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Erin's Heart Basket

Fine Art Supplies    -  Minerals with Energy Education & Poetic Meditations  -  

Ceramic Connections & Incense/Herbs/Holistic Items

Erin's Heart Basket gives value:

*        Quality in Energy Education

*        Selections are Cleansed, programmed for the 

             client, with tailored Meditation & Learning

*        Creative Items are poetic & one-of-a-kind.

*        Ethical Sourcing & Honouring of Origins.

*        Sourced items are based on experience of:

             Professional Artist, Art Educator, Energy                           Healer, Soul-based Art Therapist & Dancer.

*        Supports align with Sapphire's Light Healing 

             &  Holistic Arts Services

' There is a meeting where the elements and you collide.. Earth, sky and ocean dance together.. 

It is a friendly reminder and acknowledgement of the secret honesty, unveiled and ever present, upon journey's gift. 


   There is space for wonder and enchantment, always.  '


                                                               -  Erin Kathleen Muir

Current Products include:



     Fine Art Supplies & Equipment - Drawing & Painting Media-Surfaces, Studio Class Specialised Art Packs.

     Minerals & Crystals - Selections & tailored bundles come with Energy Education ( Printables ) & personally poetic-meditations.

     Ceramic Connections & Incense/Herbs - Tailored Healing Diagrams & Crystal Energies come with specialised items.

     Holistic Items - Holistic Arts connections for Creativity & Energy Work.

     Product Prices as Listed, postage additional indicated on Invoice.

     Make a Purchase Request and list your Item code for the product you'd like to purchase.


Energy Education & Holistic Discovery connects with the product.

   Energy Education explores fundamental attributes which include:

           * Hygiene - Object, Person, Context, Historical Use & Users.

           * Vibrational Healing - Modes of Delivery, Types & Sources,   

                   Awareness & Accountability of Healer and their Vibration.

           * Product Awareness - Mineral Introductions & source, Energy 

                   Consciousness with suggestions.

           * Holistic Considerations - Based on foundation topics of Psychology,

                   Emotional Healing & Subtle Body work ( Chakras )

   Holistic Discovery explores fundamental awareness for how the

      product may be interacted with:

           * Poetic Meditations - Allow for positive psychology and fluid

                   ownership of interactions, placing the owner in a position of 

                   'how may I use this for personal use, to fit my lifestyle, space and

                   where necessary, as componential to healing and 

                   emotive relaxation'. 

           * The Lyrebird Prompt - Creative Lens surfaces to facilitate ideas for

                   personal creativity across the Arts.

           * Fuschian Parables - Empowerment strategies & Creativity 

                   connections for Women & Men.

Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Art Studio & Art Experiences