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Seeing you in Vitality, Good Health & Prosperity. 



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It's Love. A Love of all things subtle, colourful and genuinely fun in exploration. ng

          THE ART FILAMENT.. Courses
           Inspiring Short Courses by Distance since 2018
                + 2Yr Diploma Art Courses
         Application based, with portfolio submission.



Sienna Art Space has been a Registered Provider for

Creative Kids through Service NSW since 2019. 

Vouchers are accepted at Enrolment. 


Read recent articles Self Cleansing with 'active' Positivity in the Arts, and Colour Respite & Leisure           

The Good Vibrations blog from 2014 - 2021 quietens for the new period coming in. 

We've gone Glossy with the introduction of our on site magazines. The Naturally Exuberant Magazine is now

part of Studio culture for our visitors.

Our 2020 students & families receive the Spring into 2022 Newsletter edition straight to their door. 


Spring - Summer 2021 

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Heartwood & Patchouli Blessings,

Love you All, Erin


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The Diploma is no longer available in 2022.


All At Distance Certificate course will now into the future be available to only inducted Studio Adults through application and portfolio, based on accrued, applied development. 

Erin continues to appreciate the values of In-Person Learning and Studio connection. We have always been a beautiful community and I appreciate the qualities of that history, with maintained relationships. You are all cherished.

Erin will be exhibiting work with the return group show for Spiritual Self & Soul Space in April, 2022. 


Wishing everyone a Safe, healthy, happy, loving, connected Summer period throughout December & January

Our New PO BOX is:

Sienna Art Space,PO BOX 382 Hoxton Park, NSW 2171

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Season Break

All In-Person Services in 2021 & 2022 are not Available.

We closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19 impact at the recently renovated SunHouse & Wave Studio at Casula. Our popular Studio Classes remain closed for the time being. You may like to add yourself to the Mailing List, if you are interested in Enrolling when we resume.

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