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Through Expressive territory we explore the ‘ naturally exuberant creativities ’ of dance movement and drum rhythms.

Music and dance go-together in combinations, with a similarity to music impacting art creation through drawing and painting.


Dance Movement recognises ranging modalities in composition and insight.

       It includes:

  • Salutations and scripts ( both derived pattern excerpts and motifs in configuration ).

  • Intuitive Interplay and Sensory recognitions – These are energetic fluidities and also includes channelling that is not “restricted by energy development”.

  • Choreographed dance – This is phasing that interprets concepts or with musical energy homage. As in Art, we are ‘elemental cognition’ and principle-led – allowing for Representation and Strength-based Dynamics for Impacting audience engagement & experience.

  • Relaxation and Calibration – The relationship of Dance Fitness is seen largely in flexible, muscle-ready movement-ologies. All components to our bodies movement are impacted by ‘discrete energy’ regulation, emotional-mental balance and body cognitions ( Our self esteem stores & the regulation of energy projections from else where ).

  • Stylised Formats as Recognised Dance styles and energy-history lineage. We correspond with the music and as aware 'energy practitioners' in dance expression ( We express with various period-conscious communication ).


Fusion Bellydance reflects the synthesis of a variety of dance styles in the Bellydance genre.

Bellydance has very ranging types of dancers and are based on localised as well as 'inheritance dialects', by association.

While there are ‘generally’ three umbrella categories – raks sharqi, tribal dance and folkloric style. There are variations with each and the ‘connectivities’ ( or overlays ) give way to individual styles  [ as influenced dance structure ].


The key recognitions for Fusion are their opaque categorisations. They have traditional features, combos and identifiable source motifs.


Bellydance recognises ‘feminine’ hip movement and ‘undulating, curvilinear abstractions’, in-tune and ‘with rhythm’ evocative of temple light vibration. They exist as historical lineage source vibrations and express a kind of female code to movement that is shared in a similar way, elsewhere. Dance, more generally, has it’s routes in ‘energetic centres’, locations such as Egypt, Africa & Middle Eastern spout and with connections for the folkloric consciousness across European territory.  Core connections within Asian-communities imbue belief for the divine ( a strong influence from India is evident in Tribal bellydance format ).


Solo work recognises dance motif features reiterated in the dance in various ways. These include: the figure 8, jewels, hip-drop, snake arms, camel migration and ‘turning movements’ that reflect the circulation of Sufi and group formation work. In Group formation ( circle ensemble ) when ‘registered movement is employed’, we see cascades, syncopation in ‘tribal movement’ and flow sequences in-between the dancers.

Bellydance outfits recognise the mid-drift but also can include long to full skirts and layered shapes when variations appear. The choli and varied tops component for sensual dancers without exposing the skin. Props exist as an extension of the dance and include the use of full-tiered gypsy skirt. Variations exist for visual impact and dancer experience.


Recognitions for the Goddess is not the only appreciations in Tribal style dance and other forms of Bellydance. To recognise wide birthing and evolution in Bellydance is to appreciate how stylistic connections and traditional foundations (birthed movements in folkloric traditions and ancient climitisation is acknowledged). At the end of the day a Womens dance (perceived) is also with appreciation for the Masculine & Feminine, various connections ( musician, audience, male and female appreciations in production and performance ). Viewpoints and recognitions are varied. We give discussion to this is group facilitation scenarios - class or otherwise. See the Kindred Workshops for Goddess connections for Adult art studio exploration. 

Rhythm is a distinct feature to becoming ‘in tune’ with one’s own energy in a variety of ways, though it is also a pathway in shared vibration through which we ‘embody’ and interweave in-group.


Drumming welcomes the following attributes into our Worlds through various connection:


  • Honouring and Listening – The agency of the drum ‘Acknowledges’ the Ancestors and connects us to Spirit Communication and ( messages ). This is done as a personal expression of faith and as humble connection to show appreciation. We “learn from spirit” ( conscious voyaging ). It is not ‘magical retrieval or bequest’, it is a means to establishing and maintaining respectful relationships & growing knowledge in piece-meal, availability. The heartbeat of the land is essentially the “Voice of Spirit, in land’s recognition”.

  • Leisure in Performance Circle - Vibrational-aware foundations and learning rhythms is a technique-based musical exploration. Drumming is mutual-exploration for the group, where a Leader or soloist may cue recognition and resultant combinations based on the music programming or as intuitive response ( Energy Dynamics ).

  • Sound Bathing – The use of gongs, tingshas and the harmonics & resonance of singing bowls are a part of the Healing-disciplines and also pathway joining in Sound Therapy. At times the relationship of rhythm, is utilised to coincide with meditation. Like any energy the wellness relationship is that it changes the body’s vibration and there are opportunities to ‘shift the energy’. Drumming can also play an important role in meditation utilising different types of drums and correspondences.

Both Drum and Dance are excellent for Leisure and to Increase Health Prosperity:

  • General Feel Good

  • Self Esteem & Confidence with Others

  • Body Image & Confidence in Performance

  • Enjoyment through Expression & Physical rewards

  • Friendly Connections

Educational Breeze Resources including Phasing in Drumming Practice are available as part of the Devotional Calendar.

Read about Rhythm in Conversation on the Good Vibrations blog ( Naturally Exuberant articles )

" Sensuality. Empowerment.. 

    dance confidence

infinity & swish"


" Enjoy responding in different ways to music.. in body, in the energy and with interpretation. 

Bellydance is understood for it's world dance sounds, and 'nuance is a digest' through contemporary range. 

Erin performs at community festivals as a fusion performer, with a Sunny-folk lovin' style. She practices spirit drum and African djembe as a personal past time. 


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