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What is Energetic Cleansing?

It is Vibrational cleansing as 'action', aided by positive belief set and / or prayer / gratitude. It can include but not always the conditions of ceremony and / or a substance through smudging, washing, anointment, massage. Cleansing is culturally diverse, with tradition. 

We appreciate that different views are with different families, communities and faith / not-exclusive to faith. We recognise respect is with traditional use in cleansing also. 

In this world, we are very blessed to be in ongoing learning that appreciates Divine relationships and Religious cleansing as well as Holistic disciplines that acknowledge ancient sources ( their traditions ) and developing nature appreciations. We benefit from the Whole, hence Holistic awareness territory ongoing. Culture continues to be a virtue of 'shared' and 'sacred' encounter, with emergent changes to our Psychically aware society and civilisation-response to advances & evolution. 

Why Energetic Cleansing for Psychic People?

Cleansing supports the Mind, Body and Spirit body of a Person and Animal. The practice recognises we need to protect our energetic field and soul from negative sources in spirit.

The Following Botanical Products & Substances are Lifestyle Integrations of the Space. With extension, a few have been added as Holistic connections that support Preventative Care and are found to be 'valuable psychic cleansing supports' at the daily level. 

Sandalwood Oil Soap  ( My Sore Sandal Soap )
Patchouli Hand Wash  ( Handwash & Body Wash - Bergamot & Patchouli, Patchouli soap)
Lavender & Salt Bath Mix ( Fresh Lavender, Epsom salts, lavender oil, almond oil)
Sandalwood Oil Annointment & Massage Oil 
Fresh Rosemary Herbal Socks
White Sage Smudging

All of the above are 'soft current' regulators, with the extringent nature of Patchouli being a strong foundation for clearing in supporting the energy body.


" The Spirituality


of Leaning against


trees is not ironic."

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There are several significant areas for the Energetic Person to find re-established verse & empowerment.

The areas are:
* Psychic Fitness
* Mental Stamina
* Physical Strength & Activity
* Daily Release Awareness

Honouring the Day is a Custom whereby we show Respect for 'Vital Energies'. 

A Vital Energy is not just the substances of the land that give us sustenance. By extension we have water, and air. By further extension, we are part of a 'shared, greater existence' ( nature's ebullience); orbital functioning with recognition to survival and essence-reality.

    What do you do to Honour the Day?

Remember, to Thank the Ancestors, give honest appreciation for all respects to Positive Contribution: that which restores, enlivens, charges growth, gives nutrients and offers safety and protection. Praise we give to Trees and Earth Embodiment as an extension of all kaleidoscope (Sun, Moon, Inter-planatory allignments). We forget no equally-vital components including stars, and phase in social-engineering. We aren't isolated, we are energetically mandalic in cognition and ebullience. 

Smudging Cedar or white sage, and thankfully, a Way of Many - are all warranted positive connections to Honouring the Ancestors, local indigenous history (wherever you are), Guardianship Spirits and Vital Energies of Larger existence. 

   The Accordian, Phasing & Self Recognition

A part of the pandemic period, has focused on Hygienic Cleansing and Refocus, with Communication bequesting and requiring urgent Reframe. Thread to weave consolation, and release to conceive 'purity'. I've listed Balancing as a strong revitalisation for the Four Areas as they pertain to the Self as Fitness becomes a strength to all Healthy, Vital Shared Commons.  

What is Purity? It's actually a reframing of Truth to all that Exists in Authentic Climatisation and to all that serves well and isn't toxic. As spiritual, energetic people - the metaphor of both the 'Accordian' and 'Phase of the Eclipse' examined individually supports personal awareness in Protection, Empowerment and Belonging in one's own Verse. 

I place a 'droplet of Currency' of the Camphor Oil next to a droplet of Water. And then I just want to recognise over 3800 Lanterns, as vital energies. Integrity State Consciousness is a recognition of various formations in 'purging' conversation. Looking at the Subtle Body and release of spiritual debris is a very important part of Increasing Personal Health and Interactive Energy spaces for Positive Living, social harmonisation and wealth in living, learning and celebratory every-day activities. Every person exists for a reason, no different to vital living energies, of all kinds. Cleansing & honouring 'activate' new sequences to Prosperity and long lines, in orbit.

Educational Breeze Resources are available as part of the Devotional Calendar.

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Balance is a feature to healthy status. We bring balance into our worlds through work-play balance, healthy eating and exercises, social time and individual time for the self. We also do "exercises" with energy to support shift vibration and to increase wealth-for-health.

( Metaphysical health )

Overall this supports:

* Mind Health

* Body Health

* Our Spirit Life ( Energy Situation )

* The Soul ( In passage, in focus )*

The Body has 7 core chakras that are significant to the Energy body. They are part of a larger system of energy. We recognise them according to Colour Coded consciousness and symbolic allocations. A safe guided focus on the Chakras is a great way to start to build improvement for the energy body and connected realms; our individual self in collective soul environments, interacting with energy and creating it.  It is important to recognise that Energy involves ongoing maintenance. 

An outlook to significant health is:

* Raising Vibration so that it is not lowered or low. 

* Energetically Cleansing daily. 

* Protective Rights & Purification.

* Balancing aspects of Mind, Body & Energy.

* Building an knowledge of the chakras and auric field for healthy discrete clearance. 

* Release Therapy & safety checks for best health. 

Simple concepts recognise complex situations. We all have different soul waves and spirit body. It is important also in an evolving world to recognise pluralist ideas, culturally different excursions to deepening appreciation feature always. Individual vibration and personal voyage is very much a feature of self-recognition and collaborating to understand the above significant health areas much better. 


" Body Balance,

energy balance,

life with zest...


a removal of all obstacles to

cherished good health."

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