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Emu Dreaming & the stars

Dreams are ‘constructed consciousness’, and have the quality of being collected and not collectable; hard to grasp. Dreams are an energy both in our nocturnal journeying or day respite, shallow and more in depth cognitions for energy unravelling. Dreams are also those created projections of more abstract content and [real] configurations housed within couchable achievement.

How do we grapple with the luxury of a dream?

How do we understand  the operational content – flexible, weaving, and distinct?

Knowing is relative perception, making itself understood through created landscapes of cultural storytelling. We lend our observation’s focus to drawing knowing from those divinational constructs, either projected, projecting, or both simultaneously. This abstraction lies in the reveal through the stars, seeing spaces as opportunity currents and offering depth, truth and alignment.

The Emu breathes through the space between the stars.

All writings may not be Copied. Erin Kathleen Muir

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