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' Recognising what is meaningful is very simple once you realise you're already accepted;

you already belong. '


Listening to the Energy

Our personal worlds ( coinciding ) exist in energetic discovery and with that, we explore by natural lifestyle a series of encounters. Some of those may be termed 'holistic healing discoveries', and at other times we may be integrating features, patterns and "energy motifs" into our trust boundaries to circumstance that include personally-led and shared experiences in the arts.

One might see these as 'holistic arts' acquisitions (cultural) and the [always there] recognitions, to include art, music, dialogue sharing and dance within a community space. The relationships can have emphasis with a more focused pre-occupation on celebrations or healing. However, there is usually a strong foundation on Visual communication and engagement, with experiences shared by involved-audience, circle-in-activity or in the doing of their cross-weave atmosphere (creative alignment). 

In contrast, and within the Healing Arts arena, we may journey in what I recognise as 'Soul-based Art Therapy'.

It situates itself in Art Studio related activity but is not an art class, nor is it Clinical Art Therapy. It supports and is used in conjunction with other modalities ( healing space sessions ).


There are ranging language terms and appreciations in Healing

Meaning ( or Philosophical concerns ) help us to understand why we conceive of the


Language communicates the 'common agreements' around what underpins all that is

involved and helps us to discern the various differences in modality.

Values are inherent. Differentiation is thus significantly important, and a good thing. 

Before Meeting Points (any in person-booked service), we need to appreciate a few terms

so that Philosophy-driven practice is clear to all involved.


What is Clinical Art Therapy?

"Client-supportive, clinical psychology" recognises Art as a modality to vehicle-led territory in

Talk and as Expressive-support engagement - The Therapist works towards a multiple-session

achievement of change whereby a client may become increased in resilience through their

healing scenario. 

Psychological focuses in sessional design are formatted 'for' the client, with an

'identifying lens' driven by the Art Therapist. Exercises and activities help to alleviate

burdens in a supportive format. Art Therapy includes Psychotherapy but is not restricted to it. 

What is Art-as-Therapy?

By contrast to 'diagnostic practice' and thoughtspace, "Art-as-therapy" is a way of seeing and attributing clientele-led approaches to art. A Facilitator as 'conscious designer' may also give the opportunity to "growth, birth, to explore and situational recognition to art processing as a healing support or go-to recreation in serious modal-promise". 

Art-as-therapy is applied cognition in expressive modality in other ways, to encapsulate creative and physical-disciplines. The focus is 'emotional' & 'sensory release circumstance with positive action'. 
It may connect to a range of scenarios in action - respite, leisure, structured art activity" [ of some kind ] and with outcome-rich circumstance to "healing shift". 

What is Counselling?

A Clinical recognition in professional counselling sees the significance of entry-level

scenarios and multiple-sessions of 'talk-exploration' as a means to resolving challenges,

conflicts and also to empower clients to "self determine" with positive aims & outcomes. 

The client is supported with guided focuses and the Counsellor's role is to listen. The

client may recognise:  "I feel I have expressed myself and I feel better"  ( a core foundation).

What is Holistic Counselling?

Conscious people and people of ranging beliefs attend Holistic Counsellors for the same ( or

similar reasons ) that they do a Counsellor. Holistic Counsellors are trained in introductory

recognitions to Energy appreciation and have a repetoire of skills, explorations and strategies

that they can connect you to that may assist you to (a) 'process healing' or (b) 'alleviate'

scenarios of anxiety, conflict, and energy challenges.

Some Holistic Counsellors have specialisations in other "energy supports" and health-related

professions, including physical therapy, and vibration healing. Some may even facilitate

recreational activity that encourages growth in some way in another Facilitator-based Role.

Sessions with Holistic Counsellors are usually focused on exploring talk situations of privacy

and trust, and make suggestions their respectful care. Some Holistic Counsellors have

developed appreciations for Spirit, culture and "recognise experiences are an natural part

of an energetic world".

















Soul-based Art Therapy is a modality that unites and explores listening relationships in the healing process and acknowledges our human-discovery with our art-led focuses. The Soul, the Energy field and Spiritually - psychic / sensory terrain is as significant feature to it with Art being a healing and communication 'vehicle' for the Energy Practitioner and also the Client in generating.

A part of practice involves, in fact, all of the arts connections (sound, voice, word, objects, agency, movement and instrument) to engage therapeutic shift. 

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Art School & Holistic Care

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences

'This is a conscious world in which we experience 

energy. This is the actuality of living in a world with Spirit.

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