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What is Crystal Healing?

Minerals are vibrational energies that can be used as an aid and 'complimentary tool' with vibrational healing, energetic protection and spiritual cleansing. The Crystal itself is an earth-giving extract that comes from a significant place and energetic location, with specific terrain vibration.  Where the Crystal comes from, invites a story of energy and history built up overtime, including interactions. Culturally, our collective society has connected to various specimens and land interfaces over time, leading to built-up depository work in honouring and divination.


How can Crystals benefit our world?

Crystals are small-option supports that you can take with you or integrations in jewellery and wearable items. They have varying qualities and with benefit to Mind, Body and Subtle Energy. When looking at the whole field for humans, animals, plants, as well as environments ( home, office, school, bed ) - Crystals can be introduced, blessed and used with intention ( assigned purpose ) to relax emotions, lift vibration and mood, protect-guard and deflect, as well as a connective aid for releasing emotion or for motivation and strengthening. Grounding stones are also seen as a contribute to preventative psychic care and for protective strength.


The following select list of Crystals are Supportive Minerals for Various Purposes:


Crystals here reflect a non-definitive list and we encourage working with one or two tumbles every 4-6 months to appreciate the benefits in your personal climate.


Subtle body ( Emotional ) Supports - 'Soft Comforting stones for Relaxation & Tranquility'

Mangano Calcite (pink), Honey Calcite, Blue Lace Agate

Protective Stones - 'That which guards, strengthens and need not be aggressive'

Jet, Tiger's Eye, Labradorite

Grounding Stones - 'Talisman aware history, tree guardians and Cardio-Friends'

Lapiz Lazuli, Fossilised Wood, Hamaetite

Raising Vibration - 'Lifts lowered vibration to avoid low vibration'

Clear Quartz & Selenite

Creative Invigorators - 'Raise vibration for creative pursuits and manifestation'

Ametrine & Citrine, as ‘double boosters’.

Soul Empathisers - 'Window opportunity to cry, release and ground expression'

Lemon Chrysoprase & Sardonyx, in combination.

Want to learn how to work with Lemon Chrysoprase and Sardonyx? Stay tuned for our upcoming workshopping of 



In 'Thresholds & Passageways II: Emotional Prosperity & Soul-aspect Healing', Erin writes about Crystal appreciations and how these can be integrated with intention and as supportive aids. It is important to build 'energisers' and be aware of methods of 'neutralisation' in our personal worlds for regulation, assertive conversation and soul amnesty. If you want to learn more about these concepts , applications and Erin's personal insight, read the book.


You may recall Erin's casual chats from the 2019 SunHouse & Wave Studio about "conferencing-behaviourship" and crystal differentiation based on 'energy reading' and the 7 black-coloured stones, amongst other quotient-subtleties found through interacting with quartz, kyanite and carnelian amongst other readily-available stones. Deep personal appreciation comes with moving through relationships of discovery slowly and with purpose - that is why 4-6 months is a nice window to develop practice with specific stones and in combination.   

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Thank you to the Land, the guardians,

the elementals & proud earth.

Thank you for the Sandalwood, the patchouli, bergamot,

black seed, resins and sap.

Thank you for the coriander, the citrus, papiya,

the bananas and blueberries.

Thank you for the herbs and spices, the sage, coconut,

the hawan samagri, lavender and rosemary.

Thank you for the grains, cardamom, the goats milk,

the ghee butter from the cow.

Thank you to the Land, the animals and

all that is beautiful in nature. 

Thank you for the fresh water, thank you for the air,

thank you for the abilities of light transformation. 

Thank you for the protective gold, thank you

for the clear quartz, jade, calcite and labradorite.

Thanks be to the earth, it's colours and shapes,

aromas, nature soundscapes and fragrances.

Thanks be to God, praise be to Spirit, thanks be

to the Guardians of all elements who support the balance.


And thank God for Coffee.


Life is filled with mantras. 

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What is a Crystal Healing Session?

Crystal Healing is a vibrational method that involves the 'laying of stones'. Crystals are selected, along with crystal tools to raise vibration whilst balancing chakral energies and assessing the aura for foreign energies and field depletions. Various modalities including: vibrational essences, tuning forks and sound healing are used in conjunction to connect or adjust the energy vibration of the client. Assessments of the field may lead to additional source support, including energy healing assistance or Reiki.

All crystals and tools used as supports are cleansed for the support of client relief. 

What can clients expect:

Clients come away feeling relaxed, energised and realising a shift has occurred. A massage table is used for assessments and healings. 

What is an Energy Assessment?

During an energy assessment the chakras are assessed for balance based on intuition and tools. The client is given an overview of their energy health through the chakras, using diagrams and suggestions for growth. Auric health is overviewed with an auric diagram and a drawing based on colour assessment at the time of the appointment. 


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