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Annual Statement - Policy Updates & Website Maintenance


Like all built-in notices for COVID-19 as feature, we extend opportunity each year to Assist stakeholders by communicating, to potential-students & student-parents of our commitment to Policy Engagement Updates as part of Internal Business Practice. This is a compulsory commitment, transparent appreciation mandated of all providers. It surfaces as a concrete statement and with applied, adjusted connections in policy at timely need.

The Website is currently being Updated as we enter a 2021 year, with all Studio activities on hold till a new location & timely business continuation is arrived at. With this business material advertised has been streamlined to currently-advertised services only.

Our Commitment as a Child-safe Organisation is a culture of updating Written Policies as transparent, efficacy-led awareness. Policies [differentiated] and Guidelines (child-centred supports) are a focus for this period to continue aims in evolving structures, refining management into the next 2 year period.

As with all "natural surveillance design", information and cognition-supported visuals, in consideration - we are applying considerable effort to Engage all perimeters of need regarding the Art School & evolving Holistic Arts & Healing Services. Our Codes of Conduct, support government & policy & all staff - volunteers continue to have Working with Children's Checks (Kids Guardian monitoring), with all administration anchored in meeting record staff development & incident reporting across welfare - from Basic First Aid administration to any form of energy bullying, supervisions and deceptive-dishonesty engagement in contact as outsiders to community culture.

I happily communicate we have a Healthy, legally-responsive and have never had any performance issues. It is one of my prides as a Education-Independent that this be a vocal shout out. We exist in support of Welfare, Clients in mind understand that we also exist transparently based on community needs & rapport attitudes.


21/12/2020 - Website Maintenance continues till 10/01/2021, with periodic updates a part of business culture.



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