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Seeing you in Vitality, Good Health & Prosperity.

                  We are Moving Forward through Strengthening Studio experiences & Continuum in 2022


  Welcome to Sienna Art Space and our Beautiful Community.




It's Love. A Love of all things subtle, colourful and genuinely fun in exploration. 

                 We are a popular Fine Art School, with also Holistic Arts Strengths & Initiatives. 

Exquisite Ambience is a simple pleasure  - 

Kindling with candles and lanterns is a Devoted

'must-do' over the next 4 months.

 Enjoy the peaceful attributes of Quiet Light.

          THE ART FILAMENT.. Courses
           Inspiring Short Courses via Distance since 2018
                + 2Yr Diploma Art Courses
            "Kindle the passion, awaken the fire in 2023"
         Application based, with portfolio submission.



Sienna Art Space has been a Registered Provider for Creative Kids through Service NSW since 2019.  Vouchers are accepted at Enrolment. 


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The Good Vibrations blog from 2014 - 2022 has stream-lined to just a few from our 2020-22 connections. 

Read: "Building Rapport with Art Practice" visible now.

All new content will be re-imbursed and included in what are a gorgeous series of select On-site magazines. The Naturally Exuberant Magazine is now part of Studio culture for our visitors.

   I hope you Enjoy the Holistic Connections on the Sapphires Light Healing page.


Heartwood & Patchouli Blessings,

Love you All, Erin



For those just finding out about us Now?

All Services are currently closed for 2022.

Our SunHouse & Wave Studio forced closed due to COVID-19 isolations and impact to continuum in Term 2 2020. We are no longer at that commercially

leased house property. I will no longer be using Mobile Phone communication for any business-related calls. Our old email is also no longer being used.

All Current Communication is via Website Email Contact Page and via our Postal Address:

    Our Current PO BOX is:

  Sienna Art Space,  PO BOX 382 Hoxton Park,

    NSW 2171

Consolidation continues to be a focus for Studio Rebirth, Evolution and all vested interests in Change.


Those looking at Joining the Fun, should check out breadth of Studio Art Classes for Adults, Teens, Kids, Juniors and also Expressive Soul. 

We established way back in 2015, and our Studio numbers have been large & we've been packed to the rafters, ever since!  

Register Interest for 2023 on the form below. 

  Whats Happening Today?

Esprit I am Currently working on new publications, adding to trained areas & also Fine Art focuses. Coordinating 'Connecting through Spaces' was a recent success. I also look forward to my 4th Solo show, as a natural progression with likely timing being 2024. The Bird Song Fine Art Oracle is in production. 

Details for Kindred Workshops & Art Circuits in 2023 will be up later this year.


Check out the Workshops 2023 tab and Register Interest.

10 print newsletters have gone out since the pandemic right to 2020 students and family doors.  Our Holistic connections and our Good Vibrations blog stays, with all intellectual property  and ideas in my writing established and maintained as part of Internal Publications, books, Educational Resources and Naturally Exuberant Magazines. 


2022 going into 2023 is

about Fitness, & the

Rhythm of the dance.

With Love, always

Erin Kathleen Muir,

Sienna Art Space

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