spaces, specifically

bedrooms to honour guardians & discourage negative energies.



Erin will guide participants through simple 'esteem' awarenesses and how to make a

"sacred space herbal bag" that honours positive faith. We will be using body-temporal

tatooing and the colour-weave in the second part of the workshop. 

This workshop encourages Cultural Appreciation for the feather, the red-knotted banding and

that we exist as part of  something larger. Intentions are not to be confused.  

Participants are encouraged to pick their choice of metal motifs as faith/spiritual honouring in

the workshop: For E.g.: Cross, Ganesh, feather, Star, Indigenous Motifs (picking from a range of


'The Year of the Snake, 2024' - Celestial Blue Workshop

Day Workshop ( 10 am - 4pm )

If you loved the Million Fish ( Cultural appreciation for the Rainbow shapeshifter ) and

mixed - media exploration - you'll love our Snake Totem workshop...

We honour the Land, land energy and Animals are counterpart energy as we travel the

Earth in our lifetime. We also honour the Celestial recognitions in our cosmic calendar

(Sky and forces, 'in verse'). It is a Celestial Blue song with unique rhythms, we awaken from

star dust and we speak in rainbows, patterns, formation and shifting vibration. 

This workshop recognises our local vibration, culturally and energetically.

I give my respects to the Ancestors and honour Cultural Respects for the Snake.

* This is one of Erin's new Celestial Blue Workshops. 

This extends on cultural-explorations from the "Cultivate Program" ( Teens

11-18years ) plus those who have attended studio and benefited from 

"The Art of Giving Art" ( 4-6 years & 7-12 years separately ) .


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Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

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