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Art Circuit

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Art Circuits

 Drawing & Painting Workshops
Children 6 - 12 yrs

      Of course you can use your Creative Kids Voucher

          towards our Programs. 

Two supervisions are with all our classes for duty of care mandatory

requirements. One teacher is designated to the class as we have classes of 12 students at

maximum. The other approved supervisor is a floater that supports child-readiness and 

direction for those 4 - 7 years. 

'The Million Fish Returns'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1 - 4pm)

             Mixed -Media Painting Fun with our Very Popular Rainbow Friend

             Scroll, spot & Bubbles!

At the Sun House & Wave Studio ( aka "fishtank" )

in 2019, we enjoyed Ink Goldfish characters,

imaginative and intuitive drawings and the

incredible popularity of warm-current tropical

lines... The Rainbow Fish is from our 'Art of Giving

Art' Program connecting to the Indigenous

shapeshifter in current as well as our cultural

recognitions for 'many stories'. 

The Rainbow Fish Returns.. 

Nicknamed the "Million Fish", the Guppy is the Rainbow friend with iridescent features that we will create throughout the 2 stages to the workshop, using dry media, wet media and other crafting materials. Take home a gorgeous scroll & 'bubbles'

viewing-lens at end of the day.


'The Gregarious Monkey'

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1 -4pm )      

         Mixed Media Fun with our glorious good mate

            Monkey Magic Wallpaper

Oo-be-do, I want to be like you... all flutes and let's go bananas for Monkey Magic! 

You'll love the 3 wise social wisdom and empathic mirrors. Social butterflies go gregarious

for Monkey boon. Take home a gorgeous Graphic artwork that is ready-to hang or place on

a shelf..

'Magical Doors' * Inspired by Disney's Encanto

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10 am - Midday, 1 - 4pm)

             Casita Feature & Divine Door

             Columbian Good Vibes Candle Artwork

Let's relive Encanto !

Houses of many kinds have colour, colour, colour..  And some are sentient houses. 

Create your own magical door artwork and mixed media mandalic spin-work using wax &

colour vibration. All while listening to great Columbian music throughout the day.

Love that rhythm!

'Dinosaurs ! '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1 -4pm)

          Shape & form in mixed media

             Light Glow Paint

Neon-ultra electronic Dinosaur!! That's right get ready for the heightened colour exilaration

of light streak as we image something of the old age. Let's explore a range of Dinosaurs

using figurines, characters and props. R-rarr!

Art Circuit 1 - 'Something about the way you Wear your Hair'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

            Mixed - Media Painting Fun

            Oriental Fusion & South American come together, for traditional and cultural

                 hair-pins, fan-combs & papercut-brocades. 

            Backdrop Photo Included.

To add to our gorgeous Seahorses as wax prints, in watercolour and the Kids & Juniors with

their beautiful effervescence from 2019,..

In Art Circuit 1: Explore through looking at a variety of examples, to create 2 wearables.

You will look at 'fusing your elements' for the purpose of live-art photography at end of the

day. We will be using masks in this workshop due to the crafting process (Health & Safety).

Art Circuit 2  - ' Cue to Paris Rendezvous '

2 Workshops in a Day ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

            Mixed - Media Painting Fun

            Parisian Bequest & Theatre - Make & Create together.

                   Backdrop Photo Included.

To extend on our beautiful tree sculptures in clay with wire armatures from the beautiful

Kids & Juniors from 2017,..

In Art Circuit 2: Diamonds and optical reveals, it's an opportunity for Sequencing with

Playful Gloves to Cue . Enjoy another Expressive

interest in creative wearables and playful design - where the kids

explore with mixed media craft and shapes.  

Art Circuit 3  - 'We have the most Beautiful Pearls'

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

           ...And then there were Mermaids

           Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle Painting

                         Backdrop Photo Included.

To extend on our Clam-beauty & Mermaids from our beautiful Kids in 2018,..

In Art Circuit 3, get Ready to sparkle, twinkle and light scape with a very, very special

spritely backdrop.  To go with our effervescent butterflies & Dharwals, we have the most

beautiful Pearls. 

Art Circuit 4 :  ' Which Princess are you? '

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             Elements & Ballads

             Draw your Princess 

                     Backdrop Photo Included.

In Art Circuit 4, dress as your normal self and with a whirl of the Fan Brush you are

transformed into your gorgeous avatar through the painting process.

Render colour, indulge in the Disney magic. Get ready to Let it Go and Feather the wildeness

for two sentient actions in front of the Art Circuit backdrop.

* Participants to wear/bring a singlet for this activity, otherwise 2 sizes will be available at the

workshop as costuming support.

Art Circuit 5 :  ' 100 & 1000 Reasons to Love Fairies '

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             I believe in Fairies... with Freckles

             Tulle & Sparkle 

                     Backdrop Photo Included.

To add to our beautiful wood-land drawings by our beautiful Kids in 2016,... and crystalising

the dance on canvas from class in 2018,..

In Art Circuit 5, Fairly freckled or Fairies freckle? 100 and 1000 reasons to Love Fairies,

especially those that sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Again, be prepared for another light elixer with

the Live Art backdrop creation. 


Art Circuit 6 :  ' We 'auta-Audi '

2 Workshops in a Day  ( 10am - Midday, 1- 4pm )

             All things Wheels

             Drawing Figurines 

                        Backdrop Photo Included.

To extend on our Calisthenics Warriors, cheeky-gum Figurines & mine-craft inspired painting

from 2017 & 2019,...


In Art Circuit 6, Action, rock 'n' roll and derby - get ready to fast torque,.. Tonka? Com-bi?

Caddy Big Cat 'n' Trailer ...yep, an' Steam! No losses to upset here, with plenty of fun figurines

to incorporate into the artmaking. Finish the day with Formula - That's right, we're On track

with mathematical spins in front of the painted backdrop. It's cool.






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