Art Circuit

Art Circuits

Drawing & Painting Workshops
                    Children 6 - 12 yrs

      Of course you can use your Creative Kids Voucher towards our Programs. 

'The Million Fish Returns'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1 - 4pm)

             Mixed -Media Painting Fun with our Very Popular Rainbow Friend

             Scroll, spot & Bubbles!

The Rainbow Fish Returns.. Nicknamed the "Million Fish", the Guppy is the Rainbow friend with iridescent features that we will create throughout the 2 stages to the workshop, using dry media, wet media and other crafting materials. Take home a gorgeous scroll & 'bubbles' viewing-lens at end of the day.

Art Circuit 1 - 'Something about the way you Wear your Hair'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

            Mixed - Media Painting Fun

            Oriental Fusion & South American come together, for traditional and cultural hair-pins, fan-combs & papercut-


            Backdrop Photo Included.

In Art Circuit 1: Explore through looking at a variety of examples, to create 2 wearables. You will look at 'fusing your elements' for the purpose of live-art photography at end of the day. We will be using masks in this workshop due to the crafting process (Health & Safety).

Art Circuit 2  - ' Cue to Paris Rendezvous '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

            Mixed - Media Painting Fun

            Parisian Bequest & Theatre - Make & Create together.

                   Backdrop Photo Included.

In Art Circuit 2: Diamonds and optical reveals, it's an opportunity for Sequencing with Playful Gloves to Cue . Enjoy another Expressive interest in creative wearables and playful design - where the kids explore with mixed media craft and shapes.  

Art Circuit 3  - 'We have the most Beautiful Pearls'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

           ...And then there were Mermaids

           Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle Painting

                         Backdrop Photo Included.

In Art Circuit 3, get Ready to sparkle, twinkle and light scape with a very, very special spritely backdrop.  To go with our effervescent butterflies & Dharwals, we have the most beautiful Pearls. 

Art Circuit 4 :  ' 100 & 1000 Reasons to Love Fairies '

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             I believe in Fairies... with Freckles

             Tulle & Sparkle 

                     Backdrop Photo Included.

In Art Circuit 4, Fairly freckled or Fairies freckle? 100 and 1000 reasons to Love Fairies, especially those that sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Again, be prepared for another light elixer with the Live Art backdrop creation. 


Art Circuit 5 :  ' We 'auta-Audi '

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             All things Wheels

             Drawing Figurines 

                        Backdrop Photo Included.


In Art Circuit 5, Action, rock 'n' roll and derby - get ready to fast torque,.. Tonka? Com-bi? Caddy Big Cat 'n' Trailer ...yep, an' Steam! No losses to upset here, with plenty of fun figurines to incorporate into the artmaking. 
Finish the day with Formula - That's right, we're On track with mathematical spins in front of the painted backdrop. It's cool.

Drawing & Painting Workshops                   

            Teens 11 - 16 yrs

' The Big Cat Returns '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             Mixed Media Painting with our very popular Auburn Friend.

             Mount, pattern and fine-edge finish.

Cats, Big cats, we all love Cats. 
Explore your creatvity with a choice from 5 purrfect Cat connections. This workshop is about experimenting with introduced processes and working towards a finished outcome to mount at the day's end.