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Meditation explores Mind, Body and Energy. It recognises the functioning of breathwork pathways & 'mind-heart intelligence' throughout. 


There are many forms of Meditation at Sienna Art Space utilising 'site' as significant contribution, object engagement, temperature, calisthenics, movement and other sensory explorations. Variation is the stuff of splendour. 

Energy Balancing involves all Mind-Body and Energy calibration to bring improved prosperity & health to one's life. In meditation, opportunity exists to alleviate anxiety and to engage in certain energy balancing modalities, one of which is crystal healing. 

Expressive Soul Art & Meditation is our weekly Studio class.









When Meditating with purpose, this is a Diagram to acknowledge Holistic State.

Please see Information in Class for practical considerations. This is a brief to one Modality, within Meditation. There are many forms. 

Breath Preoccupation 

A. Breath is an appreciation of Soul-Life.

Every Cycle of Intake is recognition of the Blessings we have in Soul Vibration.    

B. An “Aware Breath” reconfigures our Energy Vibration.

C. Trees and Plants as Spirit Essences may know our Collectives Soul Lives.

We are with recognition, and the “collective connection” may be seen as soul memory, operational on the “continuum energy from A to B”


For Awareness

A. As we are in “Aware Breath” we may be drawing attention to specific parts of our Physical body.

Our “Aware Body” and “Aware Brain” is observant of energetic responses to
- Placement
- Mode of Touch
- Textured Responsivity hosting to site

B. The Yoga-Nidra Meditation may be a systematic (whole view) voyage but we have to look at our acknowledgments of energetic / psychosomatic response. 

Our responsivity is to 
⦁    Pace ( Self observed & empathic)
⦁    Sound Vibration Accomplishment
⦁    Movement Sequences
(Audio, cognizant and “spiritually-operative & environmentally in cognition mother plant to offshoot “leafing in propagation supports the new line continuum”.

Body & Spatial Setting

A. Our increasingly “Aware Land sea” is shaped by the model responses to energetic replay, subconscious healing & embodied active vocabulary” in how our energy responds to breath strategy, innate body responses, mantra or environmental cognition. 

B. Affirmations to Passage recognizes that Holistic energy.

C. “Aware Energy” is of “Aware Mind” in Space-Time recognition to devoted practice. 
- Knowing Disciplines and repeat
- Mantra- led, mantra-ease, mantra, energetically responsive to “flock” and “hive”. 

All my posters are copyrighted content and not to be used by other providers.  As part of our Holistic Arts provisions, Educational resources are often produced for Sienna Art Space only. We don't appreciate people quoting any website content, or using them as secondary handouts. 

“ I am of body, with a mind. I have energy.

   I am also a configuration and celebration of the 4 elements. “


Desire to understand the Elements with a focus on the Flute and Fanning potential of the Bird.

Let’s consider the Element of Air.

The following are some simple techniques to get you reacquainted with further appreciation for the Air element. All of these techniques have a focus on Sequencing and experiencing Nature’s landscape. That which is inherent as body and that which acknowledges a larger breath ( Feather Womb, Mother Young ). It allows recognition to be made for states as well as Ephemerality -  the Returning to Mother is a simple acknowledgment of the wider cosm interweaving it’s intention for the soul.

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • Releasing of the Leaves Meditation

  • Window Vignette Body Breathing

  • The Victorious Breath

  • Wind Chant & Moon Mirroring through Movement


Cycles, the feather and releases are a key component to exploration. It is not about mourning. Moving through Breath focuses, we enhance our understanding of own mindful regulation and also our attachments, loadings and need to release. 

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