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What is Crystal Healing?

Minerals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and 'complimentary tool' with vibrational healing, energetic protection and spiritual cleansing. The Crystal itself is an earth-giving extract that comes from a significant place and energetic location, with specific terrain vibration.  Where the Crystal comes from, invites a story of energy and history built up overtime, including interactions. Culturally, our collective society has connected to various specimens and land interfaces over time, leading to built-up depository work in honouring and divination.


How can Crystals benefit our world?

Crystals are small-option supports that you can take with you or integrations in jewellery and wearable items. They have varying qualities and with benefit to Mind, Body and Subtle Energy. When looking at the whole field for humans, animals, plants, as well as environments ( home, office, school, bed ) - Crystals can be introduced, blessed and used with intention ( assigned purpose ) to relax emotions, lift vibration and mood, protect-guard and deflect, as well as a connective aid for releasing emotion or for motivation and strengthening. Grounding stones are also seen as a contribute to preventative psychic care and for protective strength.


The following select list of Crystals are Supportive Minerals for Various Purposes:


Crystals here reflect a non-definitive list and we encourage working with one or two tumbles every 4-6 months to appreciate the benefits in your personal climate.


Subtle body ( Emotional ) Supports - 'Soft Comforting stones for Relaxation & Tranquility'

Mangano Calcite (pink), Honey Calcite, Blue Lace Agate

Protective Stones - 'That which guards, strengthens and need not be aggressive'

Jet, Tiger's Eye, Labradorite

Grounding Stones - 'Talisman aware history, tree guardians and Cardio-Friends'

Lapiz Lazuli, Fossilised Wood, Hamaetite

Raising Vibration - 'Lifts lowered vibration to avoid low vibration'

Clear Quartz & Selenite

Creative Invigorators - 'Raise vibration for creative pursuits and manifestation'

Ametrine & Citrine, as ‘double boosters’.

Soul Empathisers - 'Window opportunity to cry, release and ground expression'

Lemon Crysoprase & Sardonyx, in combination.


In 'Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing', Erin writes about Crystal appreciations and how these can be integrated with intention and as supportive aids. It is important to build 'energisers' and be aware of methods of 'neutralisation' in our personal worlds for regulation, assertive conversation and soul amnesty. If you want to learn more about these concepts , applications and Erin's personal insight, read the book.


You may recall Erin's casual chats from the 2019 SunHouse & Wave Studio about "conferencing-behaviourship" and crystal differentiation based on 'energy reading' and the 7 black-coloured stones, amongst other quotient-subtleties found through interacting with quartz, kyanite and carnelian amongst other readily-available stones. Deep personal appreciation comes with moving through relationships of discovery slowly and with purpose - that is why 4-6 months is a nice window to develop practice with specific stones and in combination.   

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Thank you to the Land, the guardians,

the elementals & proud earth.

Thank you for the Sandalwood, the patchouli, bergamot,

black seed, resins and sap.

Thank you for the coriander, the citrus, papiya,

the bananas and blueberries.

Thank you for the herbs and spices, the sage, coconut,

the hawan samagri, lavender and rosemary.

Thank you for the grains, cardamom, the goats milk,

the ghee butter from the cow.

Thank you to the Land, the animals and

all that is beautiful in nature. 

Thank you for the fresh water, thank you for the air,

thank you for the abilities of light transformation. 

Thank you for the protective gold, thank you

for the clear quartz, jade, calcite and labradorite.

Thanks be to the earth, it's colours and shapes,

aromas, nature soundscapes and fragrances.

Thanks be to God, praise be to Spirit, thanks be

to the Guardians of all elements who support the balance.


And thank God for Coffee.


Life is filled with mantras. 

'Teal Alchemy' 

A simple acknowledgment worth mentioning

                                                            2022 Article

Drawing and painting archways as connections have been an authentic relationship since 2016 in studio with discussions of the Art of Giving Art & also Cultivate Programs – Discussion of ‘soul vibration’ is with the energy of global, cultural currents established with and in appreciation of multiple faiths, countries of origin & cultural groupings. The children’s book “The Love Umbrella” by Davina Bell was acknowledged in 2016 as one component to cherished referencing, in response to Harmony Day & discrete, separate blessings in foundation & fruition.

As an Australian person in positive-faith willing, I like to think that there is an higher-heart consciousness, with respect to solar-bar energy that ‘zooms out’ of the globe to connect Teal Green Connection (such is the felt positive available culture of Teal, Cyan and Aquamarine).

As with all appreciation of Radial Lights as Star symbolism, we regret not to journey in numbers, alignments & perspectives. It is a loving feature of purist honouring to develop continuously the recognition of positive perspectives, dialects and archetypal belongings (their stories & identities). With reflection we consider those early articles on the archway such as the mihrab (connective alignments to soul) as one example, the traditional moongate, and other interpreted & collective praised, appreciated rainbow. We share union in recognizing and connecting creative awareness, experiencing hearts, flames, lanterns and stars in the energy.

See the Devotional Calendar for 2023 - Erin talks about "orange consciousness' and 'celestial blue' as part of internal Harmony Day Celebrations. She discusses her Program for Studio and the "Primordial Orange & the Ultramarine' Oracle. 

I noticed the Harmony Day organisers have included both Orange and now specifically "Teal" web images, so I have specifically honoured the one below as it relates to the above discussion

on Teal Alchemy that I wrote last year.

18_SiennasCyan 2023.jpg

Manifestation with Sun & Moon Energy

Appreciations – Holistic Creative Living

In our Studio Space there are a select number of water bowls ( or Energy bowls) used for the purpose of honouring and blessing. Particularly, to support environmental energy maintenance utilizing positive affirmation work as a patterned cycle with “lift” and energy setting in view. 

The Energy bowls operate on the consciousness and philosophical viewpoint that water is a generator of liquid transference & we can observe vibrational shift as a consequence of moderating & intentional “sending” vibrational information. This is in mind, verbally, and accompanied by perhaps song, prayer and mantra), thus impacting the room or adjoining spaces. 

The positive affirmations are experienced as a ‘ritual’ and with that the qualities of the vessel (be it a home stout, pitcher or pond ( “well-like” structure ) we can exist in what may be seen naturally and with incidence, an instrument or corresponsive connective to self & environment, in divination process.


It is effectively a patterned instrument (intelligent, energetically maintained & with a subtle impact vibration).

Various “energy bowls” containing substances may be moderated for duration, purpose and aims. The qualities of the vessel attribute meaning in process (they naturally communicate as a sculptural formation and also with intentional use, vibrationally).

With a Pitcher, we pour as a form of filling to then “offer”, rejoining each time as patterned, repeated formation and with hospitality. It may be seen as a blessing awareness as in puja rituals such Hindu connection or many other faiths. The stout in Christian connection for E.g., may connect to ‘holy waters’ and ‘blessed in creatorship’ (holy scripture & the psalms are part of the process used by the Baptist priest to divinely align the water, then used individually by worshippers / patrons of the Church who upon entering as formal service or church building, mark the signs of the cross, connecting in personal and shared congregation. The stout has become in varied forms a home-centered connection in and outside of faith relationships, with an alignment circumstance (that conditions the appreciation & tempers – how it is appreciated. The last, as pond or well is used, and with collection (‘offering of a coin, a ‘wish may be made to a deity or in aligned purpose ) with intentional thought scape. The action is a singular action that carries a vibration for change – willing. 

There are a series of terms that can be used Individually and appreciated, with perspectival juncture. The three terms are: Divination, Manifestation & Affirmations.


Each are seen as “Principled Engagements” and embody their own Philosophies that we may /could interact with purpose, utilizing the vessel of the energy bowl (across structures) also connecting to the vibrational source offering of water. 

Water, being a “liquid” vibration that is understood to scientifically shift state vibration and comes from the collected sky sourcing [extracted] or collected for focused, intention “meditative build”. How we perceive and value the source adds to the connection understanding value –based appreciation of “water”. 

The ‘Intention Setting’ for each Ritual Bowl may connect to any of the three or with personal philosophy exists across the Vibrational threshold. 

⦁    Honouring & Blessings
⦁ Affirmation ( Positive Statement, phrase or self-selected archetype used in connection with..)
⦁    Manifestation

Every person can look at prayer, patterned, honouring & affirmation work. When there is an alignment to ‘divine concepts’, a greater supportive consciousness or a god-centered purpose – then the ‘action’ with purpose is seen as a formation with divinatory cognition. For some, an affirmation may sit in the zone of “appreciation”, “positive space for maintaining wellness, equilibrium and increasing motivation.”
The Philosophical intentions behind Manifestation may be more mind-centered and or with divine attribution. A manifestation may incorporate the words, phrases or “engagement statements” as Affirmations. 

Many people believe in “directed consciousness” and “aligning themselves through ‘attractive currents’. Simultaneously, Divination works on the duality of [current – centering ] and ‘The Law of Attraction’ stating [projective consciousness].

Most people recognise environmental situation in it’s inter-connected dynamic landscape and how this may not necessarily disconnect ‘us’ from purpose but may imbue the landscape with perhaps : block, oppositions and vibrational confrontation.

In manifesting, there is acknowledgment for also ‘current, positive gratitude in circumstance and ‘situational zen’ ( a Buddhist value). It however is not mindfulness in the pure philosophy of “we sit in the now”. We address instead projected aims. 

Our ‘goal-driven aims’ may not come with a ‘guaranteed-seed to fruition-seal’ but with motivation, motivation, motivation and increased positively loaded direction, we can train our patterned availability to emotional – mental strength. This is a ‘behavioural neuro-science and without precluding divination, focused intention (using honouring spirit appreciation and respectfully engaging with naturally abundant vibrational prompts ). 

Motivation is very much ‘individually cultivated formation work’. Think of the wave – construct as ‘continuous, promising and with image-centered (future presence). The visualization is an important part of the construction (pictorial – in view).

To envision change, with grounding and protective procurement (psychically), enables purity in natural gravitation towards self-directed aims with reduced interferences. This connects to the ethos that ‘we are of gentle requirement and assertive-belief set – it is possible, with potential [in the availability to the common good for all in this life – landscape, karmically]. 

A vision construct may include: energetic fixtures, co-efficient symbology archetypal connection. The pictorial cuing may energetically build on elemental appreciations such as: colour, texture, shape.


This is similar to Altar connection whereby the pictorial connection may be: a Saint honoured, religious figure/animal energy or “positive re-enforcer”. 

The following exercise recognizes the humble vibrational water bowl as a holder, storer & mover of “conscious word formation” that may fill with immersive positive consciousness in environmental space.

⦁    It embodies appreciation for current processing that we all must ‘work through’ with pragmatism and an awareness of our circumstances may overcome with projected intentional threats in established, empowered, educated terrain. 
⦁    Suggests Growth Statements require honour rapport to establish our [willing] Emotional prosperity, shaping, motivation & releasing / or overcoming & personally – developed blocks to Shift Potential.
⦁    Recognises Crystals (Minerals) as Vibrational energy for both (shift states) (1,2,..) and how each may play a tangible and aligned connection to promoting energy – with tandem Affirmations. 
⦁    The Affirmations are value-statements in the 2 –stage build that fosters firstly ‘Emotional Prosperity’ and also connects secondary attributes that are Working towards (future attainments), the ‘Transformation we wish to project to’.
⦁    Recognises Patterned activation, positive reinforcement, ‘repetition’ and alignment strength.

You may like to buy 1 crystal tumble ( or an cabochon as a flatter palm stone) in Sunstone and 1 Botswana agate & then consider these as ‘active water connections’ or as palm-consorts.

Tumbles or cabochons can be placed in the palm-receptors with attribution given to the body-energy. Left-palm is implied (coming in, some ones connected feminine energy – receiving and the right-palm (going into with awareness, flow state, in personal energy). 


This sees the energy as a retained – flow sequence, a circular flow appreciation whereby the meditation connection & thus in ‘build’ is field understood.


Variation may include palms- over-the-heart, whereby you consider your body-engagement ( as well as emotional loading ) when working with chakral energy. 

Begin with Sunstone and the following Emotional Prosperity statements:

I respond to that which saddens me, angers me & also in control of my solitude, my approach to people.

I shape my own capacity to grow & pave that role of existence. 

I see myself blessed with nature, with relationships & a body that breaths for me & allows me to experience the joys of life. 

The statements recognise emotional states, bellow self-government, motivation is personally birthed, and emphasises gratitude.

While connecting to the action – waves and projecting image- visualization - ensure to see the echo as an available circumstance, in grace energy. 

The Botswana agate tumble ( or cabochon ) works on the vibrational passage in divinational passage whereby ‘birthing’ is propelled in devotional sun-aspect. It regrets no opposition to evolutionary construct – formation build that is source orientation. The Sunworshipper may be as gracious as Giaganyoot (divine energy) together with formation-appreciation that is African-land  (blessed with rhythm) in womb dance, land energy & rhythm journeying. The balance exists in the quiet connection that is also Moon energy appreciation. The banding like arcs are evidence of built in-growth appreciations created overt. Elliptical-spin technology is a part of cosmic build and we – may emphasise as “divinators” that “drawing to me” energy. 

I release all thought patterns that do not serve me.

I embrace the challenges that come with adversity, fear & new experience. 

I see myself ready to explore my dreams ( I visualize), understand yearnings and wishes).

I am in rhythm, with my universe and bring forward change. 

I will in positive responses to my world, my vibe attracts my response. 

The [Lush examination] sees “evergreen” promise as a Visualised Reality and the Projection is a natural bequest immediacy in thought & heart alignment. “I am” is “embodied realism” as empowered consciousness – not over powering & identify flow as echo cognition forwards believable, (perceivable new beginnings).

Hopefully, these ignition principles support you in [sensing] quality prosperity & strength alignment coming out of any current dynamic thresholds (ideas of future self). Good luck. 


Remember to engage with your positive alignment daily. 

Some other suggestions for water bowl engagement may include looking at vibrational formation work using words such as – song, singing & hymns as prayers. Let these water “feel the feel-goods” permeate through personal havens & spaces. 


Another asset in Sacred Geometry is the Flower of Life, that is built on the seed consciousness and what I think is a beautiful scripture ( the shape energy of the Circle ). The Flower of Life works on radial and expansive permeation, with an honouring of all that is Positive Creation. With 100% positivity and 2 candles, the connection of 3 and 6-point radial star, that is a flower - it grows, it grows, it grows. I like to think that all that is beautiful in Spirit, Nature and with Angelic service, it offers a wonderful anchor to positive allignment and in congregation, anyone who does divination respects.

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Select Items for Sale will be available through my Online Shop shortly. 

These include: Creative work, Botanical items, and Holistic Activities/information with service.

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